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38 Funtabulous Girls’ Night Out Ideas

If your girls’ nights have gotten a little boring, check out our list of the best girls’ night out ideas to put some fun back in your Friday!

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There’s nothing more refreshing for the soul than a night of laughter with your best friends. If your normal outings are getting stale, you have come to the right place! We’ve gathered all the best girls’ night out ideas for you and your gal pals. From low-key wine tastings to full-on booze cruises, we have something for everyone (including non-boozy outings too). Let’s find your perfect night out!

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Funtabulous Girls’ Night Out Ideas

Finding time to spend with the girls is not always easy. After a long week of work, plus mom-ing, wife-ing, or serving in the community, everybody is tired. Even with the best of intentions, our well-laid plans with the girls often get canceled or overlooked. However, hanging with close friends has been proven by multiple studies to be beneficial for our mental and physical health, so it’s important that we all make time for belly laughing with the besties! You might find that when you do get time to hang out, nobody really planned anything, and you end up doing the same old local bar or dinner spot, which doesn’t offer much excitement or spontaneity. You deserve something better to look forward to.

Next time girls’ night rolls around, you’re going to be prepared! Read through this list. Pick your favorites and jot them down, or better yet, save the list to refer to in the future. We know how it is on Friday night. Your brain is fried, and you can’t think of good ideas. Keep this list handy and try a few of these amazing girls’ night out ideas instead of resorting to the same old same.

1. Wild out on a Let’s Roam bar crawl.

For your next girls’ night, let off a little steam by visiting the best bars in your city. Our app-led bar crawls escort you to four of the top bars and include a few fun challenges along the way to keep it interesting. Our bar crawls are the easiest night out to plan because they take no planning at all. You just download the app. Choose the crawl in your city, and follow along! It’s a budget-friendly and fun way to spend an evening with the gals.

2. Explore your local urban art.

In the summer months, when you have extra daylight and warm weather, take the time to explore your city’s urban art on a Let’s Roam urban art walk. Our experts have gathered all the best street art pieces in the world for our hunts and designed easy walking tours complete with pertinent info on all the works. If you want to see a different side of your city or just learn something about the fantastic murals you pass every day, an art walk is the perfect girls’ night out idea.

3. Hop on a food tour.

It’s Friday night. You’re hungry, right? Instead of a boring dinner at the same old chain restaurant, take the girls out on a city food tour. Most major cities have a food tour option, and they’re usually awesome. You’ll be paired with a knowledgeable guide, you’ll hit up the best restaurants in town, and often, you learn quite a lot about the traditional foods of your city. Check the tourism website for your city (usually “visit____”) or search food tours on Instagram or Google to see what your city offers.

4. Take a group cooking class.

Staying on the food theme, take your girls’ night as an opportunity to learn to cook a new meal. For some, cooking is a chore that sounds like an awful option, but when you do it together with your besties, it becomes a really fun night. You could take a virtual class on Cozymeal or Masterclass or book an in-person class at a local cooking school. If you know a private chef, hire them to come to your home so that you can cook in your pajamas.

5. Book a spa evening.

Spa days are nice, but spa nights are even better. If your town has a spa that is open late, set up a joint appointment. Get a lush facemask, a massage, or mani/pedis. You’ve likely had a long, stressful week; what could be better than a little stress relief with your bestie? After you’re feeling refreshed, retreat to one of your homes and finish the evening off with a little wine on the porch.

6. Take in a comedy show.

Most of us don’t laugh enough, not that deep down, really good belly laugh, at least. While you aren’t guaranteed to get that at a comedy show, you might. After a drink or two, they usually get funnier, so let loose a little and enjoy a night of drinks and giggles.

7. Take your gal pals on a scavenger hunt.

Group scavenger hunts are the perfect way to spend an evening with your gal pals. Our hunts are designed to provide easy fun with minimal planning and maximum bonding. We will escort you on a short trek around your city filled with funny photo challenges and tough trivia. You’ll choose the challenges that sound fun to you, learn a ton about your city, and, most importantly, get in some good quality time with the gals. We have hunts in more than 400 cities worldwide; check out all the options!

We also do custom hunts for bachelorette parties or birthday parties. You’ll be set up with one of our hunt coordinators to add in personal trivia and make the game all your own!

8. Start a book club.

If partying all night isn’t your vibe, gather the girls and start a weekly (or monthly) book club. This ladies’ night is awesome because, if we’re all honest here, the most likely deterrent to going out on the weekend is the fact that you have to put on real pants. With a book club option, you can all wear your comfy pants, messy buns, and real face. Have everyone bring an appetizer or just order takeout, and you’re good to go. It’s no muss, no fuss, and it forces you to read a little. It’s a win-win!

9. Plan an old-school sleepover.

Another fun night for the no-pants crew is to swap your girls’ night out for a girls’ night in. Do you remember how excited you were when you got to stay at a friend’s house? There would be unhealthy snacks, party games, dance parties, and juicy secrets. They’re just as fun as an adult. Binge-watch chick flicks, sing karaoke, or have a night of pampering with some DIY spa treatments. The options are endless; just choose a few activities your crew will love. If you guys have spouses and kiddos at home, you might have to get this one on the schedule pretty far in advance, but with enough determination, it’s totally doable.

10. Bust out the board games.

An old-school game night can be a lot of fun. Invite the girls over. Have each person bring their favorite game and just veg out with a few drinks and snacks. If you need a little inspiration for girls’ night games, check out “40 Fun Board Games to Play With Friends.”

11. Build a bonfire.

Weather permitting, there’s nothing more relaxing than sharing stories around a flame. Whether you use a firepit or build a giant bonfire, have the girls bring a lawn chair and some stuff for s’mores, and that’s all you need for a fun girls’ night, except maybe a perfect playlist! Just make sure you check the burn rules in your area if you’re planning on building a real fire!

12. Attempt an escape room.

Escape rooms have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. While the trend is fading a bit, that can be a good thing, as you can get in easily without much planning. The good ones are constantly changing their themes, so there’s always a new challenge. If you find that you have any brain cells left on your Friday night, an escape room can be a fun way to bond with your besties.

13. Throw axes… not at each other.

Okay, don’t actually throw them at each other. Throw them at a target. If your town has an axe-throwing facility, go there. If not, head to Lowe’s, grab some small hatchets, and head to whichever friend has the biggest (and safest) backyard. Please don’t throw axes if you have close neighbors… unless you don’t like them (obviously kidding).

14. Get crafty.

A fun idea for old friends is to have a scrapbook night. Plan it in advance and give everyone enough time to go through old photos. Get a cute scrapbook and then spend the evening working on it together. It’s a great way to reminisce over your years as friends, and you’ll no doubt end up laughing about things you didn’t even remember until you saw the pics.

15. Throw a favorite food party.

Another DIY party idea that is super easy and budget-friendly is to have each of your girlfriends bring their all-time favorite food or a favorite family recipe. Each person can make their food item ahead of time or open some wine and have a cooking party. It’s a fun way to spend time together, and you get a new favorite recipe out of the deal.

16. Plan a dinner parade.

Progressive dinners are a nice way to spend an evening, and it takes some of the cost and pressure off of the host. The problem is, it only works if you live in close proximity to each other. Ideally, you have appetizers at one person’s house, the main course at another, and then desserts and coffee or drinks at the last.

17. Visit a cabaret.

Cabaret shows are just a good time. While many would put a cabaret show in the romantic date category, others actually find them less awkward to see with friends. The costumes are beautiful. The performers are talented, and the drinks are free-flowing. Not sure what more a girls’ night needs!

18. Have a chore party.

Bear with us here. Nobody, I repeat, nobody wants to do chores, but they do have to be done. One of the many reasons that adult women don’t get together is that they just have too much to do at home. Make your necessaries way more fun by throwing on a killer dance playlist, inviting over your bestie, and tackling the chores. It’s actually way less boring to do someone else’s chores than your own, strangely. Help each other clean the blinds, weed the flower beds, or clean out the pantry. Then make your favorite cocktails and sit back and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

19. Paint each other.

Do you have any art skills? No? Great! Your paint night will be even more fun. Set up a few easels and a canvas for everyone. Draw names out of a hat and keep your name secret. Each person attempts to paint a portrait of the name they drew. Most of them will be hilarious failures, and they make for a good laugh and funny post-painting group photo.

20. Celebrate mojitos and memories.

If you have a group of friends that have been together for many years, spend the evening discussing old times. Make a dessert and coffee or your favorite cocktails and find a comfy spot around the fireplace or the dining table to reminisce. Laughing about old memories is a great way to make new ones!

21. Repeat your first hangout.

Do you remember the first time you hung out with your best friend? If you do, recreate it! Go to the same places and try sitting at the same table. See if you can fit in the same outfit if you still have it. The longer you’ve been friends, the harder this one will be!

22. Host a cultural night.

For a special evening, plan a themed party from a different culture. Have everyone bring an Indian dish or a Thai dish. Go all out with traditional clothing or just chow down on tasty international treats in your pajamas. The choice is yours. Don’t forget the appropriate playlist, and you might even do some research to see if there are any popular party or board games from the culture you chose.

23. Have a mixology contest.

Take an in-person mixology class at your local bartending school or invite the girls over to make your own cocktails. Send out a list of ingredients and have everyone chip in. You might have to have a short list of possible cocktails… unless you already have a good-sized liquor collection. Each person can choose a cocktail to make from a mixology book, or you can draw from a hat. Better yet, make it a competition and have each person create their own signature cocktail and vote for the winner!

24. Tour an art gallery or museum.

Night time in museums and art galleries is a whole different vibe. The art hits differently in the night light. They’re less crowded, and they often have special events featuring wine tastings, chats with local artists, or interactive classes. There are no herds of school children, no overloaded group tours, just a relaxing evening full of fine art.

25. Catch a ballgame.

If action is more your thing, gather your gal pals and head for the nearest major or minor league sporting venue. Live sporting events are a blast, even if you don’t really like sports. The comradery of the fans, the tasty concession stand food, and the general excitement that fills the air is intoxicating. If you don’t have anything like that in your town, get some nachos at your local high school football game and enjoy a simple evening under the lights.

26. Ride bumper cars.

Sometimes, all you need to shake off a stressful week is to ram your best friends with a car. The only way that is acceptable in polite society is in a bumper car. Head to the nearest adventure park and let out your inner child. Race go-carts. Smash in bumper cars or bumper boats. Take a few swings in the batting cage. It’s a great way to blow off steam.

27. Challenge your gals to a climbing wall.

If you’re part of an athletic clan (actually it might be funnier if you aren’t), challenge your besties to a race up a rock climbing wall. Almost all moderate-sized cities have one now, so there’s likely one within driving distance of your hometown. Loser buys drinks!

28. Take in the night skies.

There’s nothing more beautiful or relaxing than a deep conversation under a clear sky. Gather for stargazing at your local park or one of your backyards. Throw out some blankets, or if you’re brave and nimble, head up to the roof for a closer view. Maybe leave the cocktails out of this one.

Writer note: This one is a personal fave. My friends and I have had some of our most intense and meaningful conversations while stargazing at our local park. We just take a blanket and lay it out in the back of the truck or on the hillside. We take snacks and drinks and let the night unfurl. It’s simple, free, and always so enjoyable!

29. Plan a guilty pleasure night.

We all have a guilty pleasure, and if you have a really tight set of friends, you can feel safe sharing your weirdness. Whether it’s face masks and trash magazines, cleaning out your pores and binging reality TV, or whatever grossness you partake in, do it together. Sure, it’s private and might make you feel vulnerable, but we guarantee your friends are likely just as weird as you.

30. Compete in a thrift store challenge.

Set a budget that your group is comfortable with and carpool to your nearest thrift store. Challenge each other to complete the “most outrageous outfit,” a “1970s look,” or “the best man’s outfit.” No cheating; you only get to spend the max budget. Take the items back to one of your houses and have a fashion photoshoot.

31. Volunteer together.

Volunteering for a cause you love is a very rewarding experience, and it’s only more so when you share it with someone you love. Serve food at a local soup kitchen, serve in the concession stand at a community event, or bathe puppies at the homeless shelter. Most non-profits are always looking for help!

32. Create your own cupcake war.

Get creative in the kitchen with a cupcake competition. Grab a few decorating kits from your local craft or grocery store. If you’re short on time, you can prebake the cupcakes and let them cool the night before. The best part about this craft night is that the masterpieces are edible!

33. Walk your pooches.

One of the first things most tourists do when arriving at their vacation destination is get out and take a stroll, but when was the last time you took a walk around your own city? For a totally free Friday night activity, put on your best sneakers, leash up the pooches, and take a stroll around your city. We recommend you do it with an ice cream!

34. Host a backyard barbecue.

For a laid-back girls’ night out idea, fire up the grill. Bust out the pool chairs and whip up some margaritas or fresh lemonade. Put on a playlist of the Beach Boys and enjoy an evening with the girls in the backyard. Throw a white sheet on the fence and have an outdoor movie night if you have the ability.

35. Plan your next girls’ getaway.

One of the best parts of any getaway is the excitement of the research and planning phase. Set a date in your calendar for your next girls’ trip. Use your weekend nights to get together and plan. Get on Etsy and order those matching swimsuits and beach hats. Pick your hotel. Peruse the local restaurants and put them on a trip map. It will only increase the excitement and make everyone more likely to actually go through with the trip.

36. Swap sexy secrets.

Are you a guru in the bedroom, or do you need a little help? Maybe your relationship has just gotten a little boring, and you need some new trick. That’s what good girlfriends are for. Have everyone throw their favorite position or trick in the pot and draw them out. When your strip is drawn, you have to explain how to do it to all your curious gal pals.

37. Set up a book swap.

Maybe you and your crew aren’t organized or dedicated enough to have a real book club, but you can gather for an easy book swap. Everybody bring a book that you’ve finished and loved and trade them. It’s even more fun if each friend writes their thoughts or a little note in the back for the next friend to enjoy.

38. Take turns teaching a skill.

Everybody is an expert at something! Take turns on your girls’ nights, each friend leading a night and teaching the others their special skill. It could be sewing, painting, cooking, crafting, an exercise routine, or a stupid human trick. Allowing your friends to teach you something they’re passionate about allows you to see a whole new side of them and makes your bond even stronger.

Making It Happen

It doesn’t really matter what you do with your besties for girls’ night. There are a million little girls’ night out ideas you could put into action. The key is to choose one and be adamant about making it happen! Call the girls. Get it on the schedule, and resist the urge to cancel when you inevitably don’t want to wear pants that day. Some excuse will always come up, but push past it because, once you’re out with the girls, you’ll have a blast, and it will be worth the couch time you sacrificed.

What are your favorite girls’ night out ideas? Please, do share them with us in the comments!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do for a girls’ night out?

If you’re with friends you love, you can’t go wrong! But some popular girls’ night out ideas are group cooking classes, adult sleepovers, or a city scavenger hunt!

What can you do on a girls’ night in?

Sometimes, you just want to hang with your besties in your PJs. They do, too! How about having a cupcake war, competing in a mixology contest, or having a cultural dinner?

How can I make a night out more fun?

To turn up the fun on girls’ night out, add some spontaneity with a surprise scratch-off outing from Adventures From Scratch: Friends Edition. Laugh and connect all night!

How do I plan a girls’ night out?

To plan a fun girls’ night out, choose a unique, budget-friendly activity that doesn’t take much planning, like a Let’s Roam bar crawl, a bonfire night, or a book swap!

What are some unique ideas for girls’ night?

If you want a truly unique girls’ night out, have a stargazing night with deep conversation, teach each other your most impressive skill, or go axe-throwing (be careful!).

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