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An amazing scratch-off family adventure

At home or on the go, your next adventure is only a scratch away.

Loved by over 6,500 families worldwide

How it

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Date activity book gift

Choose a challenge

Choose a hidden challenge using the simple key at the front of the book.

Date activity book gift

Scratch it off

Use the included scratcher to reveal your next family adventure.

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No take backs

Follow the instructions and get ready to have a blast together as a family!

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Build a stronger family

Get your family thinking, talking, connecting, and having fun. These 50+ scratch-off challenges are designed to bring your family together.

"I wasn't sure how much fun this would be when I first purchased this book. But I was so surprised how creative and easy the adventures were! I am buying more for my relatives!"

Emily G - Family Edition

Out-of-the-box family activites

No matter which challenge you choose, you’re guaranteed to discover a creative adventure unlike any other.

Learn about each other

Clever conversation prompts help your family learn more about each other and feel closer then ever.

Make incredible memories

Create a scrapbook of family memories with the included space to journal after each activity. Flip through it time after time to relive the fun.

"The scratch of this book was a great way to connect with someone - it was so enjoyable and rewarding!"

Paul V - Family Edition

What's included

55+ scratch-off adventures

On-The-Go Adventures

Mailed Adventures

Pay-it-forward Adventures

Out-of-the-box family activitiesLearn about each otherMake incredible memories

Families love us

Date activity book gift

"I have four kids and sometimes it’s really hard to find activities they will all enjoy. This book was a GODSEND to our family."

Allison W - Family Edition

Date activity book gift

"My kids’ boredom at home has been fixed since my sister bought this book for us. Such a great find!!"

Miranda C - Family Edition

Date activity book gift

"A must-have. Needed something exciting for my family and this blew us away... I hope there will be another one!"

Pam R - Family Edition

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This adventure book is designed for all families, with the challenges being the most fun for kids between the age of 3 and 16. These have been tested and approved by families with kids of all ages (and parents have had just as much fun as the kids!)
Adventures for Scratch - Family Edition includes 50+ scratch off challenges + a ton of bonus challenges. This Family Adventure Book will help your family bond for months.
Each family scratch off challenge has helpful hints next to each challenge that helps your family decide what to do. It's the key to adventure. These include the length of the challenge, supplies, and more. When you are ready scratch off the challenge & play.