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25 Couples’ Games and Activities to Help Pass the Time

This list of couple games and activities includes ideas for every kind of couple, from those wanting to beat boredom to those looking to add a little spice!

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For better or worse, people have been spending way more time with their significant others. This can either result in closer relationships and deeper conversations … OR tension. Usually, tension occurs when we are tired or bored. The good news is that it can often be prevented by letting loose with some couples’ games and activities. It’s always helpful to have some ideas for fun things to do, and we’ve got more than a few!

Plus, if you have been dating or married for a while, you probably need to spice things up a bit! Keeping your dating life fresh and exciting can be difficult. We all get tired of the same old Friday night date.

We think there is a little something on this list for every kind of couple, from those wanting to spice up a dull dating life to those looking to escape the winter boredom. So, let’s get to the list of the best games and activities to help you and your mate pass the hours this winter, or anytime!

25 Couple Games and Activities

1. Adventures From Scratch

Forget just one night of fun! Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition has page after page of amazing date ideas. Not only will you find romantic and adventurous date ideas from all price ranges, but you will also get a professionally designed book to document your love story in as a keepsake.

This date adventure book has over 50 date adventures plus conversation starters, “Why I Love You” cards, and mystery challenges. It even comes with portable date cards that you can stash in the car, or around the house, for a quick date when you are bored! Our experts crafted the book, some after 45 years of happily dating each other, so it’s the real deal. We know you’ll love it!

2. Table Topics-Couples Edition

Table Topics have been making incredible conversation starters for years. We loved this couples edition of Table Topics because, no matter if you are on your first date or you have been married for fifty years, you will find interesting and intimate conversations with every question card. Some questions are funny. Some are so weird, you would have never thought to ask them (which is the point), and some are just simple with the right level of provocative. It’s a fun game that you can play sitting in your pajamas. Make a full home date night of it, or just pull one out each evening for a few minutes of conversation with your SO. 

Helpful Tip: Table Topics also make a great gift idea for friends as family, as they have an edition for almost everyone! So, while you are buying for your own game night, grab a few extra as holiday gifts!

3. Bust Out the Card Deck

Ok. This one is a bit old-fashioned, but we aren’t just talking Gin and Old Maid. There are some really fun and hilarious card games out there right now. Try Exploding Kittens. This crazy game is a game of betrayal, much like Uno, except there are also goats, and well…exploding cats. It will only take a few minutes to learn, but you will play for hours. It’s hilarious, weird, and perfect for passing a boring night. Be careful, you might burn a lot of time! 

4. Go Old-School With A Classic Game

How long has it been since you played a good ole’ board game? On your next date night, break out the Monopoly, Jenga, Scrabble, or Battleship. They are all great two-player games and bring the perfect level of Nostalgia. They are for sure to give you memories of your siblings, cousins, or maybe Grandma or Grandpa, which you will inevitably share with your spouse. We often bury these memories in the back of our minds and never even tell our significant others. An old-fashioned game can be the perfect trigger for those beautiful memories and have you talking all night long.

5. Get Twisted

Twister has made a comeback in the last few years, and we can see why. There is nothing funnier than getting all tangled up with your partner and seeing who can stay on their feet the longest. Twister is usually seen as a party game, but we think it’s a great romantic game as well! You might even accidentally find some new sex positions. It’s one of our favorite date night ideas! 

6. Pull Out the Controllers

A Video Game might not sound like a romantic date night, but it can actually be a super fun way to spend an evening. Sometimes, you just need to veg out in front of the TV and do something fun. There are a ton of video games out there that are perfect two-player games, but we think Monaco is the ultimate game for couples. The whole game is set up as a two-man team. The Mastermind controls the scene, while the Thief makes the magic happen. Work together to steal from others in the cooperative play mode. Before you know it, you and your partner will be a power team,  outsmarting all the others, and taking home the booty!

7. Monogamy

If you want to take your board game skills to the next level, grab Monogamy from Amazon! Monogamy is a board game sure to spice things up! As you move your game piece around the board, you will be asked to do progressively more and more intimate tasks. Some involve kissing. Some involve drinking, and some involve removing articles of clothing. It might be one of the best couple games on the list, just make sure your roommates are out for the night, or the kids are staying the night at Grandma’s!

8. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a card game meant for the strongest of relationships. It can get weird fast! The premise is that each player will have cards with embarrassing events on them. They will be read aloud, and if you are guilty of doing what was on the card, you must declare yourself guilty, and keep the card. If you have not done the dirty deed, you can discard it. At the end of the pile, whoever has the most cards in hand is the winner (or perhaps the loser, depending on how you look at it). Either way, you are sure to laugh a lot, and you will definitely find out something about your SO that did not know, and maybe didn’t want to know!

9. Couple’s In-Home Scavenger Hunt

In-Home Scavenger Hunts for Couples from Let’s Roam are a professionally-created date night activity that can be done right at home. You will scour your own house in an assortment of games designed to spark intimate conversation and create deep belly laughs. We can guarantee you will learn more about your partner and have a blast doing it! The best part about our downloaded date nights is that they can be used any time!

10. Love Hacks

We adore Love Hacks. This perfectly curated game gives you and your partner one prompt, every week of the year. Each prompt is designed to not only spark conversation but produce direct action! Once a week, you and your SO will read the card together. It will describe the importance of the prompt to your relationship, give ideas for how to act it out, and even have one “action step,” to carry out by the end of the week. We love this because it is ongoing, speaks to all love languages, and isn’t all talk. There is action involved. Love Hacks made a great gift idea for an anniversary or wedding as well!

11. Two Truths and A Lie

We love this classic game because it is totally free. It’s simple too! When it is your turn, you tell your partner 3 statements. Two of the statements are true. One is a lie. See how well your partner knows you, and test your lying skills all at the same time! You can also turn it into a drinking game for a little extra spice. For every question they get wrong, they take a shot! Now, that could get interesting fast.

12. Off-Topic

Off-Topic is a quick-fire game where you draw a card to set the topic. Then you roll the dice to set the letter you answer must begin with. Then you fire off answers as quickly as possible and see how many you can get before the sand timer runs out. That’s only part of the fun though. After you have all turned in your answers, the debate starts. Defend your answers as best you can, nothing like a little loving competition right?!

13. I’m Bored Bingo

Head out for a date night walk with your SO. Before you go, though, write down 8 random items that you are likely to see on your walk. Then make two cards, with four squares each, and write four of the things on your card. Your partner will do the same. Then as you walk, check things off your bingo card. The first person to find all four of their things wins a back massage or whatever prize you deem acceptable!

14. Truth or Dare

Why not take it back to Jr. High for a while. Truth or Dare is an oldie, but goodie. Make it as tame or as juicy as you like. Dive deep with embarrassing truths and wild intimate dares. It makes for a fun night! If you don’t feel like you can come up with enough interesting questions on your own, you can purchase this pre-made Truth or Dare game just for couples!

15. Truth or Dare Topple Tower

If regular Truth or Dare doesn’t have enough adventure for you. Check out this Truth or Dare Topple Tower. It’s Jenga and Truth or Dare, all in one. With each block, you pull out, you get a difficult question to answer or a dare to perform. It’s a great couple game or a great activity for a friend’s game night!

16. Would You Rather?

Another freebie on the list! Sit down with your SO and begin the questions. Would you rather eat a live scorpion or sleep with your sister’s husband? You can make up any question in the world or use these Would You Rather questions to get started. Make them funny. Make them dirty. It’s all up to you. The only certain thing is that you laugh, a lot!

17. Hide and Seek Strip Tease

When you have a night alone in the house, try this adult version of the classic game, Hide N’ Seek. You know how it goes, when your partner is counting, you find your best hiding place. Here comes the Twist! After the allotted time, the seeker will set a 1-minute timer. If the seeker finds the hider within the 1-minute time frame, the hider must take off an article of clothing. If the seeker fails, the seeker must discard an item. When one person is all out of clothing, they lose! Prizes can vary, but you get where this is going! Make it even more fun by having the “rewards ceremony” at the spot where you found your partner. 

18. Lovers’ Trivia

Sit down with your love and make a list of random questions. They can be anything you like. Just make sure you make some really hard ones! Once you have your collective list, on a separate sheet of paper, each person answers the questions about themselves. After each question is answered, you will ask the question out loud, and each person will answer it about their partner this time, instead of themselves. You then compare your answers about yourself with your partner’s answer about you! You might be very surprised to see how different your answers are. It will for sure spark some conversation! Just remember to keep it light. The purpose is to get to know each other better!

19. Twenty Intimate Questions

This is another question game, that is free, which we love! It also gives you some major insight into your partner’s love language and what they need from you. The game starts with you writing down 20 questions that you wish your partner would ask you. Then you swap lists and take turns asking. It is a great way to see where you are possibly missing out on what your partner really needs from you, and a good way to spark some intimate date night convos. 

20. Get Deep

If you have ever played the Newlywed Game, Wine Barrel is kind of like that, but way deeper! These questions are for a romantic and intimate night, they are not lighthearted. However, you will for sure leave the table with a deeper understanding of your spouse or partner. If you have been together for a while, there are questions to get deep conversations going again. If you are new to each other, there are questions that will help you get to know each other faster, as these are questions you might never think to ask on your own.

21. Teach Each Other

If you have been a couple for any length of time, you probably excel at very different things. Like they say, “opposites attract.” Take your date nights and teach each other something that is important to you. Perhaps, you have grandma’s chocolate chip cookie recipe, or maybe your grandpa taught you a special way to tie a fishing lure. Whatever it is, take some time to teach your partner, and share the memories you have that go along with the skill. 

22. Have a Dance-Off

Turn on your favorite tunes. Start with something fun. Crank up the Cotton-Eye-Joe, Cha-Cha Slide, or Sexy Back, and give your SO a real show. After you show your spouse your best moves, get a bit closer. As the night advances, go on and get romantic with it. Turn on some YouTube tutorials and try your hand at the Tango or the Rumba. Who knows where it will lead? That’s all up to you! If you’re lucky, it might even end in a striptease. 

23. Puzzle Challenge

Do a puzzle with a twist! With each puzzle piece, you complete, change the topic of conversation. Set some rules before you start. NO talking about the kids. NO talking about work. NO talking about finances. Ask intimate questions and be surprised at how deep your conversations get while your mind is distracted with finding the next piece. 

24. Strip Poker

It’s an old one, but it’s still so good! All you need is a regular deck of cards and a few extra layers of clothing. For each round, of whatever version of poker you choose, the losing partner takes off a piece of clothes. It’s simple. It’s cheap, and someone ends up in the nude. What could be better?

25. Grocery Store Race

Going to the grocery store is not really at the top of anyone’s fun list. Make a necessary chore a little more bearable by turning it into a date-night competition. Make a list of grocery items. Split it up evenly, with items spread out over the store. Grab two carts, and start the race. See who can complete their list first and spend the least amount of money! It is a bit unorthodox, but you will be surprised by how much fun you have. You might even see a new side of your partner!

Closing Thoughts

We know it can be hard to think of things to do on a dull day or rainy night. Plus, staying inside during the winter causes a lot of people to have seasonal depression and just not feel like doing anything. We hope this list has given you a few new ideas to help you fight the boredom, the winter blues, and monotonous date nights. Let us know in the comments which idea sounds good to you!

For more ideas, check out these things to do to strengthen your relationship, road trip ideas, and couples’ quizzes. Keep an eye on our date night archives for more tips, activities, and relationship hacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some couple games to play when you are bored?

There are tons of great games for couples! Pull out an old-school board game, try an in-home scavenger hunt, or find activities in Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition.

What are some unique date nights for bored couples?

If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you know that date nights can get a little stale. Try an In-Home Scavenger Hunt or grab a scratch-off adventure book for tons of fun date-night ideas.

What can couples do for fun at home?

We highly recommend a scratch-off adventure book to find new ideas! You could also play couples games, do an In-Home Scavenger Hunt, or try Monogamy or Love Hacks for a fun-filled, romantic night.

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