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30 Ideas for an Unforgettable Guys’ Night Out

guys-night-outPhoto credit—Matheus Ferrero

Looking for a few legendary guys’ night out ideas? To say the information out there is limited is a massive understatement! While there are millions of articles for girls’ night out, the fellas are lacking in number and creativity. Let’s see if we can do better. Here are our votes for the best guys’ night out options.

50+ Ideas in One Adventure Book

When is the next guys’ night out? If you’re thinking about cooking up some fun, bring us with you! Did you know that Adventures From Scratch has created a friend version of our popular adventure book? Our edition for friends is loaded with more than 50 on-the-go challenges and in-home ideas, so whether you want a weekend away with the guys or a Friday night at home, we got ya covered. Have fun getting to know the bros!

The Best Guys’ Night Out Ideas

Seriously, the options for guys’ night out articles are slim, and the ones out there aren’t very creative. This is partly due to the nature of most guys. In general, less thought and planning goes into the typical guys’ event when compared to their female counterparts. We’re all busy people here—work, family, marriages, and community responsibilities—they all add up! We know you don’t have much time to go out with the guys and certainly don’t have tons of time for planning. With these facts in mind, we’ve collected a list of ideas that is varied and unique, but no event on the list should take an inordinate amount of planning. Here we go!

1. Let’s Roam Bar Crawl

For a fun GNO that requires no planning, download our Let’s Roam scavenger hunt app and check out the options in your city. Our bar crawls are easy and fun. Buy a ticket for each guy in your group and follow along. We’ll take you to several of the best bars in your area and test your crew to a few hilarious challenges along the way.

2. Night Museum Tour

If your crew loves a little art from time to time, check out an interesting museum at night. Night tours are great because there are no groups of schoolchildren. There are fewer people, and there are often special events featuring artists or guest speakers. A museum followed by a few drinks in a chill whiskey bar makes for the perfect Friday night cap to a busy week.

3. Axe-Throwing Expedition

Axe-throwing venues have popped up all over the country in recent years, and they’re awesome. Throwing a sharp object at a target is the perfect way to blow off some steam after a stressful work week. It takes no planning. It’s pretty budget-friendly, and you get to throw axes. What more do you want?

If you want to go even more budget-friendly and reproducible, go to your local home improvement store and buy a few cheap hatchets of your own. This only works if you have a safe outdoor space in which to throw hatchets. Otherwise, your neighbors probably won’t approve of your guys’ night endeavor.

4. At-Home Bonfire

Some nights, you just want to stay home. Invite the guys. Build a fire in the backyard or just use a firepit. Have somebody bring hot dogs; someone else gets the stuff for s’mores. Crack open some beers. Put on a great playlist. Done and done.

Make sure you comply with the fire regulations in your neighborhood. In some places, you must notify the fire department ahead of time. In others, you’ll have to stick to the firepit, as burning would be illegal. Don’t let your fun guys’ night turn into a night in jail or a big fine.

5. Urban Art Walk

If you live in a city with a walkable night scene and great street art, take some time to truly appreciate it. Our art walks take you to the best spots in the city and give interesting background information on the works. It’s a unique way to re-see the city you walk through daily. Check out all our art walk options!

6. Local Ale Trail

If your area is famous for craft beer, chances are you have an organized ale trail in the region. Pick up your passport, choose your stops and your designated driver, and hit the trail. You’ll stop at breweries and bars along the route, try out the designated ale trail flight, get your stamp, and then move on to the next stop. Not only is it a good time, but you might find a new favorite brew or hangout spot that you can incorporate into your next guys’ night out. Some ale trails even have a shuttle service between breweries, so check the details before you leave.

7. Virtual Whiskey Tasting

If you have a fine whiskey bar in your area, set up a tasting event. They’ll handle all the details. If not, the online cuisine company Cozymeals offers a virtual whiskey-tasting event. Just hop on the website and sign up. In your confirmation email, they’ll send you a recipe list, so you can grab any items you need beforehand. Invite the dudes over and enjoy!

8. Cabaret Show

Cabaret is one of those things that you forget exists but is kinda perfect. The shows are typically budget-friendly, sexy, and sometimes super funny. If you and the guys are looking for something different this weekend, skip the video games and sip drinks in a cabaret lounge instead.

9. Connecting at a Comedy Club

Don’t know about you, but on Friday night, we often just need a good laugh. While comedy nights are not a sure thing, given that it all depends on who takes the stage that night, there’s a good chance that you will at least chuckle a few times. We find they get funnier the more whiskey you have, so let loose. Have a few and get some good laughs in with the guys.

10. Live Music Night

How long has it been since you saw a good concert? You could score tickets to a big show, but if massive event spaces stress you out, gather the guys at a local restaurant or bar with a good band. Grab a burger and spend the evening in a comfy booth with good tunes.

11. Ping-Pong Tournament

Anybody got a ping-pong table? If not, you can actually rent them at a party/event store. Set it up in the basement or backyard and let the trash talk begin. It’s a fun idea for a boys’ night out, and it’s easy to pull off. Just beware: This game is really addictive, and you might end up buying a ping-pong table.

12. Arcade Night

Does your crew love video games? Well, branch out with your gameplay this week. Get off the headphones and actually go out for games. Head to the nearest arcade. Challenge the guys to an old-school Pac-Man game, air hockey, or shooting hoops. The only downside is you might be surrounded by teens or kiddos, but you’re bigger than them.

13. Games on the Lawn

If the arcade sounds too stressful, trade in electronic games for yard games. Horseshoes, ladder ball, bocce ball, cornhole… all great options. Most of these are available, albeit in cheap versions, at your local big box store. If you find one that you and the guys really love, you can invest in a more sturdy set later. Order some pizza. Have the guys bring beer, and you’re good to go.

14. Traditional Cookout

If you have a little more time for planning, set up a traditional cookout. Either provide the food yourself or have everyone bring their own meat. Fire up the barbecue grill. Fill up the ice chests. Put out some lawn chairs and spend an evening outside. You can also include the lawn games from the last idea or fire up the hot tub!

15. Tacos and Tequila

Winter weather got ya down? Trade in steaks on the grill for tacos and tequila inside the warmth of the house. Everyone loves tacos. They’re easy to make and affordable when it comes to feeding lots of people. You make the meat (or make a stop at your favorite restaurant) and have everyone else bring toppings. You can also choose to just buy it all and have the guys bring some cash to pitch in. Beware of the strong side effects of tequila! You might end up with half-naked dudes doing karaoke in sombreros. There are no guarantees here.

16. Nostalgic Night

Head for the nearest fun park and let out your inner children. Challenge the guys to laser tag. Slam into each other with go-karts. Bust out that old homerun swing in the batting cages. Gorge yourself on corndogs and soda. You probably have fond memories of a place like this from your childhood. It’s time to revisit! This would also be a great last night out for a simple bachelor who doesn’t really do the whole party scene.

17. Lending a Hand

For some guys, taking time out of the weekend to just hang out feels like a waste of precious time. We get it; houses don’t repair themselves, and grass certainly doesn’t mow itself. If you need to get some work done but also haven’t seen your best friends in months, invite them over to lend a helping hand. Roofs get repaired faster with an extra set of hands.

Whether you have something to build, something big to move, or a repair to make, more muscle makes the job faster. It may not sound fun, but it’s kind of a win-win situation. You get time with your friend, and you still get stuff done. Just make sure you volunteer to go to their place next week!

18. Podcast Production

If you and the guys are feeling creative, spend some time creating a podcast about a subject you love. You really don’t need much, just a good camera and microphone. You could even do it on your phone. If you love the outcome, schedule to do it regularly and find a platform for your creation! Alternative creations could be a how-to YouTube video, music video, or any creative endeavor you’re all passionate about.

19. Dive Bar Quest

Forego the normal sports bar this week and go looking for the grungiest dive bars in your city. You know the ones where the burgers are dripping with grease and as big as your head? The decorations are probably covered in dust, and there are tons of truckers at the bar. It might not be your normal vibe, but that’s the fun of it!

If the dive bar is your typical vibe, change it up. Put on a jacket and head for a nice rooftop cocktail bar instead. The point is to get a change of venue and experience the other side of a guys’ night out.

20. Late Night B-Ball

If you and your crew are the athletic bunch, a fun idea for a free night is to head to the local city park and challenge the guys to a few pickup games. You get good exercise. You get to trash-talk your friends, and it’s good stress relief. Plus, it’s totally free. You’ll definitely work up an appetite, so plan on burgers afterward. Just choose a restaurant with an outdoor space please and spare the rest of us your post-game stench.

21. Mixology Night

Grab a good mixology book and invite the guys over to test your skills. Put on some jazz. Have each guy create a cocktail from the book or invent their own, and have a little contest. Loser buys the booze for next week. Alternatively, you could do an online cocktail-making class with a professional mixologist. Rockoly provides professional happy hour classes, and they will even send you a drink kit in advance; all the ingredients arrive at your door like magic!

22. Culture Night

Whether you cook yourself or hit up a great international restaurant, set a theme for your GNO. Explore the food, music, and customs of a different culture. Learn the history with a YouTube video or set up your own trivia game and test your knowledge about your own heritage.

23. Food Tour Friday

Rediscover your own city with an organized food tour. You’ll get a knowledgeable guide, try tons of great foods, and maybe even find a new favorite restaurant. Food tours are generally pretty budget-friendly, available in most larger cities, and a really good way to try new things without having to spend money on an entire meal you might not like.

24. Vintage Video Game Extravaganza

Donkey Kong, Mario, and Duck Hunt… if you’re looking for nostalgia, you got it! These games (or whatever games were the jam when you were in your childhood) bring back fond memories and an intense spirit of competition. Set up the gaming system. Make a playlist of songs from the era and invite the guys. Hopefully, you’ll still be friends by the end of the night.

25. Brazilian BBQ

There’s no place on earth that produces the meat sweats like a Brazilian BBQ restaurant. Giant, heaping trays of roasted meat that just keep coming… it’s heavenly! Hopefully, your city has a great Brazilian steakhouse, but if it doesn’t, you could always throw a DIY meat-fest!

26. City Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a fun way to spend an evening in your own city. You’ll compete with other crews for the top spot in your city on a journey through town filled with trivia tests and hilarious photo challenges. With the right group of guys, these hunts are a riot, and you will definitely see a new side of your city.

We even have custom hunts for birthdays. We’ll work with you to create a hunt that honors the birthday boy with personalized photo challenges and trivia!

27. Poker and Cigars

Go old-school with a night of Texas Hold’em, Cuban cigars, and a good Scotch. Load up on finger foods like sandwiches, chips, and snack cakes and let the bids begin!

28. Shooting Range Romp

Another great stress reliever for you and the guys is a night at the shooting range. Load up your pistols or rent one from the facility. Make it a challenge or just work on your form; either way, this guys’ night out provides a little adrenaline and might give you the chance to learn a new skill.

29. Fight Night

If you have a boxing arena or UFC league near you, spend the evening watching a live fight. If you don’t have that option, you could host a pay-per-view event or join the guys at the local sports bar to watch the fight. Place some bets. Loser buys rounds.

30. Disc Golf Picnic

Head to your local disk golf course. They’re often located in city parks. Challenge the guys to a game or two, then when darkness hits, head for the provided bbq grills and bust out the coolers. Grill up some meat. Throw out the lawn chairs, have a few beers, and get in some good conversation while stargazing.

Getting the Guys Together

The hardest part about planning a guy’s night is not thinking of what to do. It’s just finding the determination to make it happen. We’ve provided you with 30 great guys’ night out ideas. Choose one of ours or come up with your own plan, but do it this weekend. Connecting with friends and having a strong social circle is a key aspect of stable mental and physical health. So, quit slacking on the guys’ night!

Let us know which night out you chose in the comments! Was it fun?

Planning on having a game night? Check out “40 Fun Board Games to Play With Friends.”

If you struggle to make friends and you can’t say you really have a strong circle, take a look at “How to Make Friends as an Adult (And Why You Should).”

Frequently Asked Questions

What do guys do on a night out?

Popular guys’ night out activities include poker nights, comedy clubs, and ale trails. But honestly, as long as you’re all having fun together, you can’t go wrong.

What do guys do together for fun?

Guys’ night out should be catered to the interest of your crew. Try your hand at disc golf, mix it up with a mixology night, or take an app-guided scavenger hunt of your city!

What are some unique ideas for a guys’ night out?

If you’re looking for something a little different for guys’ night, how about gathering the guys at the shooting range, joining a fight night, or seeing a cabaret show?

How do you plan a guys’ night out?

Planning a guys’ night doesn’t have to be hard. Consider activities with little to no planning, like an organized bar crawl, food tour, or a night tour of a museum or art gallery.

What’s a cheap guys’ night out?

For a budget-friendly guys’ night out, bust out the lawn games! You can host a taco and tequila night and have fun making the food yourselves, or go on an urban art tour.

FriendsFun With Friends

38 Funtabulous Girls’ Night Out Ideas

girls-night-out-ideasPhoto taken by Levi Guzman

There’s nothing more refreshing for the soul than a night of laughter with your best friends. If your normal outings are getting stale, you have come to the right place! We’ve gathered all the best girls’ night out ideas for you and your gal pals. From low-key wine tastings to full-on booze cruises, we have something for everyone (including non-boozy outings too). Let’s find your perfect night out!

Unique Adventure With Adventures From Scratch

Did you know that Adventures From Scratch has a new friend edition? Well, you know now! We’ve created a new scratch-off adventure book full of excursions for you and your crew. Our books feature on-the-go challenges, tear-out extras, and in-home adventures to help you build stronger friendships while having an absolute blast! Out of fun ideas to get you laughing? Wanting to deepen your connection? Try our girls’ night out ideas the next time you get together!

Funtabulous Girls’ Night Out Ideas

Finding time to spend with the girls is not always easy. After a long week of work, plus mom-ing, wife-ing, or serving in the community, everybody is tired. Even with the best of intentions, our well-laid plans with the girls often get canceled or overlooked. However, hanging with close friends has been proven by multiple studies to be beneficial for our mental and physical health, so it’s important that we all make time for belly laughing with the besties! You might find that when you do get time to hang out, nobody really planned anything, and you end up doing the same old local bar or dinner spot, which doesn’t offer much excitement or spontaneity. You deserve something better to look forward to.

Next time girls’ night rolls around, you’re going to be prepared! Read through this list. Pick your favorites and jot them down, or better yet, save the list to refer to in the future. We know how it is on Friday night. Your brain is fried, and you can’t think of good ideas. Keep this list handy and try a few of these amazing girls’ night out ideas instead of resorting to the same old same.

1. Wild out on a Let’s Roam bar crawl.

For your next girls’ night, let off a little steam by visiting the best bars in your city. Our app-led bar crawls escort you to four of the top bars and include a few fun challenges along the way to keep it interesting. Our bar crawls are the easiest night out to plan because they take no planning at all. You just download the app. Choose the crawl in your city, and follow along! It’s a budget-friendly and fun way to spend an evening with the gals.

2. Explore your local urban art.

In the summer months, when you have extra daylight and warm weather, take the time to explore your city’s urban art on a Let’s Roam urban art walk. Our experts have gathered all the best street art pieces in the world for our hunts and designed easy walking tours complete with pertinent info on all the works. If you want to see a different side of your city or just learn something about the fantastic murals you pass every day, an art walk is the perfect girls’ night out idea.

3. Hop on a food tour.

It’s Friday night. You’re hungry, right? Instead of a boring dinner at the same old chain restaurant, take the girls out on a city food tour. Most major cities have a food tour option, and they’re usually awesome. You’ll be paired with a knowledgeable guide, you’ll hit up the best restaurants in town, and often, you learn quite a lot about the traditional foods of your city. Check the tourism website for your city (usually “visit____”) or search food tours on Instagram or Google to see what your city offers.

4. Take a group cooking class.

Staying on the food theme, take your girls’ night as an opportunity to learn to cook a new meal. For some, cooking is a chore that sounds like an awful option, but when you do it together with your besties, it becomes a really fun night. You could take a virtual class on Cozymeal or Masterclass or book an in-person class at a local cooking school. If you know a private chef, hire them to come to your home so that you can cook in your pajamas.

5. Book a spa evening.

Spa days are nice, but spa nights are even better. If your town has a spa that is open late, set up a joint appointment. Get a lush facemask, a massage, or mani/pedis. You’ve likely had a long, stressful week; what could be better than a little stress relief with your bestie? After you’re feeling refreshed, retreat to one of your homes and finish the evening off with a little wine on the porch.

6. Take in a comedy show.

Most of us don’t laugh enough, not that deep down, really good belly laugh, at least. While you aren’t guaranteed to get that at a comedy show, you might. After a drink or two, they usually get funnier, so let loose a little and enjoy a night of drinks and giggles.

7. Take your gal pals on a scavenger hunt.

Group scavenger hunts are the perfect way to spend an evening with your gal pals. Our hunts are designed to provide easy fun with minimal planning and maximum bonding. We will escort you on a short trek around your city filled with funny photo challenges and tough trivia. You’ll choose the challenges that sound fun to you, learn a ton about your city, and, most importantly, get in some good quality time with the gals. We have hunts in more than 400 cities worldwide; check out all the options!

We also do custom hunts for bachelorette parties or birthday parties. You’ll be set up with one of our hunt coordinators to add in personal trivia and make the game all your own!

8. Start a book club.

If partying all night isn’t your vibe, gather the girls and start a weekly (or monthly) book club. This ladies’ night is awesome because, if we’re all honest here, the most likely deterrent to going out on the weekend is the fact that you have to put on real pants. With a book club option, you can all wear your comfy pants, messy buns, and real face. Have everyone bring an appetizer or just order takeout, and you’re good to go. It’s no muss, no fuss, and it forces you to read a little. It’s a win-win!

9. Plan an old-school sleepover.

Another fun night for the no-pants crew is to swap your girls’ night out for a girls’ night in. Do you remember how excited you were when you got to stay at a friend’s house? There would be unhealthy snacks, party games, dance parties, and juicy secrets. They’re just as fun as an adult. Binge-watch chick flicks, sing karaoke, or have a night of pampering with some DIY spa treatments. The options are endless; just choose a few activities your crew will love. If you guys have spouses and kiddos at home, you might have to get this one on the schedule pretty far in advance, but with enough determination, it’s totally doable.

10. Bust out the board games.

An old-school game night can be a lot of fun. Invite the girls over. Have each person bring their favorite game and just veg out with a few drinks and snacks. If you need a little inspiration for girls’ night games, check out “40 Fun Board Games to Play With Friends.”

11. Build a bonfire.

Weather permitting, there’s nothing more relaxing than sharing stories around a flame. Whether you use a firepit or build a giant bonfire, have the girls bring a lawn chair and some stuff for s’mores, and that’s all you need for a fun girls’ night, except maybe a perfect playlist! Just make sure you check the burn rules in your area if you’re planning on building a real fire!

12. Attempt an escape room.

Escape rooms have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. While the trend is fading a bit, that can be a good thing, as you can get in easily without much planning. The good ones are constantly changing their themes, so there’s always a new challenge. If you find that you have any brain cells left on your Friday night, an escape room can be a fun way to bond with your besties.

13. Throw axes… not at each other.

Okay, don’t actually throw them at each other. Throw them at a target. If your town has an axe-throwing facility, go there. If not, head to Lowe’s, grab some small hatchets, and head to whichever friend has the biggest (and safest) backyard. Please don’t throw axes if you have close neighbors… unless you don’t like them (obviously kidding).

14. Get crafty.

A fun idea for old friends is to have a scrapbook night. Plan it in advance and give everyone enough time to go through old photos. Get a cute scrapbook and then spend the evening working on it together. It’s a great way to reminisce over your years as friends, and you’ll no doubt end up laughing about things you didn’t even remember until you saw the pics.

15. Throw a favorite food party.

Another DIY party idea that is super easy and budget-friendly is to have each of your girlfriends bring their all-time favorite food or a favorite family recipe. Each person can make their food item ahead of time or open some wine and have a cooking party. It’s a fun way to spend time together, and you get a new favorite recipe out of the deal.

16. Plan a dinner parade.

Progressive dinners are a nice way to spend an evening, and it takes some of the cost and pressure off of the host. The problem is, it only works if you live in close proximity to each other. Ideally, you have appetizers at one person’s house, the main course at another, and then desserts and coffee or drinks at the last.

17. Visit a cabaret.

Cabaret shows are just a good time. While many would put a cabaret show in the romantic date category, others actually find them less awkward to see with friends. The costumes are beautiful. The performers are talented, and the drinks are free-flowing. Not sure what more a girls’ night needs!

18. Have a chore party.

Bear with us here. Nobody, I repeat, nobody wants to do chores, but they do have to be done. One of the many reasons that adult women don’t get together is that they just have too much to do at home. Make your necessaries way more fun by throwing on a killer dance playlist, inviting over your bestie, and tackling the chores. It’s actually way less boring to do someone else’s chores than your own, strangely. Help each other clean the blinds, weed the flower beds, or clean out the pantry. Then make your favorite cocktails and sit back and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

19. Paint each other.

Do you have any art skills? No? Great! Your paint night will be even more fun. Set up a few easels and a canvas for everyone. Draw names out of a hat and keep your name secret. Each person attempts to paint a portrait of the name they drew. Most of them will be hilarious failures, and they make for a good laugh and funny post-painting group photo.

20. Celebrate mojitos and memories.

If you have a group of friends that have been together for many years, spend the evening discussing old times. Make a dessert and coffee or your favorite cocktails and find a comfy spot around the fireplace or the dining table to reminisce. Laughing about old memories is a great way to make new ones!

21. Repeat your first hangout.

Do you remember the first time you hung out with your best friend? If you do, recreate it! Go to the same places and try sitting at the same table. See if you can fit in the same outfit if you still have it. The longer you’ve been friends, the harder this one will be!

22. Host a cultural night.

For a special evening, plan a themed party from a different culture. Have everyone bring an Indian dish or a Thai dish. Go all out with traditional clothing or just chow down on tasty international treats in your pajamas. The choice is yours. Don’t forget the appropriate playlist, and you might even do some research to see if there are any popular party or board games from the culture you chose.

23. Have a mixology contest.

Take an in-person mixology class at your local bartending school or invite the girls over to make your own cocktails. Send out a list of ingredients and have everyone chip in. You might have to have a short list of possible cocktails… unless you already have a good-sized liquor collection. Each person can choose a cocktail to make from a mixology book, or you can draw from a hat. Better yet, make it a competition and have each person create their own signature cocktail and vote for the winner!

24. Tour an art gallery or museum.

Night time in museums and art galleries is a whole different vibe. The art hits differently in the night light. They’re less crowded, and they often have special events featuring wine tastings, chats with local artists, or interactive classes. There are no herds of school children, no overloaded group tours, just a relaxing evening full of fine art.

25. Catch a ballgame.

If action is more your thing, gather your gal pals and head for the nearest major or minor league sporting venue. Live sporting events are a blast, even if you don’t really like sports. The comradery of the fans, the tasty concession stand food, and the general excitement that fills the air is intoxicating. If you don’t have anything like that in your town, get some nachos at your local high school football game and enjoy a simple evening under the lights.

26. Ride bumper cars.

Sometimes, all you need to shake off a stressful week is to ram your best friends with a car. The only way that is acceptable in polite society is in a bumper car. Head to the nearest adventure park and let out your inner child. Race go-carts. Smash in bumper cars or bumper boats. Take a few swings in the batting cage. It’s a great way to blow off steam.

27. Challenge your gals to a climbing wall.

If you’re part of an athletic clan (actually it might be funnier if you aren’t), challenge your besties to a race up a rock climbing wall. Almost all moderate-sized cities have one now, so there’s likely one within driving distance of your hometown. Loser buys drinks!

28. Take in the night skies.

There’s nothing more beautiful or relaxing than a deep conversation under a clear sky. Gather for stargazing at your local park or one of your backyards. Throw out some blankets, or if you’re brave and nimble, head up to the roof for a closer view. Maybe leave the cocktails out of this one.

Writer note: This one is a personal fave. My friends and I have had some of our most intense and meaningful conversations while stargazing at our local park. We just take a blanket and lay it out in the back of the truck or on the hillside. We take snacks and drinks and let the night unfurl. It’s simple, free, and always so enjoyable!

29. Plan a guilty pleasure night.

We all have a guilty pleasure, and if you have a really tight set of friends, you can feel safe sharing your weirdness. Whether it’s face masks and trash magazines, cleaning out your pores and binging reality TV, or whatever grossness you partake in, do it together. Sure, it’s private and might make you feel vulnerable, but we guarantee your friends are likely just as weird as you.

30. Compete in a thrift store challenge.

Set a budget that your group is comfortable with and carpool to your nearest thrift store. Challenge each other to complete the “most outrageous outfit,” a “1970s look,” or “the best man’s outfit.” No cheating; you only get to spend the max budget. Take the items back to one of your houses and have a fashion photoshoot.

31. Volunteer together.

Volunteering for a cause you love is a very rewarding experience, and it’s only more so when you share it with someone you love. Serve food at a local soup kitchen, serve in the concession stand at a community event, or bathe puppies at the homeless shelter. Most non-profits are always looking for help!

32. Create your own cupcake war.

Get creative in the kitchen with a cupcake competition. Grab a few decorating kits from your local craft or grocery store. If you’re short on time, you can prebake the cupcakes and let them cool the night before. The best part about this craft night is that the masterpieces are edible!

33. Walk your pooches.

One of the first things most tourists do when arriving at their vacation destination is get out and take a stroll, but when was the last time you took a walk around your own city? For a totally free Friday night activity, put on your best sneakers, leash up the pooches, and take a stroll around your city. We recommend you do it with an ice cream!

34. Host a backyard barbecue.

For a laid-back girls’ night out idea, fire up the grill. Bust out the pool chairs and whip up some margaritas or fresh lemonade. Put on a playlist of the Beach Boys and enjoy an evening with the girls in the backyard. Throw a white sheet on the fence and have an outdoor movie night if you have the ability.

35. Plan your next girls’ getaway.

One of the best parts of any getaway is the excitement of the research and planning phase. Set a date in your calendar for your next girls’ trip. Use your weekend nights to get together and plan. Get on Etsy and order those matching swimsuits and beach hats. Pick your hotel. Peruse the local restaurants and put them on a trip map. It will only increase the excitement and make everyone more likely to actually go through with the trip.

36. Swap sexy secrets.

Are you a guru in the bedroom, or do you need a little help? Maybe your relationship has just gotten a little boring, and you need some new trick. That’s what good girlfriends are for. Have everyone throw their favorite position or trick in the pot and draw them out. When your strip is drawn, you have to explain how to do it to all your curious gal pals.

37. Set up a book swap.

Maybe you and your crew aren’t organized or dedicated enough to have a real book club, but you can gather for an easy book swap. Everybody bring a book that you’ve finished and loved and trade them. It’s even more fun if each friend writes their thoughts or a little note in the back for the next friend to enjoy.

38. Take turns teaching a skill.

Everybody is an expert at something! Take turns on your girls’ nights, each friend leading a night and teaching the others their special skill. It could be sewing, painting, cooking, crafting, an exercise routine, or a stupid human trick. Allowing your friends to teach you something they’re passionate about allows you to see a whole new side of them and makes your bond even stronger.

Making It Happen

It doesn’t really matter what you do with your besties for girls’ night. There are a million little girls’ night out ideas you could put into action. The key is to choose one and be adamant about making it happen! Call the girls. Get it on the schedule, and resist the urge to cancel when you inevitably don’t want to wear pants that day. Some excuse will always come up, but push past it because, once you’re out with the girls, you’ll have a blast, and it will be worth the couch time you sacrificed.

What are your favorite girls’ night out ideas? Please, do share them with us in the comments!

If your bestie is unfortunately in a different time zone, you can still have frequent girls’ nights. Find out the secret to success in “How to Stay Connected to Your Long-Distance Best Friend.

Friendship in adulthood is hard! It takes real determination and planning to make friendships work. If you find yourself struggling in this arena, take a few tips from “Keys to Maintaining Adult Friendships.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do for a girls’ night out?

If you’re with friends you love, you can’t go wrong! But some popular girls’ night out ideas are group cooking classes, adult sleepovers, or a city scavenger hunt!

What can you do on a girls’ night in?

Sometimes, you just want to hang with your besties in your PJs. They do, too! How about having a cupcake war, competing in a mixology contest, or having a cultural dinner?

How can I make a night out more fun?

To turn up the fun on girls’ night out, add some spontaneity with a surprise scratch-off outing from Adventures From Scratch: Friends Edition. Laugh and connect all night!

How do I plan a girls’ night out?

To plan a fun girls’ night out, choose a unique, budget-friendly activity that doesn’t take much planning, like a Let’s Roam bar crawl, a bonfire night, or a book swap!

What are some unique ideas for girls’ night?

If you want a truly unique girls’ night out, have a stargazing night with deep conversation, teach each other your most impressive skill, or go axe-throwing (be careful!).

FriendsFun With Friends

19 Things to Do on Spring Break With Friends


Spring break is coming up fast, and if you’re looking for unique things to do on spring break with friends, you’re in the right place. While a week away from the grind is awesome, even if you don’t do anything special, we know that you want this week to be extra amazing, so we’ve scoured the internet and dove deep into personal experience to create the ultimate list of the most unique spring break ideas. Obviously, partying on Florida’s South Beach is a fun way to blow off some steam, but there are so many more great spring break destinations out there. We’ve included something for every kind of traveler, ranging from volunteer trips for high school students to family-friendly destinations and trips for college students too. Let’s roam!

Devoting Time to Your Friends With Adventures From Scratch

Did you know that Adventures From Scratch has an entire adventure book solely devoted to friend activities? Well, now you do! Want some awesome ideas for things to do on spring break with friends? Grab Adventures From Scratch: Friend Edition today and begin scratching off your next adventures. Our books have more than 50 excursions specially crafted to nurture your friendship while you have a blast in the process. We’ve included hilarious conversation starters and a scrapbooking space too, so you can document all your adventures together!

Spring Break Activities for Teens

High school can be really stressful, especially that last year or two, so whether you’re a teenager or the parent of one, consider one of these amazing options to let loose on spring break. Decide to give back and pad that college resume with a volunteer trip. Hang out with friends on a day trip, or invite a friend along on your family vacation.

1. Volunteer Trip to Guatemala

Discover International Volunteer Headquarters offers an awesome trip to Guatemala over spring break that would be perfect for any teen who is looking to dip their feet into the volunteer world. It includes volunteer projects in childcare, teaching, construction, animal welfare, and medical shadowing. It’s the perfect trip to test the waters. Volunteers get to participate in several arenas of serving and see what they like best. Students will be housed in Antigua Guatemala, a lovely and historic Spanish Colonial city in a stunning landscape of towering volcanoes and sparkling lakes. Antigua is a foodie paradise, features wonderful traditional markets, and has fun tourist activities. Take a visit to a chocolate lab, try coffee plantation tours, and go volcano trekking.

The trip is very affordable at just $360 for the week, which includes airport transfer, accommodation, two meals a day, and 24/7 in-person support. If you’re interested in giving back this spring break, this Guatemala trip is the perfect option with a reputable company.

Not interested in Guatemala? That’s ok! There are plenty of amazing options out there. Here’s a list of “The Top 12 Service Trips for Teens.”

2. Camping Trip in Your State Park

If the parents give you the okay and you can drive, pack up the tent and a couple of friends and head for your local state park. Hit hiking trails. Build a bonfire and tell ghost stories. Roast s’mores. Go fishing. Enjoy nature. Relax and recuperate. Being in nature is good for the soul! You might need someone above the age of 18 to rent the campsite and be present, so invite an older sibling or a parent along.

3. Themed Party

If you can’t get away for spring break, it doesn’t mean you can’t do something special and fun. Invite a few friends over and plan an epic party for Friday night. Choose a theme. Design the decorations. Pick out the food, and work together to plan the party activities. Send out invites through your social media and enjoy! Go all out with this DIY party. Planning it is half the fun!

If your area has warm weather in March, have it outside. Build a fire in the fire pit. Play yard games. Set up a photo booth for themed pics and TikTok vids. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, move to the living room and whip out the board games, have a dance party, or play traditional party games.

Check out this list of “25 Fantastic Party Games to Play With Friends.”

4. Road Trip Adventure

If you can drive, take a short road trip to an interesting place in your state. You could consider going snowboarding at the nearest ski park, taking a chilly swimming trip to a nearby lake, visiting an ancient Native American site, or taking a walking tour of a nearby city. For a unique trip, consider visiting several of the small towns in your area and seeing what quirky tourist attractions they have to offer. You might be really surprised at the awesome stuff hidden in these relatively unknown places. While every state is different, there is certainly something in your home area that you didn’t know about, so get out there and explore. The options are endless!

5. Theme Park Extravaganza

Take a few days and hit up all the theme parks in your vicinity. If the waterparks are open, spend a day there. Then, head for the amusement park the next day. On day three, find the closest aerial adventure park where you can enjoy ropes courses, zip lines, and rope swings. Take your friends along for the ride. Enjoying a little adrenaline with good company is the perfect way to let loose and produce those feel-good hormones!

6. Concert or Festival

Have a favorite band? See if they’re playing in a nearby city, or join a spring festival and catch several live shows over the week. Check out the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, the Portland Rose Festival, or Miami’s Calle Ocho. If you can’t get to one of these amazing spots, Google spring concerts near you.

Spring is also a very popular time for lots of other weird and wonderful local events. Consider the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C., Frozen Dead Guy Festival in Colorado, or the Nenana Ice Classic in Alaska, which are just a few among the many weird events taking place in the U.S. in March.

Spring Break Ideas for College Students

This section focuses on spring break trips for college students who want to get away from the stress of the semester. These trips offer epic outdoor adventures, laidback beach time, and a chance to plan for the future in a fun way!

7. Road Trip to Arizona

Arizona is an outdoor adventurist’s playground. The dramatic red rock cliffs, iconic national parks, and free vibe of the state make it the perfect spot for a spring break getaway with friends. Rent a mountain bike and hit the trails of Monument Valley. Enjoy a sunset picnic at Cathedral Rock in Sedona. Take part in watersports on Lake Powell, or hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. If you love the great outdoors, Native American history, desert landscapes, and freedom, you can’t do better than an Arizona road trip.

8. Wine Trails of California

Consider yourself a budding oenophile? Then head for Napa Valley and book a trip on the Wine Train. You might need the parents to chip in a few dollars for this one, as it’s not a super cheap trip. You’ll enjoy a window seat on a luxurious train that travels throughout the region, stopping at multiple wineries for tours and tastings.

If you can’t swing the cost of the Wine Train, no big deal. Look on WorkAway and see if you can find a winery or vineyard to work at for your spring break. You and a friend can tuck some vines for an hour a day in exchange for a nice place to stay and an education in the entire process of winemaking.

9. Local Ale Trails

Most major cities have a host of craft breweries these days. Take a few friends. Get your (ale) passport and hop along your local ale trail. Generally, you will visit several breweries and sometimes distilleries along a marked road trip. At every stop, you’ll get a passport stamp, and often, you receive a little something once you complete the entire ale trail. Just make sure you have a designated driver.

10. Bucket List Checkoff

What is that one thing you’ve been meaning to do for months (or years)? Perhaps you have a few things on the list? Now is a great time to check them off. Whether it’s skydiving, trying fresh calamari, or reading War and Peace, utilize your spring break free time to accomplish it. If you don’t have a bucket list, now is kind of the perfect time to make one. After college, you will hopefully have some more free time and a little money of your own to spend as you wish, so you might as well get ahead of the game and start adding fun things to your to-do list!

11. Costa Rica Adventure

March is the dry season in Costa Rica and the perfect time to visit. This little Central American nation is one of the most biodiverse environments on earth for both flora and fauna. It’s the cleanest and safest country in Central America, and it’s very easy to navigate. There are hundreds of English-speaking tours spanning a wide range of wildlife river floats, volcano ATV adventures, hanging bridges in the Cloud Forest, bungee jumping from jungle platforms, and night walks in the jungle. Whether you go as a tourist or a volunteer in one of the nature centers, you will see incredible wildlife, hang on some of the most laidback beaches in the world, and enjoy some of the earth’s best scenery. The list of fun things to do here is neverending, and the food is pretty tasty too!

12. Lounge Days in Puerto Rico

If you’re looking for carefree days on the beach, adventures in the jungle, fabulous seafood, a vibrant culture, and an easy trip, look no further than Puerto Rico. This little Caribbean island is an unincorporated territory of the United States, and citizens don’t need a passport to visit. You can enjoy a tram tour through historic Old San Juan and its mega forts, eat delicious Spanish-inspired food, hang out at the popular beach clubs of Carolina, try out those crazy water jets, go kitesurfing, or zipline and chase waterfalls in the only tropical rainforest on U.S. territory. It’s a beautiful island, and flights are generally pretty cheap from the mainland.

13. Scoping a Future Job City

Believe it or not, your college years will go by fast, and soon, it will be time to get a real job and figure out where you want to live. If you have a few options in mind, take the free time you have on spring break to check out one of the possible cities. Tour apartments and find out what’s going to be available in your price range. Visit your possible future company and shadow a staff member for the day. Take a walking tour and get a working knowledge of the history and layout of the city. Join a food tour to find all the best restaurants. Hop on a Let’s Roam bar crawl and explore the city’s nightlife options. Meet a few locals and start working on connections.

While thinking about the rigors of adult life might be the last thing you want to do on your spring break, touring a possible future home is actually a wise call. Not only will you have an awesome time in a new city, but you’re getting valuable research done and making connections too!

14. Spa Trip With the Besties

There’s nothing more relaxing than a spa day… except maybe a spa week! If your semester has been really stressful, consider packing your bags, inviting a few friends, and heading for the nearest spa city. Hop over to Jimez, Nex Mexico, and lounge in the natural hot springs. Visit the historic bathhouses of Hot Springs, Arkansas, or hang in boutique spas of Sedona, Arizona. Enjoy a long soak in a salted tub and paint yourself with one of those green face masks. Get a massage, a manicure, and a few glasses of champagne. Relax and recuperate with your best buds on spring break!

15. First Timer’s Trip to Italy

Italy in March is divine! The tourist season hasn’t started yet, but the weather is generally nice enough to walk around town with a good jacket. The lines are not so long. The prices are a bit cheaper, and it’s just much more enjoyable.

If you can convince the parents or grandparents to chip in on your grand adventure, grab a friend and take a backpacking trip. If you plan early and spend your money wisely, you can do it for less than $1500 and still get to see everything on your bucket list. For a first-timer’s trip, we recommend visiting Venice, Florence, Rome, and Naples or Sorrento, with day trips to the Isle of Capri, Pisa, and Pompeii. This itinerary gives you a good taste of what Italy has to offer, and if you leave a day early, you can spend two nights in each city, which is a whirlwind, but it works!

Family-Friendly Trips With Friends

If you have tweens or teens at home, the idea of a spring break trip with the whole family might sound like more of a nightmare to them than a retreat. If your kiddos seem a little less than thrilled about your spring break plans, consider allowing each of them to bring along a friend or plan a joint trip with another family who has kids their age. Having friends present at this age can totally change the behavior of teens and make the trip more enjoyable for the whole clan. Here are a few trip ideas that are easy to bring extras along.

16. Cruise With a Friend

Cruise lines have really upped their game in the last decade to make their trips more kid-friendly, especially in the tween and teen areas. Major cruise lines now have teen-only arcades, swimming areas, nightclubs, and excursions, giving them some freedom with their friends in a controlled and safe environment. It’s the best of both worlds. You can enjoy a cocktail in a deck chair and know that they’re having fun in a zone made just for them.

17. Staycation in the Backyard

Not every parent can get away for spring break. Unfortunately, that season of life doesn’t transfer into the working world. If you can’t plan a vacation in March, you can still make it a special week for your kids and their friends. Plan a fun staycation camping trip. Let your kids invite some friends for a sleepover in a backyard tent or a living room fort. Bring out the board games, giant yard games, or hire a bounce house. Set up an obstacle course or allow the kids to make a tasty treat in the kitchen. No matter how much or how little you do, your kiddos will love having their friends over for a day or two of staycation, so don’t stress over it. Movie marathons with popcorn are totally acceptable!

18. Scavenger Hunt of Your Hometown

Let’s Roam offers fun-filled scavenger hunts in more than 400 cities worldwide, and the list is growing every day. They’re the perfect day trip for a group of young friends. They’ll explore a limited area on a walking adventure filled with challenging trivia and hilarious video and photo scenarios. They can compete with other groups in a city-wide challenge and share their adventures on social media. The hunts are generally contained within a 1-2-mile radius. Older kids may be able to do them on their own, while younger ones will need a chaperone. Check out all our hunts and choose one or two in your area!

19. Museums of Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., is a great option for spring break. Grab a friend or two and head for the nation’s capital for a little education under the guise of fun. Kids can peruse the quirky National Museum of American History, visit the National Air and Space Museum, and the International Spy Museum. The great things about Washington, D.C., for kids are that everything is very contained and walkable, and all the fabulous Smithsonian museums are free to visit!

Spring Breaking With Friends

There you have it, the top 19 things to do on spring break with friends! Whether you’re planning a week away from home or need ideas for a fun staycation, we hope you found something fun on this list. Let us know in the comments where you’re heading!

Planning Note: Spring break is coming fast, you guys! To get the best deals, you need to be booking your trip now. So, don’t wait a second more. Choose one of these great spring break ideas and start planning with your friend group today!

Have you taken a spring break trip in the past that you loved? Don’t keep it to yourself. Share your awesome experience with the rest of us! Just drop it in the comments. We always love hearing from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some fun spring break ideas for friends?

Looking for something unique to do with your friends this spring break? Grab a copy of Adventures From Scratch: Friend Edition and choose one of our 50+ adventures!

What can you do with friends on spring break?

Spring break is a great time to get away with friends! Consider taking a whirlwind backpacking trip to Italy, volunteering in Costa Rica, or exploring the great outdoors in Arizona!

What to do when you’re bored on spring break?

If spring break is proving more boring than thrilling, grab some friends and plan a themed party, visit your local amusement parks, or take a camping trip to your nearest state park!

What to do if you can’t get away for spring break?

If you can’t get away for spring break, don’t worry; you can still have plenty of fun! Get creative and pull off a party in your backyard. Get out and see the city on a scavenger hunt tour!

FriendsFun With Friends

15 Ways to Reconnect With Old Friends


Losing touch with friends after high school or college is a pretty common occurrence, even with the best of intentions. You get a new job, in a new city. They do too. You get married, have kiddos, or decide to travel, and before you know it, you haven’t talked to your bestie in years.

When you start to reconnect with old friends, it can feel awkward at first. Both parties have no doubt gone through significant life changes, and the thought of rekindling the relationship comes with some serious concerns. Will they have the same fond memories you do? Do you even have anything in common anymore? These are pretty common thought processes, but if you find yourself repeatedly thinking of an old friend, it’s likely they’re doing the same, and everyone is just leery of making the first move. Let’s dive into some quick and easy ways to jump that fence of doubt and rebuild those lost friendships.

Reconnect With an Adventure Book

At Adventures From Scratch, we’re pretty passionate about friendships, and that’s why our newest scratch-off adventure book is loaded with exciting excursions specifically geared toward deepening your relationships with friends. Just consult the key, pick an adventure, scratch off the details, and enjoy! On top of excellent adventures, our books include tear-out challenges, conversation starters, and journal space to document the fun. Now you have the perfect way to reconnect with old friends!

Benefits of Reconnecting With Former Friends

For some of you, life is going great, and reconnecting with old friends may seem like a futile endeavor. You’ve moved on with new friends. So have they. Why bother? However, old friends are the only people in the world who experienced the same childhood as you. They’re the only ones who share the memories of some of your most formative moments. Keeping a few old friends around can help you build a healthy connectedness with your past and keep you grounded as you move forward. Here are just a few of the benefits of reconnecting with your childhood buds.

Takes You Back to a Simpler Time

Life starts to get crazy in your late twenties, often keeping the chaos up into your thirties. Jobs are getting serious. You might be buying a home or growing a family, and it can all get very stressful. Taking some time, even if you feel like you don’t have much to devote, to talk about old times with a good friend can really be a boost to your mental health. You’ll laugh about silly antics, pull out memories you didn’t even know you had, and revel in the simple times of your youth.

Reminds You of Your Roots

While your current friends might know you better than anyone from high school did, they don’t share the same roots and heritage as you do. Like it or not, the way in which you were raised (and even the area you were raised in, to some extent) helps shape your worldview. There’s something special about sitting down with an old friend and discussing the intricacies of your past. While you may have chosen to move on from the negative aspects of your childhood, there are likely some very positive bits that make you who you are today. Exploring old memories is one of the best ways to connect to your roots and stay grounded in the good parts of your upbringing.

Expands Your Community

While you may have one or two best friends that live a similar lifestyle to you, it never hurts to have a larger community of friends to bounce ideas off of. They might be surface-level buds, and that’s fine, but a wide community of friends keeps you connected with many spheres. This gives you access to information and resources that you may not have within your closest friend group. It pays to know and have cordial relationships with a vast group of people.

Reshapes Your Perspectives

When talking with an old friend, you may quickly find out that their perspective of your joint past is very different than your own. They’ll remember things through their own personal filter, their feelings about the event. Reminiscing with an old friend can be hard in this area, as you might find out things about yourself or your friend group that you didn’t previously perceive. Learning to view your past through someone else’s lens has the potential to change the way you approach others in the future.

Allows You to Heal Old Wounds

If you’ve had a falling out with an old friend or you just have difficult memories in your past pertaining to that person, reconnecting is a way to heal old wounds. You have changed and matured. They most likely have too. Harboring bitterness and unforgiveness is not good for your overall well-being. According to an article by Harley Therapy, bitterness can have the same effects on the body as serious trauma, resulting in fatigue, decreased libido, and interrupted sleep patterns. In the long haul, it can affect self-confidence and the ability to formulate new healthy relationships.

Provides a Healthy Dose of Laughter

We’ve all heard that laughter is the best medicine, and you don’t need any fancy medical research to prove that. We’ve all had one of those laugh-until-we-cry sessions. You know there’s nothing that relieves stress better or busts through awkward or difficult circumstances more effectively than a hearty laugh. Reminiscing with old friends is bound to produce some funny moments as you remind each other of your teenage antics.

How to Reconnect With an Old Friend

1. Assess your motivation.

An important aspect of rekindling an old relationship is to first take a deep dive into why you feel compelled to do so. Are you just curious about how their life is going? Do you miss them? Are you just feeling lonely, longing for companionship? Is there an unsolved conflict between the two of you that is weighing on you?

There are many reasons you may choose to reach out to an old friend, but make sure your reasons are healthy ones. If you’re just lonely, you might be setting yourself up for more disappointment when you reach out for companionship and they don’t have the time or will to meet your expectations. You also don’t want to reenter unhealthy relationships just because you’re desperate for companionship. If you’re suffering from extreme loneliness, it’s probably time to touch base with a counselor and begin doing some inner work to find the cause.

2. Assess the nature of the friendship.

Is this person someone who adds value to your life, or are your memories of them loaded with hurt and baggage? While a nagging conflict with an old friend may need to be resolved for you to move forward, there are other friendships that may not be worth pursuing. Maybe you didn’t have a falling out or a major conflict but that person fell away from your life for normal reasons. You need to decide if rekindling this relationship would add positive companionship and mutual benefit to you both or if entering into a relationship with this person would likely bring stress. While a large friend group can be extremely rewarding, choose who you let in your inner circle wisely. A person who brings drama and toxicity is better left alone.

3. Set reasonable expectations.

Don’t go into your first conversation with someone you haven’t seen in years expecting to pick up right where you left off and be best friends forever. That could happen, but it also is not guaranteed. Set reasonable expectations for your first conversation. The goal is to make contact, possibly set up an in-person meeting, and explore surface-level info about their current situation. It’s better to be pleasantly surprised by a wonderful encounter than to be let down if it’s just so-so.

4. Start easy with social media.

The easiest way to initiate contact is via text message or social media. If you don’t have their phone number, you can likely find them on Linkedin, Facebook, or Instagram. Send a simple message or bring up a funny memory. It doesn’t have to be a well-thought-out dissertation, just something like, “Hey, was just thinking of you today and laughing about that time we ran your mom’s car off in the ditch. How are you doing?” Something easy like this will start the flow of conversation.

Making contact in the first place is generally the hardest part. It gets easier from there. So, jump the hurdle, and send the text.

5. Pick up the phone.

If it was a close friend, pick up the phone and hear their voice. Don’t wait for a time when you have hours to talk. That won’t happen. Just call. They might pick up, or they might be busy, but they’ll likely call back when they get a minute. If you’re nervous, have a few notes of things to talk about, including some of your favorite memories.

A phone call might feel too formal or old-fashioned for you, but remember that emotions are difficult to display over text messages. They can easily be read with the wrong inflection, and your words may be misconstrued. Sometimes, hearing the tone of voice is necessary for proper communication, and actually talking to the person is best!

6. Meet up for a short while.

Once you’ve made initial contact, arrange to meet for coffee, grocery shopping, or a dog walk in the park. Make sure it isn’t too formal and doesn’t require a lot of time or planning. Make it casual and easy. Any of these activities will give you the perfect backdrop for conversation and a relaxed vibe.

When you decide to meet up, don’t just say, “We should get together sometime.” Again, that will never happen. Instead, say something like, “I have some time next Saturday morning, would you like to meet at Joe’s for a coffee at 9?” Set a date and a time that works for both of you, and get it on the calendar.

7. Bring along a mutual friend.

If you had a falling out with a friend or you have reason to believe that the meetup might be awkward, bring in a moderator. Group hangouts are easier than one-on-ones, and you might find that bringing along mutual friends eases the tension for everyone.

8. Plan an outing with your families.

If you got married or had children since the last time you saw your friend, suggest a meetup that includes your families. Your spouses can get to know one another, and they will glean insight about you that they never knew before, which can be fun for everyone… if a little embarrassing. Having the people you’re closest to and most proud of around for the meetup can help ease any nerves, as long as they’re on their best behavior, of course.

9. Show interest in their life and passions.

Once you meet up, direct the conversation to their new passions and the current events of their life. Make sure you take time to really listen and ask pertinent questions. Try not to monopolize the conversation with all things going on in your own life, but also be vulnerable and willing to talk about your life when it is your turn. Try to find a time when you don’t have other distractions and you can devote your attention to your friend.

10. Bring up funny memories.

You might consider having a few notes and points of conversation thought out before arriving. Think of a couple of your favorite memories together and bust out a funny one within the first few minutes of conversation. It’ll break the ice and get the conversation moving. After a good laugh, things will flow more freely, and you’ll easily glide into current-day conversations.

11. Don’t be afraid to address the hard stuff.

In-person communication with an old friend isn’t always rainbows and unicorns. There may be old slights that you need to address in order to move forward with a healthy friendship. After some time, don’t be afraid to just address the elephant in the room. Do it with grace, and try to avoid placing blame, but don’t just avoid it.

Talking through these situations is difficult, but you might find your old friend has a totally different perspective on the situation than you do. There may be information you didn’t know, or it’s possible they’ve been carrying the burden and want to apologize for their part in the hurt. Be willing to apologize for yours as well. Remember that you are not the same person you were at 16, and it’s likely they’re not either.

12. Look for positive changes.

As stated, you have changed, and your friend has too, but that doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Often, people change for the better as they age and mature. Instead of focusing on the fact that your friend isn’t the person you remember, look for fun new things about them that you can relate to. Good friendships are always evolving, and you might find that you love them even more now than you did then.

13. Seek a shared passion.

Look for one thing in your conversation that you can move forward with! Do you both love rock climbing, work in accounting, or have a child with a disability? You may have several shared interests but focus on one thing you have in common that can be fuel for your next meetup.

14. Make future plans.

Once you’ve gotten through the initial meeting and you’re sure that pursuing a relationship is a good idea, go ahead and make plans! Maybe you schedule a hike in the nearest national park, take your son to see their son play baseball, or meet up at a local winery for a wine tasting. Whatever your shared passion is, focus on that as you rebuild your relationship.

Go ahead and get out your calendars and schedule it before you leave. You may still have to change it later, but you’re both much more likely to make it happen if it’s in writing, with a date and time. Once you’ve set a date, be faithful to it. Integrity is important in any friendship but especially in one that is in the rebuilding phase.

15. Consult your partner or closest friends.

As you reconnect with your old friend, ask your besties or your spouse to help watch for red flags, especially if you have a history of turbulence with this person. They know you well, and they’ll be able to spot areas where you’re feeling stressed or letting negativity slip in on you. It never hurts to have a few people you trust help keep you accountable for your own well-being.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re considering seeking out an old friend, take the necessary precautions to protect your mental health and your current relationship. But if there’s no risk in those arenas, go for it! Take the chance and make the move to initiate contact. Just remember to control your expectations.

The goal initially is to check in on your friend, see how their life is going, and let them know you have fond memories of your friendship. Let it move naturally from there. It might be that you retain a friendship through social media only, or it might progress to weekly in-person hangouts; who knows? Either way, keep it light at first and wade the waters gently as you reconnect with old friends. It probably won’t be as awkward as you imagine.

Have you had success reconnecting with a childhood friend? Tell us how you did it in the comments!

For more ideas to nurture your friendships, check out “Friendship Goals for the New Year.” It’s full of fantastic ideas to ensure that 2023 has plenty of healthy moments with your crew.

Have you decided to have your old friends over for dinner and a few games? Great idea! Busting out our nostalgic games is a wonderful way to reminisce. Check out our list of “40 Fun Board Games to Play With Friends” for a little inspiration.


Jacobson, S. (2022, October 26). 12 steps to overcome feeling bitter. Harley Therapy™ Blog. Retrieved January 16, 2023, from,to%20have%20a%20healthy%20relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a good idea to reconnect with old friends?

Reconnecting with old friends can be a wonderful way to remember your fondest memories, connect to your past, and boost your mental health and theirs too. If it feels right, give it a try!

Is it awkward to connect with old friends?

While the initial contact can be a bit awkward, friendships that were healthy often pick right back up where they left off, and reuniting with an old friend can have many mutual benefits!

How do you reunite with an old friend?

First, make contact through social media or a phone call. Then, set up an informal in-person hangout. Adventures From Scratch: Friends Edition is loaded with fun adventures perfect for the occasion!

Fun With Friends

40 Fun Board Games to Play With Friends


Playing board games is a time-tested bonding activity for friends and family. Board games encourage conversation, friendly competition, and creativity, and provide hours of laughter. With our screen-obsessed culture, taking an evening away from the virtual and having a good old-fashioned game night can be extremely refreshing! If you are looking for something easy and fun for you and your crew, here’s our list of the best board games to play with friends. From wholesome, classic games to card games specifically made for terrible humans, there is something on this list for every group of friends!

50+ Awesome Activities to Enjoy With Friends

Our scratch-off books are expertly crafted and full of exciting activities, designed to deepen bonds and add some adventure to your routine. If you and your crew are looking for something new to do, snag a copy of Adventures From Scratch: Friends Edition, and get scratching! Make this your go-to book when you want to get together with your besties.

The Best Classic Board Games

This section is full of oldies but goodies. Perhaps you haven’t played these since you were a kid, or maybe you missed out on their heyday altogether. It’s never too late to pick up a good thing though, and you will fall in love with the long-standing awesomeness of these classics!

1. Monopoly

Players: 2-8

This classic wheeling and dealing business game challenges players to buy, sell, and scheme to build their personal fortunes. Become a railroad tycoon, a landlord, or a hotel owner. Oh, by the way, you might also end up in jail. When you play Monopoly, it’s all a roll of the dice!

2. Scrabble

Players: 2-4

Test your vocabulary against your buds with the board gamer’s original word game, Scrabble. Pick your random letters out of the bag and build upon previously laid words to collect points and prove your thesaurus mastery. It’s an easy game that you can play all night, with simple rules, and plenty of arguments over whether that is or is not a real word!

3. Taboo

Players: 4 or more

Taboo is a great game for large groups, as you can have as many players as you want in this cooperative game. Break up into teams and draw a card. Your job is to get your teammates to guess the word on the card without using any of the forbidden words. There are over 640 guess words in the stack so you can play for a long time without repeating words. Race against the timer to add some suspense, or use the Game-changer dice to change up the rules a little. It’s the game that keeps on giving! You get a point for each guess word you get within the timer, and you lose a point if you accidentally say any of the forbidden words. The team with the most points wins.

4. The Game of Life

Players: 2-4

Spin to win in The Game of Life. From Start to retirement, your spin and choose to determine your fate. Will head to the workforce or take on major debt to go to college? Will you get married? Have kids? What risks are you willing to take? At the end of the game, the person with the most money in the bank wins. The Game of Life allows you to take risks you probably wouldn’t or didn’t in real life and find your wealth, even if it is just on the board. With a four-player limit, it is the perfect game for a low-key night with your besties or a double date night.

5. CATAN (Formally Known as Settlers of Catan)

Players: 3-4

CATAN is a classic game of trade, build, and settle. You will set out on a quest, guiding your settlers on an epic adventure of building your future while avoiding attempted monopolies by other players and robbers on the trail. It’s a strategy board game where you will have to be smart about how you use or hoard your grain, wood, and lumber. The game is simple to learn, and playtime generally is about an hour. However, every game is different, so you can play it several times in one party if you like.

6. Ticket to Ride

Players: 2-5

Another classic small group game, Ticket to Ride has trains, and who doesn’t love trains? Hop on the train and head across the country as you collect train cards and enable them to buy up railroads, connecting your way across America (or Europe if you get that version). In what seems contradictory to efficient public transit, the goal is to build the longest railroad. The longer the route, the more points you earn. You can even launch Ticket to Ride through Alexa, with sound effects and music. It’s actually a pretty fast-paced game and can be tackled in 30 minutes. There are many different versions of the game, so if you get sick of America, move on to a new location, or add boats!

7. Yahtzee!

Players: 2 and up

Yahtzee is a classic party game that can be played with two or more players. There is no board for this one, so it’s really a tabletop game. You just need a place to roll the five dice. The point is to roll high-scoring combinations, and the person with the highest score after 13 turns wins. It’s easy, and with 100 scorecards, you can pretty much play with any number of players. Yahtzee has stood the test of time because it is just a fun game!

8. Pictionary

Players: 4 and up

Pictionary is a classic and one of the funniest games around. Players use the given markers to draw their best version of the clue on the card. Their team members are tasked with the sometimes difficult job of guessing what the first player is drawing. It’s been a classic since 1985, and it is still one of the best games for large groups. It’s even more fun if you have had a few drinks.

9. Balderdash

Players: 2-6

It’s time to call out your friends on their BS. That’s basically the gist of Balderdash. Definitions have never been so fun. In this multiplayer game, you will choose a word from one of five categories. Each player will then make up an answer to the question or definition of the word on the card. The Balderdasher will write down the correct answer. Then, they will read off all the answers and players will vote for the answer they think is true. You earn points when your answer gets the most votes. There are a few more ways to earn points, but that’s the gist. The fun comes in when you realize how hilarious and creative (or dirty!) your friends are. The answer to these simple questions give you a lot of insight into your friends and are sure to keep you laughing all night long.

10. Trivial Pursuit

Players: 2-6

The iconic trivia game allows friends to show off their brilliance and dominate in a little competition of smarts. The Classic Edition of Trivial Pursuit includes a retro player board and the time-tested gameplay you know and love. With 2,400 questions in six categories, you roll the die, land on a category, and if you can answer the question for that category correctly, you collect the colored wedge for it. The first player to collect all six wedges and answer the final question correctly wins the game and the title of trivia master. Once you have conquered the classic, Trivial Pursuit also has Harry Potter, Friends, Sports, Decades, and many more versions, all available on Amazon. You might as well get them all!

11. Clue

Players: 6

The original murder mystery game, Clue is the ultimate whodunit. There is one murderer and six suspects. Gather in the Tudor mansion and decipher the clues to find who did it, where they did it, and what weapon they used. The first player to correctly deduce all three aspects of the murder wins. Clue has evolved with the times, with new versions of the game including the ghost of Mrs. White, played by Alexa.

The Best Board Games for College Friends (or the young at heart!)

This section gets a little silly and sometimes a bit raunchy too, depending on your friend group. While they may be appropriate for older teens, these games are the most fun with a few drinks and a few weird and rowdy friends.

12. Cards Against Humanity

Players: 4 and up

This insane card game made playing cards fun again. Cards Against Humanity is certainly not your traditional family board game, but it is hilarious and perfect for a group of adults who are feeling a bit saucy. It is self-described as a party game for horrible people. The concept is simple, player one asks a question by laying down a black card. The rest of the group answers the questions with a white card from their hand, picking the card that they think is the funniest answer to the question. Player one votes on whose answer wins, and that player gets to keep the cards. The player with the most sets at the end of the game wins. At least that is the original game, but there are plenty of ridiculous alternative rules to spice it up. Buy the expansion packs for more preposterous cards when your originals get old. The questions are absurd. The answers are even more ridiculous, but the game is legendary!

13. Exploding Kittens

Players: 2-5

Exploding Kittens is basically Uno but with exploding cats, goats, laser beams, and all manner of other preposterous playing cards. Draw from the deck. Sabotage your opponents, and try to stay away from the Exploding Kittens which you make you dead, and out of the game. It’s easy. It’s weird. It’s super fun with a few beers, and if you have somewhere never played it, we are sure it will be your next favorite!

14. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Players: 3-8

No, it’s not just a list of the most awesome things on earth—Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is a fabulously funny and addictive game! It’s a basic slapjack-like matching game. When you think you see a match… SLAP! But, be careful, your mind might just trick you!

15. Telestrations After Dark

Players: 4-8

This adult-only version of Telestrations is all about miscommunication. It’s basically the old telephone game where you pass something through your friend group and see how it changes over time except with drawings instead of words. These 1200 prompts in this version are adult only, so be prepared for hilarious and inappropriate.

16. What Do You Meme?

Players: 3-20

What Do You Meme? is great fun! Compete against your crowd to create the funniest memes. Pick a photo card from the deck. Each player answers it with a caption card from their hand. The judge chooses the funniest meme, and the winner keeps the card. The player with the most cards wins the whole shebang. Mature content plus funny friends lead to some wild combinations and lots of hearty laughs.

17. Escape Room: The Game

Players: 3-5

Escape Room: The Game works just like the coordinated escape room that you probably have in your city except it can all be done in your own home. Set the timer to 60 minutes, bust open the game, and use your teamwork skills and creativity to make your exit from the designated room by solving the clues given. It’s full of clever riddles and puzzles

18. Unstable Unicorns

Players: 2-8

Ever wanted an army of sparkly unicorns? Well, today is your day! Unstable Unicorns is a strategic card game where you collect unicorns in your stable instead of points. Use Magic and strategically played cards to trip up your opponents. It won the People’s Choice Award for Toy of the Year in 2019, and it’s still a magical blast for any group of friends who love a little game of betrayal… and unicorn armies

19. Beat That!

Players: 2-8

Dare your crew to 240 whacky challenges. Wager a bet on a personal skill, or challenge a friend to a duel. Beat That! is a true competition with all players attempting the same challenges for the ultimate bragging rights. It’s easy to learn and provides hours of hilarious fun!

20. Apples to Apples

Players: 4-10

Apples to Apples is a pretty popular party game that is easy to play with a medium to a large group. Deal the cards, and select one from your hand that you think best describes the card played by the judge. If the judge likes your answer the best, you win the rounds. It’s kind of the same premise as Cards Against Humanity, except for slightly better people.

The Best Board Games for Couples’ Game Nights

21. Spouse-ology

Players: 2-4 couples

A new turn on The Newlywed Game, Spouse-ology is the ultimate test of your relationship. How well do you know your spouse? Roll the die to pick a category. Match your spouse’s answers, and earn points. You’ll either go home a winner or argue all the way home then make up when you get there. With 240 hilarious questions, win or lose, you will leave with some new insight into your spouse and your buds.

22. Monikers

Players: 4-16+

Voted “the be-all-end-all of party games” by IGN, Monikers is really funny! Monikers is played in rounds. Round one, you can say anything to get your team to guess who is on your dealt card. In round two, you can only use one word. Round three is charades only, with no words. With a few good friends and a little wine, this one will keep you giggling all night long.

23. 7 Wonders: Duel

Players: 3-7

7 Wonders comes in several versions, including the two-person duel and architects, but the original is still great for a small group of friends. You’ll travel back in time to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. You are the city’s leader, and it is your job to gather the resources to build not only the wonder itself but the city around it. It’s a strategic expansion game like many others on the list, but with an ancient twist!

24. Fog of Love

Players: 2-6

Fog of Love is your second chance at a new beginning with your partner. Create your characters. Meet and fall in love, and then tackle some serious relationship challenges. You’ll have plenty of awkward conversations along the way and lots of tough decisions along the way. Choose wisely!

25. Blank Slate

Players: 3-8

Blank Slate is all about your ability to predict your friends and their thought processes. Pick a cue card, then write in the word that you think best fills in the blank. You also want to match another player’s answer, so you have to think strategically. It’s an easy game to learn and works great for large groups as you can pair off and add more players pretty easily.

26. Taco vs. Burrito

Players: 2-4

The basic gameplay is easy, but this simple game is surprisingly strategic. Taco vs. Burrito was created by a young man (when he was just seven years old!) and turned out to be one of the most successful gaming endeavors on Kickstarter. While it sounds a bit childish, the game is actually quite strategic, as you fight to build the most valuable meal (taco or burrito) and sabotage your friends along the way. You may even start a food fight.

27. Forbidden Island

Players: 2-4

Forbidden Island will have you working together as a couple to race against disaster. Your island is sinking, and you and your teammate must take risks and find all the hidden treasures. You must also make some very brave decisions to make it out in time, as the island is sinking. It’s an intimate game for a double date, but it gets intense!

The Best Virtual Board Games

While in-person games are always better, sometimes you just need a game night with your besties across the world, and thanks to technology, you can now do it with some of your favorite classic games.

28. Let’s Roam’s Virtual Game Night

Players: 2-20+

Did you know that Let’s Roam hosts epic virtual game nights? Log onto our amazing virtual platform, and pick your poison. We have geography games, general trivia, drawing games like Pictionary, emoji decoders, and much more, so you can host a different game every weekend of the month! Also, check out our huge list of in-home scavenger hunts!

29. Scattergories

Players: 2-6

Scattegories challenges players to create words that fit within a set of categories and begin with a chosen letter. The game is great for distance relationships because it can easily be played over Zoom or other video chat platforms. One player will pull up the game on and share the screen with everyone else. The site will choose a letter and issue the prompts, as well as keep the timer.

30. Mysterium

Players: up to 7

Warwick Manor is home to a haunting, the ghost of a murdered servant from 30 years ago, and you must get to the bottom of the crime. One player will be the ghost, and the rest are psychic investigators looking for answers. Work together to solve the mystery and get answers from the deceased. The suspects, victims, and weapons change every time you play, so there is always new excitement. Play Mysterium online through their website or app

31. Boggle

Players: 2+

Boggle is a simple word scramble game. Shake the letter cubes, lift the lid, and flip the timer. Players compete to write down as many words as they can from the shaken cubes in 90 seconds. The player with the highest number of unique words wins. Boggle can easily be played online too! Choose your format and send the pin code to as many players as you want. It’s free to play!

32. Risk

Players: 2-5

Risk is a classic strategic conquest game where players compete to conquer enemy territory by building an army and battling it out. The first player to complete their secret mission wins. The gaming platform, Steam, offers a digital version of the game called RISK: Global Domination and the original version is free to play online. Just choose the multiplayer mode. Call up your besties on your favorite video share app, and begin the battle.

33. Pandemic

Players: 2-4

The popular board game Pandemic has more variants than the COVID virus itself. The original Pandemic Legacy 0 Cold War era game is fraught with CIA and soviet spies, but you can also choose from European Hot Zone, Experimental Labs, and Contagion, among many many more! The game requires teamwork, as the object is to work together to conquer the worldwide epidemic. Pandemic is available online on several platforms and is adapted to video game consoles and smartphones.

A Few More Fun Board Games to Play With Friends

34. Say Anything

Players: 3-8

Say Anything is a hilarious game for a group of close friends. Grab a question card and choose a question to ask the group. Each player will write down their answer, trying to be as witty or heartfelt as possible. Player one secretly chooses their favorite, and then everyone else places their bets with tokens on which answer Player 1 chose. Gameplay lasts 12 rounds and usually takes around 35 minutes.

35. The Game of Things

Players: 4+

The Game of Things is a hilarious party game that gives you major insight into the warped thinking of your friends. Read a topic card and everyone writes down whatever response comes to mind. There are no right or wrong answers, you just pop off your first thought. All responses are read aloud and players try to guess who said what. As you can imagine, things get pretty crazy with this simple little game, and plenty of laughter usually ensues.

36. Chinese Checkers

Players: 2-6

Chinese Checkers is a classic, originating from Germany in the late 1800s. There are various ways to play the strategic marble game, but basically, the gist is to get all your marbles across the board and onto the opposing triangle by following the moving rules and blocking your opponent. It’s a quieter game for when you are feeling like a chill evening of conversation.

37. Codenames

Players: 2-8+

Codenames has a simple premise, but it can pose a real challenge! Two rival players take on the role of spymasters. They hold the identity to 25 hidden identities of other undercover agents. Teammates only know the agents by their codenames. The spymaster will give one-word clues to their teammates as they try to decipher the hidden identities and avoid the assassin.

38. Carcassonne

Players: 2-5

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of this class tile-laying game with a new and updated edition! Carcassonne is a strategic building game. Players compete to medieval fortresses while blocking others from completing their tasks. It’s a cunning game of creativity and sabotage that features a beautiful landscape and well-crafted tiles.

39. Trekking: The National Park Board Game

Players: 2-5

This ingenious game is a combination of exploration and trivia that outdoor lovers and travelers will fall in love with. The concept came from an adventurous couple who achieved their goal of visiting all the U.S. national parks. They then worked with their grown son to build a board game representing their challenge. It’s still a family-run business that gives part of all profits back to nonprofit organizations and environmental endeavors, so it is a game you can feel good about purchasing!

40. Poetry for Neanderthals

Players: 2+

Poetry for Neanderthals comes to you from the makers of Exploding Kittens and has a similar structure to Taboo. Because you are neanderthals, you may only use one-syllable words to get your point across. Give clues to your team to help them guess the phrase on your card, but keep it simple. For instance, if your word is television, you might say “big box you watch for fun.” This is an easy one, but many of the concepts are extremely complicated to explain with the simplest of terms. If you break the rules and bust out multiple syllables, the other team gets to whack you with a giant inflatable club, and you lose points.

Game Time!

Alright friends! That’s a wrap. We hope you found the perfect board game for you and your crew. Let us know in the comments which one you are going to try, or fill us in on a great game that we missed! We are always looking for new games to play with friends. Make sure to check out our Scavenger Hunt App for hundreds of in-home and city hunts all over the world. Our hunts include bar crawls, urban art walks, and customizable hunts for bachelorette trips or birthdays!

For more excellent party ideas, check out “25 Fantastic Party Games to Play With Friends.”

Need a good date night at home? Forget the phones. Turn off Netflix and bust out one of our recommendations from The Best Board Games for Couples Looking for Fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some fun board games to play with friends?

Add some laughter to your party with hilarious board games like Poetry for Neanderthals, Blank Slate, or What do you Meme?

What are the best things to do with friends?

If you are looking for fresh ideas on hanging with friends, check out Adventures From Scratch: Friends Edition, a complete book of adventures focused on friendship!

What are the best party games for adults?

Popular party games for adults include Codenames, Cards Against Humanity, and classics like Scattergories.

Fun With Friends

25 Fantastic Party Games to Play With Friends


Whether you’re hosting a holiday get-together or throwing an epic birthday bash, the most daunting part for most planners is finding party games that are entertaining and not corny. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on new board games either (although there are a few awesome ones on this list). From icebreakers to card games, embarrassing activities to drinking games, we have gathered the best party games to play with friends!

50+ Activities for Friends

Adventures From Scratch: Friends Edition is the perfect book to share with your besties! With 50+ hidden challenges, tear-out surprises, and interactive elements, this scratch-off book is sure to bring you and your friends closer. Enjoy creating, exploring, cooking, learning, and even spreading joy as you move through your tasks, guided by a handy key. With every turn of a page, a new adventure awaits!

Finding The Best Party Games

Having a couple of fun party games handy can keep the kiddos out of your hair, add a little laughter to the night, and help any of your conversationally impaired guests loosen up a bit. Games can serve as a great icebreaker to help people relax and come out of their shells a bit. When looking for the right games for your shindig, keep these points in mind!


A good party planner thinks about their guests. Is this a gathering for work colleagues, your close family members, or your raunchiest friends? Games should be tailored to the crowd. Think about interests, sense of humor, and age when picking games. While Cards Against Humanity is hilarious and fun for a night of drinking with your besties, you might not want to play it with grandma (or you might… depending on how feisty your granny is)!

Quick and Easy

Simple games are the most effective. If it takes thirty minutes to explain the rules, everyone is bored and disinterested by the time the game starts. Stick to games that are idiot-proof and easy to join in (even if you’re a bit tipsy). This is especially important if your clan doesn’t know each other that well or includes some introverted folks. Games should be low-key and not put too much pressure on those who are already socially uncomfortable.


Getting people to join the game can be difficult at first. You may start the game with three players, and end with a large group as people loosen up and join the fun. Games that can easily add new members after a round are best for large parties.

The Best Adult Party Games


Let’s get the party started with a few easy games to break the ice. Icebreakers are always a little uncomfortable at first but encourage your guests to see it through, and everyone will be laughing and conversing in no time!

1. Conversation Starters

Best for: Chill dinner parties or work events

Setup: Search online or choose your favorites from our huge list of interesting conversation starters. Write each question on a slip of paper or a Post-it note. Let each guest grab one from a bowl as the game begins, or hand them out when your guests arrive.

How to Play: It’s pretty easy! You sit down at the dinner table, or around the fire pit, and each player asks a question from the pile. Depending on the number of players, you can direct your questions to a particular person, or have everyone answer each question. These questions aren’t random, though they may seem so. They are expertly crafted to get people thinking, deepen bonds, and encourage interesting dialogue. Once everybody knows each other a little better, move on to that embarrassing games of charades.

2. One Word

Best for: Work parties, meetings, or large groups

Setup: Curate a list of questions that can be answered with just one word.

How to Play: While gathered together in a comfy space, you begin the game by instructing everyone that they can only answer your question with one word. This game forces introverts to participate and limits the talkers to only one word, preventing them from dominating the conversation. Questions can range from innocent and introductory to taboo, depending on your guests and their relationship with each other.

How do you feel being here tonight?

What was your first impression of your spouse?

What is one food you could eat every day?

What happened in your most embarrassing moment?

As the leader of the game, if you get an interesting answer, you can demand that the person explain further! To take the pressure off of you, you can give each player an “expander card” that they can use one time during the game to get more information from another player.

3. Tell Some Tall Tales

Best for: Creatives and tipsy friends

Setup: Gather around a fire with some smores and a few fun friends. Prepare the opening three sentences of a funny or intriguing story. Your last sentence must be a one-word sentence that insinuates a plot twist, like “suddenly… ”

How to Play: You’ll open the game with your three sentences. After you drop the plot twist, the next person in line will add their three sentences, the last ending in “suddenly… ” The game proceeds around the circle as the tall tale grows longer and weirder! It’s always good for a few laughs, and you find out just how weird your friend’s thought processes are.

4. Two Truths and a Lie

This one is a classic, but it still works! You learn interesting facts about each other that you wouldn’t in normal conversation, and it’s just a lot of fun, with little to no preparation.

Best for: Works in pretty much any party situation.

Setup: Gather enough pens and paper for each member to write down their three items.

How to Play: Each player will write down three simple sentences or interesting facts about themselves. Two of the facts will be true, and the third one is a lie. Other players take turn guessing which one is a lie. The person who gets the most correct at the end of the game wins a little prize.

5. Envelope Confessions

Best for: Groups of less than 10.

Setup: Gather in a comfortable spot with snacks and drinks. You’ll need a place to write, so maybe around the dinner table. Each player gets two blank sheets of paper, one envelope, and a pen.

How to Play: Each player will write down five or ten facts about themselves and place their name at the bottom of the paper. Each list is placed in an empty envelope and added to the pile. The game leader will then shuffle envelopes, and read each list out loud. Players will use their second sheet of paper to guess which partygoer is represented by the list. Don’t guess out loud. Instead, write your guesses down, and the player who gets the most correct wins a prize at the end. If your guests don’t know each other well, this game is pretty easy, but if you’re playing with close friends or family, it gets tricky to think of facts about yourself that everyone won’t immediately know!

DIY House Party Games

In this section, we will tackle some easy games that you can play without purchasing anything!

6. VIP Trivia

Best for: birthday party, beach bash, or retirement party

Setup: Brainstorm 10-15 funny, raunchy, or embarrassing trivia questions for your party VIP (bride, birthday boy, retiree) to answer prior to starting the game. Each player will need a pen and paper. Make sure you have a bowl of snacks to go around and a fun playlist in the background to set a vibe!

How to Play: This DIY trivia game focuses on your guest of honor. You’ll give them the set of questions first. They will write down their answers on a numbered sheet of paper and keep it hidden. After the guest of honor has completed their part, you’ll read each question out loud and players will attempt to answer in the way they think the VIP answered. When everyone is finished, the VIP will read out the correct answers. The player who gets the most matching answers wins a prize. This is a great game for celebrating the awesomeness of your number-one guest!

Writer note: Careful with this one. It can cause a family feud. When we played this game for my husband’s 30th, a “mom” won the game, but it wasn’t his mom. It was his mother-in-law!

7. Hot Potato With a Twist

Best for: Slightly tipsy friends-you might need a little liquid courage for this one.

Setup: In a large bowl, write down several embarrassing actions on slips of paper. These can be adventurous feats, funny dance moves, or even “truth or dare” challenges. You also need a playlist of upbeat songs, a bean bag, pillow, or an actual potato works too!

How to Play: Turn the tables on this classic game with some hilarious dares. Gather in a circle and turn on the music. Players begin to toss the “potato” in a circle or haphazardly. Stop the music whenever you like, best if at random intervals. Whoever is holding the potato when the music stops must draw a piece of paper from the embarrassment bowl and answer the question or perform the action.

8. Stupid Human Tricks

Best for: work gatherings or laid-back game nights

Setup: Doesn’t require a thing except a comfy setting.

How to Play: This is one of the most simple and funniest party games out there. You really get to know some interesting things about your friends and family and the oddities of humanity in general. The premise is for each person to display their “stupid human trick” or special ability. Perhaps they can flip their eyelids inside out, are double-jointed, or can perfectly impersonate a donkey. If a player doesn’t have a stupid human trick, then they have to attempt to perform someone else’s, one of the group’s choosing, or draw a random trick to attempt out of a hat!

9. First Person Last Person

Best for: Groups that don’t know each other well.

Setup: Pen and paper for each pair.

How to Play: Line up your gamers in no particular order, facing forward. The first person in the line will pair up with the last person, and they will leave the line as new teammates. Proceed until you have paired everyone off into groups. From here, each pair will think of one thing that they have in common with each other and write it on a slip of paper with their names. The weirder and funnier the facts, the better! The slips will be collected in a hat or bowl and shuffled.

The game leader then reads the slips out loud but does not reveal the names. Each pair will attempt to guess which other team the fact belongs to by writing it down on their paper. After the last slip is read, the game leader will reread the slips and reveal who the facts belong to. The team that got the most correct guesses wins.

10. Signature Bingo

Best for: Large groups

Setup: The game leader will need to create and print a bingo chart with ten squares, 5×5. In each square, you’ll type a random act or talent, and leave space for a signature.

How to Play: Players will circulate the room looking for people who can complete the acts in any of the squares. Once they find someone who can, that person initials the square. The first player to get five signed squares in a row wins! To make it harder, each player can only sign another player’s card one time.

11. How’s Yours?

Best for: Any medium or large group, with the knowledge that answers can get a little off-key, depending on the personalities of your guests.

Setup: None at all

How to Play: One person will be “it.” That person leaves the room for a short period of time. While they are gone, the remainder of the group with converse and come up with a one-word, common object. This could be a body part, household appliance, article of clothing, etc. Once the group has decided on a word, bring back the guesser. Player one will then ask each player the question, “How’s Yours?” The player will answer with a one-word adjective. You continue through the question and answer session until player one figures out the answer. If you have a small group, you can make it easier by deciding on an agreed-upon category for your item before you send the player away.

Example: Let’s say your agreed-upon object is a toaster. One-word adjectives could be hot, electrifying, and dual.

12. Never Have I Ever

Best for: Close groups of family or friends-it tends to get past PG-13 pretty quickly.

Setup: The game can get intimate, so it’s important to have a comfortable environment. Put on some lower lighting and fun music, or set up around the fire pit.

How to Play: Most of you have probably played a form of this classic game. Player one kicks it off with that statement, “Never Have I Ever… ” followed by something random that they have never done like eating bugs, getting fired from a job, or hiring a stripper. If someone in the group has done that item, then they must hold up a finger. The first person to five fingers is either the winner or the first loser, depending on your preferred rules. You can decide to set some ground rules if you have young or more conservative guests at your party.

If you aren’t a super creative crew, you can buy an organized card game version of this old classic on Amazon.

Games That Will Make You Get Up and Move

It’s time to pick up the pace and increase the energy! Adding physical activity to a party can help people to get out of their heads and loosen up quicker. Plus, it can lead to some really epic falls, and people falling down is just funny… Oh, come on! You know it’s true!

13. Red Light, Green Light

Best for: A fun-loving crowd

Setup: You need a long, clear room or outdoor space.

How to Play: Players line up at the starting line, and when the caller shouts “green light,” they run, walk, or hop, depending on what rules they set. They must freeze when the caller shouts, “red light.” Anyone who doesn’t instantly freeze is eliminated or goes back to the start. The first person to reach the finish line is the winner.

14. Twister

Best for: Intimate groups

Setup: You need the Twister board game, or you could make your own by taping colored dots to the floor.

How to Play: The caller spins the wheel and gives whatever instruction the needle lands on to the rest of the group. It will be something like “right hand, blue.” All participants will find a blue dot to put their right hand on, and then you spin again. After just a few spins, players will be playfully entangled, and anyone who falls is out.

15. Heads Up!

Best for: Any group old enough to be familiar with world events and pop culture icons.

Setup: This game can be performed with the Heads Up app! or done with Post-Its. If you choose to make your own with Post-Its, you’ll need to create at least a full stack. You’ll write a person, animal, or activity on each note.

How to Play: With the app, the first player will hold up the phone to their forehead facing the group. A name of an animal, celebrity, or random activity will pop up. The group will act out the word to the best of their ability, kind of like charades, and player one will guess. Once they get it right, they move to the next one and see how many correct answers they can get in the set time limit. The player who gets the most answers wins. If you play with Post-Its, all the same rules apply, the person will just stick a Post-It to their forehead, toss it, and grab another until their time runs out.

16. I Need Someone

Best for: works best for larger groups of players that are healthy and mobile.

Setup: Set up a circle of chairs, one less than your number of players, similar to the classic game of musical chairs.

How to Play: One unlucky player stands in the center of the circle. Everyone else takes a seat. The Player will shout out “I Need Someone Who… ” followed by a random statement like “owns a dog,” “works in retail,” or “is wearing green.” Everyone in the circle who fits the description must get up from their chair and race to find a new one. Player one will also be racing for an empty chair. After the chaos, whoever is left without a chair becomes the next victim in the middle.

17. The Doo Doo Game

Best for: Groups of at least 10

Setup: You need a list of commonly known songs, written on slips of paper, one song title per slip. You can choose classic rock songs, popular kids’ songs, Christmas tunes, or even theme songs for TV shows. You also need a timer.

How to Play: Split your guests into two equal groups and set them at opposite ends of the room. The first team will choose a singer. That person will draw a song title from the bowl and start the timer. They are to sing the melody of the song, only using the word “doo.” Their team members attempt to guess the song title. Whoever gets it right becomes the next singer. If the player doesn’t know the song, they simply put it back in the hat and grab another. The process continues until the 2-minute timer goes out (or whatever amount of time you decide for your game). Count up how many songs they got right, and then move on to the second team and repeat. Whichever team gets the most songs within the time limit’s the winner. It might sound like a super simple game, but it’s absolutely hilarious.

The Best Card Games

There’s always Phase 10 to keep a group of card lovers happy, but if you’re looking for something a little different, check out one of these fun card games instead. This section is all organized games, so aside from setting up a comfortable environment and purchasing the game, there’s absolutely no setup for you!

18. What Do You Meme?

Best for: Pop-culture gurus, group of at least 3 players

How to Play: Is your friend group chat just a long stream of funny memes? If so, this is the game for your crew! The premise is to create the funniest meme, and the rules resemble Cards Against Humanity. One player picks up a photo card and places it on the easel. The rest of the players will use their caption cards to create the funniest meme they can think of. Warning, the caption cards are usually pretty lewd, so again, might not want to be playing this one with your church group.


Best for: Groups of 3-10 who don’t mind getting a little intimate. This game usually gets lewd pretty quickly, and there’s a lot of screaming at one another!

How to Play: QUICKWITS is really simple (even in an inebriated state), so despite the name, even your dimwitted friends can join in on this one. One player flips over category cards from the deck, and as soon as a matching set appears, players will race to scream out the first thing that comes to mind and fits the category listed on the card. The first correct answer gets to keep the card, and the player with the most cards at the end of the deck wins. The catch is that each answer can only be used one time, so it gets harder as the game goes on.

20. Who Can Do It… A Party Game

Best for: Drunk folks or an extroverted crowd of at least 3 players.

How to Play: This card game is easy but terribly embarrassing. The 250 action cards are crafted to make you look like a fool. Player one draws an action card, and the rest of the group must act out the action on the card. It can be anything from “saying the same word in three languages” to “riding a mechanical bull.” Some are funny. Some are intellectual, and others are just plain ridiculous. After each player has acted out the card, player one will choose a winner for that round based on the performances.

21. Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid

Best for: friend groups, of more than 3 people, who are not easily offended.

How to Play: The game consists of 250 incriminating cards. Player one draws a card, and then each player states who they think that card best describes and why. After hearing the accusations, the player who drew the card ultimately decides which person in the group gets tagged with the card. The first player to collect 7 cards is the ultimate loser. This game works best if you have some dirt on your friends. You want to make sure they get pegged with that card, so feel free to drop the dish on their bad behavior. We cannot guarantee the continuation of your friendships after this game.

Ultimate Drinking Games

22. Double Double Drinking Trouble

Best for: Groups above 21 and hosts who don’t mind their friends crashing on the couch tonight.

Setup: You need a bottle of tequila, or your favorite shooting whiskey, and a pair of dice.

How to Play: Player one will roll the dice. If they roll varying numbers, then everyone is safe, and it goes to the next player in the circle. If they roll a double, a person of their choice must take a shot. At any point, a player may refuse to take the shot, but if they do, they will have to perform a dare of the dice roller’s choice. Somebody is going to end up drunk or naked on this one, so have the camera ready and maybe some of those hangover goodie bags!

23. Straight Face (or Else)

Best for: Creative, witty, and lewd friends of drinking age.

Setup: You need a few pens and plenty of scraps of paper.

How to Play: Have each player write down the most absurd sentences they can think of on a slip of paper. These can be totally raunchy, filled with difficult-to-pronounce words, or just completely off-the-wall. They don’t need to make sense. They just need to be surprising or funny. Collect all the scraps into a bag. You’ll take turns drawing a scrap from the bag. The drawer has to immediately read the paper out loud and try to keep a straight face. If they laugh or smile during the reading, they must take a shot. With the right group of friends, this is probably the funniest game on the list.

24. Freeze

Best for: Large parties with lots of mingling.

Setup: You’ll need to designate a person, or a few people, to be “Mr. or Mrs. Freeze.”

How to Play: As you go about your evening, your designated “Mr. Freeze” will take random opportunities to stop what he or she is doing and go cold. Everyone else must freeze as well, and the last person to do so must take a shot of the special holiday punch!

25. Kings With a Pop

Best for: Beer drinkers

Setup: You need several cans of cold beer and a deck of regular playing cards.

How to Play: Kings is a classic drinking game, but it’s a ton of fun for a large group. Place a can of beer in the center of a table, surrounded by a shuffled deck of cards, all spread out. Each card in the deck corresponds with a drinking action. Each player draws a card and then everyone performs the action associated with that card. The player then carefully places the card under the tab of the beer can. The game continues, cards piling up under the tab until an unlucky (or lucky) player pops the beer open has to drink it down, and a new game begins.

Get your game on!

That’s it, guys! Hopefully, you found something in this list that will work for your party. If you have a party game that you and your friends love, drop it in the comment for us. Make sure to snag your copy of Adventures From Scratch: Friends Edition to keep you and your entertained year-round! For more great ideas, check out our list of “Fun Board Games to Play With Friends.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best adult party games?

Need a fun game to play with your adult friends? Try the card game “QUICKWITS,” the drinking game of “Kings,” or a rousing rendition of “Never Have I Ever”!

What are some games to play with friends?

Get creative for your next gathering! Create some DIY party games for friends. With options like “Double Double, Drinking Trouble,” “How’s Yours?”, and “The Doo Doo Game,” how could you go wrong?

What are some fun things to do with friends?

If you want to do something new and exciting with your friends, check out Adventures From Scratch by Let’s Roam! The “Friends Edition” is loaded with 50+ challenges that you and your crew will love!