Adventures From Scratch By

Adventures from Scratch: Couples Adventure Book
An amazing scratch off date adventure

Adventures from Scratch: Couples Adventure Book
An amazing scratch off date adventure

This book is here to transform the way couples connect. Make “together” an adventure and fill your relationship with everyday excitement. Use this interactive date book to build your bond as you embrace the unexpected. It’s brimming with ready-made dates and romance-sparking adventures....

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Explore 5 types of adventures in one book.

55+ scratch-off adventures

Uncover these hidden challenges as a couple. When you’re ready for an adventurous date, scratch it off (like a ticket) and go.
Couples Adventure Book

Reasons Why I Love You Cards

These sweet cards tear out of the book so you can brighten your love’s day with a handwritten note.

On-the-go adventures

These list things to do, things to find, and things to ask each other. They guarantee that anywhere you go, you’ll have a romantic adventure to take on!

Questions, Stories, Conversations

Use our list of ‘Cascading Conversations’ questions to build your bond. Then, fill in the blanks of ‘Our Adventurous Story’ to tell your special tale.
conversations with couples

Mailed Adventures

Challenge other couples to fun and adventures through these tear-out postcards.


We can’t wait for you to discover all the goodies inside.

Crafted for adventurous couples.

The perfect present

Date activity book gift
Designed to be gifted to your favorite couple or your significant other.

Made by the experts

Couple exploring the fun and challenges of our book
Adventures created by couples that like to have fun— even after 45 years together.

Helpful Hints

Next to each challenge is a key that helps you decide what to do. It's the key to adventure.

Modify challenges

The adventure book for couples
With a little creativity, adjust any challenge for any budget or comfort level.

Customer Reviews

Nicole Harton
Nicole Harton

Very helpful

We never come up with fun date ideas ourselves. I like this activity book because it gives us fun things to do without thinking about it.

Maya Barr
Maya Barr

Totally Fun

We loved it! We needed this... We are excited for more challenges.

Ryan Drury
Ryan Drury

The perfect gift (for me!!)

This takes a ton of the stress out of planning dates. We just open our book and choose an activity! We recommend it to anyone that wants to have spontaneous fun and like trying new things.

Wendy Daly
Wendy Daly

Happily stuck at home

Being stuck at home hasn’t been so entertaining. Buy this book.

Meghan Herzen
Meghan Herzen

Worth every penny.

Was skeptical to purchase at first but I’m so happy I did! This book is exceptional cover to cover.


The challenges are made by couples for couples. Adventure categories include: Explore, Create, Spread Joy, Cook, Move, Get Silly, and more. The adventures can take you to an undiscovered trail, to your kitchen, or to your own backyard. Some will take you just 15 minutes, and some will take you all day. Don't worry, we've created a key to help you find your ideal adventure before you scratch it off. Take your pick- every scratch-off adventure is packed with fun!
Adventures from Scratch - Date Edition includes 50+ scratch off challenges + a ton of bonus challenges. This couple adventure book will help you have months of dates.
Each scratch off challenge has helpful hints next to each challenge that helps you decide what to do. It's the key to adventure. These include the length of the challenge, supplies, and more. When you are ready scratch off the challenge & play.