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Adventures from Scratch: Friends Adventure Book

An amazing scratch off friends adventure

At-home or on-the-go, your next adventure is only a scratch away.

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This book will spark your sense of adventure. Say goodbye to the ‘ordinary’ and vow to do something different. Use the interactive friends book to bond through excitement, to make discoveries, to fuel your imagination, and to venture into uncharted friends fun territory. ...

Explore 5 types of adventures in one book
Couples Adventure Book

55+ scratch-off adventures

Uncover these hidden challenges with your friends. When you’re ready for an adventure, scratch it off (like a ticket) and go.

Couples Adventure Book

On-the-go adventures

These list things to do, things to find, and things to ask each other, making them the perfect addition to your next friends hangout!

Couples Adventure Book

Pay-it-Forward adventures

These adventures tear out of the book so you can give them away.

Couples Adventure Book

Mailed Adventures

Challenge your friends to adventures through these tear-out postcards.


  • Gift it to any friend.


  • Interactive adventures and elements engage everyone.


  • Next to each challenge are hints that help you decide what to do. It's the key to adventure.


  • With a little creativity, adventures can be adjusted to fit any budget or comfort level.

Customer Reviews
Charlie Gretta
Charlie Gretta

So much fun!

I have four kids and sometimes it’s really hard to find activities they will all enjoy. This book was a GODSEND to our family.

Allison Williams
Allison Williams

Freaking awesome

My friends and I had a blast when we opened this book on a lazy Sunday and did the golden challenge. We can’t wait to work through the rest of pages and scratch off more great adventures to do!

Emily Stevens
Emily Stevens

Better than expected

I wasn’t sure how much fun this would be when I first purchased this book. But I was so surprised how creative and easy the adventures were! I am buying more for all my friends!

Tara Willows
Tara Willows

Goodbye boredom

My weekend boredom at has been fixed since my sister bought this book for us. Such a great find!!

Brittany Bell
Brittany Bell

Just love it

This has turned into our favorite go-to. My friends want to use this book every night!

Danica Kacpura
Danica Kacpura

So happy to have this

I was excited for this but was not sure what to expect. I was actually shocked at how much fun my friends and I were having with it. I began to get sad to closer we got to finishing all the challenges!


This adventure book is designed for friends of all ages! These have been tested and approved by endless people to ensure you have the most fun possible.
Adventures for Scratch - Friend Edition includes 50+ scratch off challenges + a ton of bonus challenges. This Friend Adventure Book will help you build lasting bonds with your friends for months.
Each friends scratch off challenge has helpful hints next to each challenge that helps you decide what to do. It's the key to adventure. These include the length of the challenge, supplies, and more. When you are ready scratch off the challenge & play.