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Romantic Day Trip Ideas for Couples

Looking for some fun for two? Want to step outside of your routine? Cuddle up with your boo this weekend with these day trip ideas for couples!

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Looking for something romantic to do with your partner this weekend? There’s nothing that does the trick quite like getting away on a romantic day trip. Depending on where you live, you likely have a plethora of spontaneous and exciting day trip ideas to weigh. We know it’s sometimes hard to come up with new date ideas. Most couples tend to get stuck in the same cycle every weekend. If you’re struggling to come up with an idea for your romantic getaway, check out this list of possible day trip ideas for couples and see what’s available in your area.

We’ve included trips for every kind of couple, ranging from hiking adventures in the nearest national park to fun couples classes where you can learn a new skill or maybe even find a new mutual passion. We’ve also focused on activities that can be done in almost all regions. Let’s get to it!

Fun Dates With Adventures From Scratch

If you’re looking for more than day trip ideas for couples, Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition is here to help. Our scratch-off dating book was strategically crafted by dating and adventure experts, compiling more than 50 unique dates designed to deepen your relationship. We include a key to help you narrow down the options, conversation starters to help guide the convo, “Why I Love You” notecards, and much more. It’s a complete guide to putting the spark back in an old relationship or diving deep into a new one!

How to Pick the Perfect Day Trip

Remember that the whole point of a romantic weekend with your significant other is to spend quality time together. That means you may need to run your favorite activities through a suitability sieve before you make that booking. Romance means something different to everyone. While some couples feel the most connected over a candlelit dinner and dancing, others find their solace when strapped in their climbing gear or outfitted in hiking boots. We’ve included trip options for both ends of the spectrum and everything in between, but there are a few tenants that are important to consider no matter which trip you choose.

You want to look for a location that allows for at least some alone time and the ability to converse freely. You don’t want to spend your entire trip in the car, so try to choose something within 2-3 hours of your home. Also, try to branch out into new activities. While you should never choose something you know you will hate, if you just aren’t sure that it sounds interesting, go ahead and try it! You never know when you will find a new passion that you can enjoy together. It also helps to place yourself in a visually appealing environment that stimulates romance and is void of stressful stimuli. This could be a luxurious hotel suite, a cabin in the woods, or a sailboat on a crystal-clear lake. Here are a few trips that tick all the boxes!

The Best Romantic Day Trips for Couples

1. Tour your city with Let’s Roam.

Let’s Roam’s innovative scavenger hunt app provides app-guided tours in hundreds of cities all over the world. We have urban art walks, bar crawls, historic and sightseeing hunts, and specialized date packages for special events. Our hunts can be used any time and are loaded with challenging trivia and fun video and photo ops. Also, check out Let’s Roam Local, which highlights all the best restaurants, sights, and activities according to local users.

2. Get outdoors in your state parks.

If you’re lucky enough to have a national park in your state that you haven’t spent time in, head for that. If not, check out one of your local state parks. Some of them are just as stunning and historically interesting as the big boys. Honestly, most of us aren’t very educated about our local history, ecology, or wildlife. A trip to a local historic site can change that quickly, as they have wonderful guided tours with experts in the field. You could also just choose to engage in an outdoor adventure like biking, camping, or rock climbing, depending on what’s available in your area. Hiking trails are just about everywhere!

3. Take a scenic drive.

Every state has a beautiful driving region! It might be a winding mountain road, a straight shot through endless miles of swaying wheat fields, or a shoreline drive with crashing waves. Each holds its own form of beauty. A drive through beautiful landscape is the perfect opportunity to talk about all the random things that have been on your mind or sing along to your favorite tunes at the top of your lungs. Either way, it’s just you and your boo and the beautiful views of the open road!

Check out our list of “150 Riveting and Relatable Road Trip Conversation Starters” for plenty of topics to keep your scenic drive weekend getaway interesting!

4. Teach your partner your skills.

If there’s something that you’re passionate about, whether it’s sailing, painting, or collecting vintage books, organize a trip to your favorite spot and teach your partner your ways. This is a great way to engage with your partner as it lets them in on an important part of your life and personality. Some people may feel vulnerable, but if your partner responds positively, it’s just one more clue that they might be in this for the long haul. There’s a chance they’ll hate it, but it’s unlikely. If they care for you and they know this activity is something you truly love, they’re likely to get on board.

5. Try a new sport.

Ever tried pickleball on the east coast? How about rowing, spelunking, or cricket? Every region of the U.S. has its favorites when it comes to sporting activities. Plan a weekend near a nice country club or sports facility and try your hand at what’s on offer. Other options are horseback riding in Montana, surfing in California, white water rafting in Colorado, paddleboarding in Florida, sandboarding in Oregon, mountain biking in Arizona, or snow skiing in Utah!

6. Visit your local art galleries.

You might not have any world-class museums in your hometown, but do you have a local painter or sculptor nearby? Is there a Native American site or pueblo with traditional arts and crafts around? We’re willing to bet there is something amazing to peruse within a couple of hours of home.

7. Tour a historic city.

For a fun day trip with your loved one, head for the nearest historic city in your region. It might be exploring the Taos Pueblo of New Mexico, hanging out in the historic district of Pennsylvania, or visiting Judge Parker’s Courts in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Your historic town might not be on the big tourist trails, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something interesting like a war cemetery, an early Spanish mission, a goldrush-era ghost town, or a Civil Rights Movement site to visit!

8. Join a food tour.

Food tours are a great way to explore a new city or get a new take on your own home. They’re generally pretty inexpensive and can give you a taste of a place’s signature dishes. You’ll likely find an eatery that you love, and you can return for a romantic dinner!

9. Plan a lake weekend.

For all of us Midlanders, the shores of a lake are our beach most of the time, and we aren’t complaining. A weekend on the lake offers an abundance of watersport adventures, stunning natural beauty, and a chance to escape the summer heat. Snag a campsite by the water or go glamping in a fabulous cabin. Rent a pontoon boat for a party on the water, or try your hand at water skiing. Pack a romantic picnic and listen to the waters lap as you chow down on a homemade sandwich. Whether you choose to stack your itinerary or chill in a lawn chair, you can’t go wrong with a weekend getaway on the lake.

10. Enjoy a concert weekend.

Have a favorite joint band? Find out where they’re playing this weekend and go enjoy some live music. Maybe there’s a music festival nearby, a symphony coming to the next town over, or an artist’s showcase at a new bar.

11. Go on a golfing weekend.

There’s no better way to enjoy the autumn foliage of New England or the mild winters of Texas than to get in a couple of swings on a lush golf course. If you and your partner like to play or you just want to try something new, rent an Airbnb in a town with a few golf courses and spend your day swinging away. You might just want to make sure you have a hot tub at your hotel, as you’re going to need to soothe those back muscles.

12. Take a self-care trip.

Speaking of soothing muscles, the best kind of romantic day trip is to schedule a little pampering in a spa city. Hot springs abound in the United States from New Mexico to Idaho. Stop in one of these historic towns and enjoy a couples massage or fancy spa treatment. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a natural hot spring nearby, that’s fine. Just hit up a luxury spa in your city and get the works or book a weekend retreat at a rejuvenation center. You’ll come back feeling good and ready to tackle Monday.

For a great day trip in the Midwest/South, take a road trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas. This historic town is loaded with Victorian architecture, stunning bathhouses with traditional treatments, craft breweries, a fun walkable downtown, and plenty of beautiful hiking trails. Check out “The Best Things to Do in Hot Springs, Arkansas” for some pointers.

13. Try your hand at ice skating.

Most moderate-sized cities have a multipurpose stadium with an ice skating rink, or they might set one up outdoors in the winter months. It’s a fun day trip for new couples as there is a lot of hand-holding, body-catching, and snuggles with hot cocoa. Perfect.

14. Float the nearest river.

Don’t have a beach or a lake? Well, then hit up the closest river. Kayaking and canoeing rentals are available on most major river systems, and they’re a budget-friendly way to enjoy a Saturday. Canoeing is a partnership between the rower and the person steering, so it can be a good teamwork exercise for your relationship. However, pay attention to the guide’s instructions if you’ve never done it before, or it might be a swift end to your romance!

15. Hit the wine trail.

You might not live in Napa Valley, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have some good wineries in your area! If there are no vineyards in your area, you might look for an upscale restaurant or cooking school that offers wine tastings.

16. Check in to a traditional bed and breakfast.

Sometimes, you just need a weekend of relaxation with your favorite person. Traditional bed and breakfasts, no matter where they are located, can provide some reprieve from a stressful week. They are often in cute cottages or Victorian mansions and offer an element of charm. Someone makes you breakfast, and you just get to Netflix and chill in a cozy place.

17. Book a gaming weekend.

Head for the nearest resort and casino and spend your weekend (and your week’s paycheck) trying your hand at the slots! Casinos have wonderful restaurants and great nightlife options. They also give you an excuse to get all dressed up for each other. No casino around? Well, then look for a horse track!

18. Improve your dancing skills.

Pop into a local dance class for a day of the foxtrot, tango, or the sexy rhumba. You might feel awkward at first, but you’ll learn a new skill that you can show off together for years to come!

19. Take a small-town tour.

The United States, Europe, and Central America are loaded with adorable small towns. While they might not be loaded with must-see tourist attractions, you can experience the authentic culture of the area, see how real people live, and visit smaller museums, cultural heritage sites, and traditional restaurants, which is a nice change of pace.

20. Chase waterfalls.

There is something romantic about a swim at the base of a towering waterfall. If it’s a really isolated one, you might even dare for a skinny dip! Your best chance of catching the falls in all their glory is to go during your local rainy season as many small falls dry up during the hot days of summer.

21. Let out your inner child at a boardwalk.

The boardwalk is a nostalgic spot where tourists and local families intersect for good old-fashioned fun. While each one varies depending on location, you might find food trucks, Ferris wheels, ziplining, carnival rides and games, or even comedy and magic shows. Atlantic City, Coney Island, Myrtle Beach, and Santa Cruz are all famous for their boardwalks, but there are numerous other smaller ones up and down the coasts that can provide the perfect day trip adventure for a fun-loving couple.

22. Go on a lighthouse hop.

There’s something kind of majestic and romantic about a lighthouse, and if you live on either coast, there are plenty of them to see! Spend a weekend day just hopping from house to house. They’re often miniature museums with interesting artifacts from a bygone sea era and torrid tales of mysterious keepers.

23. Organize a glamping trip.

If you don’t like bugs and sweat, that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy s’mores and campfires. Consider booking a luxurious tree house, a fancy yurt, or a lakeside cabin for an elevated camping experience. You get the natural beauty, the peaceful rest, and the great outdoor activities, with none of that roughing-it stuff. It’s the best of both worlds.

24. Take a quick trip to Vegas.

With the large number of direct flights heading here, Las Vegas is the perfect day trip destination from just about anywhere in the U.S. You can fly in on the early morning flight. Spend your day shopping and admiring the crazy architecture on the Strip. Pop into the art galleries on Main Street, enjoy evening cocktails and a few games in one of the many casinos, or catch a glitzy show before flying home!

25. Check off a bucket list item.

If you want to spice up your dating life, a great way to do it is to sit down and make a joint bucket list. Once you have a pretty good starting point, begin checking them off on the weekends. As you travel and complete your items, you will add more to the list, building a life of spontaneous adventure.

26. Visit a Native American heritage site.

The U.S. is filled with incredible Native American Heritage sites, from the majestic cave homes of the cliff dwellers in the West to the longhouses of the Iroquois on the East Coast. Each region’s tribal nations boast a rich and varied culture that we can all learn from.

Check out a few of the best Native American museums in the United States or visit one of these “Incredible Ancient Ruins in America.”

27. Volunteer on an eco farm.

If you want to feel good about your weekend choices, check into WorkAway or another work exchange platform and spend your weekend volunteering at an eco-farm. You might be planting crops, working on solar panels, learning about sustenance farming, or building a greenhouse. No matter what they have you doing, you’ll learn a new skill, get your hands dirty, and spend some quality time together making the world a better place!

28. Scavenge the thrift store district.

This one is just pure, silly fun. Almost every town has a few flea markets or thrift stores, even if it’s just Goodwill and Savers. These shops are interesting and often fun to wander through. From antique tools to epic furniture finds, they make for excellent photo fodder. Try on some chaps. Snap a shot of your girl in a sequined 80s design. Buy a dresser to refurbish together. You never know what you might find! They often have homemade treats, traditional foods, and soda fountains too, so you won’t go hungry as you shop.

29. Visit an amusement park or carnival.

While going to an amusement park as an adult might sound like a nightmare for some of you, for others, a night of rides, cotton candy, and friendly competition at the gaming booths is just the ticket. There’s something nostalgic about a carnival. It reminds you of your childhood, and it will give you plenty to reminisce about together. If it isn’t carnival season, head for year-round fun at Disney Land or Disney World, Six Flags, or your local variety amusement park.

30. Book a stay in your own town.

Perhaps all you need to spice up the weekend is to get out of your own house. Get away from the dishes, the laundry, and the remodeling projects and just spend a day and a night in a nice hotel or Airbnb. It doesn’t have to be a popular vacation spot or have any must-visit sights. An escape from the walls of your home to a more elegant place, with no chores, can be enough to fill your weekend with rest and romance!

31. Take a skill’s class.

Join a painting and wine class! Did you know that home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot often host classes on general home improvement skills? You could take a cooking class together, learn about gardening, or join a language learning course for a day. The options are endless, and there’s likely something interesting in your hometown or a nearby city.

32. Board a train.

Who doesn’t love a train ride? Take a train to a fun destination for the weekend instead of road-tripping or flying, or hop on a tourist train through the mountains if there is one close by. Many major park systems have integrated trains, or you could just choose a scenic route and take the AMTRAK for funzies.

If you love the idea of spending a romantic day on a train or even building a longer trip around train travel, check out “The Most Incredible Train Journeys in the World.”

Closing Thoughts

We hope you found your next romantic getaway on this list or that it at least got your wheels turning about out-of-the-box ideas to try with your mate. Be creative and get adventurous. Even if the destination turns out to be a dud or you’ll never do that activity again, you still got some quality time with your favorite person and hopefully a few laughs too. It’s better than wasting another weekend sitting on the couch! So, get out there and explore, and let us know in the comments where you’re headed!

Do you and your partner have a favorite romantic day trip? By all means, please, fill us in! We’re always looking for new and exciting day trip ideas for couples.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some romantic day trip ideas for couples?

A couples day trip or weekend getaway is the perfect way to rekindle a romance. Try a spa weekend, a glamping trip to a nearby river or lake, or go on a scavenger hunt in your own city!

Where should I travel with my gf this weekend?

For a quick romantic trip, head for your nearest boardwalk or carnival and spend your day competing in nostalgic games, enjoying the rides, and chowing down on carnival food!

How do you plan a romantic getaway?

The perfect romantic trip should include activities that provide quality time for conversation, at least a few moments alone, new and exciting activities, and a beautiful environment.

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