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Date Books for Couples: Top Picks


The best adventures often require at least a few hours of brainstorming. If only it was easier to find date books for couples that are chock-full of suggestions designed to appeal to even the pickiest partners. All you’d need to do is get straight to the fun, without having to spend hours flipping through so-so suggestions.

Sounds convenient, doesn’t it?

Every year, tons of books flood the stores, claiming to have just what couples need to rekindle their love with a paperback compilation of adventures. We’ve sorted through tons of possibilities and we’re sharing 3 of our top picks. So, get ready to get to the good stuff. These date books for couples are sure to bring you and your boo closer together.

Top Date Books for Couples

Adventures from Scratch: Date Edition

There are plenty of reasons that the book tops the list. First of all, let’s talk about the authors — Let’s Roam strives to cultivate unique adventures for like-minded experience enthusiasts. Its founders, the Harding brothers, are exploration-aficionados themselves. They began working on the Adventures from Scratch books in 2015 and, after over 5 years of all-nighters, they’ve produced two fantastic compilations: The Adventures from Scratch: Date Edition and the Family Edition.

When it comes to date books for couples, the date edition is what fun-loving and spontaneous couples’ dreams are made of. Even if you just want to be more adventurous, this book gets you moving in the right direction. Think of it as an interactive tool that will strengthen your bond as you take on challenges, try new things, and visit new places.

Stuck at home? They have you covered. You can do many of the activities right in your house or yard. The book’s awesome activities have been curated by Let’s Roam’s exploration experts in collaboration with couples who have spent 40+ years together and have already aced the art of building a life-long connection. Prepare yourself for the unexpected—these challenges will take you to from your kitchen to the nearest roller skating rink. Suggestions are classified into categories including Discover, Explore, Create, Sugar & Spice, Play, ‘From the Experts’, Roots, Double Dates, and others.

What’s inside this date book?

The following components illustrate the reasons Adventures from Scratch topped our list of date books for couples:

  • 50+ Hidden Challenges

    Adventures from Scratch: Date Edition packs in over 50 thrilling adventures, so you don’t have to worry about running out any time soon. Each challenge is hidden, so you’ll need to scratch off a page to reveal its contents. For those of you who don’t like surprises, there’s a key that gives you a preview of what you can expect.
  • Bonus Challenges

    Aside from the 50+ hidden challenges, the book features bonus challenges to up the ante while you’re on your adventures. Bonus challenges are a perfect way to crank things up a notch when you’re enjoying an adventure book challenge!
A Look Inside of a Date Book for Couples

But wait! There’s more…

  • Tear-Out Love Notes

    Wouldn’t you love having little snippets to read from your partner when you least expect it? Spontaneity is a critical element of romance. Tear out a note from the adventure book on a special day or just a random day when inspiration hits. Put down a few heartfelt, warm words for your partner to read—and keenly await a wide smile that brightens up the room.
  • On-the-Go Adventures

    On-the-go adventures list things to do, find, or ask each other. These quick romance-sparking adventures can be done just about anytime, anywhere, so you always have an adventure at your fingertips!
  • Cascading Conversations

    Cascading Conversations offer questions intended to bring loved ones closer. Then, you can fill in the blanks of ‘Our Adventure Story’ to share and write your own modern-day fairytale.
  • Mailed Adventures

    It’s always fun to onboard other couples when you’re prepping yourself for an adventurous weekend. The included tear-out postcards make it easy to invite other fun-loving couples and have them join you.

In summary…

Adventures from Scratch: Date Edition is one of those date books for couples who need a little push or those who feel like they’ve done it all. It makes a great gift, too!

Keys are available to let you know the duration of the challenge, whether the challenge is in-house or outdoors, and if you will require any additional supplies to complete the challenge. Don’t worry about scratching off an outdoor challenge when it’s raining!

Perhaps the best part is that, with a little creativity, these challenges can be modified for suitability. You can modify the challenges according to your budget and comfort level.

Bucket List for Dating Couple

Our Bucket List Adventures: A Journal for Couples

This selection is all about journaling as you check items off your proverbial dating bucket list. The theme is a common one for activity books these days, made popular by the 2007 film, The Bucket List, but the design of the book makes it stand out from the pack. It’s definitely one of the best date books for couples, so it deserves a mention at #2 on the list.

If you’re unfamiliar, a “bucket list” is a list of achievements a person hopes to complete during a lifetime. That concept is transformed into a list of dating goals a couple hopes to share throughout their relationship. From start to finish, Our Bucket List Adventures: A Journal for Couples guides partners through making their list and setting out to check off its items. Journaling tools help to document the memories.

What’s inside this date book?

  • Brainstorm 50 Bucket List Items

    Couples will need to come up with 50 unique bucket list goals that they are eager to complete together. The book has an activity section where you and your partner can brainstorm ideas before they finally make it to your bucket list. While this is great, it is time-consuming. Those with busy schedules will want to budget date time for the list itself. There’s something to do on that rainy day!
  • Journal Your Adventure Memories

    Whenever you go on adventures together, journal your memories so you can revisit them for years to come.
  • Add a Favorite Photo

    Add your favorite photo to each item, so you can recount the sights and feelings as you review the items you’ve already checked off your list.
  • 5 Engaging Questions

    After you journal your bucket list experience, these questions serve as conversation starters so couples can reflect on the valuable time they shared during the adventure.

Need more reasons?

  • Bucket list ideas

    This book requires couples to come up with their “bucket list” adventures, unlike the Adventures from Scratch book that does all the work for you. However, the book offers 115 bucket list ideas, so if you’re blanking out, you can refer to these and add some of them to your bucket list.
  • A Bucket List Finder page

    When you accomplish goals from your bucket list and journalize them, use the Bucket List Finder page so you can easily reference them and organize your adventures neatly.
  • 50 Bucket list journaling pages

    These are the pages where you will journal your experiences as you complete them.

In summary…

The authors, Ashley and Marcus Kusi, do a fine job at producing an easy-to-use couples’ diary. Some reviewers complain that there aren’t enough ideas to get the activities started, but if you’ve got the motivation, this book gives you the structure you need to record your adventures. As a bonus, you’ll end up with a nice little keepsake!

Couple on a Romantic Date

175 Best Date Ideas

If you tried Our Bucket List Adventures: A Journal for Couples and struggled with putting together your list, consider this a possible companion. It’s advertised as a book of endless alternatives to dinner and a movie and it delivers. It’s been around for a while but continues to get positive reviews.

Many reviewers seem to think the dates are skewed for a younger crowd, but some of us are young at heart, so it’s worth a look. Let’s dive in!

What’s inside this date book?

As promised, there are 175 suggestions for fun, quirky, and romantic outings with your special person.

Some dates are designed for individuals to connect intimately, as a couple, while others that promise to make you laugh.

Additionally, the author has provided extra pages to attach memories including movie stubs, scorecards, and photos. This section is called the “Smash Book” and is even explained in one of the first dates in the book. It includes a bucket list of its own and a place for notes, as well.

In summary…

Like most date books for couples, the introduction promises that the dates will make unforgettable memories. Alida Quittschreiber has certainly compiled a thorough and thoughtful list of ideas. Some readers find the suggestions too common. Still, for those of you who need recommendations to get started, it might be a welcome addition to your collection.

How do these date books for couples differ, in terms of what they offer?

The Adventures from Scratch: Date Edition is like an entree you buy from a fancy restaurant, with special ingredients prepared by a professional chef. Created by experts, it’s unique and ready to be savored.

For couples who like spending time brainstorming ideas themselves, Our Bucket List Adventures: A Journal for Couples offers an opportunity to bond and customize activities suited to your liking. However, it does take a good chunk of time to come up with 50 challenges.

175 Best Date Ideas: The Ultimate Bucket List of Dates for Couples provides you with enough ideas to keep you busy for a while, but they might be geared for young couples and could be considered common or overdone.

That wraps up our review on the top date books for couples. Let’s Roam’s Adventures from Scratch: Date Edition easily comes out the winner with plenty of other goodies in addition to the 50+ hidden challenges in the book that have been carefully curated by experienced couples.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best types of date books for couples?

The best date books for couples are interactive. Top picks include scratch-off adventure books and interactive bucket lists. Look for books with a variety of indoor and outdoor ideas.

Which books contain the best ideas for dates?

These top date books for couples contain the most unique and interactive ideas. Additionally, they contain elements such as postcards, love notes, and prompts for conversation.

Which date book is the best gift option for couples?

Adventures from Scratch: Date Edition is a popular choice. Its unique adventures are refreshing. Additionally, the book is suitable for new couples or those who simply need fresh date ideas.

Adventures From ScratchDate Night

Adventure Date Books for Thrill-Seeking Couples


What better adventure in life there is than to love? Going on thrill-seeking expeditions with your partner is an exciting way to get to know them. Research shows that couples that try new things together are more likely to be happy together. An adventure date book is a great place to get started on your quest. The ideas within them are romantic, fun, exciting, and meaningful. This is why we’ve created this epic list of 9 date books that are packed full of adventure, so read on and take your pick!

1. Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition – Let’s Roam

Get ready to go on an adventure like never before with Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition. Not only is this adventure date book a great gift idea for a partner, but you can gift this to yourself too. This book has more than 50 exciting adventures to choose from, and each is a surprise – you won’t know what you’ve signed up for until you scratch them away. These adventures are grouped under categories like ‘Discover,’ ‘Create,’ ‘Explore,’ ‘Get Silly,’ and many more. Be it indoors or outdoors, there are activities to fit every occasion. In fact, you can pick activities from this book before going on hikes, road trips, walks, and special events like birthdays and anniversaries too. Each adventure also comes with a key that gives you information about the type of adventure, approximate time, and location.

In addition to the scratch-off adventures, this book is full of special features. For instance, the ‘Cascading Conversations’ section has prompts and leading questions that will help you have intimate heart-to-hearts with your partner. As you get talking and bonding, check out the ‘Reasons Why I Love You’ cards. You can fill these tear-out cards and exchange them with your partner whenever you please – they mark charming surprises that are sure to brighten your day. Meanwhile, don’t forget the ‘Our Adventurous Story’ section. Here, you can gush and write all about your epic love story as you fill in the blanks. Who asked out whom? Who initiated the first kiss? Fill in the deets!

Couple with an Adventure Date Book

As if we haven’t given you enough reasons to buy this date book, there’s more! Take adventure in your pocket as you roam the world with our special ‘On-the-go’ cards. These cards have a list of prompts and questions you can ask each other on the go. Road trips are sure to be a lot more fun with these cards!

2. 47 Little Love Boosters For a Happy Marriage – Marko Petkovic

Every thrill-seeking couple could use a love boost at times and this date book aims to give you just that. Written by a relationship psychologist, it is based on research and shares anecdotes of real couples and the conflicts they faced. With simple tips and tricks, you will learn that it doesn’t take much to save a relationship—taking a few minutes of your time to tell your partner you appreciate them will make a world of difference. Additionally, the book includes checklists and habit trackers to help you keep track of your love boosters. With these ideas, you can build deeper bonds with your partner and be mindful of your growth too!

3. 52 Uncommon Dates – Randy Southern

It’s easy to go on a clichéd date – but what about something a little different? That’s exactly what this adventure date book promises. With this book, you’re sure to go on some truly bizarre and hilarious dates—even one every week, if you’d like. This book promises to bring you closer to each other, one uncommon date at a time. A gem for couples who seek new and interesting ways to bond, this book will have you singing, dancing, and even drawing with your partner.

4. The Couples Activity Book – Crystal Schwanke

Couples that play together slay together! This couples activity book has a list of 70 activities and interactive games that you can play with your partner. With both indoor and outdoor options, this relationship adventure book has activities of all types. From word scrambles and puzzles to long-distance friendly games, this activity book will help you plan your dates for a long time to come. You can also choose your mood for each activity – are you feeling spicy, mindful, flitty, creative, or outdoorsy? There are games for every mood!

5. Ultimate Journeys For Two – Anne Howard

Musical Couple on an Adventure Date

What if your entire life could feel like a honeymoon? This couple made that happen. In this date book, you will follow the adventures of Mike and Anne Howard, named the world’s longest honeymooners. They speak candidly about their relationships—with each other and with travel— and will help you plan your perfect vacation. The authors offer unique and unforgettably romantic experiences for thrill-seeking couples of all ages and interests. They include travel information about when to visit, where to stay, and how expensive a trip could be. Whether your ideal outing includes a beach, a mountain, a city, or a desert, you can find your next couples’ vacation destination in this book!

6. Our Adventures: A Bucket List Journal For Couples – Megan Adams

Every couple should have a bucket list of things they want to do as they share a lifetime. This date book helps to organize it in a super cute way. Right from your first date, you can add exciting and thrilling ideas to this journal. If you’re looking for new bucket list ideas, you’re in luck, as this book has 101 wacky and hilariously outrageous bucket list ideas that you can use as inspiration while making your own list. The book also has a table where you can make your own checklist. Once you’re done with an item on the list, you can write and journal about it as you strike it from the list. Don’t forget to include pictures!

7. The Surprise Date Challenge– Dana Lam

This book wants you to be the happiest couple ever! With a variety of activities, games, and ideas, this adventure date book can be used by couples who have been together for years or those just starting out. Rekindle the sparks in your relationship and feel butterflies in your tummy as you try new things with your partner. This book has tips for healthy relationships and instructions for one innovative date night idea every month. However, note that it does not carry the element of surprise as much as Adventures From Scratch does.

8. The Big Activity Book For Couples – LoveBook

Every relationship needs a dash of playfulness and a dollop of fun. This activity book will enable you to let your playful side shine. Within it, you will find several quizzes, puzzles, games, and riddles. You can compete with your partner for bragging rights as you solve them. Meanwhile, you can also learn new things about them as you quiz them about their life. Bond with your significant other in new games as you curl up on the couch together. All you need for this book is a pen and some paper—your imagination will do the rest!

9. Our Bucket List Adventures – Ashley and Marcus Kusi

Couple Laughing While on a Date

Another bucket list suggestion, this book lets you record your favorite 50 bucket list ideas. What’s more – you can brainstorm in the activity section of the book before you finalize your list. Once you’re finished, you can journal about each adventure and the memories you’ve made. There’s also a separate photo slot for each bucket list. Further, there are question prompts and conversation starters to help you reflect on your adventures with your partner. Here’s the best part – this book also has more than 100 bucket list ideas you can take inspiration from before you curate your list. The special Bucket List Finder page acts as an index where you can tick off the items you’ve already done!

Adventure date books are one of the best ways to enhance date nights with fresh ideas. Doing new things together is sure to build stronger bonds. You may even discover that you’re more alike than you’d thought!

Which of these books are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which adventure date book can I use with my partner?

If you want to plan unforgettably thrilling adventures with your partner, Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition is a great choice. It includes 50+ activities, discussion prompts, and tear-out cards.

What are ‘on-the-go’ adventure cards?

In Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition, ‘on-the-go’ cards allow you to take adventures with you, wherever you go. These cards contain lists of things to do, see, and ask each other while you’re out.

Can I personalize the activities in Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition?

Yes, Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition is very customizable. You can tweak activities in this adventure date book to suit your preferences, taste, and budget.

Adventures From ScratchDate Night

Scratch-Off Date Books and Connection-Building Books for Couples

Connected Couple Reading Date Book

We love adventure, and we love love! Love and adventure go hand-in-hand. There’s a similar thrill to romance and the adrenaline of exploring something new with the one you adore. When you bring the two together, you’re bound to fall more deeply. If you’re looking for ways to add some life into your romance and go on exciting dates with your partner, why not check out some connection-building and scratch-off date books? We’ve done the searching for you and compiled a list of the greatest books a couple should ever need. These 8 books give you a comprehensive overview of how to learn and grow from conflict. From newly-dating couples to those that have just celebrated their 25th anniversary, there’s something for everyone.

1. Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition – Let’s Roam

Couple Reading Scratch-Off Date Book

When it comes to scratch-off date books, this one is the cream of the crop! Nothing brings a couple closer together than the call of adventure. There’s so much more to date night than just movies and wine. Finding the right date idea can make or break the experience. This is why we recommend Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition. Get some sparks flying in your relationship and spend some enjoyable, meaningful time together with innovative, out-of-the-box date night ideas. This interactive scratch-off date book has more than 50 activities to enjoy with your significant other. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got something for you. Be it a lazy day at home, a walk to the park, a hike, a road trip, or even if you’re in a long-distance relationship. Not only do you have 50 scratch-off adventures, but there are heaps of bonus features too!

Enjoy Special Features In Scratch-Off Date Books

Woman Reading Date Book

When you open this scratch-off date book, expect to find some truly unique elements. For instance, build a connection and show your partner how you love them with “Reasons Why I Love You” cards. Complete each card with a meaningful message. When you’re done, leave them around the house and see the reactions when they are found. Use the “Cascading Conversations” section to find prompts for heart-to-heart conversations with your mate. You can get to know your s/o in whole new ways as you listen to their responses. You may just fall in love with them all over again.

If you’re looking to take an adventure with you wherever you go, look no further than the included “On-the-Go Cards.” Each card comes with a list of things to see, do, and ask each other while on road trips, hikes, and drives. Write your special love story in the “Our Adventurous Story” section. Take a trip down memory lane as you talk about milestones like the first time you met or kissed.

Additionally, you can customize each event to suit your budget and time. Each scratch-off adventure has a key that details the time and budget of the activity. Be it a birthday, anniversary, or date night, you can find something for every event. Adventure is just a scratch away!

2. The Five Love Languages – Dr. Gary Chapman

Our list would be incomplete without Dr. Gary Chapman’s famous book on love languages. In this must-have, the relationship expert details five methods of expressing and receiving love: quality time, gift-giving, words of affirmation, acts of service, and physical touch. This book will help you identify your own love language and will make you more receptive to the love language spoken by your partner. These concepts give you a great look at how you can make your relationship work. Throughout the book, there are questionnaires and journals, so you can jot down your thoughts and discuss them with one another.

3. 36 Questions On The Way To Love – NY Times

While this isn’t technically one of our connection-building or scratch-off date books, we love this questionnaire because it checks all the right boxes. Based on a study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin and comprised in collaboration with lead author Arthur Aron, PhD., this carefully formulated list of questions tests the concept that mutual vulnerability can accelerate intimacy between strangers. Every relationship needs to be rooted in a set of core values and ideals for it to work. By answering these ’36 Questions,’ you may be able to achieve an unprecedented level of closeness with your partner. Even more amazing is the fact that this can work for complete strangers.

4. #Relationship #Goals – Jennifer Allen

In the age of social media, it is easy to create a digital persona that screams #CoupleGoals. However, reality can be far from perfect. #Relationship #Goals: #Relationship #Goals: An Interactive Couple’s Guide To Developing & Maintaining a Relationship That is Dope in Real Life and Not Just on Social Media has quite the title! This book aims to explore true intimacy and bonding between couples through a series of games, activities, and questionnaires. The special journal lets you check in with your thoughts and helps you talk things out. It even has a schedule for weekly relationship meetings and monthly activities designed to keep you close, both in real life and on social media.

5. Love More, Fight Less – Dr. Gina Senarighi

This relationship workbook promises to have you communicate more and fight less. Authored by a relationship coach, this book explores the famed Gottman method of handling conflict. While conflict is inevitable in every interpersonal relationship, how you deal with it is what matters. This book will guide you through healthy conflict resolution patterns through communication skills and activities. In addition, there is a step-by-step guide to understand common conflict patterns in your relationship, and how you can work through them together. Learn to solve disagreements without fights, and build a solid foundation of a secure relationship with this expert book.

6. Mindful Relationship Habits – S. J. Scott and Barrie Davenport

Couple Enjoying a Date

Mindfulness is useful not only in romantic relationships but in every interpersonal interaction you have. This book is sure to be a great addition to your library, as it helps you navigate daily-life occurrences in a more involved and mindful way. With 25 ideas and practices to build a deeper, more intimate connection with your partner, this book helps you nurture a loving, caring bond. Re-awaken intimacy as you explore new habits and strengthen your bond. Get proactive with your intentions, show your S/O how valued they are, and be more vocal about your interactions to see a change.

7. Eight Dates: Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love – Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman

Written by the pioneers of the Gottman method themselves, this book has a series of challenges and activities to help you ignite or rekindle that spark. When it comes to long-term relationships, there’s so much more to them than date nights and butterflies. This book helps you understand your significant other’s views on eight key metrics: trust, money, family, spirituality, dreams, sex, adventure, and conflict. As you discuss these core values, you’ll be able to have some fun with prompts and activities. Learn about your partner like never before. Listen to their hopes and dreams and share what matters most to you.

8. No More Fighting: The Relationship Book for Couples – Alicia Munoz

Dealing with conflict in an effective way is easier said than done. However, this book aims to make it easier to overcome, one day at a time. All you need to do is spend 20 minutes a week working through any of the 52 most common relationship struggles. These 20-minute exercises help you communicate better in a short span of time. This makes this book a great option for busy couples. Add important communication tools to your relationship, learn to read signs, and work through conflict together with this straightforward, simple book.

Connection-Building Books for Couples, like Adventures From Scratch, are a great way to have some fun with your partner as you try new things together. At the same time, scratch-off date books, relationship workbooks, and journals can serve as invaluable tools to help you to verbalize your feelings and open yourself up to your loved one’s needs. Your bond, and the ability to deal with life’s twists and turns together, can be developed over time. All you need is the commitment to be better, the enthusiasm to learn, and a loving person to share it all with!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best adventure scratch-off book for couples?

Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition is the best scratch-off date book for couples. Not only does it have more than 50 adventures to do with your partner, but it has tons of extra features.

How many date ideas can I find in Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition?

Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition is packed with 50+ scratch-off adventures. Additionally, it offers tear-away cards and other connection-building elements, for months of date-night fun.

Where can I use Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition?

You can use connection-building activities from Adventures From Scratch practically anywhere—be it home, on vacation, or rollerskating around town. Make any day a memorable one with just a scratch.

Adventure BookAdventures From ScratchDate NightFamily Fun

Adventure Book Challenges in Adventures From Scratch: Explore the Highlights

Adventure book challenges

Ready or not, here comes adventure! Prepare for some excitement with your loved ones – our interactive adventure book challenges you to explore the unknown, embrace the spirit of adventure and make memories with your loved ones. Here’s everything you need to know about Adventures From Scratch!

Top Adventure Book Challenges in Adventures From Scratch

Adventure Book Challenges

With this interactive book, you can transform any day into a thrilling adventure – carry the thrill and excitement of an adventure wherever you go!

1. Indoor Adventure Book Challenges

Who said you need to go on a vacation to feel adventurous? Sometimes, curling up at home is the best place to find adventure with your beau. Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition has a list of indoor challenges that will have you laughing and loving in no time. For instance, ‘Come Here Often?’ is an epic mixologist-themed activity to keep you in high spirits. Make new cocktails for your partner as you mix ingredients and decorate the glasses. Add special ingredients that your partner will love. While you’re at it, why not make a funny version and add a twist (like soy sauce or vinegar) to prank your partner? The secret ingredient – a dash of love! When you’re done, sip and speak with your significant other about why you chose each ingredient and what they mean to them.

If you’re looking for indoor family activities, check out Adventures From Scratch and its indoor talent hunt challenge. For this at-home version of Family’s Got Talent, get each member to show off a special skill – they can be anything, from singing, dancing, blowing bubbles, juggling, or even solving a Rubik’s cube. Weird talents are welcome too! While every member performs, the other family members can be judges and give them points, and compliment their fancy skills.

2. Outdoor Adventure Book Challenges

When the sun’s out and it’s spring, step out with your partner for some outdoor fun! Adventures From Scratch has an epic list of outdoor activities, from a scavenger hunt to a zombie invasion. For example, check out Apocalypse, a zombie-themed adventure. A zombie apocalypse is imminent, so you must move out of your ASAP and carry only essential supplies. Be warned – you have only five minutes to pick your supplies. Rush out of your house, grab your S/O, and drive to a secure location. Spend an evening there, discuss your plans to live with the undead, and talk about why you chose certain things. Add an extra touch of adventure by attempting to cook with your minimal supplies – improvise, adapt, and overcome!

In the Family Edition of Adventures From Scratch, you can find engaging activities for parents and children alike. We love this outdoor picnic idea – get every member of your family to pitch in for an outdoor picnic by putting together a picnic basket. Each member must contribute an item to the basket, be it helping out with a meal, putting together a toy, picking the picnic blanket, or carrying water. Once you reach the picnic spot, lay the picnic as your children help out. Enjoy the calming outdoors, play some games, and talk about which famous personality (alive or dead, fictional or real) you’d want to go on a picnic with. Customize this activity and let your children write letters or notes to these personalities – let the creative juices flow!

Where To Use The Book

Adventure Book

This book has a host of activities that you can use as you celebrate special days with your loved ones. They make great party events – for instance, pick an adventure from the Family Edition to play with your relatives and friends during a birthday party or a family lunch. You don’t have to be bored of family gatherings anymore. Our Family Edition has been curated perfectly to engage children between the ages of 3 and 16. This means that the entire family can be included in every game – no one has to feel left out!

When it comes to the Date Edition, we’ve gone the extra mile to keep things fresh and interesting. Celebrate a special day, an anniversary, your weekly date night, or a random Thursday with our hilariously romantic activities. This book is a lovely way to connect with your partner in new ways and learn about each other. Get to know your partner in innovative ways as you declare your love for them, compete with them in friendly games, and share some special memories together!

Special Features

Adventure book challenges

Our adventure book is packed with special features and gifts. Each book has a list of categories like ‘Discover,’ ‘Create,’ ‘Spread Joy, ‘Get Silly,’ and ‘Cook. Here’s a run-down of the epic extra features of Adventures From Scratch!

1. On-the-go Cards

One of the things we love the most these adventure book challenges is how you can take it with you wherever you go. In case you don’t want to carry the book everywhere, simply tear off an on-the-go card, and you’re good to go! These cards have lists of things to do, things to find, things to see, and things to ask each other – your road trips will never be the same!

2. Family Edition Bonus Cards

The Family Edition has special pay-it-forward cards that are perfect to share with your loved ones – and even strangers. With these cards, you can share the gift of adventure with anyone you meet. These tear-out cards can be filled with just about any adventure you choose. Then, give these cards to your family, friends, or strangers you meet (you can also mail these cards to loved ones living out of state). Challenge your friends to funny, wholesome, and exciting adventures with these cards!

3. Date Night Bonus Cards

Adventure book challenges

More often than not, you may not know how exactly to show your partner how much you appreciate them. This is where Adventures From Scratch can help. Our Date Edition has extra special features that will leave you and your partner feeling loved and cherished. The prompts cards are all you need to get the love flowing.

Reasons Why I Love You Cards

The ‘Reasons Why I Love You’ cards have a list of prompts that you can fill. These tear-out cards must be hand-written, which makes them a sweet gift to give your partner. Fill them out and leave them around the house where your partner can find them. In fact, you can leave the cards by your bedside, inside your partner’s wallet, next to their lunch, or place them in their laptop bag – brighten their day with these adorable notes!

Cascading Conversations

adventure book challenges

Use the ‘Cascading Conversations’ section when you want to have a heart-to-heart with your partner. Perfect for a lazy weekend at home, these cards have a long list of prompts and questions that you can ask your partner. Let the conversation flow as you fall in love with your partner all over again – these cards help you reconnect and spend some quality time with your significant other. We recommend switching off your devices, opening a bottle of wine, and curling up with your partner as you try this activity!

Our Adventurous Story

An adventure as epic as yours deserves to be shared. ‘Our Adventurous Story’ is a fun section in the Date Edition where you can gush about your love story. Share details and fill in the blanks as you write about how you met, how you fell in love, and your special moments. Make your love story an epic adventure as you look back fondly at how you found your special someone!

Mailed Adventures Cards

Let other couples join the fun with our Mailed Adventures cards. Challenge other couples you know to fun challenges so that you can play games, complete, and bag some bragging rights. Involve your friends in these adventures so you can have some fun together. Sharing is caring!

Adventure waits for no one! Add a dash of excitement and fun into practically any day with Adventures From Scratch. This is why this makes a great gift for your loved ones – and to yourself. Be it with your partner or your family, you can customize and improvise any event to suit your taste, budget, and comfort. This adventure book challenges you to get creative, get moving, and get questing!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Adventures From Scratch?

Finding the right adventure in this book is easy as one-two-three! Simply pick a page and scratch away. Each adventure has a special key and note that shows you the approximate time you will need, the right location, and any additional supplies. Additionally, you can tweak any activity to suit your needs.

Why are there two editions of Adventures From Scratch?

We’ve curated the perfect adventures for each occasion – date night with your partner, and family fun with your kids. Our Family Edition has activities you can enjoy with kids between ages 3 and 16, while the Date Edition is full of romance and fun!

Can I take Adventures From Scratch outside?

Yes, you can take this book wherever you want! Our on-the-go cards are perfect for fun and excitement on the move!

Adventure BookAdventures From ScratchFamily Fun

The Best Scratch-Off Family Book For You: Adventures From Scratch

Scratch off Family Book

If there’s anything you need to know about kids, it’s that they love adventure and excitement. With the past year being so unpredictable, the entire family can use some cheering up. Finding an activity that’s equally exciting for both children and adults can be quite a task – but not anymore! Adventures From Scratch: Family Edition is your one-stop interactive scratch-off family book that’s got enough and more adventures for the entire family. With more than 50 adventures across different categories to choose from, you’ll be surprised at every page. What’s more, this book can be used practically anywhere – it’s got many special features too! Here’s everything you need to know about why Adventures From Scratch is the only scratch-off family book you’ll need.

10 Reasons Why Adventures From Scratch Is The Best Scratch-Off Family Book

Scratch off family book

1. Indoor Ideas

Adventure doesn’t always have to be about heading outdoors. Sometimes, the best adventures are those enjoyed in the comfort of home, surrounded by the people you love the most. Adventures From Scratch can help you create unforgettable adventures without leaving your home. For instance, you can organize in-home talent hunts, award shows, and even Family Olympics at home. In addition, you can use cards to create and personalize your own adventures. Our hunts are designed to be inexpensive – you don’t have to splurge on supplies or go looking for them. All you need are household supplies and your family squad!

2. Outdoor Ideas

When the weather is so good that you can’t resist stepping outdoors, take some adventure with you! We’ve got a great list of outdoor activities that you can enjoy with the whole family. Be it a hike, a road trip, a drive to the grocery store, or a day out at a garden, you can take along a dash of adventure with our on-the-go cards. These activities are designed to be done on the move – they have a bunch of prompts, questions, and challenges for every family member. These prompts also have lists of things to find, to do, and to ask each other. This means that your children will never be bored outdoors. Turn every family outing into an exciting event with our outdoor adventure ideas!

3. Budget-friendly

Keeping your kids busy and occupied can get quite expensive. Finding a new, innovative adventure for the whole family every week may put a strain on your wallet. But why fret when you’ve got Adventures From Scratch to keep you company? Our scratch-off family book costs only $39.99, making it a great deal for the whole family. With more than 50 adventure ideas + extra goodies, cards, and prompts, you spend less than a dollar for every activity – now if that’s not an amazing deal, we don’t know what is!

P.S. This is the perfect gift idea, both for yourself and your loved ones!

4. More Than 50 Options

With Adventures From Scratch, this one-time purchase will have you sorted for almost an entire year! There are more than 50 hilarious scratch-off adventures to pick from, giving you one epic activity every week. Also, there are bonus challenges, cards, prompts, and goodies, promising you a surprise at every turn. These activities are divided into exciting categories and types so you can take your pick every time. Further, the events are designed to bring every family member together so that one feels left out – you’re sure to make this book a staple at every family gathering!

5. Pay-It-Forward Cards

scratch off family book

Spread love, joy, and adventure wherever you go with our special Pay-It-Forward adventure cards. These tear-off cards are designed to be shared with others. The best part is that these cards are completely customizable. Each card has a blank space that you can fill with just about any adventure idea – make them as hilarious and crazy as you want! When you’re done, you can give these cards to friends, family, or even strangers. Challenge them to some truly exciting adventures and spread some joy with these unique cards!

That’s not all. Not only does the book have tear-out adventure cards, but it also has a bunch of special postcards that you can mail to your loved ones out of state. Give your loved ones adventures in the mailbox – let them open a surprise adventure challenge!

6. Perfect for Family Game Night

Our scratch-off family book is the perfect companion for family game night or any get-together. Don’t let your family reunion get boring – there’s so much more to it than a board game! With Adventures From Scratch, you’ll never know what you’re going to get until you scratch it off. This means that every game is a surprise! 

However, you won’t be caught off-guard by any challenge. Each activity has a special key that lets you know how long it will take, what supplies you need, and other hints. With this key, you can prepare for each activity and have things ready before you scratch it off!

7. Exciting Categories

Adventures From Scratch is the whole package – we want to give you all types of adventures packed into one book. This is why we’ve divided the book into different categories. Each category has a list of adventures to choose from. There are 5+ categories to pick from, including ‘Explore,’ ‘Discover,’ ‘Get Silly,’ ‘Cook,’ and ‘Spread Joy.’ Before each adventure, just pick a category and scratch away. From a hilarious cook-off, an at-home staycation transformation, a time capsule-making contest, and an in-home talent hunt, there’s a lot to choose from!

8. Make Memories

Family time will never be the same again – with an exciting, out-of-the-box adventure that leaps off the page on every turn, you’ll be spoilt for choice with this adventure book. Besides, you can customize each activity which makes the games even more fun. Spend quality time with your children and family with these activities and games. The best part is that you can also use this book to connect with family and friends that don’t live in the same city as you. Simply pick a mailed adventure card and post it to them – you’ll be able to share the thrill of adventure with everyone you meet!

9. Perfect for children

Our Family Edition has been put together by experts and tested by families over the country. Our kid-approved, family-friendly games are perfect for children of all ages. In particular, children between the ages of 3 and 16 are bound to love these games. The fun starts with opening the book – you can pick a category, read the key, and start scratching each adventure off – you’re sure to be surprised every time. What’s more – parents are sure to love the games as much as the kids. Find a fun activity and get the games started with your kids with Adventures From Scratch!

10. Combine with Other Events

Our scratch-off family adventure book is sure to be a hit at parties and get-togethers. For your kid’s next birthday, why not give them a ticket to adventure? Open this book at your kid’s next party and watch them have an absolutely epic time with their friends. The activities can be improvised and tweaked to include more people, making it perfect for kids’ events. Additionally, you can write fun tasks on the pay-it-forward adventure cards and hand them out to your child’s friends. This means everyone gets a hilariously exciting task to do!


Psst. If you like Adventures From Scratch: Family Edition, we’re sure you’ll love the Date Edition too! Check out this epic book for more than 50 romantic, funny, wholesome, and cute challenges for you and your significant other. It has several special features, add-ons, and categories, making it the perfect birthday or anniversary gift. Thank us later!

When it comes to scratch-off family books, no one does it better than Adventures From Scratch. This family-friendly treat is a must-have for every family gathering. Get your hands on a copy today to get started on your epic journey. Adventure is only one scratch away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Adventures From Scratch a scratch-off family book?

Yes, it is! Our special interactive book is the best scratch-off family book for you because it has more than 50 adventures and bonus challenges. We’ve got on-the-go cards and other special features too!

Can I use Adventures From Scratch with my kids?

Yes, you can! Our adventures have been hand-picked for children between the ages of 3 and 16 (and their parents!) We’ve got great reviews and feedback from both parents and kids – family-friendly fun is guaranteed!

What is special about Adventures From Scratch: Family Edition?

Our Family Edition is perfect for parents and children. They are designed to involve every member of the family. There are indoor, outdoor, on-the-go, and pay-it-forward options too. You can customize every activity to suit your budget, taste, and time.

How many adventures does each book have?

Our Family Edition has more than 50 adventures to choose from, and additional bonus challenges and prompts. We also have on-the-go cards and pay-it-forward cards that you can send to family, friends, and strangers!

Adventures From ScratchDate Night

The Couple Adventure Book Everyone Needs: Adventures From Scratch

couple adventure book

We love to be in love, and there’s nothing sweeter than celebrating your love with some adventure! We’ve put together the perfect adventure book for couples to bond, laugh, and love together. Here’s why Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition is the only couple adventure book that you need – we’ve got 10 reasons (and 50 scratch-off adventures) to convince you!

10 Reasons Why Adventures From Scratch Is The Couple Adventure Book You Need

couple adventure book

1. It Brings You Closer

Nothing brings a couple closer like the spirit of adventure. Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition goes the extra mile in connecting you with your beau. Strengthen your bond with your significant other as you go on exciting dates together. Our hand-picked activities are romantic, funny, wholesome, and hilarious all at once. We’ve got special sections and features that focus on communication and love. In addition, there are prompts about milestones in your relationship, reasons why you love each other, and many more. If you’re looking to curl up in bed with your loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you, our adventure book can help!

2. It Can Be Done At Home

Relationship gurus observe that even if you share a living space with someone, you need to put in the effort to spend some active quality time with them – otherwise, your partner might end up feeling neglected and alone. If you’re not in the mood to head out for date night, but still want to spend some quality time with your partner, Adventures From Scratch has just the thing for you. From writing each other love letters to mixing cocktails for each other, this interactive book has many in-home date night ideas to spark a connection. These adventures require minimal planning and are super engaging. 

For example, an activity called ‘Ridiculous Dress’ is the perfect way to have some fun with your bae. Pick out your partner’s clothes from their closet (or head to a nearby thrift store), and make it as funny and ridiculous as you can. In fact, you can incorporate your clothes and accessories into the outfit too. Take turns to dress each other up in silly, funny clothes and post for photos together. If you feel up for it, head out to a nearby café, park, or grocery store where you can show off your sense of fashion!

3. It Has On-The-Go Cards

Head out and enjoy the outdoors as you paint the city red, hand-in-hand with your partner. You can carry Adventures From Scratch wherever you go and pick an activity for just about any place. What’s more – this couple adventure book boasts a selection of on-the-go cards that you can use with your partner. Be it a hike, a walk to the park, a run to the nearby Walmart, or a road trip, there’s something always new on the cards here. These cards contain challenges, prompts, and a list of things to see and do while on the road.

We have a host of outdoor activities too. For instance, explore your neighborhood in a whole new way as you strap on some roller skates (you can rent them or buy them too!) Dress up in fancy skating costumes that are retro-themed and roll around the block. Zoom past the park as you race your partner, laughing out loud. If you’re unsure of roller skates, start with a bike ride at the nearby park, and then try skates during the next date. Too cold to roller skate? Why not try your hand at ice skating?

4. It Has Mailed Adventures Cards

Have a friend that loves collecting postcards? Want to go on a virtual double date with a couple of friends? Adventures From Scratch has your back. This book helps you stay in touch with your friends in fun new ways. You will find a collection of mail-in adventure postcards that you can tear off from the book. Customize each challenge, enter your friends’ address, and mail these cards. Challenge your friends to hilarious adventures, record their reactions, and get set to go on a friendly couple-face-off – the winner bags bragging rights!

5. A Year’s Worth Of Date Nights

We weren’t kidding when we said that Adventures From Scratch is the only couple adventure book you’ll need. This interactive masterpiece has more than 50 scratch-off adventures to choose from, that you can use like tickets. In addition, it also boasts of on-the-go cards and other romantic special features. With indoor, outdoor, remote, and mailed-in activities to choose from, there’s something for every type of couple in this book. This means that you don’t have to break your heads about planning your date nights for an entire year – all you need to do is scratch off a new, exciting adventure every week!

6. Great Conversation Starter

Sometimes, all you need is to have a heart-to-heart with your significant other. Words of appreciation are one of the most common love languages out there, and Cascading Conversations’ is the perfect activity to do if your partner loves affirmation. This section has a list of heartfelt, wholesome, deep questions that you can ask each other. Each question builds on the other and helps you understand each other in meaningful ways. Grab a bottle of wine, play some romantic music, and let the conversation move you!

P.S. If your partner enjoys receiving meaningful gifts, getting them (and yourself) this book is a great idea!

7. Write Your Own Love Story

Falling in love is the greatest adventure of them all, which is why we love this section! In ‘Our Adventurous Story,’ you and your partner are the authors of your whirlwind romance. This fill-in-the-blank section helps you narrate the story of your relationship. From where you met, where you fell in love, how your first date was, and how great you felt after your first kiss, you can gush about your love story in this section. Remember the good times, talk a walk down memory lane, and get set to make new memories together as you enjoy this fun activity!

8. Find Out Why Your Partner Loves You

You know you love your partner, and your partner knows they love you – but wouldn’t it be nice to be serenaded and loved out loud? With this couple adventure book, you can do just that. The book has an entire section of ‘Reasons Why I Love You’ tear-out cards that you can fill with heartfelt reasons and statements. Leave them around for your partner to find or give them a jar filled with these cards. Your partner can open and read each card when they’re feeling low or needing some affirmation.

We’ll give you a hint – “I love you because you have great taste in adventure books!”

9. It’s Easy On The Pocket

Finding a date night idea that’s engaging, exciting, fun, and inexpensive all at once can be quite a task. By the time you zero in on a place and activity, you can get too exhausted to go. This is why Adventures From Scratch is a great idea. Not only does it have more than 50 ideas (plus bonus cards and goodies), but it costs a mere $39.99. This means that each date night idea costs less than a dollar!

10. It Has Adventures Of Every Kind

This adventure book has adventures of every possible type – divided under different categories like ‘Create,’ ‘Play,’ ‘Discover,’ and ‘Explore,’ you can choose the type of adventure you want. Each scratch-off adventure is accompanied by a key that will tell you how long each activity will take, how much it may cost, and what you need. This means that you can stay prepared and ready for your surprise adventure. In addition, this book is the perfect gift for a birthday or anniversary. Pick a random adventure, scratch it off with your partner, and embark on an unforgettable date to celebrate your anniversary!

Psst. While you’re at it, create your own couples’ holiday with one of our adventure ideas – you can have costumes, food, and even a theme song! Top of Form

While we can go on and on about how epic the book is, you’ll have to see it to believe it. Pick up a copy of this couple adventure book and experience the magic for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition?

The special couple’s edition has a ton of romantic and funny relationship-themed activities. From 15-minute activities to day-long events, there’s something for every type of couple here!

What special features does Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition have?

Not only does the book have more than 50 scratch-off adventures, but it also boasts of tear-out ‘Reasons Why I Love You’ cards, on-the-go cards, Cascading Conversations, and many more fun goodies!

Can I customize the activities for my anniversary?

Yes, you can! All you need is some imagination – tweak any activity to suit your budget, time, and taste. Celebrate your special day with a new adventure!

Adventures From ScratchDate Night

Best Date Book for Fun-Lovers: Adventures From Scratch

Date Book

Love is in the air, and so is adventure! Get ready to go on an adventure of a lifetime with your significant other – Adventures From Scratch is hands-down the best date book you can get your partner, and here’s why!

8 Epic Things To Do With The Best Date Book For Fun-Lovers

1. Move

Stay movin’ and groovin’ with our hilarious on-the-go adventure cards. Every road trip, hike, stroll, and grocery store run is bound to be super fun with our list of outdoor activities. Our on-the-go adventures are romantic, funny, and exciting all at once. Go around town and explore the best of your city with your significant other as you challenge each other to epic contests. If you want to take the adventure with you wherever you go, simply slip an on-the-go card in your purse or wallet. Scratch it off on the move and let the adventure begin!  

2. Say

Saying your partner you love them never gets old! Show your bae how much they matter to you by putting your feelings into words. ‘Cascading Conversations’ is a special section in our book which has a list of wholesome, deep question prompts. When it’s time for date night, dim the lights, pop a bottle of wine open, and curl up by the fireplace to talk about everything under the sun. As you share your feelings and bond with your partner, let the prompts gently guide you. Fall in love with your significant all over again as sparks fly!

3. Write

Who doesn’t appreciate a love letter? Put words to your thoughts and write a heartfelt note to your significant other with our special section. In Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition, you can find unique “Reasons Why I Love You” cards. These tear-off cards can be completely customized to your liking. The possibilities here and endless – tear them off all at once, write adorable messages on each card, and hide them around the house so your partner can look for them in a scavenger hunt. You can also place all the cards in an envelope, box, or jar and have your S/O open a new card every day. Let your partner wake up with a smile every day in anticipation of your charming love note!  

4. Do

The best adventures are the ones you share with your loved ones! What better adventure there is than the adventure of love? With this date book, you can retell your love story to the whole world. ‘Our Adventurous Story’ is a special section of the book that has various prompts and fill-in-the-blanks that help you write about your relationship. Together, you can talk, gush, and write about all the milestones of your love – from your first date, your first kiss, and every memorable moment. As you walk down memory lane, get ready to create more new memories together.

P.S. If you’re planning on popping the question to your partner, this activity would be the perfect time to get started on your marital adventure!

5. Send

Share the gift of adventure with other couples you know, with Mailed Adventures. This date book comes with special postcards that can be torn off and mailed all around the world. Each card contains a charming sketch and a special adventure challenge. Customize your challenges and mail them to your friends and relatives, wherever in the world they may be. In fact, you can also enclose some unfilled ‘Reasons Why I Love You’ cards, some candles, and other goodies as you put together a care package. Encourage some friendly competition, earn some bragging rights, and go on long-distance double dates with these postcard adventures!  

6. Choose

With Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your adventure. We have more than 50 scratch-off adventures to choose from, plus bonus cards and challenges. Each adventure is grouped under epic categories. ‘Create,’ ‘Discover,’ ‘Play,’ ‘Get Silly,’ and ‘Explore’ are a few categories to pick from. Once you decide on a category, you can narrow down your adventure with respect to the duration and supplies needed. That’s all the planning you need to do – leave the organization to us!  

Oh, and did we mention that this book was created by couples, for couples? This means that each category and each adventure is curated with love and care – you’ll never get bored of these fun activities!

7. Save

You don’t have to save up for months to go out on an epic date night with your partner. $39.99 is all you need to splurge on for a year’s worth of adventures! Our special couple date book has more than 50 adventures and bonus goodies. This means that you’ll have to spend less than an hour per adventure. When you do the math, it comes to one date night adventure every week!

Don’t waste time thinking about which movie to watch and which restaurant to go to every weekend – pick up your copy of Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition, scratch, and let the adventure get started!

8. Celebrate

Celebrate your love for each other with our unique adventures. Be it for a birthday, an anniversary or a special milestone, Adventures From Scratch can help you create some truly memorable activities. Since you can personalize and tweak every activity, these adventures are ideal for a celebration. This also means that they make great gifts for your partner. Valentine’s day, a birthday, or even a random Tuesday – surprise your partner with a thoughtful and fun gift with this date book. You’ll never look at date night the same way again!

New And Exciting Ideas!

Relationship experts agree that couples that do more new things together are more likely to stay together. Be it picking up a new hobby, learning something new, or trying something you’ve never done before, doing things together as a couple is a great way to keep things fresh and interesting. Date night doesn’t always have to be dinner and a movie – how about an exciting scavenger hunt on a hike, an evening of reading handwritten letters, or preparing for a zombie apocalypse? From the first date to the fiftieth, there’s a lot you can do with this couple adventure book!

Indoor Adventures

Here’s a sneak peek into one of our indoor adventures. Turn your home into an exotic bar and make your own cocktails for each other in ‘Come Here Often?’ Here, you’ll have to prepare a custom cocktail with your partner’s favorite ingredients and present it in the best way possible. When you’re done, serve your cocktails to each other and talk about why you chose each ingredient. Talk about what each ingredient reminds you of. If you want to improvise, you can also create one glass with trick ingredients (like vinegar, oil, or egg whites) to prank your partner. Don’t forget your secret ingredient – love!

Outdoor Adventures

Our on-the-go cards can be used on hikes and car rides – they have a list of things to do, things to see, and things to talk about. In addition, our outdoor adventures are quirky, fun, and whimsical. If you’re a fan of sci-fi, how about our Zombie Apocalypse game? Pretend you and your partner are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse – you only have five minutes to pack your stuff and head out. Once you’re done packing, head out to a safe location away from the zombies. Here, you can talk about why you picked the location, and what supplies you chose to carry. Don’t forget to pack your adventure date book!

Our date book is a great way to connect with your partner and spend some quality time together. Let the sparks fly as you rekindle your romance with our ideas. From Date 1 to Date 500, our couple-friendly book has something for all the lovebirds out there. Will you heed the call of adventure? Grab your copy of Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition?

The instructions are super simple – simply open a random page, see if the category is what you’re looking for, and scratch your way into a new adventure! Each adventure has a key with information on where the hunt will be, how long it will take, and what you will need. Take your pick with the key and let your adventure begin!

How long is each activity in Adventures From Scratch?

We believe that versatility is key. We’ve hand-picked adventures to suit every taste – our activities range from quick 15-minute adventures to day-long fun. In fact, you can customize each hunt to suit your time and budget!

Can I use Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition for indoor adventures?

Yes, absolutely! You can use this date book practically anywhere you want. There is a list of indoor, outdoor, and on-the-go adventures. Check the key to see what type of adventure it is before scratching it off!

Adventure BookAdventures From Scratch

The Ultimate Adventure Book: Adventures From Scratch

Adventure Book

When adventure calls, you have to pick up! We can’t deny that going on an adventure is super fun and exciting. But is that all there is to it? Certainly not! Psychologists agree that there’s so much more to adventure than just having some fun. A spirit of adventure is an important creative tool that releases happy hormones in your brain. This, in turn, keeps you in high spirits. This means that the more you go on adventures, the happier you’re likely to be. A break from routine keeps the brain fresh and healthy. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to go mountain climbing in search of adventure. You can find something new and exciting to do even without leaving your couch with our special adventure book – Adventures From Scratch!

1O Reasons Why Adventures From Scratch Is The Perfect Book For You

1. It’s inexpensive

Finding the adventure that is perfect for you whenever and wherever you want can be quite a hassle. While there are resources available online, nothing comes close to the comfort of a book. Besides, what if you get the urge to go on an adventure but don’t want to keep looking at your phone? This is where Adventures From Scratch comes in. Adventure doesn’t always have to come at a cost. Our books start at $39.99 and have 50 activities to choose from. This means you only need to pay less than a dollar per event – if that’s not a good bargain, we don’t know what is!

2. You can do the challenges at home

With the pandemic keeping everyone at home through most of 2020, it may be easy to get tired of staying indoors. After you’ve re-watched The Office for the fiftieth time and played your hundredth board game with your family, things can get boring and predictable. A book like Adventures From Scratch can keep things fun and interesting! Each page of the book contains a scratch-off adventure, so you’ll never know what to expect. Each adventure also has a code – you can pick activities to do from the comfort of your home. You don’t need too much prep either – the page will list every household item that you will need for each activity!

3. It involves everybody

Whether you’re looking to spark some romance in your relationship or bond with your children in innovative ways, Adventures From Scratch is the perfect book for you. There are activities for pretty much every loved one and for every occasion. Be it a cozy night at home with your significant other, a fun day at the park with your kids, a relaxing hike with your parents, or a day out with the entire family, there’s always an adventure ready for you. Find the section most suited for the occasion and get scratching!

4. You can carry it along

When you’re outdoors with your loved ones and looking for something interesting to do, look no further than Adventures From Scratch. Next time you’re at a park, garden, road trip, or even a ride to the grocery store, you don’t need to look for ways to keep yourself entertained. Simply turn a page of this book and scratch your way into some fun times. The special outdoor section has several activities you can do with your kids or your partner. Psst – you don’t need any supplies for these activities. Just the spirit of adventure will do!

5. It’s creative

Finding new ways to keep yourself and your loved ones entertained can get quite daunting. This is why Adventures From Scratch is the best bet to get your creative juices flowing. The book has a special section called ‘Create,’ where you can find exciting new activities for the whole family. Meanwhile, find artistic ways to show your partner how much you love them with a list of hilariously fun activities. Gone are the days where you’re stuck at home, glued to devices all day. The special prompts and instructions will have you moving, grooving, bonding, and laughing all at once!

6. It helps you bond with loved ones

A spirit of adventure is the perfect way to get to know your loved ones in whole new ways. Be it your first date or your fiftieth, there are always new ways to fall in love with your significant other. As your children learn and grow every day, spending quality time with the whole family is a great way to build lasting bonds. A book like Adventures From Scratch is the easiest way to find new, fun things to do. As you and your loved ones embark on an adventure together, you will be given creative tasks and activities. From cooking exciting new recipes at home to trying a new outdoor hobby together, there’s so much to choose from here!

7. There are 50 to choose from!

Adventure Book

With Adventures From Scratch, you’ll never run out of fun things to do. With 50+ adventures to choose from, there’s a new adventure almost every week. Be it for family game night, a date night idea, or a lazy Wednesday at home, you can enjoy the gift of adventure whenever you want. Besides, you can take this with you wherever you go, making it the perfect carry-on for your next road trip. This makes it a great gift idea too – your loved ones are sure to remember you as they go on their next fun adventure!

8. It’s easy to set up

We’ve gone the extra mile to create the perfect adventure book to suit all your needs. Our books have been organized and planned in a super convenient way – the first page of the book contains a key to each type of adventure and what supplies you need for each activity. This helps you stay organized so that you can conveniently plan your day. However, don’t worry – this won’t ruin the element of surprise. As you scratch off each new adventure, prepare to be met with something super creative!

9. You can pay it forward

Adventure is a gift that should be shared with everyone. This is why we’ve created a special section of pay-it-forward adventure cards. With these cards, you can share the spirit of adventure with whoever you see. Simply tear the pay-it-forward card from the book and carry it along wherever you go. When you come across someone you to spread joy to, give them the card. Here’s the best part – you can completely customize this adventure and make it whatever you want. Get super creative and challenge them to a fun activity that they’ll never forget!

10. It’s super fun!

This is the bottom line – Adventures From Scratch is sure to be unlike anything you’ve seen before. Created and crafted with love, this book is designed only for one thing – to make you fall in love with adventure, and with each other. This book will have you giggling and making memories all at once. From making some custom cocktails, writing heartfelt love-notes, making up songs, finding special leaves on a hike, and giving a stranger the gift of adventure, this book has it all. Adventure is always only a turn of a page away!

Types of Adventures

Not every adventure is built the same. We’ve put together a range of adventures spanning different categories so you can take your pick, every time. The book is divided into sections – for example, there are sections titled ‘Discover,’ ‘Get Silly,’ ‘Explore,’ ‘Cook,’ ‘Create,’ and many more. Each section has a host of adventures you can choose from. Further, our on-the-go cards can be carried with you wherever you go.

In addition, we love our book so much, we came up with two versions! There are two special editions of Adventures From Scratch – one for couples, and one for families. This helps us curate special adventures and activities for all your loved ones. Add a dash of romance to your relationship and make date night super fun with our couple-themed activities. Play new games with your kids with our Family Edition!

Fun For Families

Adventure Book

Family fun time has never been this good – get ready for a day of joy and laughter as you explore the world with Adventures From Scratch! Created by people who love adventure, this book has more than 50 activities that you can enjoy with the whole family. The book has ideas for kids of all age groups – between 3 and 16! This means that everyone in your family is sure to feel involved. This interactive book is the perfect way to get your children to fall in love with reading. They are sure to love discovering a new activity on every page.

Engage the entire family in a host of indoor and outdoor activities. Each challenge can be customized to suit your budget and comfort. Meanwhile, the on-the-go cards are ideal for adventures on the move. Show your children that sharing is caring as you use the pay-it-forward cards to spread the gift of adventure.

The book has a number of categories to suit your every mood – bake cupcakes and cookies, create new art, discover something new, and learn about each other with these adventures. Here’s a peek at what you can expect!

Conduct five rounds of the Family Olympics in your backyard – be it tug-of-war, egg toss, bucker relay, and other games! Invite your family and friends to take part in this hilarious series of games and crown a winner in the end!

If you want something indoors, transform your home into a staycation! Model each room into a fun destination, wear your vacation clothes, listen to holiday tunes, and let your imagination run wild!

Fun For Couples

Adventure Book

What sort of couple are you? The cheesy and romantic kind or the adventurous, passionate kind? Whatever kind of relationship you’re in, we’ve got something for you with Adventures From Scratch. Fall in love with your partner all over again with this unique book. Here, you can learn new things about each other in exciting new ways. Write sweet notes to each other, play games, have fun outdoors, and change date night into a day of adventure with these special activities. While you’re at it, share the love with mailed adventures – challenge other couples to hilarious date night activities with the special tear-out postcards.

Our hunts have been put together by relationship experts – you can rest assured that each adventure has been made with love and care. In addition, each challenge has a hint and a key that gives you a gist of what to do – this means that you can prepare a budget and time limit for each activity.

For example, one of our at-home activities have you pretending that the power is out in your entire house. Turn off all your devices, unplug from the world, and enjoy a night with your partner. Connect with each other, talk about everything under the stars, and wake up to the sunrise together – how absolutely romantic!

Here’s another one – you get to make up your own holiday! Celebrate your crazy, stupid love as you create a holiday for yourself and your partner. You get to choose what it’s called, what to wear, what to eat, and how to celebrate it. Dress up in fancy (or outrageously silly) clothes, eat themed food, dance, sing, and celebrate everything that you love about your partner in your special holiday!

Heed the call of adventure and pick up your copy of this epic adventure book – we’re sure that you won’t regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is special about Adventures From Scratch?

This scratch-off adventure book has more than 50 interactive adventures, gifts, and goodies for the entire family. If you’re not convinced, check out the 10 most unique features of the book!

2. Where can I use Adventures From Scratch?

You can use this book practically anywhere you want – there are special in-home and outdoor adventures. Besides, you can use it with family, friends, a partner, and even a stranger!

3. What types of adventures can I find on Adventures From Scratch?

There are categories like ‘Create,’ ‘Discover,’ ‘Cook,’ ‘Get Silly,’ and many more. Meanwhile, you can take on-the-go adventure cards for the road and pay-it-forward cards to share with strangers!

Adventure BookAdventures From Scratch

Adventures From Scratch: Successful Kickstarter

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The book is guaranteed to be delivered to you by the holidays when we reach out goal, and it will make an über thoughtful gift for any family. We received a sample book last week and were blown away- it’s looking incredible and we can’t wait to get it in your hands.  Backing this book means supporting a childhood dream and helping families all over the world bond in new, adventurous ways.

Our very first book that we received as a sample from the printer!

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What is Adventures From Scratch?


Adventures From Scratch is the ultimate way to spark your family’s sense of adventure and to lead your family into the incredible. It includes 50+ scratch off-adventures, on-the-go challenges, in-home expeditions, tear-out goodies, and so much more.

This book is designed for all families, with the challenges being the most fun for kids between the age of 3 and 16. The challenges are designed so that they can be done on any budget. 

 50+ Scratch-off Adventures 

Uncover these hidden challenges with your family! When you’re ready for an adventure, simply scratch it off (like a lottery ticket) and GO. Adventure categories include: Explore, Create, Spread Joy, Cook, Move, Get Silly, and more. Take your pick- every scratch-off adventure is packed with fun! 

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