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Girls’ Night In: Ideas for Your Next Indoor Gals’ Gathering

Looking for fun girls’ night-in ideas? Don’t just do the usual. Check out our list of the 30 most unique ideas for your next girls’ night!

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Dreary winter nights don’t have to spoil your fun. Just move the party inside with one of these easy and fun girls’ night-in ideas! Let’s be honest—even if the weather is perfect, sometimes you just don’t want to get all dressed up and fight crowds after a long workweek. There’s a time and place for getting fancy and going out, but being able to hang with the gal pals in the comfort of your own home sounds pretty good, too. In honor of all the girls who just want to hang with your sistas without all those other people, we’ve gathered up 30 ladies’ night-in ideas for every type of crew. So grab your favorite bottle of wine, invite the besties over, and pick an activity that suits your vibe.

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30 Fun Girls’ Night-In Ideas

1. Virtual Game Night

Game night is an oldie but a goodie. If all your best gal pals are local, have an in-person get-together for board games. If not, join together for one of our virtual game nights. We have trivia, geography, emoji decoders, Pictionary, and much more. Our innovative video chat platform allows you to sign up, invite friends, pick your game, and play all night without downloading any software or messing with any video conferencing sites. For a fun night with your best friends that takes pretty much no planning, this is your winner!

2. Virtual Wine Tasting and a Comedy Show

If you’re looking for a different twist on the traditional vineyard experience but still want to wear your pajamas, a virtual wine tasting and comedy show with Sam Mushman might be just the ticket. This hilarious program from Seven Hills Global is an all-inclusive package. Once you register, they will deliver a wine-tasting kit to your home for each guest. Then, you and your crew can sit back and learn all the ins and outs of proper tasting and pairing from a professional sommelier while getting in a good laugh, too! It’s the absolute best of two worlds.

3. Virtual Cooking Class

Cooking might be the last thing you consider to be a fun girls’ night-in idea, but like anything else on the list, when done with your besties, the chore of cooking becomes a whole different ball game. You won’t just be whipping up some boring spaghetti, either. Virtual cooking classes from Cozymeal, Masterclass, or a million other programs out there are brilliant ways to spend an evening with the girls. Many of them even have a crate of fresh food items delivered to your door, so you don’t have to do any shopping!

4. Ice Cream Bar

Forget the meal; order takeout! Then, spend the night vegging out on ice cream sundaes and binging Netflix. It’s an easy, cheap, and tasty way to reconnect with the girls. Everyone can wear their PJs. Nobody needs a face of makeup. Large bowls and spoons are suggested, and the more sprinkles, the better! We can’t think of a more delectable idea than loads of ice cream for your next girls’ night.

5. Karaoke Night Upgrade

Forget the traditional karaoke party. Gather your best girls. Design your own costumes, and create a music video that YouTube and the Spice Girls would be proud of! All you need is your phone, some snazzy fits, and possibly a shot or two of tequila. This one won’t be for everyone, but with the right group of ladies, it’s a hilarious girls’ night-in idea!

6. Themed Photoshoot

If there’s a photographer or Instagram lover in your clan, document your girls’ night in pics. Select a theme, like ’90s Grunge, Princess Party, or Old Money Fits, and spend the evening styling your outfit, hair, and makeup. When everyone is ready, put on your own runway show or set up an area of your home for a themed photoshoot. Not only will you have a blast with your best friends throughout the night, but you’ll also have amazing photos to remember the evening by.

Writer Note: While this activity might sound a little amateur, I can personally attest that it’s really memorable. About ten years ago, a good friend of mine decided to have a margarita and Glamour Shots-themed bachelorette party. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Glamour Shots was a trend in the ’90s where women would go into a photo studio, get made up in over-the-top glitzy attire and makeup, and take photos.

Anyway, we all brought sequined dresses from Goodwill and ridiculous costumes. A few girls were assigned to hair and makeup, the margaritas flowed, and we scored some of the most fabulous photos that have ever been taken in the history of mankind. I can’t show you because the pictures are to be forever designated top secret, but I’ll never forget that night with my girls.

7. Spa Night

For a more relaxed evening, stop by Target and grab some face masks, scrubs, and a few manicure kits or a DIY spa night. Treat your best girls to a night of pampering, finger foods, soothing music, and chick flicks. If you’re feeling really connected, build a big blanket pallet and turn it into a sleepover.

8. Virtual Museum Tour

For a fancy night out without actually going out, join a virtual museum or art gallery tour. You can jet off to the Louvre in France, pop into the British Museum in London, or hang out at the MET in NYC, all from the comfort of your couch. Virtual museum tours are about the only good thing that came out of that whole pandemic thing.

9. Backyard Stargazing

When the weather is right and the skies are clear, head out to the roof with a picnic basket and blanket for a night of stargazing. If you’re afraid of heights, the patio will do, too. There’s no better way to connect with someone than to lie side by side and solve all the problems of the universe over wine and cheese.

10. Fight Night

If you and your best girlfriends are more of a feisty crew, consider planning a pay-per-view fight night. Boxing and UFC fights are a fun girls’ night party idea for those who love a little action. Swap the wine and cheese for chips and beer, and you’re all set!

If you’re really feeling it, invest in some gloves and have a little sparring of your own. Just don’t hit your friends in the face. For a really fun take on fight night without the bruises, turn the real fight on in the background and rent those sumo wrestling suits for a hilarious tumble in the living room. We guarantee watching your best friends smash each other in a sumo suit will be the funniest girls’ night you’ve had in a while!

11. Much-Needed Makeovers

There’s probably a fair share of us that could use a little updating, either in the clothing, makeup, or hair department… or maybe all of them! If you have some fashionista friends, invite them over for a makeover party. It’s a fun ladies’ night idea that doesn’t take any planning, and you get some much-needed style advice. It’s a win-win.

12. Virtual Escape Room

At Let’s Roam, we excel at team building, and we have loads of virtual activities to help coworkers bond and work as a team, but you can also take our activities and mold them into a bonding night for you and your besties! Our virtual escape room is the perfect example. We have several creative themes, and you can play with two players or 500 players. You will need to plan this one in advance, but it makes for a great bachelorette or birthday party idea!

13. Virtual Murder Mystery

Another awesome option for a special occasion is our Murder Mystery Night! Our team has created amazing themes, ranging from “Halloween Whodunnit” to “Murder on the Space Station.” You’ll get to engage with our outgoing hosts and participate in a fully scripted mystery where you are the sleuths. Find out which one of your besties should have been a detective and which one just might be a murderer in disguise.

14. Dreaming of Vacation

Do you and the girls take a trip each year together? If you don’t, now is a good time to institute that tradition! If your summer beach vacation is still months away, that doesn’t mean you can’t spend a winter Saturday night planning the deets. Get together with your travel crew and spend the evening eating takeout from your intended destination, finding the absolute best resorts and shopping for those adorable monogrammed swimsuits on Etsy.

15. TikTok Dance Party

TikTok has made dancing easy for uncoordinated white people the world over. So, even if you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, you and your besties can still bust a move with the best of them. Take a few minutes to find the dances you like or ones that are trending. Master the moves and post away! If nothing else, you’ll get in some good giggles, and that’s what girls’ night is all about, right?

16. Book Club

For the perfect girls’ night, invite over your quieter friends for a book club sesh. Bust out the murder mysteries, ridiculous romance novels, or a few classics and read them together. Most of us could use a little push to be more consistent readers, and having a group of friends all reading the same material can help a ton! Plus, you get to gather together for snacks and wine while you discuss this week’s chapters.

17. Chick Flick Binge

While creativity is always appreciated, there’s nothing wrong with an easy movie night with the girls, binging on your favorite rom-coms. If you have a favorite actor, gather some of their best works or pick a theme that correlates to the time of year, like Valentine’s comedies or Christmas romance flicks!

18. Backyard BBQ

Summer nights are best spent outdoors with a hamburger in hand and a little competition. Bust out the yard games. Grill some tasty game food and challenge the girls to a game of cornhole. Turn on a great playlist, pull out the ice chests, and fill them with cokes and beer. Make some homemade ice cream or stock up on popsicles. When it gets dark, gather around the firepit for s’mores. Perfect!

19. Goal Night

Okay, you don’t have the motivation to go out tonight. You can still get some important stuff done! Get a few cute pushpin boards at your hobby store and gather your besties for a night of motivation. Turn on some music that makes you feel empowered and talk about your goals for this year. What do you want to accomplish? How can you help each other get there? Having a group of dedicated friends to keep you accountable is the best way to stay on track, so spend a night sharing your goals with your BFFs, document them in a cute way, and then assign a goal partner to each guest to help keep each other motivated!

20. Card Night

Playing cards is definitely old-school. Women have been playing and gossiping about their husbands since pinochle was popular, but it’s still a fun way to bond. Sitting around a table and chatting with your best gals over a little competition is a low-key way to enjoy each other’s time. Plus, it takes little to no planning. For more updated girls’ night games, invest in Cards Against Humanity or Exploding Kittens.

21. Old-Fashioned Party Games

Speaking of games, sometimes it’s fun to get really nostalgic and bring out the board games or hilarious games you used to play as a kid. We’ve gathered all the best ideas in “25 Fantastic Party Games to Play With Friends” and “40 Fun Board Games to Play With Friends.”

22. International Dinner Night

For a unique girls’ night-in idea that celebrates cultures and allows you to travel the world without leaving your house, plan an international food night! Pick a place. Send out invites to the girls. Have everyone make a food item (or order takeout) from that destination. Make a playlist that corresponds and let the fun begin. You could also opt to have everyone chip in on ingredients and cook a meal together!

23. Themed Party

It’s amazing how adding a theme can spice up any boring activity. Attaching a theme makes it easier to plan, encourages creativity, and just seems to get people excited. For a fun girls’ night idea, think about themes you can really go all out for. Perhaps you host a Grease-themed dance party, a princess-themed photoshoot night, or a 1920s flapper cocktail gathering.

24. Charcuterie Night

Why do cheese and meat taste so much better when beautifully displayed on a fancy charcuterie board? We have no idea. It’s still basically toddler food, an adult version of Lunchables, but somehow, it feels upscale… especially if you add chocolate or beer cheese fondue!

25. Family Recipe Tasting Party

If you have a diverse group of friends, ask each girl to bring their favorite traditional family recipe and have a big potluck. Friends will likely bring a recipe that means something to them… grandma’s famous chocolate cake or a holiday tradition from their native home. Not only will you gorge yourself on tasty food, but you get to know more about your friends’ heritages and will likely share amazing memories, too.

26. Mixology Class

If you’ve always wanted to learn to make beautiful cocktails, now is the time! Classbento has more than 40 different online mixology courses, and most of them include a DIY cocktail kit that is sent right to your door. Classes include interesting drink information, a tutorial from an expert mixologist, and high-quality ingredients.

27. Clothing Swap

Are you sick of literally everything in your closet? Chances are your friends have had the same feeling lately. Gather all the clothes you’re ready to get rid of. Call the girls. Have them do the same thing. Throw it all in a pile on the floor and go shopping, for free! You can peruse at will or turn it into a game by drawing names out of a hat for a turn to choose. Then play “White Elephant” style, where friends can steal an item or pick one from the pile on their turn.

28. Teach-A-Craft Night

Crafting can be a great stress reliever after a long week. Take turns within your friend group teaching each other your favorite hobbies. Maybe one of you knows how to sew? Someone else can probably paint or draw, and we all have that one friend who knows how to build and make everything. Now is the time to learn their ways!

29. Renovation Night

Speaking of that handy friend, put her to use on that bathroom remodel you’ve been thinking about! When it comes to remodeling, the more capable hands, the better. This week, you paint your bathroom. Next weekend, you change the knobs on her kitchen cabinets. Big chores are way more fun with a little company from your besties.

30. De-stress Fest

If you’ve had a long week, peruse YouTube for a great free yoga class and invite the girls over for a de-stressing session. If you really want to go all out, you could hire a masseuse to do an in-home massage session for you and the girls to follow your workout!

Calling All the Ladies

We really do love a good night with the besties! Which one of these girls’ night-in ideas are you going to try for your next gathering with the gals? Let us know in the comments which idea sounds the most fun to you. Do you have any great ideas that have worked in the past? We would love to hear your girls’ night success stories! Drop them in the comments.

All this girls’ night stuff sounds great, but you kinda have to have friends first. If you’re struggling to make and keep adult friendships, take a few tips from “How to Make Friends as an Adult (and Why You Should!)

What about when your bestie can’t come over on Friday night? Here are a few tips on “How to Stay Connected to Your Long-Distance Best Friend.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you plan a ladies’ night at home?

It’s hard to go wrong here as long as you’re having fun with the besties. But to plan a fun girls’ night-in, choose a theme and then plan your food, attire, drinks, and activities around your theme!

How can I spice up my girls’ night?

To add a fun surprise element to your girls’ night in, get Adventures From Scratch: Friends Edition and choose from more than 50 scratch-off adventures and in-home activities!

What should we plan for girls’ night?

For a fun girls’ night in, plan a stargazing picnic or a virtual game night. You can also just keep it low-key with an international dinner and an ice cream bar!

What are some fun girls’ night-in ideas?

For a really fun girls’ night in, forget movie night and throw a TikTok dance party, take an online mixology class, or organize a planning night for your next girls’ getaway!

What do girls do on a girls’ night at home?

That depends on the girls. Some opt for pampering spa nights. Others dive into a virtual murder mystery, and still others enjoy a backyard barbecue with a firepit and smores!

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