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Harmless Ways to Prank Your Friends (Without Them Hating You)

Knowing how to prank you friends without them hating you is an art form. With this list of fun pranks you will be armed with plenty of prank ideas.

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Practical jokes and funny pranks aren’t just for kids, adults also enjoy some mischievous fun now and then. However, it’s crucial to ensure that your pranks are amusing rather than harmful. Knowing how to prank your friends without having them hate you after is a skill. These playful prank ideas for friends and adults are perfect for some grown-up goofy entertainment.

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Harmless Ways to Prank Your Friends (Without Them Hating You)

If you’re looking for some light-hearted hoaxes to celebrate April Fools’ Day or a co-worker’s birthday, we’ve got you covered! Pranks can be fun, but it’s essential to avoid mean-spirited or wasteful tricks. Here are a few prank ideas that are sure to bring a few harmless laughs!

1. Caramel Onions

Summer street festivals and autumn fairs are renowned for their delectable caramel apples. Change the recipe some by making “caramel onions.” An enticing caramel coating on the outside tempts anyone with a sweet tooth to take a big bite. However, the moment they do, they’ll realize it’s not an apple they’re munching on, but a surprising onion! It’s a clever twist that’s sure to leave everyone amused and laughing.

2. Mailing Lists

Pranking someone by sneaking their email address onto a goofy newsletter or mailing list can be a mischievously fun and harmless trick. Imagine their surprise when they start receiving bizarre or comical updates in their inbox, totally unexpected. From quirky memes to absurd stories, the content will undoubtedly catch them off guard. While they might wonder how they ended up on such a list, it’s all in good humor and meant to bring a smile to their face. Just make sure not to overdo it or use sensitive information, as the goal is to share a laugh and not cause any discomfort.

3. Date Change

For this straightforward prank, you’ll need to target a friend who wouldn’t suspect a thing. Begin by changing the date on their computer and phone and flipping their desk calendar back a day. To add to the deception, enlist the help of your other friends or co-workers, so everyone is in on the tomfoolery and can make the prank even more convincing. With the date altered, your friend will be left scratching their head, wondering if time has suddenly jumped back a day.

4. Big Bang Birthday

Using a cake, you can create a playful surprise for the birthday boy or girl. Fill a water balloon with water and place it on a cake plate. Now, here comes the fun part – decorate the top of the water balloon with icing, just like a regular cake! Then, when it’s time for the birthday boy or girl to cut their cake with a sharp knife, a hilarious twist awaits. As they cut into the “cake,” the water balloon will burst with a loud bang, resulting in a delightful splash! Just be sure to capture the reactions on camera for some great memories! There are some great YouTube videos out there to help you with the execution!

5. Fizzy Drink Time Bombs

We’re all familiar with the fizzy reaction that Mint Mentos can create when added to drinks. Now, here’s a clever prank for your friends who love fizzy beverages. Grab an ice tray and fill it up with water, then drop a Mint Mentos into each compartment. Place the ice tray in the freezer, let the Mentos-infused ice cubes chill, and await their moment. When your friends ask for a drink, pop a few of these special ice cubes into their beverages. As the ice starts to melt, get ready for the grand finale, the Mentos reaction will cause their drinks to bubble and fizz uncontrollably, leaving them stunned and hustling for a solution.

6. Spider Toilet Paper

To create a fun and mildly spooky surprise, print out a silhouette of a spider and carefully cut it out. Now, place the spider silhouette on the toilet paper, ensuring it’s positioned to surprise an unsuspecting friend or family member. It’s a simple yet amusing prank that’s sure to bring some laughs and a touch of Halloween spirit to the bathroom. Just hope they don’t run out of the john with their pants down!

7. Zip Ties

For a clever and harmless prank, grab a budget-friendly packet of zip ties, and have some fun! Use all the ties to secure tightly a remote control, mobile phone, tablet, diary, calculator, or any item your target frequently uses. Place the cable ties from top to bottom and across the item, ensuring it’s well-covered. Once you’ve finished, put the item back exactly where you found it. When your friend or family member goes to use it, they’ll be in for a surprise when they see their beloved device all “tied up.”

8. Birthday Wishes

Pranking your friend on social media can be a hilarious endeavor! If you happen to get access to their social media accounts, change the date of their birthday. Once altered, their timeline will be flooded with birthday wishes, leaving them puzzled and amused. To make the prank even more entertaining, ask their family members or friends to join in on the fun by participating in the clowning. Your friend will be scratching their head, wondering why everyone is wishing them a “happy birthday” on the wrong day!

9. Sugar-Salt Swap

Fill your friend’s salt shaker with sugar for a good laugh, but always prioritize safety and consider your friend’s well-being. Make sure your friend can consume sugar without any adverse effects. Safety first, even when you’re having fun with pranks in PrankTown!

10. Summoned by the Boss

A straightforward yet effective plan to prank your colleague involves creating a fictional story to freak them out. You can fabricate a tale about the boss being furious for missing multiple deadlines or consistently arriving late to the office in recent weeks. Just remember to get the boss in on it.

11. Changed Phone Icons

For a good prank, if you have access to your friend’s phone, consider changing their app icons to hilarious meme pictures. If they use an iPhone, you can find dedicated apps to assist you in this endeavor. Once the icons are changed, wait for them to open their phone and experience the delightful surprise. If they don’t have an iPhone, just move their apps all around to different pages. It’s incredibly irritating but completely harmless.

12. Cracked Screen

A great prank involves buying stickers that resemble a cracked phone screen. Wait for the perfect moment when your friend isn’t paying attention, then sneakily place the sticker on their phone screen. Slide the phone back to its original position, and the prank is set! When your friend discovers the “cracked screen,” they might freak out at first, but it’s all in good fun. After they’ve had a moment of shock, reveal that it was just a joke and share a good laugh together.

13. Office Balloons

For a fun office prank, before your friend arrives at their office, fill it up with playful balloons. To add an extra element of excitement to this simple prank, hide some surprises inside the balloons, like confetti or small trinkets. The moment they step in, they’ll be greeted with a burst of fun and color! If you’re feeling really mean, you can also fill their car with shredded paper from the office or colorful balls.

14. Sleepy Time Surprise

Place something annoying under the sheets on your partner’s side of the bed. It could be some freezer packs, crinkly paper, or big bubble wrap. Get creative!

15. Texting GIF

Pull off a mischievous prank by texting your friend, telling them you have something crucial to say, and then sending them a “typing GIF.” This clever move will leave them feeling perplexed and anxious, wondering what’s going on. The punchline comes when they realize you’re just clowning around and there’s no serious news at all!

16. “I Know Your Secret”

Text prank your friend by sending them a message claiming that you know their secret. When they inquire about it, playfully refrain from replying. Watch as they become increasingly anxious and curious about what you may know. They might even spill some unexpected information in their nervousness.

17. Glitter Gal

Replace your bestie’s facial spritz or hair spray (non-aerosol) with glitter spray. Any prank involving glitter is just devilish, so prepare for backlash!

18. Office Prank Call

A light-hearted office prank involves dialing the phone number of the person in the next office whenever they step away from their desk. Just as they rush back to answer the call, hang up before they can reach it. Repeat.

19. Oreo Cookie Prank

Engage in a light-hearted prank by scraping off the filling of a few Oreo cookies and filling them with white toothpaste instead. Place the altered cookies where someone can discover them. When they take a bite, they’ll be in for a surprising moment! However, it’s important to ensure that the toothpaste used is safe for consumption and won’t cause any harm.

20. Grammar Nazi

While it may not be the most creative prank, it sure is fun. If you happen to have a Grammar Nazi friend, engage in a text conversation deliberately making use of incorrect grammar, and watch as they get increasingly frustrated. To add some humor, you can send them memes that will further irritate them.

21. Nail Polish prank

To add a fun twist to her nail polish, consider mixing in 2-3 drops of food coloring. Add red-to-red nail polish and pink-to-pink nail polish. This clever trick will make her nail color last a few days longer, even after it’s been removed! She might thank you.

22. Snake

Prank someone by using a rubber snake and some fishing line. Tie the fishing line around the snake and attach the other end of the line to the inside of a cupboard or anything that opens and closes. Set it up in a way that when they open the door or cupboard, the snake will jump out, surprising them. Alternatively, you can set it up to drag across the living room floor while everyone is watching TV!

23. Spray

A classic and hilarious prank involves sticking some duct tape on the nozzle of a kitchen sink or bathroom tap, leaving a small gap towards the front where someone is likely to stand. When they turn it on they will get soaked. It’s an old trick, but it never fails to bring a good laugh!

24. Voice Mail Mishap

For a lighthearted April Fools’ Day prank, change your phone message with a playful recording of your voice. Start with a casual “Hello,” followed by a brief pause, then add a hint of confusion with “Hello? Is anyone there??” After a moment of suspense, deliver the punchline with a cheerful “APRIL FOOLS! leave a message!

25. Sponge Brownies

For an easy prank, prepare a playful and harmless treat by making “sponge brownies.” Cut some sponge material (you can use new scrub sponges commonly used in the kitchen) into small squares. Then, creatively cover these sponge squares with frosting and add some colorful sprinkles on top. The result will look like delightful mini brownies. Ensure that the sponges are clean and unused, and only use edible ingredients for the frosting and sprinkles.

26. Tin-Foil Tricks

Creating a tin-foil office desk for your colleague may require some time and effort, but it’s a fun prank that will have everyone in stitches. Cover their entire desk and everything on it with aluminum foil or Christmas wrapping. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

27. Undrinkable Milk

The perfect prank for friends who love milk and cookies is the undrinkable milk. Prepare a deceptively delightful treat by dissolving 1 packet of plain gelatin in 1/2 cup of boiling water. Stir until it’s fully dissolved, and then add 3/4 cup of milk, 2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk, and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla. Mix everything well and refrigerate the mixture. Just before serving, place a straw in it to add to the illusion. Once your friends try to drink it, they’ll be in for a surprising and amusing moment as they realize it’s not a drink at all!

28. No Shampoo

For a playful and harmless prank, wrap some plastic wrap tightly over the top of your friend’s shampoo bottle, ensuring it covers the opening. Then, put the bottle’s cap back on, concealing the plastic wrap.

29. Bigfoot

Scare anyone with the Emergency Bigfoot gadget! This simple yet effective gadget is perfect for moments like hiking, picnics, being in the dark outside, or around a campfire. With this little gem up your sleeve, you can scare all your friends and family at the same time… efficient!

30. Cauliflowers Donuts

Looking to surprise your co-workers with a thoughtful treat? You’ll be hailed as the favorite until they open the box and discover the amusing twist. Instead of donuts, they’ll find cauliflower and other vegetables adorned with chocolate glaze and rainbow sprinkles on top. Just make sure to have some real donuts on hand to delight your colleagues after they’ve had a good laugh.

31. Fake Milk Spill

Want to pull off a hilarious prank on your friend? Fake a milk spill on their laptop using white glue and a glass surface. For this DIY you simply spill the glue on the glass surface in a manner that resembles spilled milk. Let it dry overnight, and then place the “spilled milk” glass on your friend’s laptop. To ensure easy removal, apply a bit of soap to the glass before the glue dries up.

32. Beach Towel Trick

While spending time at the beach, have some fun with a playful prank! Wait for your friend to step away for a moment, then quickly pick up their towel. Dig a shallow hole in the sand and cover it with the towel, carefully making it look undisturbed. When your friend returns and goes to sit on the towel, they’ll “fall” for your trick.

33. Favorite Item Find

Engage in a fun and light-hearted prank by borrowing a favorite item from the victim. Once you have the item, take a photograph of it in a recognizable location that is easily identifiable. When they go to the location shown in the picture, arrange it so they find another picture of the item, this time in a new location. Continue this as many times as possible!

34. Lyrically Text

Initiate a fun and entertaining conversation with your friend by texting them the lyrics of a song. The options are limitless, you could send them the heartfelt lyrics of Adele’s “Hello” or the catchy lines from “Closer” by Halsey and the Chainsmokers. It’s a playful way to bring some amusement and lightheartedness to your chat. Your friend will surely enjoy deciphering the song and joining in on the musical banter.

35. Computer Rotate

One of the best pranks for the office is utilizing the screen rotation hotkeys. Just hit Ctrl-Alt-up or down to rotate your friend’s monitor orientation unexpectedly. If you have a bit more time, you can take it up a notch by accessing the Control Panel and setting their mouse to be left-handed.

36. Sleeping Tickle

For a light-hearted and playful prank, consider applying toothpaste, shaving cream, or baby powder on your friend’s fingers and hand while they are asleep. Then, gently tickle their nose to wake them up. As they rub their eyes or scratch their nose, they’ll be in for a surprise.

37. Palms Down

Share a fun trick with your friend, telling them about an impressive balancing act. Place your hand palm-down on the table and demonstrate by balancing a full glass of liquid on the back of your hand. Playfully bet your friend that they can’t do the same, then quickly place a glass on both hands at once. As soon as they have the glasses balanced, stand up and walk away.

38. Sloth Facts

Initiate a fun and creative prank by randomly texting your friend with the message, “Thank you, Chris, for signing up for Sloth Facts.” Then, keep the amusement going by sending them fascinating facts about sloths one after the other. It’s a playful way to share some laughter and bring some unexpected knowledge about these adorable creatures. To add an extra touch of humor, you can also send them a GIF of Flash, the hilarious sloth character from Zootopia, or send the messages agonizingly slowly, one word at a time.

39. Post-It Prank

We all have that one friend who is grossed out by certain words. Fill up a Post-It pad full of gross words, and hide them all over their house. Put them in cabinets, the TP roll, and the bathroom mirror. They’ll be finding them for weeks.

40. Appliance Unplug

While your spouse or roommate is out shopping, unplug all the appliances. The stove, the microwave, the washing machine… unplug them all. See how long it takes them to figure out the problem.

Closing Thoughts

Pranking your friends and family can be a delightful way to share laughter, and strengthen bonds. However, it is crucial to approach pranks with kindness, respect, and consideration for everyone involved. Always ensure that the prank is harmless, fun, and won’t cause any harm or discomfort. Remember, the goal is to bring joy and amusement, not to hurt or offend. Be mindful of each person’s boundaries and sense of humor. A well-executed prank can bring smiles and laughter to everyone in the room. So, have fun, be creative, and cherish the moments of shared amusement with your friends and family!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I bond with a new friend?

To solidify your bond with a new friend, consider playing a harmless prank on them, or surprising them with a joint activity from Adventures From Scratch: Friends Edition!

How can I ensure my pranks are safe and not offensive?

For harmless ways to prank your friends, avoid rude, dangerous, damaging, or hurtful tricks, and always keep your audience in mind.

What are pranks to pull on your friends over text?

Great pranks to pull over text are sloth text, lyrical text, I know your secret text, and grammar Nazi text.

What are fun Office pranks?

Fun light-hearted office parks are tin-foil/wrapping paper desk, “boss wants to see you”, computer rotate prank, and office call prank.

What are fun pranks to do while camping?

Fun pranks to do while camping are the sleeping tickle prank, bigfoot prank, snake prank, and fizzy drink time bomb. Have fun with it, just make sure not to jeopardize your camping safety.

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