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Adventure Travel Journal

A notebook to help you explore, connect, and discover your next adventure

Loved by over 7,200 worldwide

How it

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Choose a challenge

Use the simple key at the front of the book to choose an activity based on estimated time, indoor or outdoor, budget level, and more.

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Scratch it off

Reveal the challenge using the included scratcher and get ready for an outside-the-box adventure.

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No take backs

Follow through with each challenge, no matter what! You'll have a blast creating lasting memories with your significant other.

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Take your adventure to the next level

Created for all who adventure, by adventurers

"I've been searching for something like this forever but was never completely satisfied. I finally found this and it's exactly what I needed."

Richard P - Adventure Travel Journal

Travel Inspiration

Tons of activities to do when you are back home and about to leave

Perfect for... Everyone

Fun for solo travelers, couples, or the whole family to complete together

Young & Old

Perfect present for travelers of all ages

"The scratch of this book was a great way to connect with someone - it was so enjoyable and rewarding!"

Paul V - Adventure Travel Journal

What's included

40+ Fun and Engaging Journal Prompts

Dream and Plan the Perfect Trip

A Living Scrapbook

Tips for Keeping an Epic Travel Log

Scratch-off Adventures

Bring any adventure to lifeExplore, connect, and discoverMake meaningful memories

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Transform how you travel and explore with this prompt-driven travel journal! Imagine, plan, and document the adventure of a lifetime as you work your way through 40+ fun and engaging journaling activities.

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The Adventure Travel Journal features a variety of engaging challenges and prompts designed to enhance and document travel experiences. These challenges include prompts for trying local foods, engaging with new cultures, and recording personal reflections on adventures. The journal encourages travelers to step out of their comfort zones, seek new experiences, and create lasting memories.
Adventure Travel Journal includes 40+ fun and engaging journaling activities. This travel journal will help you transform how you adventure.
Each scratch off challenge has helpful hints next to each challenge that helps you decide what to do. It's the key to adventure. These include the length of the challenge, supplies, and more. When you are ready scratch off the challenge & play.