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30 Thoughtful and Useful Christmas Gifts for Couples

What are the best Christmas gifts for couples? Surely, you want something they’ll love, or at least find useful. Find 30 options on this gift-giving guide!

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Christmas time is supposed to be filled with joy and all the warm feels. However, some of us put way too much stress on ourselves due to gift-giving! We can’t help it. We just want every special person in our life to have that perfect gift that expresses how much they mean to us. We want each gift to be special and heartfelt. However, with so many to buy for, it can get really complicated, not to mention, EXPENSIVE!

In an effort to cut down on prices, one suggestion is to combine your giftees into families or couples. But, what are the best Christmas gifts for couples? What do you get for those couples who have everything, like your in-laws? What do you get for your favorite couple of friends, or that niece and her husband, that you don’t really know that well? Most couples’ gifts are lame or only really work for one of the two people. While some of that is inevitable with a group gift, this guide gives you several great gifts that couples will love, or at least find useful! Let’s get to it!

Helpful Hint: Save this article somewhere on your phone, you will find it handy for weddings, Valentine’s Day, and anniversary gifts too!

Give the Gift Of A Date Night 

Date night is a pretty important institution for a successful relationship. New couples need it to get to know each other. Married couples need it to keep some spice in their union. Parents need it to reconnect over something that doesn’t involve the kids. But, it can be difficult to keep date night fresh. Most of us fall into the same old thing every week, and it just gets dull. Make sure your favorite couple doesn’t fall prey to the boring date night. Here are a few ideas to ensure they have fun together all year long!

1. Send Them On Some Adventures From Scratch

Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition is the perfect Christmas gift for a couple! It’s filled with date-night inspirations—50+ dates, in fact! We love it because each date night is specifically curated by couples who have been together for more than 40 years! So, these methods are tested and proven. The book includes “Why I Love You” cards, as well as, questions for couples, and even double date ideas. This little book is sure to keep the happy couple enjoying date night all year long, and we love that!

2. 100 Great Dates

This 100 Dates Scratch off Calendar from Bucket List is available at Uncommongoods, and it is awesome. With 100 dates ranging from horseback riding on the beach, to ice cream dates, to silent discos, there is something on this list for every couple. Not only does it help them find new dates, but it also serves as a reminder of all the great nights they have had together!

3. Date Night Box

Select one of these amazing subscription boxes from CrateJoy. They have date night boxes ranging from arts and crafts kits to cocktail kits, and everything in between. You are sure to find something for almost any couple here! You can either purchase a one-time box or a subscription that will send them a new box every month. It’s up to you! Each crate comes complete with everything they need for a perfect date night!

4. Date Night Bucketlist

If a scratch-off poster is not really their thing, grab this cute little canister of date ideas from Uncommongoods. It’s filled with wooden sticks, engraved with truly unique date ideas. We love this one because it can make its home right in the glove box of the car, or on their desk at work, so that it is accessible when needed. It’s easy to use, easy to store, and super affordable! Perfect!

5. Date Night Scavenger Hunt

Let’s Roam Date Night Scavenger Hunts are totally unique! Once purchased, they can be used any time. The scavenger hunts are chalked full of friendly competitions guaranteed to produce serious bonding moments and major laughs. With the monthly subscription, your favorite couple will have tons of themes to choose from. Each one can be used several times without repeating the games, and it will provide hours and hours of fun. We love this gift because they don’t have to spend a dime, never had to leave the house, and don’t even have to wear pants to enjoy a great date night! A virtual scavenger hunt is also great for long-distance couples, as they can still have a great date night, even while apart!

Spice Up Their Cold Winter Nights With A Couple’s Game Night

Whether your special couple are newlyweds (just now really getting to know each other), or they have been married 50 years, a well-curated game, designed to deepen conversation is just the ticket. The following games are crafted to get them talking about all kinds of things they would never think to bring up on their own. These games focus on bringing people together, with interesting topical conversation starters, competitions, and challenges. Not only will they help with those long, boring winter nights, but they will also spice things up a little!

6. Wine Barrel

Wine Barrel is akin to the old Newlywed Game. However, it goes past surface-level questions and into the deep stuff. This game is the perfect example of “things you wouldn’t think to ask.”  Some questions are easy to answer. Others will take some real time and thought.

We love this game because it lets the couple really get a peek into each other’s brains and hearts. For new couples, it will definitely help with understanding and reveal lots of surprises. For seasoned married couples, they may be really surprised to hear their best friend’s answers. They just might not know them as well as they thought!

7. Table Topics: Couples Edition

Everybody knows that the best tool for happy couples is great communication. Table Topics make all sorts of Conversation Starter Kits to ensure high-quality convos. They have great boxes for families, friends, girls’ night, etc. We loved this couples edition because no matter if they are on their first date or they have been together forever, they will learn something new about their partner. It’s much like Wine Barrel, except made to be used over a long time period. Table Topics can just sit on their coffee table, ready to help with conversation any time things get a little dull. 

Helpful Tip: While you pick up one for your recipient couple, grab a few more for that special family or your next girls’ trip!

8. Truth or Dare Topple Tower

For the lovebirds who aren’t afraid of a little embarrassment, check out this Truth or Dare Topple Tower. It’s a combo of Truth or Dare and Jenga. Every block you remove has a Truth Question or a Dare inscribed on it. So, as they struggle to keep the tower upright, they also find out some interesting qualities about their partner. Not to mention, they get some great laughs from the hilarious dares. 

Help Make a House A Home

Home Decor makes for a great Christmas gift, especially for loved ones who are just starting out. A new home can be expensive to furnish! All the daily necessities, decanter sets, coffee mugs, wall art, wine glasses, can add up to big bucks for a young couple. But, they need them all! Help a new couple fill their home with one of these unique gifts. Maybe, if they get everything they need for hosting, they will take over the cooking next holiday season, and you won’t even have to clean your house. Holiday goals!

9. Personalized Cutting Board

Cutting boards are a great gift idea because they are not only personal but utilitarian and multi-purpose. Plus, if you have it engraved with their monogram and wedding date, it makes for a great decoration and keepsake. We suggest getting one that is large enough to also serve as a charcuterie or cheese board. It should be functional for cutting but also beautiful for serving.

We love this marble and maple wood cutting board from It’s the best couple gift for the foodies in your clan. This beauty also makes a great housewarming gift!

10. Deck the Walls

Make their house feel like a home with a beautiful piece of wall art. There are so many options. Have a wedding picture of the loving couple blown up and framed. Even better, if you have any artistic talent, give them a DIY piece. They will appreciate having something handmade from you to remind them of your love, every time they walk by!

Is art not your thing? That’s cool, head over to Etsy and grab this unique Personalized Milestones Map. This beautiful piece is an awesome keepsake, as it not only has their union date but also includes vintage maps of places they have traveled together. They will love it!

11. Goodies Gift Box

Another easy DIY holiday gift is to create your own gift set. Grab a beautiful basket or tote, that matches their home decor, or is neutral. Make sure it is something that can be useful or decorative on its own. Then fill it with practical items from your favorite kitchen store. Think monogrammed hand towels, wooded utensils, a few candles, etc.

As with all gifts, make sure to take into account the passions of your couple. For instance, if they are environment crusaders, stay away from wood, plastic, and rubber. Stick to bamboo spoons, reusable glass containers, and stainless steel straws, with a few handmade vegan soaps! If you aren’t sure what to get, just grab a few neutral items, enough to make your basket presentable, then place a gift card to the store in the midst for them to pick something they love. 

Give The Gift of Adventure

One of the best ways to enjoy quality time together is to spend it outdoors. Fresh air and the beauty of nature can be just what we need to reignite that special spark! For the adventurous couple on your holiday list, consider one of these outdoor necessities!

12. National Parks Pass

If your favorite couple is the adventurous type, gift them an America The Beautiful Pass. This one card will get them both into any National Park for a full year. It’s a great gift for those who love to explore and would rather have memories than stuff.

Pair your pass with this National Parks Bucketlist Scratch-off Keepsake, so they can keep up with each park they have visited! The memories they make together in the wilderness will far outweigh the cost of the pass! 

13. Napping in Style

You can’t head out on a camping adventure without a great place to lounge. This two-person hammock by Kootek is big enough for two and is available at Amazon! It’s the perfect holiday gift for the camper couple. It folds up small, so it’s easy to store. It comes in several colors, and it is priced at less than $30. 

14. A Seat For Two

For those love birds who are always in each other’s lap, get them a chair made for two! This double-person camping chair is perfect for a young, adventurous couple. It folds up small. It’s super durable and perfect for those late-night, campfire convos. Pair it with #15, for the ultimate camping gift!

15. Give them S’more

For any camper or adventurer, a good campfire is akin to heaven. However, it isn’t always possible. That doesn’t mean they can’t have perfect s’mores though. Grab this Nostalgia S’mores Set to ensure they have perfect snacks all winter long! It comes complete with 4 trays for chocolates, marshmallows, graham crackers, and roasting sticks! It’s totally electric and safe for use inside! It’s perfect because it can be used on a camping adventure or on one of those stay-at-home dates we discussed earlier!

Give the Gift of Knowledge

Great marriages don’t just fall out of the sky. We all know we have to work at it. Any couple, at any stage of their relationship, can always learn more and improve their union. One of the best ways to learn is through podcasts and books. Here are some of the best relationship books to gift a couple this Christmas.

16. Five Love Languages

This book has been a staple for many years! The Five Love Languages outlines five different ways that people feel love. It allows a person to learn to show love and respect to their significant other in the way that they need, instead of in the way that’s easiest. For instance, one partner may naturally show love by gift-giving. However, if their partner’s love language is “Acts of Service,” a new gift will do nothing for them, they would feel much more loved, if their partner would vacuum the floor, instead. This little book is invaluable to learning how your partner experiences love and how best to tend to their needs. 

17. Good Habits

1000+ Little Habits of Happy, Successful Relationships is a gem! It’s written by New York Times best-selling authors, Marc and Angel Chernoff. This incredibly inciteful book includes ways to deal with toxic family members, ways to stay calm when others are angry, things happy couples do differently, and mantras to deal with drama. It’s wise advice, presented in a simple and effective way, a perfect gift for any couple looking to deepen their relationship!

18. Wisdom From The Country’s Foremost Relationship Expert

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work is not only a New York Times best-seller, it is written by a well-respected Ph.D. in the field, John Gottman, with help from Nan Silver. The book is straightforward and teaches practical approaches to conflict resolution and intimacy. No subject is off-limits. It offers advice on dealing with conflicts over sex, intimacy, religion, work, money, and family problems. It’s a great guidebook for any couple to have on the bookshelf!

19. Get Naked

The Naked Marriage, by Dave and Ashley Willis, tackles the tough stuff of sex and intimacy in a funny and unique way. The book teaches the importance of “getting naked” emotionally and spiritually, as well as physically. Dave and Ashley also have a super-funny podcast of the same name. Check them out for some solid wisdom on life-long love! 

20. A Real Apology

This book may be the most unique of all of them. When Sorry Isn’t Enough is also written by two New York Times best-selling authors, Gary Chapman and Jennifer Thomas. It teaches a skill that most of us need some major practice with. It teaches the importance of a proper apology, how to do it, and how to restore broken relationships.

The book offers sound advice on how to salvage relationships that might seem too far gone to save. It just might be a marriage-saving gift. However, it’s not just a book for relationships that are in trouble. When Sorry Isn’t Enough teaches valuable lessons on how to deal with conflict in a productive and mutually respectful way that is helpful to any couple!

Give The Gift of Food

Let’s be for real, we all love good food! What could be a better gift for a foodie couple than a gift card to their favorite restaurant, or a goodie basket full of sweet delicacies? Nothing, the answer is nothing! If you have a foodie couple on your gift list, here are a few gift ideas for food-related items that they will love!

21. Eliminate Indecision

Choosing what is for dinner might be the most difficult part of most couples’ days. Nobody cares, yet everybody cares, all at the same time. No one wants to choose anything, and round and round it goes. Solve the problem with these Foodie Dice. Toss the cubes and cook whatever they tell you to. The cubes allow for over 186 different combinations of meals, so they can have a new meal every evening! It takes the thinking and fighting out of it, and decreases the stress around dinner time. Invaluable!

22. Wine Always Helps

Give the gift of a delicious glass of Vino. Wine Clubs like offer gift cards for wine subscriptions that deliver beautifully chosen wines to your recipients all year long. You can choose from 6 different wine subscriptions on Gold Medal, and you can designate the deliveries from 1 to 12 months. So, basically, you can give a one-time gift, or a box every month, all year long. Each box comes with 2 wines, a description of the winery history, an artist-created box, and food pairing recommendations. It’s a great gift to make every date night special!

23. A Picnic Pack

Having a picnic together is a classic, go-to date. However, they aren’t the easiest or most practical. Some picnic baskets are cumbersome and hard to hike with. We love this Apollo Walker Picnic Backpack, available on Amazon. It not only has all the utensils and plates, neatly organized, each with its own spot, but it also has insulated areas for cold drinks and plenty of food. With a beautiful and durable design, they can throw their food on their backs and hike to the highest peak for a picnic with a view! Once the picnic is over, you just have a normal-looking day bag on and aren’t carrying around a random basket all afternoon. 

24. Food Subscription

As we have discussed, one of the hardest parts of managing a household is deciding what is for dinner. In comes Hello Fresh! As one of the best food delivery services out there, a gift card to Hello Fresh ensures that your couple will have great food at their fingertips every night. The monthly subscriptions allow them to choose foods they like and have them prepared and delivered each week. All they need to do is cook it. Right now, Hello Fresh is offering 14 Free Meals with your first order. Oh, how we love a freebie!

25. Personal Gift Basket

Gifts for foodies don’t have to come in a subscription form. Perhaps you just want to give a one-time holiday gift. Head to your nearest store and grab a beautiful basket or tote, in a similar fashion to the home decor basket above. Instead of filling it with kitchen utensils, fill it with all their favorite treats.

Remember that people are overloaded with sweet and salty treats during the holiday season, so maybe, stay away from that. Instead, fill it with beautiful bread, jams, and cheeses. Consider olives, spreads, homemade pasta, or even spices.

We like baskets that can be used to make a full meal, but you can personalize it any way you like! This is a great gift if you have waited until the last minute and it’s too late to order something! Plus, they look really beautiful.

Give the Gift of Health

We all know exercise produces endorphins and endorphins make people happy. If you know a couple who loves to get sweaty, buy them something they both can get good use out of. Some people love to work out alone, others as a couple, and others in public with a group. There are several great gift ideas for the health-conscious, but here are just a few to consider!

26. An Online Exercise Program

For those who love to exercise in a class, but maybe don’t have time to get to the gym daily or don’t have a good class in their area, consider a membership to Daily Burn. Sure, there are free classes on YouTube, but there are so many to choose from, and not all of them are good. It’s easy to use up all your exercise time in a day just looking for a decent video to do.

With Daily Burn, your recipient couple will have access to thousands of workouts from Barre, Pilates, Yoga, and HIIT classes. They even have classes to do during and following pregnancy. The membership allows them to answer some questions about themselves, and the program will set up a suggested workout program, targeting their goals and ability level. It also comes with a professionally designed tracker to monitor their workout goals and successes. Right now, they are offering the first 30 days for free!

27. Tracking Success

The Fitbit Charge 5 is one of the best and most complete fitness trackers out there. With stress management scores, daily readiness scores, and health metrics, the Fitbit not only tells them what is going on with their vitals, but it even lets them know when their body is ready for exercise and when it needs recovery. Its bright touchscreen and sleek design looks great on males and females, so grab a couple for your favorite sporty duo!

28. Space Saver

For those workout fanatics who don’t have much space for a home gym, consider the TRX Suspension Trainer System. TRX has so many options for suspension training. Their kits are well-respected in the industry and will help them turn their own body weight into a calorie-burning, muscle-building machine! The small kits can be stored anywhere, strung over any door, and have a 6-year warranty. We love this system, and they will too!

29. Sweat Shirts

Okay. This one is both hilarious and gross. These “sweatshirts” reveal special messages, but only when they are drenched with sweat. Perfect for runners and cardio freaks, this shirt will them when it’s time to go home. As the shirt gets soaked with sweat, a message appears stating “you can go home now,” or “I hate running!”  A sweaty shirt is never a good look, so it might as well be funny!

30. Gift of Recovery

Every athlete or workout fanatic knows that with pushing your body comes some sore muscles. Therabody makes incredible products to help our bodies recover. We love their percussion massager, the Theragun mini. While they have several different Massage guns, we like the Mini because it can easily be thrown in the gym bag or the weekend bag on a trip. With a 150-minute battery, it has plenty of power to handle those cramps and knots. Therabody also has a great line of balms, tinctures, and attachments to aid in the recovery process even more! It’s a great line, and we love this little product!

Closing Thoughts

Mission Accomplished! There are our 30 favorite Christmas gifts for couples! We hope you found the perfect present on our list. If so, let us know in the comments what you decided to buy. We would love to hear from you! 

Families can be even more difficult to buy for than couples. The more people you have to please with a gift, the harder it is to find. Don’t stress! We have a holiday gift guide for families!

Last, but not least, if you are having a socially distanced Christmas Party this year, you may be at a loss to figure out how to have all your normal Christmas traditions and still maintain your distance. Check out these guides to planning virtual holiday parties and video gift exchanges!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best holiday gifts for adventurous couples?

Couples who love to get out and explore or try new things might appreciate date night gifts, such as Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition, or any other presents that offer adventure or fun experiences.

What should I buy a dating couple for Christmas? 

Christmas gifts for couples can be difficult! A newly dating couple might love a date-night scavenger hunt or an interactive book full of creative date ideas, like Adventures From Scratch!

What is a good gift for couples that have everything?

For the couple who already has everything, consider gifting an experience. For example, you might try an interactive date book or a scavenger hunt voucher.

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