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The Ultimate List of Date Ideas for New Couples

Coming up with date ideas can be difficult, especially when you’re dating someone new. Try some of our 40+ date ideas for new couples.

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Are you searching for some new date night ideas to try? Are you just starting a new relationship and want to keep your significant other feeling special and having fun? We have put together the ultimate list of date ideas for new couples. You’ll find easy at-home options that require very little planning and bigger ideas that require a full day of adventures. Pick a few from this list and get them on the calendar so you can start making some beautiful memories.

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It can be tough to come up with terrific date ideas that help partners to connect while providing ample fun. With Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition, you can’t go wrong! You and your date can tackle tasks, deepen your bond, and have a blast close to home or out on the town! Enjoy conversation prompts and other elements while you make your way through this book of 50+ hidden date suggestions.

40 Date Ideas for New Couples

1. Explore together with a scavenger hunt.

A scavenger hunt can be the perfect date idea because it involves activity, working together to solve problems, and keeps you moving. You won’t be faced with any of those awkward first-date silent moments because you’ll be working together to complete the hunt. It’s a great way to explore more of your own city and find some new spots together.

Let’s Roam creates hunts in cities around the world. These highly-rated scavenger hunt tours are ready and waiting for you and your partner to tackle them! You’ll be tested with trivia as you explore the best attractions an area has to offer.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion or want something more personal, you can take a more DIY approach, or have them customize an event, and surprise your date with it. 

2. Scale walls together!

Rock climbing is a great form of exercise, plus it’s an activity where two people really need to work together for safety and to reach the top. Gyms are available all over the country and you can learn to climb together. You’ll learn how to safely manage the ropes and work together to complete the climbs. There are outdoor climbing spots for all levels as well, so once you feel comfortable with your skills and have passed some levels of training, you could try that as well. 

3. Play laser tag and arcade games.

Were you incredibly talented at Whack a Mole as a kid or Dance Dance Revolution? Head to the arcade with your date and see if you still possess those same skills to impress your partner. Laser tag is a perfect activity to bring out your youthful side. Run through obstacles and hide behind fake rocks and other decorations. You’ll have a blast chasing each other around, or playing on the same team against others. Many of the laser tag courses are located in arcades where you can spend a few hours playing some classic games and winning fun prizes for your date. It will be an absolute blast.

4. Walk through a local farmer’s market.

Farmer’s markets pop up during the warmer months all over the country. Not only do farmer’s come and sell their fresh produce, but you can find other makers and creatives selling their homemade goodies. It’s a perfect morning date. Grab coffee and walk through the market picking up your groceries for the week together. Try samples and maybe even come up with a recipe you can make together using some of the fresh fruits and vegetables you grab while you’re there. It’s a great way to explore new neighborhoods and enjoy some fresh air together while doing something healthy.

5. Get spooked at a haunted house.

During the autumn months, there are many haunted houses and other spooky spots to explore on a date night. Curl up next to each other and help conquer your fears and get into the Halloween spirit. A quick google search will tell you all the local spots. This would be perfect to mix with a trip to the pumpkin patch. You can take a hayride, pick some sunflowers, and grab the perfect pumpkin to carve up and display for the month of October. 

For more of the spooky stuff, you can also check out ghost tours in your area. If there are any famously haunted spots, you might be able to enjoy these activities even when it isn’t October. 

6. Roast marshmallows at a campfire.

Imagine an evening complete with stars, s’mores, and the perfectly-cozy fire light. A campfire is a perfect date night activity. Many beaches and parks have bonfire rings that you can take advantage of. Grab firewood and some matches along with your snacks and s’mores fixings and start a nice fire. Camp chairs and blankets are helpful to make sure you’re both comfortable. It’s a nice romantic activity that gives you tons of time to chat and get to know each other. Fresh air is never a bad idea.

7. Enjoy some friendly competition with board games.

Game night is a great date idea for new couples. You can enjoy a little competition and challenge each other a bit. Games give you something to talk about and the activity itself will help avoid any awkward silences or breaks in the conversation. You can select board games based on the time they take to complete or the interests your date has. 

Classics like Scrabble and Monopoly are known and loved by everyone. Game stores have shelves filled with two-player options, so take a trip there together! Pick out something neither of you has played before. Learning new things, like the rules to a new game, gives you a different experience as a couple than just a back and forth dinner conversation.

8. Take a day trip to a nearby city.

For a date that lasts a little longer, consider taking a road trip to a city or town nearby. You can spend the day exploring the new city and trying new places together, but you should also enjoy the road trip portion of the date as well. Each of you can share your favorite podcast or album or just spend the trip chatting and sharing some of your favorite travel memories and stories. 

No cities close by? Do a quick search for a small town or interesting historical site. The United States is large but mainly settled, so you’re never too far away from something that you can explore with a partner. Just be ready to think outside of the box a bit.

Are you a fan of renaissance paintings? Do you love walking through sculpture gardens? Maybe you’ve never actually taken the time to explore an art museum or gallery with purpose. No matter where you fall on that spectrum, looking at art together can be a really fun date idea. You can explore modern art galleries and share your opinions on each piece. What would you purchase for your own home? Do you relate to any of the paintings?

Major art museums have audio tours, guided tours, and excellent plaques that give you additional information on many of the art pieces in the museum. Take in some culture and art together and share with each other what kinds of things you enjoy most and which you do not understand. This might become your new favorite activity together, or you might decide together that it isn’t for you.

10. Try a new fitness class together.

Between yoga, pilates, CrossFit, kettlebells, kickboxing, and so many more, finding a fitness class that you can try with your date is so easy. Get those endorphins pumping and get your sweat on together. Pair this with a trip to a local smoothie spot or coffee shop, or maybe even grab an ice cold beer at a brewery depending on how you’re feeling.

Having a healthy outlet that you can do together can build a really strong foundation. You’re there cheering each other on and getting vulnerable in front of the other person. But at the same time, there is a set amount of time, so if you’re miserable, you know that it won’t last forever. Grab your water bottles and sign up for a fitness class with your date.

11. Set up a picnic date at a local park

Picnics are a romantic and classic date idea. It’s perfect for people on a budget that still want to do something special. Pack some snacks and finger foods in a basket or cooler and head to a park near you. Set up your blanket or chairs in a section that is set apart from the busier parts of the park. Enjoy a quiet afternoon together just chatting and sharing some food. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a spot with better views than you would get at even the fanciest restaurant. Just make sure you pack utensils, glasses, and napkins so you don’t make a giant mess out of your meal.

12. Plan a beach or pool day.

On hot summer days, nothing feels better than diving into the cool water. Grab your date and head to the pool or beach for the day. Bring along a volleyball to play in the sand, or blow up two inflatable floats and spend an hour or two lounging together. There are public options, but you can also rent a private space to enjoy without the yelling and giggling neighborhood children. Don’t forget sunscreen and plenty of water to stay hydrated. Grab a frozen drink after your day in the sun.

13. Take a cooking class together.

Sharpen those knives and put on your apron—a cooking class is a great date idea for new couples (and people who have been together for years.) Find a class that teaches a new cuisine you haven’t cooked before or learn how to cook some classic recipes together. Maybe you’ll even create something new by putting your styles together and you can make it again and again in the future. 

Signing up for a cooking class allows you to work together as a team and get your hands a little dirty. Not only will you walk away with new skills, but you’ll get to eat the creations you’ve made. 

14. Explore a new hiking trail.

Hiking trails come in all shapes and sizes. Even if you’ve never walked on anything other than a city sidewalk, you’ll be able to find hikes that will be fun. Check the AllTrails app or website where you can filter by distance, elevation levels, and how accessible the trails are. There are even filters to use if you want to see waterfalls, viewpoints, or lakes/ponds. 

Bring your backpacks with snacks, water, and sunscreen. If you choose a spot with a viewpoint, plan to spend some time hanging out there and resting your legs. Pull out the snacks and take some photos. Hiking just leaves you feeling accomplished and happy after the exercise and exposure to nature.

15. Share your favorite video games.

Did you grow up with Super Mario Brothers or Tetris? Many people still have their video game consoles tucked away on a shelf or in a closet. Why not pull it out for a date night idea and enjoy some nostalgic fun. We mentioned the arcade in the list above, but this is a different twist on it. Playing video games on the couch in your living room is a casual, but fun way to spend a few hours. 

Just make sure that you don’t settle in with a one-player game and fail to interact with your date the entire evening. You should make sure that you have a two-player game and take plenty of breaks to chat, grab snacks, or switch to another game. 

16. Go roller skating.

If you’ve never cruised around on roller skates, don’t worry, there’s a first time for everything. The roller rink is a classic date night and while there aren’t as many scattered throughout the country as there used to be, you don’t need the rink to try skating. Pick up a pair and lace them up. You can head to any clear sidewalks or parking lots to practice your moves. Once you get comfortable moving forward and backward, you might be able to add in some of the spins and turns that look so cool.

17. Get cozy for a movie night.

Want to plan an at-home date night? Movies are simple and easy and you can take advantage of your own TV. Stock up on some classic movie snacks like popcorn and candy. Browse the options together on Netflix or another streaming service. You can either watch a movie you’ve both already seen and share your favorite parts or try something brand new for both of you. 

Spend a little time after the movie chatting about your thoughts and maybe pick out the option for next time. Movies don’t offer much talking time, but as long as you plan to review with each other afterward, they make a great date night option.

18. Race around a go-kart track.

Go-Karting is an activity that involves small cars that you sit in and drive around a smaller track. They don’t go as fast as regular cars, but they are open so you can feel the wind as you cruise around and around. Challenge your date to a race and bet something fun—loser buys dessert! 

If water is more fun, see if you can track down a place to enjoy bumper boats, which are similar, but the activities take place in a body of water rather than on a track. 

19. Head out on horseback.

Horseback riding is a fun and unique date idea for couples. If both of you are new to this, you can sign up for a lesson or a guided tour where a professional will be alongside you for the ride. You will get the chance to meet and connect with your horse and share this incredible experience with your date. Many rides follow scenic paths in beautiful parks and nature areas. 

20. Go on a double date.

Have you gone on a few dates and things are going really well? Consider inviting friends of yours on a double date. This shouldn’t be a first date unless you’re with the couple that introduced you, but after a few dates, it’s good to introduce your date to your friends. It can help you see how they interact with other people and get a take from your friends. Just make sure that you’re open to going out with their friends as well.

21. Find the closest drive-in movie theater.

Drive-in movies are another nostalgic, old-school date idea that might not be around forever. Going to the drive-in means you can talk to each other a little more during the film without bothering people around you. You can bring in your own snacks and really set yourselves up for comfort in the car with blankets, pillows, and a reclining seat. Some people even bring camping chairs or create a lounge space in the back of a pickup truck. 

Most drive-in theaters show at least two movies each night, so check the calendar and see what is coming up that might be interesting for you and your date. Settle in for a night of movies, fresh air, and fun.

22. Laugh out loud at a comedy show.

Comedians are amazing for helping break the ice a bit and loosen up anyone who’s a little nervous by sharing laugh-out-loud stories and jokes. Comedy clubs and shows can be in tiny clubs with just a few tables or in giant arenas with thousands of people, so choose what kind of experience you want and see what’s on the schedule. Another popular option is an improv show where you see a group of people take suggestions from the audience and put on a show. You’ll get the chance to laugh together and you’ll probably get the great feeling of sore face muscles the next day from all that smiling.

23. Have a morning date with brunch.

Not everyone has a normal schedule with evenings off and some people just like to change up the time of day that they see their partners. Consider scheduling a morning date. Meet at a coffee shop or try a new brunch spot. The morning light just shines differently, so you can take a walk after you grab a quick bite and just enjoy some quality time together. Maybe even grab a newspaper and sip coffee while you work on the daily crossword puzzle.

24. Solve puzzles and find clues in an escape room!

Nothing will help you get to know someone faster than being locked in a room with them trying to escape while the clock counts down. Escape Rooms are popular for groups of all sizes, and you’ll receive clues about your specific adventure throughout your time there.

The goal is to find the way out. You’ll work together and challenge each other, but it’s tons of fun and if you escape, you’ll be able to celebrate afterward. If you don’t, you’ll probably be itching for another try.

25. Paddle around a lake.

Canoeing and kayaking are great ways to get outside and enjoy nature. Check to see if your local park system does rentals for these boats. Usually, you can rent them by the hour. Choose to share one two-person kayak or canoe, or you can each get your own. Calm lakes are great places to start, but if you’re feeling more advanced, you can also kayak in oceans and rivers. It might be better to save the hard stuff for later on when you’ve learned to rely on each other a bit more, but it’s totally up to you.

26. Stop and smell the roses at a botanical garden.

Many cities have botanical gardens or arboretums that are open to the public. These spaces are beautifully landscaped and make for a romantic place to walk and explore with a date. You’ll be treated to flowers and trees that are native to your city, plus many have indoor greenhouses with a selection of tropical flowers and plants to enjoy. There are usually concessions on the premises, so you can plan to spend a couple of hours taking in the peaceful and colorful gardens. Don’t forget your camera to snap a few photos.

27. Ride a bicycle through a new neighborhood.

Bike rides and ice cream treats make for a great date night out. Explore a new neighborhood with your date by riding your bikes there. Google maps can help navigate on the bike-friendly trails (plus help you avoid huge hills.) You can stop for dinner or even just treat yourselves to dessert at a new place. If you don’t have your own bike, you can rent e-bikes in many cities and cruise around for a great price. It’s a casual and laid-back option for a fun afternoon or evening.

28. Act like kids at an amusement park.

Do you have a local amusement park with roller coasters or other fun rides? Plan a date at the amusement park and revisit all the classics from when you were a kid. You’ll be able to pose for silly photos on the rides, win prizes for each other as a souvenir, and enjoy great snacks like cotton candy or funnel cakes. Each ride will give you the chance to laugh together and maybe help each other through the scary stuff. It’s an opportunity to make some great memories.

29. Take trivia night by storm!

Two brains are better than one. Plan a night out at a local pub or bar that offers trivia. Typically, you can play with any size team and the questions usually cover a wide array of topics. Most of the events are free to play as long as you’re enjoying something from the establishment. If you do well, you’ll even have the chance to win one of the prizes. This is a fun way to show each other what strange trivia you know and work together to beat other teams. Trivia events are usually once a week, so if you find a spot you like, you can make it a normal part of your routine.

30. Check off bucket list items together.

Want to get a little wild and do something off your bucket list for the first time? Take your partner on a crazy adventure like skydiving or bungee jumping. Of course, not everyone is going to feel comfortable diving face first out of a plane, but you might be matched with the perfect person who will sign up for these crazy activities with you. You’ll definitely have an unforgettable date no matter what wild activity you choose.

31. Create a shared playlist.

Music is an incredible connector of humans. Everyone has favorite songs that bring them back to certain times or places. There’s a reason people spend so much time picking their first dance song and what they walk down the aisle to at their wedding. Spend a few hours together with your date just talking about music. Share your favorite songs with each other and pick a few together to add to a playlist. You can really learn more about someone by listening to their favorite songs and asking about the meaning behind the music for them.

32. Schedule a Netflix binge-watch night (or weekend)!

We’ve probably all watched a show on Netflix and had the window pop up asking if we’re still watching. Binge-watching is a common practice nowadays, so why not do it with someone else? Chat with each other and see if there’s a show that you both have on your to-watch list and make a plan to watch it together. 

Maybe you watch a few episodes together on a certain night of the week. This is also a great option if you’re a long-distance couple because you can watch it at the same time using Teleparty, even if you aren’t in the same room (or even city). It’s so awesome to have someone to discuss cliffhangers and annoying characters within the moment. There are so many available choices on all the streaming platforms, so you’ll find something good to enjoy together.

33. Learn new dance steps.

You don’t have to be practicing for your wedding to go to a dance class. There are so many options available and it’s tons of fun to learn something new together and move your bodies. Ballroom dancing is a classic option, but you can also go for something a little more modern like breakdancing or hip-hop. Plus, how fun will it be to show your friends your awesome choreographed dance moves next time you’re out with them?

34. Do some stargazing.

Astronomy is a popular subject in schools because there is so much fascinating information out there about the stars, the planets, and the moon. Plan a date to do a little stargazing. You can grab some comfortable outdoor seating options and find a spot that doesn’t have too much light so you get a clear view of the night sky. Use an app, like Night Sky, to help you identify constellations and planets. 

If you live in the middle of a large city and don’t have a good way to see many stars, plan a trip to the planetarium and enjoy the shows and information sessions they offer. It’s one place where you’ll never have to worry about clouds or bad weather. 

35. Attend a wine tasting.

Wineries and vineyards provide gorgeous settings and tasty beverages, so doing a wine tasting at a local spot is a great date night option. A tasting usually includes a few small pours of wines they make. If you really love one or two, you can have a glass to enjoy at the location or you can purchase a bottle of wine and take it with you to enjoy later. 

To make a whole day out of it, you can find limos and drivers that will make sure you get around safely and have fun while you’re out. If you live somewhere that isn’t close enough to vineyards, head to a local wine store and see if they do tastings. Otherwise, you can grab a couple of small bottles and set up your own tasting or try an online course.

36. See who wins at a mini-golf course.

Grab your putters and hit the (miniature) links. Mini-golf is a perfect date activity for a nice day. A round usually takes 30-45 minutes and you can enjoy a little competition with each other. It requires very little golf skills. You need mostly luck with a little bit of coordination. Play for dessert or maybe a drink afterward to make the round more interesting. You’ll have a blast doing this together.

37. Hold hands as you glide around an ice rink.

We mentioned roller skating, but an option for the winter or colder seasons is ice skating. Head to a local rink and rent some ice skates. If either of you is new to this, you’ll be able to help each other become more comfortable on skates. Add in the appeal of a hot chocolate to warm you up after skating, or when you need a break, and it’s easy to see why this is a popular option for couples. 

38. Brave a karaoke night (and serenade each other, if you dare).

Some people have a little stage fright and others love to be center stage showing off their skills (or lack thereof). Many of us fall somewhere in the middle of that range. Karaoke can be a fun date activity if you both feel comfortable enough to get up on stage and perform. Maybe you sign up for a duet and enjoy a little liquid courage ahead of time. If you aren’t feeling brave yet, consider just going to watch other people and cheer them on while they belt their hearts out. It’s a fun night out and you might be surprised at how well you harmonize with each other naturally.

39. Cheer on a local sports team!

Are you both fans of a certain local sports team? Head to a game together and spend your date cheering for the home team. Sports games offer tons of entertainment and you’ll never run out of things to talk about. Plus, if you both love the same team, you can enjoy games together again in the future. Purchase some matching hats or scarves and get loud, maybe you’ll even find yourselves on the kiss cam.

40. Get crafty!

Similar to a cooking class or dance class, a great date option is an art class of some kind. It doesn’t need to involve formal instruction—just pick a DIY project that has a how-to video on YouTube! Paint like Bob Ross or try out a ceramics class. Anything that allows you to create things together will be a fun way to connect. Plus, you’ll likely have a souvenir of your activity afterward (even if it doesn’t quite turn out like you were hoping).

Enjoy your perfect date!

As a new couple, you’re just beginning your adventures. Make sure you’re armed with the best questions to ask so you can just focus on getting to know each other and having fun. Let us know your favorites on this list!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good romantic first date idea?

Romantic date ideas for new couples should involve a quiet place for good conversation, few interruptions, and some kind of wow factors, like the setting or the entertainment. Go stargazing or have a nice dinner with a view. Whatever you do, just focus on the person you’re with and keep the conversation flowing.

How many dates until it’s an official relationship?

There is no specific number of dates before a couple becomes official. It’s usually based on a conversation. If you’re ready to have that conversation, try one of the romantic date ideas for new couples and see if your date is on the same page as you are.

What are some fun gift ideas I can give in a new relationship?

The gift of time is always appreciated. You can give them the Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition, which is filled with 50+ date ideas that will have you constantly trying new things together. You can also plan special date nights and surprise them with the details.

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