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The Best Gifts for Long-Distance Couples

We all know long-distance love can be tricky at times. Stay connected with this list handy of the best gifts for long-distance couples!

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There’s no denying that long-distance relationships can be tricky. But today’s gadgets and creations have given us all kinds of unique ways to stay connected while we’re apart. Whether you’re part of a couple like this or purchasing a gift for a couple you know well, we’ve put together a list of the best gifts for long-distance couples to make the shopping process a bit easier. 

Whether you’re looking for Christmas gift guides, a Valentine’s Day gift, or even options for fun anniversary gifts, there’s something on this list for every long-distance relationship. Keep it light and fun for couples that haven’t been dating long or find something much more memorable for the long-haul couples that might be separated due to military deployments or other circumstances. Enjoy scrolling through the list and finding something that you know the recipient will appreciate.

Adventure Book will bring you closer!

Don’t let the energy drop just because you’re apart. Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition will help you put a little va-va-voom back into your together-time. Our dedicated crew of adventure experts teamed up with long-term couples to discover some of the secrets of what keeps relationships happy and keen. The result is this creative, funny, and emotional book that comes with conversation starters, an adventure journal, “Why I love you” cards, and an organizational key that can help you choose your perfect date, even when you’re apart!

Keepsakes for Long-Distance Couples to Lock In Memories

This category of gift ideas is perfect for those couples who have been together for a while and have created tons of incredible memories together. Sometimes it’s nice to be surrounded by some of those special moments with fun and unique items. Start with these for a few ideas.

Photo Books

A photo book is a great memento that is easy to make and super customizable. Pick a fun vacation or a period of time and put the photos together using a template available on your chosen photo website. Shutterfly and Snapfish are popular choices because of their user-friendly websites and great pricing structures. You can order books of all sizes and shapes, so if you can’t narrow down the photo choices, there will be something to accommodate a large quantity. Some people add some notes and memories along with the photos as well. 


Long gone are the days of recording your favorite songs on the radio using a cassette tape, but that doesn’t mean the idea of making a mixtape has gone away. Now, you can use apps like Spotify to create a playlist for your loved one. It’s quick and simple but can be packed with special meaning. If you want something tangible for your loved one to open, take advantage of cool wooden tapes from Etsy that have a QR code that just needs to be scanned to get to the playlist easily.

Digital Photo Frame

Is your loved one someone that struggles to pick out which photos you want to display in frames around your home? One of the best-personalized gifts you can pick up for them is a digital photo frame. These frames are loaded with tons of photos and constantly display them as a slideshow. Choose the size and style you like. With technological advances, some options allow you to add new photos without plugging into the frame so you can update photos as a surprise in the future for the special person in your life.

A Customized Reel Viewer

Suppose you’re looking for a great gift to make a fun conversation starter, order a custom reel viewer. This fun blast from the past childhood toy is loaded with a few photos inside of the plastic viewfinder. Hold it up to the light and look inside to see your memories. You can send new reels for future special occasions as well. 

Another similar option is the Photo Flashlight. This fun little gift works as a mini projector throwing images up on the wall using the light from a flashlight. It works in a similar way with a reel that you can click through to see your custom images float on the wall in a much larger size. Both of these gifts are fun ways to share photos and memories and enjoy the nostalgia of these old-school toys.

Keepster Books

Are most of your communications done via text? Do you send hilarious jokes and special things that think of each other? Keepster Books are an extra special to gather up all of those texts and put them into a keepsake book. These books can pull from iMessages, Whatsapp, and other messaging services. Include your emojis, photos, funny stories, and everything in between in your special book. This gift is unique and fun because it’s so rare that people return to old text messages and enjoy the memories and snippets of life from the past.

Unique Gift Ideas to Help Connect From Afar

For gifts that can bring people together creatively, we’ve got a few unique options for you to consider for your gift list this year.

Countdown Display

Nothing says “I miss you” like a constant reminder of exactly how long it will be until you see each other again. Countdown displays come in lots of colors and styles. You plug in the date and time of your next meet-up, and it will show you a countdown until that moment. This gift can be used more than once because the recipient can just reset it to the next meet-up. They say anticipation is part of the fun of vacations and upcoming visits, so lean into that with this gift idea.

Matching Pajamas

The loneliest moments often come at night when you’ve finished your tasks for the day and you’re ready to relax and get comfortable. Matching pajamas are an adorable way to remind significant others of each other. It’s a simple visual reminder that someone else is probably wearing the same thing each time they put them on. Even though there’s a separation of distance, it might help people feel more connected. Hanna Anderson and MeUndies both have some great options that aren’t too ridiculous.

Homesick Candle

If you have a hard time finding the perfect gift for someone who seems to have it all, consider picking a Homesick candle for them. You can find many different cities, states, and regions with their own scents. It can help someone bring a little slice of home to whatever location they are currently in. Pick a place that has meaning to both partners or has some fun with it and choose one of the Harry Potter houses or a special holiday scent. Candles make wonderful gifts for everyone.

Long Distance Lamps

Friendship lamps might be a new concept for you, but the company LuvLink has been working on fun ways to stay connected to your loved ones no matter how far apart you are. The friendship lamps are connected, and you can touch the one in your home, which will light up the mate no matter where they are located. It’s just a simple reminder that you’re thinking of each other. There are many colors to choose from, so you can share your mood or just send a quick hello.

The company also has an Infinity Lamp that is in the shape of a hoop. You can put your hand inside the ring, which will light up all the other lamps a certain color. If someone else puts their hands in the lamp at the same time, you’ll see a whole collection of colors. These are popular gifts for long-distance couples and also family members who are separated by distance.

Connection Bracelets

Long-distance touch bracelets work similarly to the lamps we just mentioned. These silicone bracelets are waterproof and rechargeable, so you connect them with an app and wear them daily. When the person who has the other bracelet wants to send you a little love, you’ll see the bracelet light up and vibrate. These bracelets come in many different colors, so you can find some that fit anyone’s style.

Stay in Touch in Fun Ways

Communication is key for long-distance relationships. Phone calls are great, but there are other fun ways to stay in touch, and you can pick up some gifts that will help.

Stationery Sets

Love letters have been written for centuries by two people who are separated by distance. Pick up a beautiful stationary set as a fun way to encourage some old-fashioned letter writing. The act of writing a letter is different than a phone call because the writer has the chance to pour out all their thoughts uninterrupted. Paper Source has beautiful stationary sets that make wonderful gifts for anyone that is looking to send some extra love via the postal service.

Lovebox Messenger

If you’re looking for a romantic gift for tech lovers, try the Love Note Messenger Box. The recipient gets a beautiful wooden box with a heart on the front. Loved ones can send messages to the box using an app, and the heart will spin when a message arrives. The messages can include photos, videos, stickers, and text messages. It’s fun to let someone know you’re thinking of them.


Gift a journal to send sweet messages back and forth. This is a fun time capsule of the relationship because you can save them for years to come. A journal works the same way as a love letter, but you’ll fill out days at a time and then switch. This Lover’s Journal from Etsy has 52 weeks of prompts to help you write about interesting topics and get to know each other a bit better when you exchange. 

Fillable Love Notes

Writing romantic love letters doesn’t always come naturally for people. If you have someone on your list who might not have the easiest time writing a beautiful love letter, consider gifting some notes with prompts. It’s like MadLibs, but instead of hilariously silly stories, the cards will read as lovely notes for someone. Pick up the Little Letters of Love or the long-distance relationship envelopes from Etsy and give that person a little push to send love notes.

Comfortable Headphones

Video chatting is a common form of communication for long-distance couples. If anyone has roommates and wants a little bit of privacy, consider picking up some high-quality headphones. Standard headphones can be uncomfortable after wearing them for 30 minutes or so. A quality pair of headphones can be easy to wear for long periods of time and will be perfect for those long FaceTime dates. 

Powerbanks and Chargers

A power bank is a practical and thoughtful gift for anyone trying to keep in touch with a long-distance partner and do all their normal daily responsibilities. These small tech gadgets will allow people to charge their devices on the go, even when they don’t have access to an electrical plug. Most power banks hold enough power to charge a phone multiple times before it needs to be recharged itself, so it’s perfect for those who spend a lot of time online.

Ring Light

Want to help someone elevate their video game? Ring Lights are one of the most common items on young people’s wishlists. These small lights can attach to a phone and help shine a flattering light when you’re on a FaceTime date. They started as a must-have for beauty influencers, but now anyone that has spent a lot of time on Zoom or FaceTime has seen the benefits of good lighting. 

It’s All Fun and Games with These Long-Distance Couple Gifts

Help switch up the typical phone call covering the day’s events and activities by picking out one of these gifts for long-distance couples. These options will bring some fun and unique activities to date nights.

Conversation Starters

Make the daily phone calls more interesting with a collection of conversation starters. These questions are meant to spark some conversations and help you get to know each other a bit better. Table Topics has beautiful collections of conversation starters in a box, and you can each have a different set and work through the entire box over time. 

Make Your Own Cocktail Set

YouTube is filled with tons of content that are free to enjoy and can teach you all kinds of different skills. A mixology class is a popular option. Plan a date night where you’ll both try and make a fancy cocktail (or mocktail) together. There are even classes, like the Home Bar Hero, you can pay for and receive guidance from a professional mixologist, who will send you some special supplies to make the drinks. Have a cocktail together, even when you’re separated by distance.

Streaming Subscription

Many couples who live together spend many evenings watching their favorite TV shows and movies next to each other on the couch. Long-distance couples can enjoy a similar experience by planning to watch the same shows and then chat about them afterward. Gifting a subscription to a streaming service can help them access incredible content. Popular options are Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max. They’ll have tons of new content to choose from.

Virtual Games

It’s hard to play a board game when you aren’t sitting at the same table, but thankfully, there are some new virtual games that you can play no matter where the players are located. Jackbox Games is a popular option. The party packs offer a collection of games that are played completely online, so all you need is a screen and an internet connection. From trivia to an updated version of charades, the games are fun and can be played repeatedly.

Cooking Subscription

Try a new kind of date night by signing up for a cooking subscription. Companies like Home Chef allow you to pick your menu options for the week, and you’ll receive a box of all the ingredients to make those recipes. Purchase a month-long subscription or get a gift card so the couple can try it out. Each person will be able to prepare their own meals, but they can spend the time together via FaceTime prepping, chopping, mixing, and cooking. It’s fun to feel like you’re together even when you’re far apart.

Scratch Off List of Movies

Uncommon Goods has a great and affordable gift that would be perfect for long-distance couples that love movie night dates. This scratch-off list of the 100 movies bucket list is a fun way to plan out future dates as well. Each person can watch the movie of choice on the same night and then chat about it afterward. The poster has something from every genre, so it’s quite an adventure to complete.

Little Daily Reminders for Long-Distance Lovebirds

Sometimes, long-distance couples are so far apart that time zones don’t work out to make dinner together or chat with each other daily. In that case, here are a few gift options that can help remind people every day that they are loved.

Mugs with Locations

Do you have someone in your life that loves their coffee each morning? Use a mug as a reminder that their long-distance partner is thinking of them. There are some great mugs on Etsy that you can have customized with each partner’s location and an adorable little arrow with hearts connecting the two locations. 

Custom Socks

Want a fun way to say “I love you” from far away? Put your face on a pair of socks. The custom face socks allow you to upload any of your photos and customize the colors and backgrounds on the socks. They will instantly smile when they open their sock drawer and see your face. 

Weighted Blanket

One of the toughest parts of long-distance relationships is the lack of physical touch and time together. If you want to help combat the blues, a great gift is a high-quality weighted blanket. It helps provide some additional comfort when lounging on the couch and will give the feeling that someone is cuddling next to you. It’s scientifically proven to put your nervous system at ease and provide a relaxing feeling.

Time Zone Clocks

Long-distance love means a lot of figuring out what time it’s where your partner is. Is it too early to call? Will they be sleeping or working? Fix that problem with clocks that show multiple time zones. These dual clocks are practical and beautiful. You can customize them with the cities that both parties live in or find one that can be changed if someone is moving around a lot. Looking at it will bring some comfort and help with those annoying time differences to plan your conversations.

Wall Prints

Incorporate love into the decor in someone’s home. Wall art comes in every style. Choose beautiful photos that will bring smiles from Artifact Uprising. Make a calendar filled with photos or frame pictures from places that are special to the couple. You can also find abstract pieces or paintings on Society6 if you find something that will serve as a little reminder.

Fun Keychains

Most people use their keys daily for driving or locking up at home. Give keychains as a gift, and they will see those items daily. You can find cute heart-shaped keychains with messages on them. Translate a message into morse code and show it on a keychain. You can even add little photos to a tiny frame. Provide a little reminder of the love with a keychain. It’s a perfect spot to be seen often.

Travel Goodies to Use

Travel is inevitable in a long-distance relationship, so travel accessories make a great gift. Here are a few easy things to consider.

Gift Cards

Airbnb gift cards are perfect for helping pay for meet-ups in any location. By renting a place this way, you’ll be able to play house a little better than in a hotel. Cook your own meals and enjoy some evenings regardless of the destination you choose to meet in. 

Care Packages for Long Travel Days

If there are some long travel days ahead, consider putting together a little DIY gift box filled with all the essentials to make flights, or car rides a little more comfortable. Snacks, hand sanitizers, playlists, audiobooks, and comfortable socks to get cozy while traveling. 

Travel Accessories

Pick up a nice weekend bag or beautiful toiletries kit for a holiday gift. Everyone loves good luggage and needs organization while managing their things on a trip. Upgrade their smaller luggage items to take some of the difficulty out of travel.

Final Thoughts on Gifts for Long-Distance Couples

Amazon and Etsy are filled with unique gift ideas. At the end of the day, it’s all about how much thought you put into the gift. From greeting cards to customized wall art to high-tech goodies, there’s something on this list for every long-distance couple (and even best friends that live far away.) Have some fun with your holiday shopping. If you need any extra advice, take a look at our “40 Long-Distance Relationship Activities to Deepen Your Connection”. And if you have any words of wisdom we’ve missed, feel free to share them below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best long-distance relationship gift ideas?

The best gifts for long-distance couples are things that allow them to connect more often or be reminded of each other as often as possible.

How can I send love messages long distance?

Connection is the most important quality of good gifts for long-distance couples. Find something that sends love notes in a fun way, like a journal that is passed back and forth.

What are some great gifts for a long-distance friendship?

The best gifts for long-distance friendships are things that make people know you’re thinking of them. You can also pick up an Adventures from Scratch book for when you are joyfully reunited again.

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