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22 Suggestions for a Cozy Night In With Your Partner

Hibernation season is almost upon us! Snuggle close with your special someone with this list of adorable ideas for a cozy night in.

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When the weather starts getting colder, it’s common for people to want to stay in a little bit more. You already have to run everyday errands and go to work in the big bad world, so it’s nice to be able to relax with your partner at home every now and then. We’ve put together a fantastic list of different date night ideas for a cozy night in with your partner. These suggestions will help you keep things fun and interesting without having to leave your house. You’ll definitely be looking forward to your next night at home.

Indoor adventures!

We’re all about exploration and adventure, but we also understand that sometimes you just need to sit back and relax at home with your partner in crime. That’s why we’ve put together our Adventures from Scratch date-night book, chock full of contests for connection and recipes for romance! With mystery scratch-off challenges (50+), reasons-why-I-love-you cards, questions for couples, and more connection-building features, this is the adventure date book couples have been looking for.

General Rules for a Successful Date Night In

  • Put phones away for the date. Don’t get distracted by social media alerts or notifications. Just pay attention to each other.
  • Change up your plans from date to date. You don’t want to have a movie night every single time you have an evening together.
  • Set aside at least two hours. A good date night should have plenty of time for an activity without rushing. 
  • Trade-off planning duties. It shouldn’t always be one partner in the relationship planning the date nights and activities. Go back and forth and enjoy the surprises.

22 Ideas for a Cozy Night In With Your Partner

Bring the outside in and do some stargazing.

You might not think about doing stargazing in your living room, but thanks to some fun home decor options available on Amazon, you can bring the galaxies inside. Pick up a stargazing light and lay out some blankets on the ground. Turn off the lights and flip on the specialty light and have some fun watching the stars float on the ceiling about you. 

You can take it a step further by playing with some sounds of the outside like fire crackling or crickets chirping. Relax and enjoy a magical evening inside where it feels like you’re outside, but there are no bugs biting or cold wind blowing around. You can safely eat snacks without worrying about bears and when you’re done, move to a comfortable couch or bed to relax some more.

Sit by the fire and dream about the future.

Are you lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home? Utilize it for a cozy night in with your loved one. Instead of just having it on in the background, make it the centerpiece for your evening. You can experiment with s’mores in the microwave or on the stovetop (I would not recommend making them on your indoor fire). Turn the lights off and sit by the firelight and have a good conversation about big dreams, and the future, or use a good conversation starter.

Even if you aren’t lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, you can recreate something similar. Light some candles, put a fireplace on the TV (Netflix has a few options), and just use your imagination. The effort alone will impress your partner and you’ll still have the same gentle romantic lighting to have a nice evening chat.

Watch a movie together.

A classic date night at home is a movie night, so we definitely couldn’t leave that off the list. If you want to make it a little more special, build a little theme. For example, you could watch a classic mobster movie, like Godfather, while eating Italian food and drinking red wine. You could use the setting of the movie or the topic of the movie to bring in some fun-themed snacks. 

Here are a few more examples to help you brainstorm:

  • Mamma Mia or My Big Fat Greek Wedding paired with Greek food
  • ET with Reese’s Pieces
  • When Harry Met Sally with Deli Sandwiches
  • Home Alone movies with a large cheese pizza (just for the two of you)
  • Godzilla with sushi

You can get as creative as you want, but a little extra effort will make the entire experience a little more fun. Try and pick a movie that you’ve both never seen so you can be surprised together.

Cook a fancy dessert.

Baking can be a big task that requires patience, exact measurements, and attention to detail. But all that work can pay off if you create a delicious dessert. Find a recipe that looks decadent and a little labor-intensive and make a shopping list to pick up the ingredients. 

Work together measuring the things and putting them all together. Have fun in the kitchen making a mess and sampling tastes as you go. Enjoy the process of baking. Once your dessert is ready, make it a magical moment (even if you didn’t hit it out of the park.) From Strawberry Shortcake to Red Velvet Layer Cakes to Fancy Chocolate Mousse, there is a dessert recipe out there that everyone will love making and tasting.

Make a cozy playlist together.

As the seasons begin to change, moods become a little different. Music should match the mood or inspire a certain feeling. Sit down together by a computer and put together a cozy playlist. Take turns adding songs and talking about why they make you feel a certain way. Discussing music can lead to conversations about important memories of your past and bring you closer together. 

Pour a cold beer or a glass of wine and get comfortable to just enjoy some music. You can use this playlist over and over again when you try other suggestions on this list.

Binge on a new TV show.

There are thousands of options for television shows available at our fingertips now thanks to the many different streaming services competing. Whether it’s Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, or one of the others, you and your partner can spend some time scrolling to find a TV show. Get your PJs on, prepare some snacks, and get super comfortable.

Once you’ve selected your show, settle in for a full binge session. Streaming services allow you to watch multiple episodes in a row, so you can get super involved. Chat about your favorite characters, experience the climatic moments together, and have fun just being next to one another.

Learn to make a new recipe.

Cooking is a fun activity that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Grab a cookbook that you don’t crack open very often or find a cooking show on YouTube that you want to follow along with. Make sure you have all the ingredients and tools on hand in your kitchen and get started.

Make multiple courses if you’re feeling ambitious, or just stick to one main course (and pick up a fun dessert to share afterward). Recipes that turn out well can be made over and over again. This opportunity gives you a chance to work together and create something that you can immediately enjoy together as well. Get out your fancy linens and set the table and you’ll feel like you’re at a restaurant, but the food will taste better because you made it yourselves.

Sample new types of tea.

Do either of you enjoy hot tea on a cool day? Put together a collection of different tea flavors and do a little taste test. Each cup of tea can feature a different type of tea. You can set out tea snacks, sandwiches, and desserts. Grab a list of conversation starters and spend some quality time together sipping teas.

Choose between chai, green, earl gray, floral, and fruity tea flavors. Make it a learning experience by including some information about where the tea comes from. Companies have all kinds of samplers to make it easy so you don’t need to purchase full boxes of different flavors. Maybe you’ll discover a new type of tea that you love and can make a healthy swap from something else.

Zen out with yoga and meditation.

Exercise might not feel like something to do on a cozy night, but yoga and meditation can make you feel even cozier. Hot yoga is a popular in-studio class all over the world, but you can bring that same feeling to your own home. Make sure you have some space to spread out. Use free online classes on YouTube if you want a class led by instructors. Get into some comfortable clothes and a mat (or towel) and go through a yoga flow with your partner.

Top it off with meditation. You can find great free options online as well. You can lean on each other or hold hands as you breathe and turn your mind off. Try keeping the lights low and the thermometer set high enough that your muscles can relax. This is a great way to find some calm at the end of a busy day.

Try your hands at painting.

Are either you or your partner creative? Even if the answer to that is no, you don’t have to shy away from giving it a try during an at-home date night. You can pick up all kinds of paint kits at an art or craft store. Some of them are painted by numbers and others just give you the basics to come up with something original.

Many of the painting classes where you can go to the studio and follow step-by-step instructions have found ways to add digital and virtual content so you can still participate without anyone else around. Just make sure to have the supplies and an area that can get messy (or easily covered up with a tarp or old blanket). Grab some snacks and let your inner Picasso out.

Enjoy some friendly competition with a board game.

Board games are a perfect way to spend some time together at home. There are hundreds to choose from. You can go with a classic or try one of the brand-new popular strategy games that take a little more effort to learn and understand. Make some popcorn or put out fun snacks on the table and get your game faces on.

If you don’t own any board games, you can find all kinds of fun trivia games for free online. A deck of cards is another great resource because there are dozens of games you can play with just two people. Switch it up each time you play or play the same game and keep a running scoreboard. This is an easy date night that can be repeated over and over again.

Solve a murder mystery together.

Have you ever been to a murder mystery dinner or activity? They are tons of fun and are usually done in large groups. Now, there are options that you can do right in your own home with just your significant other. Purchase the box and it includes everything you need to organize the event.

In addition, there are escape rooms and other puzzle games where you can immerse yourself in the activity and work together to figure out the solutions. The only bummer is that most of these games are only good for one time because once you’ve solved it, you can’t play again. But you could find someone else who loves things like this and swap with them when you’re done.

Order fancy takeout and eat in your pajamas.

Is there a restaurant you’ve been dying to try but it’s weeks until there’s a reservation or you aren’t comfortable having a romantic date night in a jam-packed hotspot? Consider calling and placing an order for pick up. That way you can enjoy a fancy and wonderful dinner from the comfort of your own home. 

You can dress up, or you can wear your favorite pajamas while sitting at your own table. The music can be exactly what you want and you can set it at a volume that is good for you. The experience of dining out is fun for many reasons, but it’s also nice sometimes to eat as much as you want and not have to worry about being too full for the car ride home. 

Have a wine tasting.

Do you and your partner enjoy an occasional glass of wine? Put together a wine tasting at home for a fun cozy night in. Bring a few different types of wine and then try a little sample of each one. You can do the work and pair the wines with cheese, fruit, or snack that go best with these options. Take your time enjoying the smells and tastes of each variety and see if you find something new you both love.

If you’re knowledgeable about wine, you can make it even more interesting by putting each bottle into a brown paper bag and mixing them up. See if you can identify which ones you’re trying. It adds a little element of surprise and competition to the evening.

Plan your next big travel adventure.

How do travel and date nights at home go together? You can have a fun time planning your next big vacation. Put all your dreams out there together with your partner. Create your bucket list and then start to put the details down and see which one could happen next realistically. You can make some fruity tropical drinks and talk about a beach getaway. If you have a cold weather destination on your mind, put together a hot drink and just picture yourselves there.

Make the entire experience fun. Watch YouTube videos to learn more about the destination and search for blog posts that give you tips and suggestions. Even if the trip won’t happen for at least a year, enjoy the planning piece of it.

Recreate a family recipe together.

One way to get closer to your significant other is by sharing some of your past. It helps them get to know you better and see more of what makes you the person that you are. Think about any recipes or special traditions your family has and find a way to share that with your partner at home. Work together in the kitchen to make one of your grandma’s favorite recipes. 

While you work together and enjoy the process, you can share memories from childhood and tell each other your favorite stories about your families. It’s the best way to feel closer to your family even when they aren’t around.

Complete a DIY project as a team.

Have you spent time watching HGTV and dreaming about some updates you could do to your home? Why not make a fun date night out of it? Obviously, you’re not going to rip out all your cabinets in one evening, but you can reorganize a closet or refinish a piece of furniture you don’t love. 

Small changes in your home decor can change the feel of your home. It makes it even more special if it’s a project you worked on together. You’ll improve your team working skills and create a reminder of your time together that you’ll see all the time. 

Sip on hot chocolate on your front porch.

Chilly evenings make many people want to retreat indoors to avoid the cold air, but why not embrace it? Grab some of your best blankets, make a piping hot cup of hot chocolate (add some Bailey’s for the adult version) and head outside. To really set a romantic mood, add some string lights and grab a portable speaker.

You can sit together and enjoy hot beverages. Watch the neighborhood pass by and enjoy the tiny details you probably overlook every day. Have a good conversation or just sit quietly together and enjoy a few minutes where you aren’t distracted by screens or to-do list items.

Cuddle up with a good book for a readathon.

Do you both love reading and wish you had more time to consume the books you have stacked on your nightstand? Plan a date night where you spend a cozy night reading next to each other. Read the same book and chat about it, or pick up whatever is most interesting to each of you. Not all quality time together needs to be in deep conversation. Just sharing the same space and allowing your imagination to enjoy a good story can help deepen your bond. Enjoy a glass of wine and talk about books when you’re done. This is a great way to make time for a hobby you both enjoy without giving up the time together.

Indulge in a little self-care with a spa night.

You don’t have to go to the spa to indulge in a little luxe wellness experience. Pull out your favorite scented candle and fancy soaps. Grab some face masks at the store along with some cold-pressed juices and maybe some champagne for afterward. You can fill up the bubble bath or give each other massages. It’s all about doing something that feels indulgent together. You’ll finish the date night feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. And the best part is that you don’t even need to go outside and get in your car, because you’re already at home.

Learn to make cocktails.

Do you find yourself craving those fancy drinks from your favorite cocktail bar? Instead of always returning to the same place and paying top dollar for them, try making them at home yourself. Use YouTube and other online resources to find out what ingredients you need. If you don’t have a cocktail shaker and other bar tools, you may need to purchase those ahead of time or get creative using things already in your kitchen. Do some experimenting together and see if you can work together to recreate your favorites or come up with something brand new.

Have dinner in bed.

Breakfast in bed is popular on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, so why not just borrow that idea but change it up a bit? Serve up dinner in bed. Keep it simple and not too messy because you don’t want pasta sauce staining your duvet. Cheese and charcuterie boards are great options. Put on a movie and enjoy eating your dinner while snuggling under your covers. This could be a great tradition on the first cold winter night of the year.

Closing Thoughts on a Cozy Night In With Your Partner

Hopefully, these ideas for a cozy night in will have you thinking about your comfortable clothes and which ones you want to try first. There are also some unique and creative at-home dinner date ideas and more at-home date night ideas to try when you get through this list.

If you want to switch it up and get out of the house a bit as well, there are plenty of fun date night ideas that involve hitting the town as well. Grab a copy of the Adventures from Scratch: Couples Edition for dozens of additional ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I mix up date night at home?

Make a full list of ideas for a cozy night in with your partner and then have fun checking them off. Include options like a game night, spa night, wine tasting, online cooking class, and a bonfire.

Is there a fun way to make movie nights more interesting?

When planning a cozy night in with a movie, make it a theme night. Find snacks and drinks that pair with the movie to make it a full experience. Match the setting of the film or the time frame.

What’s a good experience to give my significant other?

Instead of just one experience, give them Adventures from Scratch: Couples Edition. It comes with dozens of fun date ideas that you can scratch off and record as memories in the book.

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