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21 New and Exciting Things to Do With Your Spouse This Weekend

Keep that spark alive! Don’t just spend another weekend on the sofa, take a look at this list of sexy and cute things to do with your spouse!

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It’s Sunday afternoon, and this adventure blogger is binge-watching YouTube, hubby in the recliner next to her, writing about exciting things to do with your spouse this weekend. Ironic…  but perhaps, this article will inspire us all to get out there and explore. In reality, it’s a rare weekend that we aren’t out adventuring, but we also know all married couples go through ruts where they are just too busy, tired, or unmotivated to go out together.

We hope this article lights a spark for you and your spouse and reminds you of how much you love spending time together. It’s filled with some of our favorite outings as a couple. Some are creative twists on classic date ideas, and others are wild and wacky adventures that are probably out of your comfort zone, and you will likely have to do some smooth talking to convince your significant other to try. Pick one for this weekend, or save this list and try them all!

Date your spouse!

Dating your spouse is an important aspect of a healthy union, and sometimes it just takes a creative spark to get you back in the game. Speaking of games, if you and your boo are looking for creative ideas, snag Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition. When creating this handy manual, we consulted couples with forty+ years of successful relationships and asked about their favorite date night ideas, and they did not disappoint! We’ve packed this little jewel with fun activities you can do at home or on a weekend road trip. It has conversation starters, “Why I Love You” cards, and even a little scrapbook feature for you to document your adventures. Christmas is sneaking up on us, Adventures From Scratch makes a great gift for a fun couple in your life!

Stay at Home Weekends

Just because you can’t go anywhere special this weekend, doesn’t mean you can’t ramp up the creativity on your dating game. With a little ingenuity, you can leave Netflix behind and enjoy a weekend of bonding without ever leaving your cozy abode. Here are a few ideas for enjoying a different kind of weekend at home with your boo!

1. Cook together challenge.

This is no normal cooking class or at-home date night in the kitchen. Spice up a grueling daily chore by putting your survival skills to the test. The rules are, you must cook it outside, and you must make your own fire. Work together. Laugh together. Eat together. Bust out the card games. Snuggle around the fire. It’s the perfect evening with your loved one.

Here is a recommended list of supplies, but you can change it up to fit your desired level of challenge. See how creative you can get, and make it a bit tough. For instance, you can splurge on a wine tasting, but you can’t have a bottle opener.

  • Lighter or flint kit
  • One pot
  • Your choice of meal
  • Chopsticks
  • One Cup
  • Bottled Beer (no opener).

2. Backyard Olympics.

There’s nothing healthier for a relationship than a little bit of competition! Take your game night to a whole new level with your own DIY version of the hit tv show, American Ninja Warrior. Balance run down the curb or the top of your fence. Dive through hula hoop obstacles. Test your pull-up skills on a tree branch. Create an obstacle course with household items. If you have a pool, line up your pool floaties and challenge each other to cross the length of the pool without hitting the water. You get ten points for each accomplished event. The winner gets a prize. We’re sure you can come up with that part on your own… wink-wink!

3. Personality test flip flop.

Taking a personality test is a wonderful way for self-reflection, but to be honest, they are always a bit subjective. You’re answering questions about yourself, and most people manipulate them, even if by accident. Turn this traditional activity on its head by taking the test for your partner. You will answer all the questions with your partner in mind, instead of yourself. We love this practice because it lets you in on your partner’s true feelings about you, and gives you an idea of how others perceive you, from a trusted source. Beware! You need to enter this one with an open mind and kindness toward one another. Answer honestly, but be prepared to explain your answers to your spouse.

4. When was the last time?

Throw out the board games this weekend, and make your own question-and-answer game instead. “When was the last time” is a fun activity that is super easy to pull off. Each person sits down and creates a list of questions. They can be flirty, trivia-based, or thought-provoking. You will laugh. You might cry, and you will get to reminisce on some of your best memories as a couple. Here are a few suggestions to add to your question list.

  • When was the last time that I gave you goosebumps?
  • When was the last time my kiss took your breath away?
  • When was the last time that we made love in an untraditional place?
  • When was the last time you remember feeling afraid?
  • When was the last time we went on a road trip together?
  • When was the last time you had breakfast in bed?
  • When was the last time we went to a concert?
  • When was the last time you felt truly sexy?
  • When was the last time you felt like you were operating within your life’s purpose?

5. Let’s Roam indoor couple’s scavenger hunt.

For a fun thing to do on Friday night, download the Let’s Roam App and check out one of our in-home couple’s scavenger hunts. Our at-home challenges are unique and feature activities that not only provide some laughs but are specially crafted to help deepen your bond. Once you’ve tried one of our indoor activities, we know you’re going to be hooked. Good thing we have a plethora of date night packages, virtual escape rooms and game nights, and much more. Go ahead and just buy the year’s pass. We know you’re gonna love it!

6. The Every Room challenge.

Challenge your partner to a specific sex act in each room of your house. Make a game out of it by using the Spin the Wheel App. Spin one wheel for the location and a second wheel for the act. You can take turns spinning so the “prizes” are equally distributed. Spins could include a “naked massage”, in the “living room,” or your “favorite foreplay” in the “dining room.” The goal is to complete all your rooms before the weekend is over. Build a sexy playlist, pump up the speakers, and get spinning!

7. Host a couple’s challenge.

For a fun group date, invite all your buds, and challenge them to a little friendly competition. Have a cook-off to see who can make the best chili, compete in a retro video game competition, bust out the karaoke equipment, or have a poker tournament. Make sure to prepare some fun snacks for your crew and create the proper ambiance with a playlist of background music. You may consider having small prizes for the winners too!

8. Game night with perks.

Almost all board games and classic party games can be given a sexy twist. For instance, whip out the Twister mat. Instead of using just the included spinner, you will have to make an extra one for this version. Make a list of body parts, or get creative with a pinwheel graph and use a pencil as your spinner. Spin the regular Twister wheel to choose your body part, but instead of placing it on the colored dots, you will spin the pencil on your created graph for a destination on your partner’s body. So, instead of “left-hand blue,” you will get “put your left hand on her right hip.” If you really wanna make it fun, do it naked!

Twister isn’t your only option. Play strip poker or chess. Play Phase 10, with the winner of each phase challenging their partner to a sexy dare. The options are endless. Just go to your family game closet and pick your poison.

Day Trip Adventures

Sometimes a weekend at home just won’t cut it. Every once in a while, you just need to get away with your spouse. In this section, we will cover incredible journeys that you can take on a quick day trip, no messing with overnight sitters or hotels… unless of course you just want to skip the adventure and spend your day in a fancy hotel room in your home city, which is perfectly acceptable as well!

9. DIY food tour.

If food is your love language, create a bucket list of new restaurants and must-eat food items that are popular in your area. Hop in the car, and hit the road, on a foodie adventure, to explore new culinary territory without leaving your zip code. Make sure to include a food item you’ve never tried before and consider filming your food tour for a little romantic video scrapbook! Check the social media sites for your area, as well as tourism websites, to find the must-eat foods and destinations.

10. Hometown tour.

Introduce your life partner to your first home on a personalized, guided tour. Take them to your favorite childhood restaurant. Cuddle up for stargazing on your old playground. Show them where you took your first date. Go see grandma’s old house or the home you grew up in. Have a double date with an old friend, or enjoy a high school sporting event. Every town is different and has its list of must-sees, and who better to show them off than you? If your hometown is more than a day trip away, then just drop it down into the next section of full-weekend getaways.

11. Volunteer day.

Pick a passion project that you both feel strongly about and spend your Saturday giving back! Not only will it give you a renewed sense of purpose, but it’s a fun way for you and your partner to bond as well. You could wash puppies at the local animal shelter. Go shopping for non-perishables for your city’s food pantry, or just spend the day raking leaves for an elderly neighbor. Whatever you choose to do, you will accomplish it together and have some quiet time for conversation too! For a few more great ideas, check out “65 Community Service Ideas for Every Type of Volunteer”

12. Find a skinny-dipping hole.

We are willing to bet if you look hard enough, there is a secluded rock quarry, quiet beach, or isolated creek where you can take a little dip in your birthday suit together. There are almost 300 nude beaches in the United States and almost as many nudist-friendly campsites. Find a spot that feels right for you, and take a little adventure trip. There is something exhilarating and a little naughty about getting in a naked swim, in a wild environment, with your best mate.

13. Try something new.

Take this weekend to try a new activity you’ve never done together. If you’re close to a body of water, then take a surfing or sailing lesson. Go bungee jumping or skydiving. Take a horseback ride through the woods. Experience a dude ranch. If you haven’t done it, and you think you might enjoy it, then take the chance, and make it happen this weekend!

14. Enjoy an art walk in a nearby city.

Let’s Roam has created the best urban art walks in the world! That’s a big statement, but we stand by it wholeheartedly. If you love to explore a city on foot, then challenge your partner to a weekend, exploring a city near you, with one of our iconic art walks. Once you have checked off all the sites and completed all the photo challenges, then simply open your Let’s Roam App and pick a bar crawl in the same city to end your day with a bang!

15. Old photo challenge.

If you have been together long enough to have a pretty good collection of old photos, it’s time to pull them out. Scroll through old printables, Google photos, or hard drives and pick a few photos from nearby places. Then, go revisit those places and recreate your old photos. You can spend a few hours or a whole weekend hitting up your old favorite date spots, and you’re sure to rekindle some sparks by revisiting the early days of your love!

A Wild Weekend Away

Drop the kiddos and the pooches off at grandma’s, and book a weekend away, just the two of you! It’s good for the soul to take a rest from the mundane. Bask in some new surroundings, sleep in, or just enjoy the company of your spouse, without thinking about your obligations at home.

16. Unique Airbnb.

Spend a few hours on the popular booking platform and find the most unique accommodation within driving distance. Spend the weekend reconnecting in the treetops, in a fully-remodeled underground bunker, or in an old train car. Airbnb hosts have gotten pretty inventive over the years, and it might surprise you how many cool finds are out there.

Here are “The 14 Most Unforgettable Airbnbs in Arizona” to get you started. Check out the Let’s Roam Explorer Blog for Airbnbs in other fabulous destinations!

17. Join a wellness retreat.

Red Mountain Resort is in St. George, Utah, and it’s a haven for adventure seekers. This gorgeous health retreat allows you to get the rest and rejuvenation you need for a mental health reboot paired with exciting adventures to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. Fabulous meals, a stunning spa, and excellent guided workshops will help make this a weekend to remember!

18. Hit up a haunted hotel.

If you and your “boo” love a bit of a fright, then spend your next free weekend in one of America’s famous haunted hotels. Many of these spooky spots have stunning architecture, picturesque locations, and even ghost-themed activities. Try out the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. Take a ghost tour of The 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, or pop into a cruise on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.

19. Throw a dart!

For a surprise weekend getaway, spread out a map of the United States and flip a coin. The winner will be blindfolded, spun around a few times to get good and dizzy, then they will throw a dart at the map. Wherever the dart lands, you book a flight or hop in the car and head there immediately. Add to the excitement by booking all aspects of your trip as it comes. Drive by a restaurant that looks good. Stop in. See a beautiful hotel? Book a room. It’s spontaneous, and it might be just the jolt you need to put some spice back into your relationship.

20. Surprise trip.

Want an even bigger surprise? For your next long weekend, plan a trip for you and your spouse, but don’t tell them anything about it. You pick the place, pack their bags, arrange all the details, and organize activities you both will love. When they get home from work on Friday, have the car packed and everything ready to go. Your spouse will be amazed at all the work you put into surprising them with an incredible weekend, and you will get to enjoy the rewards. Plus, it’s kind of fun to plan a whole trip in secret. Just make sure your spouse doesn’t check the credit card statement!

21. A location-dependent bucket list.

Some bucket list activities are meant to be done at a specific destination. Take the next weekend to check off one on your list. You could go on a hot air balloon ride in Albequerque, get your PADI certification in Cozumel, or take a tour of Alcatraz. Whatever you have on your dream list that can be accomplished in a few days, do it! Don’t hesitate. You only have one life together. You won’t regret spending it chasing your dreams!

Closing thoughts.

We all know how important quality time with your spouse is, but the business of life often gets in the way. We get busy with work, family obligations, and household chores. When the weekend arrives, we just want to rest. We’re all guilty of it, but at some point on Sunday evening, you’re going to look at each other and think, “we should have done something fun this weekend.”

Maintaining the spark in a relationship doesn’t just happen naturally. It takes planning and dedication from both parties and a little spontaneity. Don’t make the same mistake again this weekend. Branch out. Do something different with your spouse and don’t regret another weekend spent sitting on your sofa.

If you have a special occasion coming up, check out “60 Romantic and Adventurous Anniversary Date Ideas” for a host of excellent activities that are sure to create a memorable experience for you both. Healthy conversation with your significant other doesn’t have to be tricky! Take a few tips from “52 Conversation Starters for Couples.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What do married couples do for fun at home?

You don’t have to leave home to have a romantic weekend. Fun married activities include Backyard Olympics, board games with a twist, and the Every Room Challenge.

What should married couples do on the weekend?

Marriage shouldn’t be boring! A few creative weekend ideas include a tour of your hometown, a visit to a haunted hotel, or finding a nearby skinny-dipping hole.

What do you do with your spouse when you are bored?

All relationships have their boredom ruts, spice up your weekend with Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition. It’s filled with easy and exciting adventures made for two!

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