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60 Romantic and Adventurous Anniversary Date Ideas

Whether it’s your first anniversary or your 50th, celebrate your big day in style with any one of these anniversary date ideas!

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Anniversaries are special events, but it can be so difficult to come up with the perfect anniversary date, especially if you’ve been together a while. At some point, you simply run out of creativity! But don’t worry—in this guide, we’ll hook you up with anniversary date ideas for every kind of couple! Whether it’s your first anniversary or your 50th, celebrate your big day in style with one of these romantic dates!

Anniversary Date Ideas

1. Do a surprise date!

Snag a copy of our Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition for awesome date ideas. Our books were created by dating and relationship experts, and each scratch-off date is perfectly curated for you and your partner to not only have a great time but cultivate a deeper connection.

In addition to uncovering hidden date ideas, you’ll find conversation starters, areas to document your time together, and “why I love you” cards. It‘s not just one perfect date—it’s 55 of them! And it functions as a scrapbook, too!

2. Go on a sunrise hike. 

Early birds, get up before dark and head for your favorite trail! Watching the sun come up over the mountains together with a nice breakfast is perfect! Take some champagne with you and celebrate your love (and your hiking accomplishment) with some bubbly! There are some wonderful hiking apps out there, like All Trails that can hook you up with the perfect sunrise trail. 

3. Rent a pontoon boat.

Spending a day on the lake lounging in the sun makes for a fun anniversary date. Just you and your loved one out on the open water, bobbing along all day long. You can do some fishing. Have a diving contest, take a nap, and enjoy a few beers. There’s something very refreshing about a day alone on the water! 

4. Enjoy some stargazing.

What’s more romantic than a blanket under the stars? Nothing! If you live in a dark area, grab your partner, a bottle of wine, or a few beers and climb up the roof. Spread out and enjoy the scene unfold. If you live in the city, then you’re going to have to take a little road trip. Head for darker skies, and once your find a quiet place, set up a tent for a night of incredible peace and beauty!

5. Complete a DIY project together.

Working together to complete a task is not only fun, but you get an incredible sense of accomplishment once you have tackled it! 

6. Give back.

Spend your special day giving back by volunteering for a cause important to you both. Spend your day at a dog shelter, a homeless shelter, or a wildlife rescue. What you do will depend on what NGOs are in your area, but some ideas are working at a sea turtle rescue, handing out clothes or a meal to the city’s homeless population, or volunteering as labor on a homestead or small farm. You will both renew your passion, and you’ll have plenty of good conversation for a romantic dinner, instead of just staring at each other for another night. 

7. Take a road trip.

Just you, your boo, and the open road. It doesn’t get much better than that! If you have a spirit of adventure about you, then don’t make a plan. Don’t open Google Maps, just pick a direction and see where you land! Make a road trip playlist with all your favorite jams. Roll down the windows and just enjoy being in each other’s company!

8. Go wine tasting.

For a fancy date idea, put on your best dress and head for your nearest winery or vineyard. Even most small vineyards have a tasting room, and many large wineries have custom tours that you can take to learn all about the wine-making process and get a good sampling of the product. Many of America’s wine countries like Napa, Sonoma, and the wine countries around Lake Michigan have wine trails where you can visit several wineries in a day by train, bike, or car. Many also have lovely, romantic accommodations within the vineyard, so you can make it a self-contained weekend getaway!

9. Have fun on a scavenger hunt!

For a romantic anniversary date idea that doesn’t take any planning on your part, download Let’s Roam’s adventure app and select a nearby scavenger hunt to try. If you’d prefer a romantic day or night in, select an in-home couple’s scavenger hunt! These hunts are expertly created with just the right blend of learning, bonding, and friendly competition. Whichever you choose, it’s sure to be a great time!

10. Test your knowledge with relationship trivia.

Who knows whom best? Get together with your partner and look up a list of relationship questions. Make it hard, the stuff you don’t talk about on a daily basis. Go through and answer the questions about yourself. Then, ask them to your partner and see how many they get right. It’s the perfect anniversary date idea because it lets you get to know one another better without having a bunch of boring conversations or having to think of ideas to talk about on the spot. Whether you have been together a month or 40 years, you’ll learn something about your partner with this game!

11. Have a play date.

How long has it been since you played together? Like, really played, like a kid. Head for your local park and take over the giant swings. Take a spin on the merry-go-round (if your park is awesome and still has one) and barrel down the slide. 

If it’s raining on your anniversary or valentine’s day, don’t let it ruin your date. Go out and play! Swim in the ditch full of water. Run through the mud puddles. Dance and kiss in the rain. It’s still fun, no matter how old you are. 

12. Eat brunch at your local coffee shop.

If you aren’t big on celebrating anniversaries, just grab a booth at your local coffee shop and steal an hour two away to enjoy your favorite overpriced beverage and one of those giant cinnamon rolls together. It’s a good way to catch up with each other, talk about the important stuff, and not make a huge fuss about it. 

13. Lift off in a hot air balloon ride at sunrise.

Okay, you can’t just take a hot air balloon ride anywhere, but if there is a pilot near you, do it! Popular places in the world include Albuquerque, New Mexico and Cappadocia, Turkey, but there are certainly others. It’s difficult to get more romantic than watching the sun peak over the desert. 

The pale hues of sunrise and the silence of the morning with only the comforting roar of the balloon fire is something you have to experience to understand. There is nothing quite like it!

14. Schedule a couple’s photoshoot.

Capture the moment on your anniversary with a fun couple’s photoshoot. Put on your best outfits and spend the day in a beautiful location making some new memories. You can hire a professional, or just set up your iPhone and capture your own shots. Get creative with it. Bring some costumes if you want and do a themed shoot!

15. Go ice skating on a frozen lake.

A little romance plus a little danger equals a perfect date, right? (Kidding, please don’t skate on a lake that is not known for being safe to do so.) We do not advocate a frozen death here, but if the terrain is safe, strap on your skates

16. Plan a staycation.

Staying in your hometown can truly be a romantic getaway if you plan it correctly. Book a bed and breakfast back home or in a nearby city. Make a bucket list of all the fun things to do in that city, and do them together! 

You’ll be surprised how much you learn about your home that you didn’t know. We all tend to want to escape from home when we go on vacation. So, it’s likely that you have never even done some of the things that your city is famous for. 

We are all guilty of overlooking the awesome things in our backyard. Get out and explore your city and the surrounding area. Visit the little shops, do the big tourist activities that all the strangers come in to do, or just book a cabin in the woods nearby. Go see what you can find!

17. Board a sunset dinner cruise.

There is something about a sunset sparkling off the water! The only thing that can make a beautiful sunset better is a great meal, a front-row seat, and the person you love most.

If you live anywhere near the water or have taken a romantic getaway for your vacation, book a dinner cruise. Some of the best ones have Michelin star chefs, great live music, dancing, and incredible views. Don’t think you have to be on the ocean either. Large lakes and rivers generally have dinner cruises available, and even cities like Paris, Amsterdam, and NYC have beautiful waterways to explore.

18. Take a dance class together!

Get up close and personal with a little rumba or a hot and spicy tango. Dancing with your partner is a classic mating ritual. It never goes out of style, but it’s something that we tend to neglect doing the farther into a relationship we get. Dancing is just romantic, especially if you do it well, but even if you don’t, get out on the floor. Learn a new technique together, and who knows maybe your vertical mambo will lead to a horizontal one later.

19. Share some laughs at a comedy club.

How often do you and your loved one just get in a good laugh together? A comedy show allows you to relax and enjoy the moment. Grab a stiff drink, take your seat, and let the worries of the world melt away as you enjoy the show. If it’s a good one, you’ll have plenty to laugh about on the way home. 

20. Book a couple’s massage.

A couples massage is a great anniversary gift or date idea. Treat yourselves to some pampering! This idea works especially well after an active day date like rock climbing or hiking. 

21. Netflix and chill.

There is nothing wrong with a date idea that involves pajamas. Don’t know about you, but sometimes we just don’t want to wear real pants. We wanna sit on the couch, with our favorite person, and veg out on our favorite show. A home date with a good series and a bowl of popcorn is perfect. 

To make it special, gather all the ingredients for your spouse’s favorite meal and cook it yourself. You don’t want to appear lazy, as if you haven’t put in any effort! You can always present your date idea with a new pair of comfy pajamas, because who doesn’t love new jammies?

22. Take a cooking class.

Taking a professional cooking class is way more fun than it sounds. We especially love to do this in a new culture. If you have booked an anniversary trip somewhere international, make sure to sign up for a cooking class. Not only will you get to enjoy an amazing meal, but you also get a fun time together learning something new. The chefs are usually entertaining and provide a great date night atmosphere! You also generally get to meet other amazing people and maybe you’ll even make some new travel friends.

23. Get into a game night!

Nothing builds love like a little friendly competition right? Having a game night is a fun date idea when you want something easy and laid-back. Work on a puzzle together, or bring out your favorite childhood board games. Teach your partner to play chess, or even better, get tangled up in a vintage game of twister. You are certain to end the night with a lot of laughter, assuming you don’t get too competitive that is!

If Twister isn’t your thing and you don’t own any board games, you can still have a great game night—just do it virtually! This one is perfect for long-distance couples, too, if you have the ultra-bad luck of spending your anniversary apart. Play along with just the two of you, or invite all your friends. These virtual game nights are customizable!

24. Take a romantic stroll.

How long has it been since you just took a walk together? Maybe you do every day, but for most of us, taking some time where there are no distractions, no dog, no kids, no phones, is a rarity! You might be surprised how romantic and refreshing just grabbing an ice cream with your partner and strolling along the boardwalk can be. 

Don’t live near the beach? No big deal, stroll around your neighborhood or city walking path. It doesn’t have to be a special destination, what makes this the best date is uninterrupted time with your mate, focusing on each other without distraction. 

25. Go rock climbing.

Adventurous couples, forget the boring movie dates and try out a new skill. Rock climbing has soared in popularity in the last decade, and you take a class just about anywhere. With epic indoor climbing facilities and plenty of outdoor courses popping up by the day, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a climb in your area. Just be prepared to fall in love with a new passion.

26. Hit the river!

Sometimes getting outdoors is the perfect way to spend an anniversary with your partner. A little fresh air, some awesome scenery, and a bit of a challenge remind you of why you’re such a good pair. Canoeing or kayaking your local river forces you to work together to complete a feat and gets you alone on the water for the day. Pack a lunch for a riverside picnic, and then book a night in a nice suite with a hot tub to rest those tired muscles!

27. Go old school at the drive-in.

Normally movies aren’t a great date night idea. You have to be quiet and pay attention to the movie, etc. But, a drive-in is totally different. Old-school drive-in movies have made a resurgence, and they are perfect for an easy romantic getaway. Load up the car with your favorite snacks and go. You can talk all you want in the freedom of your vehicle, or you can skip all that and hop in the back seat like a couple of teenagers. Have at it!

28. Plan a romantic picnic in the yard.

You don’t have to go anywhere to have a romantic date. Sometimes a home date is just the ticket. Grab a bottle of wine and a nice charcuterie board or your favorite takeout, and throw out a blanket. With the evening with your significant other watching the stars and feeding each other grapes. It’s an easy and budget-friendly date night that allows you to focus on each other, with no distractions.

29. Learn a new skill together.

Your anniversary is a special occasion and there is no better time to check off that bucket list item you have been meaning to learn. It works even better if one of you takes the time to share your favorite hobby or skill with the other. Teaching and learning from each other can strengthen relationships, and, sometimes, seeing your partner get passionate about their hobby rekindles a passion in you for them. Plus, they’ll be ecstatic that you finally wanna join in on their favorite pastime.

30. Try an escape room.

Escape rooms are just fun! You get to test your skills, have a little competition, and maybe watch your partner totally freak out. Escape rooms have popped up all over the country and have different themes and varying levels of difficulty. If you’re looking for a little challenge and a bit of a thrill, then you can’t beat a date night in the escape room.

31. Watch a movie that means something to you.

Been with your honey for a loooong time? Grab some takeout and spend your anniversary watching the number one movie from the year your started dating, or the day you got married. A good movie brings back memories, and it might take you right back to flutters of that first date! Plus, if it has been a long time, the cinematography, clothing, and jokes of the era might be for a laugh too. 

32. Roast some s’mores.

The crackle of a campfire creates an amazing ambiance and a romantic glow too. Whether you go camping or just build one in your backyard, a campfire is a perfect way to spend your anniversary, especially if it’s in the spring or fall. The cool night air, a few burnt marshmallows, and your favorite playlist make for a pretty perfect evening. Plus, in a few hours, you’ll both stink like smoke, so you can end the evening with a steamy dual shower.

33. Make your partner breakfast in bed.

Let your partner know you love them by getting up early and preparing their favorite breakfast. Nothing says, “I love you” like a hot, fresh coffee first thing in the morning. Except maybe, if you do the dishes too!

34. Explore your culture.

Look up a traditional meal, dance, or festival in your ancestral culture and explore it together. You’ll be surprised how many Dutch, German, Native American, Swiss, and Irish hamlets there are all over the United States. If one is close enough and you have interest, book a trip there. If not, recreate part of the culture by making a traditional meal together.

35. Throw a party!

Marriage is hard, and every anniversary is a cause for celebration. You made it another year without killing each other! Invite the family over. Bring all your friends. Celebrate in style with a cookout or crawfish boil! It’s the perfect excuse to bring together all your favorite people and celebrate your love.

36. Take a trip down memory lane.

Tell your partner you just want a chill movie night, but in secret, put together a reel of your favorite moments together. When they sit down to the movie and realize it’s a slideshow of your lives together, not only will they be touched that you put that much time and effort into your anniversary, but it will also spark so many, “oh my gosh, I remember that,” convos! It’s a great way to reminisce on your lives together and plan for many more amazing years!

37. Recreate your first date.

Take it way back to the butterflies of your first date. You must have done something right, so might as well try it again! Bonus points if you still have and can still fit in your first date outfit.

38. Enjoy an amusement park.

Who says Disney World is just for the kids? It’s actually a pretty great date day as well. Especially if you check out the foods at Epcot! Ride some rides. Eat some incredibly unhealthy food, and enjoy the fireworks over Cinderella’s castle. Disney has something for everyone, and it’s just as enjoyable for grown couples as for families. 

39. Soak at the spa.

Spa days are the best anniversary date ideas for couples with stressful jobs or just overall busy lives. Taking a day to pamper yourself and your loved one not only relieves stress but allows you to spend time together in a beautiful environment without any distractions. Plus, when you’re done, you’ll be looking and feeling your best for a beautiful night together, whatever that may entail.

40. Play strip poker.

This one’s pretty self-explanatory in the awesome date department!

41. Paint each other!

Grab a couple of cheap canvases and some acrylic paints from Hobby Lobby or your nearest art supply school and take your best shot at recreating your partner’s impeccable beauty. You may end up with two new portraits for your bedroom, or you may end up divorced. Either way, if your partner isn’t too sensitive, it makes for a great laugh!

42. Hunt for antiques.

If you and your partner love a little nostalgia, then hit up the flea markets or antique shops in your area. Look for the dishes grandma had, you know the ones with the harvest gold flowers, and those brown or green matching glass cups. Flea markets are full of incredible finds, and a trip to the clothing section is good for a few laughs too! After you buy a couple of fantastic new rockers, you can plop them on the porch and rock the evening away with a cold drink and nice sunset!

43. Close down the karaoke bar!

If you love to let loose, then take your significant other out to a karaoke bar. After a few drinks, you’ll get to see a whole other side of them, assuming you can get them on stage that is! Even if you don’t get on stage yourself. Karaoke bars are amusing. They are great places to enjoy a good drink, get a laugh in, and do some epic people-watching.

44. Share a weekend in the wilderness

Plan a short getaway with your love off the grid. Pack up the camping supplies and find a place where your cell phone doesn’t work! Hike at sunrise. Nap in the middle of the day. Swim in the creek in the afternoon. Spend the evening by the campfire. It’s refreshing to get away from everything, out in nature, with your partner and totally focus on each other!

45. Write songs for each other.

Remember the day your cell phone wrote your vows? It’s time to dust off your writing cap and renew your romance with some lyrics for your love. Whether you can carry a tune or not doesn’t matter. Just give it your best shot! Sing them to one another, or read them like a poem. Either way, it’s the perfect way to remind yourself and your partner just how much they mean to you!

46. Book a trip to your ideal location.

Sure, anniversaries can be special at home. A walk on the beach is a romantic evening anywhere, but it’s even better in the Maldives! Whatever your partner’s idea of a perfect vacation is, make it happen! Getting away together in paradise to experience something new and make new memories might be just what your relationship needs!

47. Redo your bedroom.

If your relationship needs a bit of a boost, take your anniversary to revamp your personal space. Hit up the Lowe’s and grab a sexy new paint color. Splurge on nice sheets and new bedding. Sometimes a new space can spice everything up! Plus, you get to spend the whole weekend together making something beautiful. Paint-covered makeout sessions encouraged.

48. Go skydiving!

Skydiving is not an everyday event. It’s kind of expensive, but holy cow, what a thrill. Tandem skydiving with your partner is a pretty memorable moment, and one you’re sure to be talking about for years! We hear there are some pretty epic dives in Dubai and Sydney … just saying.

49. Visit your local farmer’s market.

Farmer’s markets are not only a great place to score local fruit and veg, but they are often filled with incredible art, cultural and traditional items, and one-of-kind foot items that you can’t get anywhere else. Farmer’s markets are charming places to have a casual anniversary date.

50. Visit your local orchard.

Orchards are another great place to spend the day in nature. Plus, you get to bring home amazing fresh fruit and homemade jams. Depending on the year, you might score apples, peaches, cherries, or even pumpkins or flowers. 

Many of the larger farms have hayrides, corn mazes, or vintage games set up on the property. You can enjoy a fresh apple cider and game of cornhole, and you’ll have plenty of fresh fruit to make a homemade apple pie and ice cream at night!

51. Plant a tree.

How fun would it be to plant something together for every year of your relationship? By the time you’re old, your home or yard will be filled with beauty and memories. Make a little sign for your new plant, documenting the anniversary year. Not only will it improve your ambiance and air quality, but you can remember your adventures together every time you water your plants!

52. Go on a ghost hunt!

Are you a couple who likes to get spooked? If hauntings interest you, set off on a ghost tour. Find the closest available hunt, put on your big kid pants, and get ready for some goosebumps! Sharing the experience is bound to bring you closer, especially since you’ll probably be glued to each other the whole time!

53. Renew Your Vows

Relive the most beautiful land special day of your lives with a renewal of your vows. Most of us have some major regrets about our original wedding day. Get a second chance to do it the way you want with a vow renewal. Even better, do it in an epic location. The Na’ Pali coast of Kauai is a nice spot.

54. Upgrade your wedding rings.

Spend a day on the hunt for a new piece of bling. If you married young or your tastes have just changed, it may be time for a major upgrade in the wedding ring department. You could surprise your partner with a new one, but to make sure you both something you love this time, take the time to do it together!

55. Play your partner a special song.

If you really want to wow your love, learn to play a song that’s special to both of you on the guitar or piano. You certainly can’t learn to play on one date, but you can take lessons and get a good start! We’re sure you’ll have it down in no time.

56. Go on an art walk.

If you and your mate are art aficionados, pick a city with some spectacular street art and find it! Let’s Roam offers art walks in cities around the world. Just search this list for a town nearby, or plan a day trip to travel to the closest location. You’ll love seeking out sculptures, murals, and other public pieces and learning about the stories behind them!

57. Visit natural hot springs.

San Antonio Springs, New Mexico, Hot Springs, Arkansas, Arenal, Costa Rica, of La Ventana, Mexico. hot Springs are all over the world. They are always beautiful, always interesting, and always romantic! Load up your partner and head for the nearest hot springs hike. Many are clothing optional, so bring your swimsuit … or don’t!

58. Try tandem parasailing!

Gliding over the earth with your partner is exhilarating. Our favorite paragliding site in the world is Oyudeniz Turkey. You will take a running leap off a mountain top and glide over the world’s most stunning white coastline, mountains, and bright turquoise waters. It’s an incredible flight that you won’t soon forget!

59. Read a romance novel together.

It sounds a bit cheesy, but if you and your partner are nightly readers, spice it up with a romantic option. Take turns reading it out loud. It will either be really steamy or really funny. Either way, it makes for a good 30 minutes. Who knows, you might even get some new ideas!

60. Plan your future.

What better way to celebrate your past than to plan your future. Sit down together with a good meal. Get a vision board or pinboard and make a plan for your future goals. Discuss what you would like to see happen in your relationship. Talk about your family. Pin some pictures of things you’re saving for or looking forward to doing. 

This is not only a great date night, it’s a good way to reconnect with your partner, to get to know their current hopes and dreams. It’s also a good way to get on the same page about where life is taking you!

Closing Thoughts

Adventuring with your significant other doesn’t have to cost a ton of money or involve an elaborate plan. Although, there is certainly nothing wrong with planning a massive trip to celebrate a big anniversary. There is a time and place for both simple, romantic dates, and all-out bucket list adventures. No matter what stage you’re at in your relationship, we hope this list helped you find your perfect anniversary date! 

Let us know in the comments which of the anniversary date ideas you chose and how it went. We would love to hear your feedback!

For more date ideas, check out our other Couples articles. In addition to everyday date suggestions, you’ll find relationship advice, vacation recommendations, and more! Explore our entire blog for tons of info to help you connect with others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some at-home anniversary date ideas?

Some of the best anniversary date ideas can be done in the comfort of your own home. Try an in-home scavenger hunt, or choose an at-home couples’ challenge in Adventures From Scratch!

What is the best anniversary date for adventurous couples?

Romantic doesn’t have to be boring! There are tons of great anniversary date ideas for adventurous couples. Try a sunrise hike, go camping in the wilderness, or take a hot air balloon ride! 

What’s the best anniversary date for your first anniversary?

If you just completed your first year of marriage, you definitely have something worth celebrating.  Some great anniversary dates include rebooking your honeymoon suite or recreating your first date!

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