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38 At-Home Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples


Valentine’s Day is a time for couples to celebrate their love and appreciation for each other, but some lovebirds just want to get cozy and spend a low-key night indoors. If you’re looking for at-home Valentine’s Day ideas, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled 38 romantic suggestions to make your day special—without even leaving the house.

From cooking dinner together to making homemade gifts, these ideas are sure to make this holiday a memorable one. So put on some comfy pajamas, grab a blanket, and get ready to have the most romantic Valentine’s Day ever!

38 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day At Home

Whether it’s February 14th or just another day around the sun, take a look at these epic in-home Valentine’s Day ideas to make your partner feel special.

1. The Perfect Valentine Adventure

Give your special someone a Valentine’s Day gift they won’t forget with Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition. This interactive datebook is the perfect option to spice up your at-home Valentine’s Day plans with unique in-home dates, romance-sparking activities, and pre-made ready-to-go adventures!

Show your honey how much you care with it-home romantic dates that make use of the supplies and materials already at hand. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry; with over 50 ready-made challenges at your disposal, it is easy to start planning a romantic and special Valentine’s Day.

2. Complete an in-home scavenger hunts.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day like never before with an in-home scavenger hunt. A Roam from Home Couples’ Scavenger Hunt gives you and your honey fresh bonding activities and a unique opportunity to discover new things about each other.

Whether you’ve been dating for a month or married for 20 years, an in-home hunt will help you reconnect and ignite your flame.

3. Bake a heart-shaped pizza.

Turn up the heat in your oven and your hearts. Pizza is the way to most of our hearts, so why not roll out some dough with the person you love?

Grab a pizza kit from your local grocery store, choose toppings, and get cheesy.

4. Play some favorite board games.

Nothing beats a board game night. Revisit classics like Ticket to Ride or try your hand at a recent release. Add a few snacks and drinks, turn on some tunes, and settle in for an evening of laughs.

Crank up the competition and see if your love life can survive a full round of Monopoly or another one of your favorite board games.

5. Build a fort in your living room.

Unleash your inner kid, and turn your living room into a playground. Grab the cozy blankets off the couch, pile the pillows, and cuddle up in your love fort.

6. Netflix and chill.

Whether it is a Valentine’s Day movie marathon or your chance to binge Love is Blind, turn on Netflix and settle in for the night. You’ll know you’ve done a movie marathon right when you’ve left a bum imprint on your couch! 

7. Exchange DIY Valentine’s Day gifts.

Did you forget to get your partner a Valentine’s Day gift? Now is the chance to turn it around—grab craft supplies and tell your SO that you’re ready to DIY and build from the heart.

Crafting candles, photo frames, and scrapbooks are perfect at-home Valentine’s Day ideas that will add a personal touch to the holiday. For even more of a challenge, try your hand at making jewelry or soap for your partner.

8. Enjoy fondue for two.

What’s more romantic than sharing delicious and gooey cheese? Invite your valentine over and enjoy dipping delicious “noms” into a fondue pot.

You can customize the ingredients to make them unique to your and your boo’s tastes! Serve some wine, special heart-shaped desserts, and other small snacks for an extra-special at-home Valentine’s Day date.

9. Host a virtual game night.

Do you have a “couple crush” on the folks you met at a wedding last week? Then, invite them for some digital play with a game or two from the Let’s Roam Virtual Game Night collection. Choose from unique options like our customer-favorite Emoji Decoder, or keep it old school with trivia.

A virtual game night guarantees an evening full of laughter, fun, and the best at-home Valentine’s Day date night vibes!

10. Create a Valentine’s Day charcuterie board.

French is the language of love, and food is the way to your Valentine’s heart. So why not combine both for a romantic at-home valentine’s day date? Make a charcuterie board with all of your favorite meats, cheeses, and small bites. You can even add romantic decorations like rose petals or candles to really set the mood.

11. Heat things up with a bubble bath.

Pick up some heart-shaped bath bombs, grab some rose petals, and transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa. Light some candles for extra ambiance, put some relaxing music in the background and get ready to relax with your love. Of course, a bottle of wine sure wouldn’t hurt, either!

12. Put together an indoor picnic.

Depending on where you call home, it may be a bit too chilly to adventure to the park for a picnic. Rather, bring the outdoors in with an indoor picnic. Put together a spread of your favorite snacks, light a few candles, and set up some cozy blankets and pillows on the floor. Enjoy a romantic indoor picnic at home without the bugs.

13. Exchange romantic love letters.

No, a text does not count as modern-day love letters. Pick out some special paper, grab your finest pen, and reapply your lipstick to sign with a kiss.

Write down all the things you love and appreciate about your partner. Then, seal it with a wax stamp to make them feel extra special. Don’t forget to decorate the envelope!

14. Listen to a Valentine’s Day playlist.

The days of cassettes and CDs may be behind us, but why not curate a special Valentine’s Day playlist on Spotify or Apple Music?

If you’re married, add your wedding song. Or, if you’ve been waiting to say those “three little words,” pick a few songs to set the mood.

Don’t forget to add at least one slow dance song—you know, for when Valentine’s Night rolls around.

15. Cook a romantic dinner together.

Spice up your love life while you spice up the chicken. Cooking a romantic dinner at home is an excellent way to show your partner that you care and are willing to put in the time and effort. Try cooking something special, like surf and turf or a heart-shaped cake.

This can be an extra memorable experience if you have never cooked together before or if your partner is usually the master chef.

16. Order take-out from your favorite restaurant.

Is cooking just a bit too complicated for you both? That’s okay. Why not call up your local Chinese place and enjoy Wontons from the comfort of your couch? No need to change out of sweatpants.

Pour the wine, start the movie marathon, and cuddle up with your sweetie.

17. Roast marshmallows.

Cuddle up around the fire pit, or try a countertop version of the classic campfire activity at home. Roasting s’mores is one of the great at-home Valentine’s Day date ideas that can be as simple and romantic or as creative as you want it to be.

For an extra special treat, why not make homemade marshmallows together? With just a few ingredients, you can craft your own sweet treats at home and enjoy them with some hot chocolate or whatever your favorite beverage may be.

18. Play video games.

A night of Call of Duty or Minecraft may be just what the nerdy couple is looking for. Fire up the console, turn on some tunes, and get playing. For a bit of extra fun, set a wager on who will win at the end of the night! 

Not a traditional gamer couple? That’s okay! There are easy-to-use online games like Settlers of Catan, Exploding Kittens, and Jackbox Games to enjoy.

19. Make a Valentine’s Day breakfast.

Nothing says “I love you,” like being served heart-shaped waffles in bed. Start the morning off right with some chocolate-chip pancakes, french toast, and chocolate-covered fruit.

Add some mimosas to compliment the meal and show your valentine just how much they mean to you.

20. Give an at-home massage.

Set the mood for love and give your valentine a relaxing at-home massage. This is an inexpensive way to show your love and appreciation for your partner on Valentine’s Day.

If you want to take it a step further, consider investing in at-home spa products like essential oils or face masks that can enhance the romance.

21. Learn a new skill.

The couples that play together stay together. Try laughing at yourself as you try to learn how to learn a few words in a new language, or finally knit your new niece that blanket.

22. Get artsy with a paint night.

There’s something really romantic about seeing your loved one all dressed up in a smock with a paintbrush in hand. Just order a paint-by-numbers kit online and set up your at-home valentine’s day date. This can be an especially fun activity if painting isn’t normally your thing, so you can surprise each other with the works at the end of the night.

23. Plan your next getaway.

Just because you’re having an at-home Valentines’s Day date doesn’t mean you can’t start prepping for the next getaway. Start talking about your bucket list destinations and fantasize about swimming with dolphins and enjoying Piña coladas on the beach.

24. Work out together.

If you’re one of those “marathon-running” power couples, why not spice up your at-home Valentine’s Day with a couples’ workout session? It can be as simple as some light stretching or Yoga, or if you’re in the mood for something more challenging, try out an at-home CrossFit routine. You’ll get to bond and break a sweat at the same time!

25. Try stargazing.

If you’re in a country romance, far away from city lights, hop out on your porch and look up. There are even some apps out there, like Night Sky, to help you identify stars and constellations.

Make a game out of it and take turns guessing what you’re seeing up there. This can be one of your incredibly romantic at-home Valentine’s Day ideas that will bring you closer. Plus, it’ll give you plenty to talk while snuggling up under a blanket.

26. Play “Let’s Get Deep”.

This card game will get you both thinking no matter how long you’ve known your partner. This intimate card game begins with some lighter Icebreaker questions, then quickly dives into deeper topics. By the night’s end, you’ll better understand your partner’s past, present, and future.

27. Have a dance party.

Nothing sweeter than dancing at home on Valentine’s Day with the one you love. Slow dance to your favorite romantic songs, or speed it up with nostalgic classics. For a simple at-home Valentine’s Day date, just turn up some music, grab your dance partner, and show off your best moves! Who knows—you might even pick up a few new ones!

28. Read a book together.

Has he never read the Harry Potter series? Did she skip out on 1984 in high school? If there’s been a read you’ve been dying to share with your significant other, now is the time. Either turn up an audiobook or take turns reading aloud. Nothing is more romantic than discussing literature with your babe.

29. Invent a new cocktail.

Play bartender and shake things up with a new cocktail (or mocktail!). Try concocting a special Valentine’s Day-inspired cocktail at home.

If you’re feeling adventurous, use this extra time at home to impress your date with some mixology skills. Research recipes online and make a list of the ingredients you need to try something new. Make sure you have enough glasses, shakers, and garnishes at the ready before you begin. These at-home Valentine’s Day date ideas will be sure to keep your sweetheart entertained!

Alternatively, if you don’t want to get too fancy with drink recipes, grab some pre-made cocktails at your local liquor store or craft a mocktail for those who aren’t drinking. Some popular Valentine’s Day mocktail recipes include sparkling pomegranate punch, cherry limeade, or strawberry ginger beer.

30. Try a TikTok trend.

Sometimes those TikTok trends are a lot harder than they look! Whether it’s a dance, lip sync challenge, or something else, try out a trend with your valentine! It could turn out to provide some of the best laughs you’ve had all year.

31. Create a scrapbook.

In the digital age, we often forget to print out our photos and hold them in our hands. Creating a scrapbook together to live on your coffee table and create a keepsake that holds a lifetime of memories.

Go through old photos together, print out current ones, and start compiling your scrapbook as a couple. Future you will thank you.

32. Enroll in a virtual cooking class.

You may be ordering in tonight, but you can start prepping for next year’s fancy at-home Valentine’s Day dinner with a virtual cooking class. Tie on your apron and whip up something delicious with your significant other at home.

You don’t have to be a professional chef; there are plenty of classes to choose from at every skill level. The best part? Savoring the evening’s culinary creation at the end of class.

33. Have a karaoke night.

Pick out some of your favorite love songs and have a blast singing at home. If you don’t have the equipment to make it happen, there are plenty of karaoke apps available online that will get you started.

Maybe even get dressed up and make a special dinner to get into the spirit of things!

This V-Day date idea might not be for everyone, but it’s definitely a fun way to spend the evening together if you both enjoy singing. Plus, at the very least, you’ll have a good laugh when your partner can’t quite hit that high note!

34. “Travel the world” while wine tasting.

Pick up some exotic bottles from the grocery store, and curate your own wine-tasting experience from the comfort of your living room.

Create your own personal flight of wines, each from a different region of the world. Or pick up bottles from wineries you’ve been wanting to visit and taste their offerings at home. Then, spend the night discussing what you like about each, and maybe even come up with creative food pairings to enjoy with each glass.

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can turn your wine-tasting into a game. Assign each bottle a number, and have each participant taste the wines and then guess where it comes from before revealing the answer. Alternatively, if you know your stuff, let one person blind taste the wines, and the others must determine what kind of wine it is.

35. Do a photo shoot.

You don’t need to hire a professional photographer to have a good time and take couples’ photos. Set up the ring light, try on your favorite outfits, and have fun with it!

Make sure to bring props that fit the theme you’re going for. Try silly poses, funny faces, and romantic moments – the possibilities are endless. Once you’re done taking photos, find a photo editing app or software to enhance your shots and make them look even better.

Not only will it be an entertaining and romantic activity, but you’ll also have images you can look back on fondly in years to come. So get creative and make memories that last!

36. Give each other a fashion show.

Pull out your mom’s dress from the 80s you’ve been saving or your dad’s old bowtie and put on a fashion show for each other. It’ll be fun to see your partner dressed in something different, and you might even find some new style inspiration while doing it.

Plus, it can open up conversations about where the clothes have been and the special memories associated with them. Who knows, it may spark an idea for a unique Halloween costume.

Or, take it in a more romantic direction and pick out some more intimate garments you’ve been saving for a special occasion. It’ll bring you both closer together while having fun in the process.

37. Complete a puzzle.

Puzzles aren’t just for grandma anymore! Companies like The Magic Puzzle Company have created some truly engaging puzzles for folks of all ages. Take some time to challenge yourself and your partner with this old-school pastime.

Whether it’s 500 or 1,000 pieces, you’ll be channeling your inner detective skills as you search for the missing pieces and complete the picture.

38. Build a relationship time capsule.

Can you imagine opening up a time capsule that you and your spouse made right after you got married? This is the perfect way to bring some nostalgia into your marriage or long-term relationship and remember your past together.

Start by finding a box or container that you can use as a time capsule. Fill it with items, letters, photographs, cards, event tickets, and other things that remind you of special times in your relationship. Make sure to include an introductory letter explaining the time capsule’s contents and why they are important to you.

On your anniversary each year, you can set aside some time to open up your time capsule together and add more items. Or, choose a date years in the future to re-open the box.

Closing Thoughts

This Valentine’s Day, in-home dates are the way to go. From a romantic dinner to an at-home scavenger hunt or creating memorable scrapbooks, there’s no shortage of things to do with your loved one.

And at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing—as long as you’re together. Make the most of at-home Valentine’s Day ideas, and create some of the best memories at home. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some date ideas for an at-home Valentine’s Day?

Hosting a movie marathon, making a romantic dinner, playing board games, doing a wine-tasting challenge, and building a relationship time capsule are all great ideas for an at-home Valentine’s Day.

What about activities for the extra romantic couple?

Romantic activities for couples include taking a bubble bath, writing love letters, having a picnic in the living room, cooking dinner together, or going on a virtual museum tour.

What are some creative Valentine’s Day gifts?

Creative Valentine’s Day gifts include making a scrapbook together, gifting tickets to their favorite band, writing romantic coupons for them to redeem, or even crafting handmade jewelry.

Will my partner be angry if we stay at home for Valentine’s Day?

Of course not. Plenty of people love a quiet night in for Valentine’s. If you’re looking for some romantic at-home couples’ activities take a look at Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition.

What’s an alternative Valentine’s date idea?

For a quirky but still romantic and very fun alternative to the classic dinner date, consider a romantic scavenger hunt. Get hilariously lost, play games, and have adventures together.

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Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kids

Valentine’s Day was originally a Christian holiday celebrating Saint Valentine. It takes place each year on February 14th and now signifies love, romance, and appreciation. The holiday is not officially recognized on any calendar, but it’s celebrated in countries all over the world. This day of love helps bring a little light to the winter months, so why not make it fun to celebrate Valentine’s Day with kids along with your partner?

While couples may be vying for a dinner reservation, families can enjoy this celebration of love together and have some fun with it. Start your own traditions that include everyone, and set good examples of love and meaningful relationships. We’ve created this list of 18 activities to celebrate Valentine’s Day with kids. Try one or two of these to surprise your kids, or talk through the list as a family and pick out a few things to incorporate into your holiday this year. 

Why You Should Love Adventures From Scratch

An Adventures From Scratch book from Let’s Roam makes the perfect valentine! In addition to our Date Edition, created to help couples keep things adventurous and interesting, we’ve created a version just for families. Adventures From Scratch: Family Edition boasts on-the-go challenges, in-home adventures, and more. With over 50 activities to scratch off, this special book will have you uncovering ideas all year!

18 Activities Perfect for Valentine’s Day with the Kids

If you’re looking to plan the best Valentine’s Day with your whole family, try some of these ideas that kids of all ages will love. Incorporate the whole family in your activities and enjoy this little holiday by creating new traditions.

1. Bake some heart-shaped goodies.

Valentine’s Day is known for sweet treats, like candies and cupcakes. Consider gathering the family together and baking special treats for the people in your life. Find some fun cookie cutters in the shapes of hearts, cupids, or lips. Make sugar cookies that the kids can decorate with sprinkles and frosting. You can deliver these to mailboxes and doorsteps throughout the neighborhood to spread the love a little.

2. Prep some DIY Valentine’s Day cards. 

Handmade valentines cards are the best kind because they’re from the heart. Bring all the art supplies and construction paper to create cards for friends, family, or classmates. You can pick and use markers, crayons, paints, and stickers to create beautiful notes of love and friendship. It might be easier to purchase the premade valentines from the store, but homemade cards are incredibly meaningful.

3. Pick out small gifts for the kids.

Just like you would purchase a special treat for your valentine, think about getting a little something for your kids for Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s a bouquet of flowers, plush toys, or just a little box of chocolates. You can make them feel special and loved for this holiday. Include a little handwritten card to make it extra special.

4. Learn to say “I love you” in new languages.

Children have some introduction to foreign languages in schools, but it’s not as much as in some other countries where kids are bilingual. One way to introduce more language to your kids is to bring education into your home by using the holidays to learn fun phrases that you can practice all day. Valentine’s Day is all about love, so use this holiday as a way to learn the word for love in a few different languages. 

See if your kids can learn how to say “I love you” in a few different languages and practice throughout the day. Other fun words you could practice would be heart, kiss, and candy. Ask your kids what languages they would be interested in. You never know what languages your kids know about and are introduced to by friends at school or things they watch on television.

5. Set up a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a scavenger hunt where everyone has to solve puzzles and clues to find little treasures. You can use free printables online or create your own clues. Set up paper hearts throughout the house and yard. Each one should lead to the next with a puzzle to solve or with hints. It’s fun to get the kids working together or create a little friendly competition. The last stop should include some fun Valentine’s gifts and candies that the whole family can share and enjoy together.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can bundle up and take advantage of some of the organized scavenger hunts put together by companies like Let’s Roam. Work together as a family and explore your own neighborhood or city. 

6. Take the kids on an ice cream date.

Valentine’s Day can become a special occasion for the whole family by changing the routine a bit. Many people don’t think about ice cream in the wintertime, but you can take the whole family to your favorite ice cream spot and not worry about the long lines in the summertime. Splurge on the fancy flavors and crazy toppings. Don’t think twice about the sugar rush that everyone will have afterward!

If you don’t have a favorite ice cream parlor in town, pick up all the goodies and have a sundae-building contest at home. It obviously doesn’t need to be ice cream either, you can visit a donut shop, bakery, or any other special treat that the family will love. Pick up the kids from school or bring them for a breakfast treat. Just add a sweet little surprise to the day.

7. Organize a “favorite things” party.

Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love. See if your kids are interested in hosting a “Favorite Things” party with their closest friends. It’s a fun reason to get people together and gives them a chance to share a few special treats. The way it works is that each invited guest picks something small that they love, and they bring a few of that same item wrapped to give others. Each person will take turns sharing about their favorite thing with the whole group and then once everyone has had a turn, people get to start selecting gifts that they will take home. 

This is a fun way to exchange little Valentine’s Day gifts with friends and share things that you love. Your kids will love the chance to be the hosts of a party with their friends, and you can help them organize the gift exchange. It’s best to set a dollar limit ahead of time with the other guests and ensure that everyone leaves with the same number of gifts they came with. 

8. Shoot arrows at Cupid.

Cupid is a popular icon for Valentine’s Day and for love in general. If you want to set up a cute Valentine’s game or activity, there are some fun ways to incorporate Cupid and his arrows. You can set up some hearts on the wall and put numbers on each one. Smaller hearts should have larger numbers. Use those as scores and challenge kids to hit the hearts with nerf arrows. You can blindfold them and play it like a pin the tail on the donkey. 

You can increase the intensity if you pick up a t-shirt with a cupid on it. Take turns having someone in the family wear it and try to avoid getting hit with any arrows. Or give Cupid the arrows and have them chase the rest of the family around. This could be a fun way to use up some energy and get a few great laughs from everyone.

9. Have a tea party.

Do you have young children that are delighted by the simplest things? Have a little Valentine’s party for your kids and some of their favorite toys. You can make some special tea, like Kool-Aid or juice boxes, and use toy teacups (or real ones if you have them.) Set up the typical tea snacks, like sandwiches and cookies, and don’t forget to remind everyone to dress up a bit for the event.

Children love when their parents engage in their favorite activities with them, so by including their toys in a holiday tea party and hanging out with them, you’ll give them a memorable experience. Once your kids get a little older, you can check out local restaurants that offer tea service. Having a fancy afternoon date somewhere new might be the perfect way to spend Valentine’s day with your kids.

10. Create Valentine’s Day crafts. 

Get creative and make some crafts that are themed around Valentine’s day. There are so many ways to dive into the theme of love. Conversation hearts are fun to incorporate into crafting. You can have kids come up with their own messages and add them to cut-out hearts that look like candy hearts.

Creating little love bugs is another fun craft idea. Utilize old toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls and transform them into small bugs with eyes, pipe cleaner ears, and whatever colors you want to decorate them with. 

A bouquet of flowers is another fun craft you can do with paper and other materials around the house. These DIY gifts would be perfect for dropping off with neighbors or friends to let them know they are special to you and spread a little love and kindness. Other fun options include watercolor hearts, DIY wreaths to hang on the door, and even handprint/footprint art for babies. Any excuse to get out the art supplies is worthwhile.

11. Invite the kids to dinner and a movie.

Popular date ideas can be repurposed easily to include the children and turn the date into a family activity. A dinner and movie night is a perfect example and would make for an easy Valentine’s Day activity for everyone. Choose a restaurant you all love and order takeout so you don’t have to cook, and then choose a movie that everyone would enjoy.

Many Disney princess movies fit the theme of love, but you can also choose something new for everyone. Gnomeo and Juliet is a play on the classic romantic play by Shakespeare. Older kids can watch teenage favorites, like Little Women, The Princess Bride, or Little Rascals. Whatever movie you decide on, just make sure everyone leaves their phones outside of your “theater” and make some popcorn or grab some snacks. 

12. Have a fondue night.

Fondue is a fun way to celebrate any special occasion, but it works especially well on a cold winter’s night. Fondue is traditionally cheese melted in a pot over a heat source. It’s shared with other people, and you use sticks to dip bread, vegetables, meat, or other snacks into the cheese to snack on. Gather the family around the table, add the cheese, and experiment to see which snacks taste the best.

You can swap the cheese for chocolate if you want to add a fun dessert. This will definitely get the kids involved. Add marshmallows, fruits, and other sweet treats to your sticks and dip them into hot, melted chocolate. You’ll feel instantly transported to a ski chalet somewhere in Switzerland. Plus, if you buy a fondue set, you’ll be encouraged to have fun with this more often.

13. Enjoy breakfast in bed.

Breakfast in bed is a beloved tradition for many different holidays. It’s a common Mother’s day treat, but why not expand the reach of this indulgence? Make a plan ahead of time with your kids to surprise your husband or wife, or you can work with your partner and surprise your kids with breakfast in bed. 

Put together a nice little spread with fruit salad, coffee, juice, and maybe even heart-shaped pancakes or waffles. If you are horrible in the kitchen, sneak out early, run to the donut shop, or grab some pastries. Either way, the point is to surprise someone you love with a relaxing morning where they get to lounge in bed in their pajamas and enjoy a slow, tasty breakfast. Include a little love note or a small vase of flowers to really make the morning memorable. Kids will love a change in routine.

14. Create a love chain.

Paper chains are easy to make and are popular during the holiday season to share things we are grateful for. These can also be fun for Valentine’s Day, but family members can write love notes instead of gratitude. Whether your kids want to say “I love you” to their siblings, their pet, or maybe their favorite toys, you can encourage them to share their love and admiration with words or drawings on small pieces of construction paper. 

Utilize the days leading up to Valentine’s Day and challenge each family member to write 14 love notes (or less, depending on how long you want your chain to be.) It’s great for kids to learn to share feelings and spread love and kindness. 

15. Treat everyone to a spa day.

Many couples spend Valentine’s Day pampering themselves with a romantic spa day. This idea can work for the whole family too. It might not be as romantic, but kids will love trying something adults love, and the parents will enjoy a little self-care and pampering. 

Turn your living room/bathroom into a spa with simple supplies. Stock up on healthy snacks, like fruits and vegetables, and make up a pitcher of cucumber water or a bottle of sparkling juice. Once you have the snacks locked in, consider what “treatments” you want to enjoy. Retail stores like Walmart and Target sell sheet masks, gloves, and socks with built-in moisture, so stock up and try them out together.

There are also a huge number of concoctions you can make with ingredients you probably already have at home. Scrubs can be made with brown sugar and olive oil to help smooth skin. Set up a bowl and a towel and pour steaming water into the bowl with some essential oils for a steam facial. Just be careful no one puts their face in hot water. Pull out nail polish for at-home manicures and pedicures to complete the experience. 

16. Do a Valentine’s Day photoshoot.

Can there ever be too many photos of your kiddos? Consider using Valentine’s Day to organize a fun-themed photoshoot. Maybe you were too busy to send holiday cards this year and want to spread a little love in February instead. Find an empty wall or backdrop in your home and add some balloons, cut-out hearts, or letters. Invite the kids to help set it up with anything they have that signifies love. 

If you lack the supplies to make an elaborate backdrop, there are plenty of other options. One fun idea you can do every year is set up a tripod and a self-timer on your camera, pose the family together and hold your hands up to make heart shapes. These would be fun to look back on as the kids grow. 

17. Have a themed family dinner.

Family dinners are probably already part of your weekly routines, but holidays can give you an excuse to have some fun with it. Set the table and make it a fancy occasion with candles or flowers on the table. Most importantly, incorporate the holiday into your food.

For Valentine’s Day, one fun idea is a red and pink dinner. Those are the holiday colors, and you could use so many fantastic foods. Start with a snack of red peppers and tomatoes, make a main course of red sauce pasta or enchiladas with red sauce, and finish with a classic red dessert, like red velvet cake or strawberry shortcake. 

You can also utilize the shape of a heart in your dinner plans. Pizzas are a popular family dinner night option. Instead of ordering pizza delivery, pick up the ingredients to make the dough and have an interactive cooking night for everyone. See who can create the best heart-shaped pizza and let everyone choose their own toppings. 

A final option is picking each family member’s favorite food (something they love) and serving it up. It might be a bit random, but that will make it fun for everyone, and they will appreciate seeing their favorites on the table. 

18. Tell a love story.

Consider sharing a love story with your kids regarding bedtime storytime. Think about your own love story or possibly one from other family members or loved ones. Sharing examples of real relationships can help kids feel more connected to their families. Ask your parents and siblings if they are willing to share a love story by recording it or sharing photos that give kids something to look at while listening. These memories are fun to hang on to as kids grow up. 

If you don’t have a real-life story, or your kids are a bit too young to understand the origin of your relationship, there are some fantastic books you could read on Valentine’s Day to embrace the theme. Classics like Love You Forever by Robert Munsch or Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney would make great gifts for Valentine’s Day. Popular series also have Valentine’s Day stories, like the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series and the Little Blue Truck series. 

Closing Thoughts

Enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day with the whole family! Let us know which activities you try with your kids or if we missed anything from our list. Love should be celebrated year-round, so have some fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family?

There are tons of great activities to spend Valentine’s Day with kids. Do some crafts, bake heart-shaped sugar cookies, and plan a themed dinner for the holiday celebration.

How can we include our kids in Valentine’s Day celebrations?

If you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with kids this year, think about fun ways to celebrate love together. Have a themed dinner or go out for a fancy dessert together.

What is something fun to gift kids for Valentine’s Day?

Pick up a copy of the Adventures from Scratch: Family Edition for the whole crew for Valentine’s Day this year and have fun scratching off surprise activities to complete together.

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Astronomical Adventures: The Best Places to See Stars


There’s nothing better than staring up at the night sky and getting lost in a sea of stars. Unfortunately, this is becoming less and less common as light pollution makes it harder to see the night sky in many parts of the world. Luckily, there are still many areas that you can go to that are great for stargazing and we’ve put together this list to help you access the best places to see stars.

Many of these places below are designated dark sky parks by the International Dark Sky Association which is dedicated to combating light pollution around the world and celebrating darkness as an important resource that should be protected and conserved. It was created as a non-profit organization back in 1988. There are currently nearly 200 dark sky parks on this list which have been chosen specifically for having the clearest and darkest skies around the world. 

Expert advice: Try to time your visit to go to the following places during a new moon rather than going during a full moon. This means that the sky will be the darkest and you’ll be able to have the best stargazing experience. You should also stay out for at least 30 minutes so that your eyes will have time to adjust so that you’re able to see the most stars while you’re out. It’s also important to note that many places on this list are at very high altitudes so it’s important to bring lots of warm clothes with you year-round so that you can enjoy the night sky without shivering the night away. 

Star in your own adventure!

When you scratch the surface of an Adventures From Scratch book, you’ll open your world to a whole new list of awesome activities! Discover new places, see interesting sights or familiar things in a new light, and connect with your friends, family, and partner like never before!

In North America

Below you’ll find a list of some of the best places for stargazing in the United States and Canada. Since many of them are national parks, it’s a good idea to invest in the National Parks Pass. For just $80 per year, this pass gives you access to all of the national parks and monuments around the country. It can help you save a ton of money on park entry fees, especially if you’re planning on hitting up more than a handful of parks in a given year.

Big Bend National Park, Texas

There’s a saying that everything is bigger in Texas and Big Bend National Park wants to prove it. Lying on the border of Mexico in Far West Texas, the park encompasses the rugged Chisos Mountains, part of the Chihuahuan Desert, and the enchanting Santa Elena Canyon that was carved by the Rio Grande. The park gets its name from the river’s big bend and is the largest protected area of the Chihuahuan desert in the United States. It’s home to 1,200 species of plants, 450 species of birds, 56 species of reptiles, and 75 species of mammals.

Besides its spectacular biodiversity, the park has also achieved Gold Tier status as a dark sky park, allowing visitors to catch a glimpse of thousands of stars, planets, and even the Milky Way on a clear night. The best way to explore Big Bend National Park is by going on a drive along the lovely Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive and there are plenty of opportunities for camping, hiking, river running, and horseback riding. Due to the remoteness of the park, it’s a considerable drive from most of Texas’ airports so it’s a good idea to plan on including this as part of a longer Texas road trip if possible so you can make the most of your time not only in the park but also in this fascinating state. 

Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania

Rather adorably named after a group of cherry trees that once stood at its heart, Cherry Springs State Park may be relatively small at just 82 acres but it’s surrounded by the much larger 262,000-acre Susquehannock State Forest which helps you feel like you’re off the beaten path (and helps keep the night sky free from light pollution). Thanks to this, it’s considered to be one of the best places in the eastern US for stargazing. 

The park is located about halfway between Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and Scranton in northeastern Pennsylvania, making it one of the easier places to access on this list from East Coast cities like New York and Boston or Cleveland, or Columbus.

Death Valley National Park, California

With some of the most inhospitable temperatures and landscapes on the planet, you would imagine that Death Valley National Park would live up to its name. However, rather than being a land without life, instead, the park is home to many different thriving ecosystems. This mind-boggling diversity makes it an amazing place to explore during the day and has earned it a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list but things begin to get even more fascinating at night. 

The night skies are considered some of the darkest in the world, giving Death Valley gold-tier status according to the International Dark Sky Association. The skies are so dark and so clear that you can often view stars and planets that aren’t visible anywhere else in the world. The best part of all is that as long as you aren’t right by one of the lodges or campsites, you have great views from pretty much everywhere! Death Valley National Park is located in southern California near the border of Nevada and can be reached via San Diego, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas

Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah

Located in the remote area near Lake Powell, the Natural Bridges National Monument was the first certified International Dark Sky Park designated by the International Dark Sky Association. People flock here for stargazing thanks to the river of light that was created by the Milky Way flowing over the Owachomo Bridge, a natural rock formation. The bridge creates a “frame” for thousands of stars that can be easily seen with the naked eye and creates a gorgeous photo opportunity. Some experts say that you can see up to 15,000 stars on a clear night and we challenge you to try counting them all!

There are plenty of campsites where you can pitch a tent and spend the night staring up at the stars before getting up early the next morning to hike through one of the park’s crisscrossing canyons. The park is located in southeastern Utah’s canyon country and a trip here can easily be combined with a few days in Canyonlands National Park or Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, both of which are just a short drive away.

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

With the tallest dunes in North America and a diverse landscape mixed with forests, alpine lakes, tundra, wetlands, and grasslands, Great Sand Dunes National Park is much more than its name suggests. The dune field encompasses more than 30 square miles and the tallest dune reaches a staggering 750 feet high. You can unleash your inner children by sliding down the dunes, going for a hike, horseback riding, or going on a ranger-led nature walk.

While this is an amazing place to explore during the day, it comes into its own at night. The park is located at an elevation of approximately 8,200 feet and is very remote, making it a wonderful spot for stargazing. There are astronomy programs as well as Junior Ranger programs with tons of great activities for kids. If you want to stay the night (and don’t mind carrying all of your camping gear), you can even spend the night staring up at the dark skies from the dunes.

Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Hawaii is famous for being an amazing destination thanks to its beautiful beaches and rugged landscape. Mauna Kea, on the Big Island, elevates this experience even more by providing its very own viewing platform 13,796 feet above sea level to see the stars as well as the world’s largest optical telescope. This spot is considered one of the best places in the world to view the stars thanks to the combination of the high altitude and almost no artificial light. The lofty height is high enough to cause high-altitude sickness but the spectacular stargazing opportunities and the colorful sunrises and sunsets make it worth it! This enormous volcano last erupted more than 4,000 years ago which also creates an interesting landscape and you can enjoy both this and the incredible views on a visit here.

Several tour operators are permitted to take people to the volcano summit where you can get near-perfect stargazing conditions but if you don’t want to spring for the high costs of a summit tour, you can still view the stars from a lower price point and for a lower price! If you have a four-wheel drive, you can also go up to the visitors center but keep in mind that there is very limited parking at the center and there is no space available when you arrive, you’ll be turned away. If you can’t decide whether or not it’s worth the price, keep in mind that so far 11 countries have established observatories here to take advantage of the incomparable stargazing opportunities.

Nova Scotia, Canada

Lying in the far eastern stretches of Canada, Nova Scotia is famous for its wild Atlantic coastline, charming towns, and friendly people. It’s also home to some of the clearest and darkest skies in North America including two official Dark Sky areas. While there are several places that you can go to see the stars at their brightest, the most popular destinations include the Acadian Skies and Mi’kmaq Lands Starlight Preserve, the first place in North America to earn a Starlight certification by the Starlight Foundation, and the Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site, one of Canada’s dark sky preserves. Both of these places are located in southwestern Nova Scotia and are just a short drive from one another, making it easy to combine them both into one trip! They are also just a two hours drive from Halifax, which means that they are some of the most easily accessible places on this list.

If you want to try something unique, you can spend the night in a geodesic dome perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. This fun-filled version of glamping allows you to fall asleep underneath the shimmering stars and many of the different dome sites have all of the amenities and luxuries that you would expect from an upscale guest house. 

Around the World

If you’re planning on going a bit further afield, some amazing places around the world combine magnificent natural beauty and sparkling night skies. Our in-house team of travel experts have come up with an exhaustive list of destinations that are sure to delight even the most road-weary of travelers.

Atacama Desert, Chile

Nestled on the border of Argentina and Bolivia west of the Andes Mountains, Chile’s Atacama Desert ranks #1 on virtually every list of the best places for stargazing. Famous for being the driest place on Earth, this sprawling desert may seem a bit barren during the day but at night, the spectacular beauty of this place becomes apparent. Here, you have the delightful combination of clear skies, a high altitude, and virtually zero light pollution that all come together to provide the perfect backdrop for stargazing.

While visiting the Atacama Desert, you’re likely to see views of some of the Southern Hemisphere’s most well-known constellations including the Tarantula Nebula, the Southern Cross, the Large Magellanic Cloud, the Fornax Cluster of galaxies, and a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way. The region is a popular tourist destination and it’s easy to join a guided stargazing tour or simply grab a rental car and head out on your own. 

However, the night sky isn’t the only thing to check out in the Atacama Desert. You can also explore the red rocks of Las Piedras Rojas, the saline lake of the Salar de Talar, or the colorful Rainbow Valley. You can even get a bird’s eye view of the desert from a hot air balloon. The easiest way to access the Atacama Desert is via the border city of San Pedro de Atacama which is just a short flight from the capital city of Santiago. 

Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park, Japan

Located on the Yaeyama Islands in Okinawa in the East China Sea, the Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park was the first place in Japan to receive International Dark Sky Places accreditation. Due to its proximity to the Tropic of Cancer, it’s possible to view up to 84 out of the 88 constellations recognized by the International Astronomical Union. Before you make your way to the park, make sure to check the weather conditions as the visibility could differ drastically based on the season.

The easiest way to get to Iriomote-Isigahki National Park from abroad is by flying into Naha, on the main island of Okinawa, and then from there, taking a domestic flight to Ishigaki. You can then rent a car and explore the park on a self-guided tour. Before stargazing, you can spend the day exploring the island’s sandy beaches and beautiful coral reefs, the dense mangrove forests, or the gushing waterfalls,

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Kruger National Park is world-renowned for its amazing wildlife diversity. It’s one of the largest game reserves in Africa and has a high density of the Big Five. During a safari, you’re likely to see elephants, rhinos, leopards, lions, and buffalo plus countless other birds, mammals, and reptiles that call the park home. However, this is not the only thing here and when nighttime comes, the skies come alive with constellations and twinkling stars.

Kruger National Park can be easily accessed by flying into the South African capital of Johannesburg. Here, you can rent a car and drive a few hours to the park or get public transportation to one of the nearby cities or villages. You’ll find plenty of accommodation options offering options for all different travel budgets. However, if you want to get the best stargazing experience, it’s a good idea to book one of the camps within the park itself. Try to find the smallest one as it’s likely to have the least amount of light pollution. 

Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve, New Zealand

Far, far away from the city lights of Christchurch or Queenstown, the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve is the largest reserve in the Southern Hemisphere and the second-largest dark sky reserve in the world. Like many of the national parks on this list, the reserve aims to create an international dark sky community protected from light pollution. 

The reserve is located in the center of New Zealand’s South Island and is relatively easy to access from many of the region’s most popular tourist attractions. This means that you can combine it with a fantastic trek on one of the island’s epic hiking trails or a boat ride through the fjords. Tour options range from “humble” observatory visits to dreamy nights spent swinging in hammocks under the stars. Keep in mind that New Zealand is a very expensive place to visit and if you want to go all-out with your stargazing experience, you may want to check your budget first!

NamibRand Nature Reserve, Namibia

Situated just north of South Africa on the continent’s Pacific coast, Namibia has exploded onto the tourism scene thanks to its rolling red sand dunes, dramatic coastline, and cute German towns. The NamibRand Nature Reserve lies just south of Sossusvlei, Namibia’s most famous dune, and is a private reserve dedicated to protecting and conserving the unique biodiversity of the southwest Namib Desert. 

Thanks to its location far from pretty much everything, the NamibRand Nature Reserve was the 2nd place in the world to be awarded Gold Tier status and was the first dark sky park in the developing world. Since it’s in a desert, the air is very dry and cloudless for most of the year and from here, you can view the Milky Way, the Magellanic Clouds, and the Andromeda Galaxy throughout the year. The landscape surrounding the dunes can be a little rough to navigate so the best way to view the skies is by joining one of the many overland tours that traverse the country. 

Need more adventure?

We hope that this guide has left you inspired to plan a whole series of stargazing trips! And when you need more ideas for adventure, you know where to find us! Our blog is full of activity ideas for friends, families, and couples.

As always, we would love to hear your feedback, so please feel free to drop a note in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best places for stargazing in the United States?

For a great stargazing experience, you can head to Big Bend National Park, Death Valley National Park, and Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania.

Where can I go stargazing in Africa?

Some of the best places to see stars in Africa are the Namib Desert and Kruger National Park. Both places are relatively easy to access and will offer a celestial experience!

What’s are the best places in the United States to see stars?

For the best stargazing in the US, try Death Valley National Park in California, Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado, Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania, or Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah.

What are the best outdoor adventures at night?

If you’re looking to explore the outdoors after dark, you can’t beat stargazing! Check out this list of the best places to see the stars! Keep Adventures From Scratch nearby for more ideas.