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The 50 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Families

This list of 50 family holiday gift ideas has options for staying in, going out, exploring, and more! Find the perfect present for your favorite family!

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It’s getting to be that time of year again when we need to start holiday shopping. With supply chain issues and delivery delays, it’s recommended to start earlier than normal this holiday season. As you make your list, you’ll probably need some family holiday gift ideas. We have you covered.

We have pulled together a list of 50 unique family holiday gift ideas that you can browse. There are options to get people out of the house, to stay in for the night, to play in their own backyard, things to eat, and some practical gifts everyone will love. This gift guide will help you pick out the best family gift for those special people in your life.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your family or family friends, you can’t go wrong with Adventures From Scratch. This interactive adventure book has something for everyone! With over 50 activities, plus tear-out surprises and more, every page is sure to bring lots of laughs and memorable moments—and kids love scratching the pages to reveal their next challenges!

Gift Ideas That Get The Whole Family Out and About

Adventures From Scratch: Family Edition

The Adventures From Scratch book has pages of different activities that will be a surprise until you scratch them off. There are different categories to help you narrow down which hidden challenge you will try. It’s a great gift for the whole family and will help make sure that you won’t sit around bored again wondering what to do. You’ll have an entire book of ideas and challenges to complete as a family.

A Membership for a Local Museum

One great way to help families get out and have some fun together is to purchase them a year-long membership to a local museum. Children’s museums are great for families with younger kids. Science or art museums have new exhibits often and can be a great family activity as well. Check with the museums in the city they live in (or something close by) and find out what membership options they offer.

Photography Session

Family photos are priceless and many families miss out on professional photos because they don’t make it a priority. Gift a session with a local photographer that they can schedule. Most photographers will allow you to pay in advance and then schedule when ready. It’s a great gift because it can be used anytime in the future and will be cherished for a long time.

Escape Room Gift Card

Escape rooms are a popular family activity and more and more are opening around the country. Purchase a gift card for the family to use at their local escape room and give them an outing that they are sure to enjoy. It’s a great opportunity to put down phones and spend some time working together while having a blast. 

An Escape to a Waterpark

Winter can be rough in some parts of the country with short days and cold temperatures. A great gift for families to escape the winter is by gifting them passes to a waterpark for a day or a weekend. Being able to splash around indoors in a lazy river or on waterslides is a great activity for everyone and will be appreciated.

A Zoo Membership

Many zoos offer yearlong family memberships that allow free admission for the year for the whole family. This is a great gift because it gives the family something to do together throughout the year. It’s perfect for smaller children and older teenagers as well.

Tickets to a Local Sporting Event

Sporting events are fun gifts that everyone in the family will enjoy. Even if you don’t live somewhere with a major league sports team, you’ll be able to find an event. Think about a college sports team, minor league teams, or even just a gift card for a ticketing app like Ticketmaster where they can purchase tickets to something of their choice.

Family Holiday Gift Ideas to Enjoy at Home

Classic Boardgames

Boardgames are popular for families and there are so many classics that make great gifts to add to a household collection. Games like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Candyland can lead to hours of fun and a little bit of competition at a family game night. You can also gift team games like Pictionary and Codenames. Many board games have special editions, like all the different Monopoly editions, to help you personalize the gift and include something the family loves doing.

Subscription to a Streaming Service

Services like Disney+ and Netflix allow you to purchase gift subscriptions for others. This makes a great gift for the whole family because these services offer programming for all ages. Disney+ has all the classic Disney movies that work great for family movie nights. You can also watch full seasons of older TV shows together. Even the tweens can find something they’ll enjoy.

Card Games

Put together a gift basket with card games like Uno, Phase 10, and even just classic playing cards for a family and they will have hours of entertainment. Card games are easy to take with on trips or just play around the table. There are constantly new games coming out as well, so you could include something new like the Monopoly Bid game or Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. Tabletopics looks like a card game, but it’s more of a conversations starter at the dinner table and would be a fun addition.

Indoor Snowball Fight

Grab a gift set of snowballs that are made for indoor fun. These soft white balls will bring the fun of winter and snow to families in any climate. You will be able to have some competitive fun without any damage to your house or each other. There are many different sets available online. You can get this pack of 60 snowballs from Amazon and let the games begin.

Movie Night Gift Box

Put together a simple gift basket with all the things you need for a great movie night. Include popcorn, some fun seasoning for the popcorn, and some candy options for snacking during the movie. Put a DVD or $3.99 gift code for the Apple store to rent a movie on your streaming service. It’s a simple gift to pull together, but it gives the family an excuse to come together and watch a movie and have a fun night. 

Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzles are a classic family activity. You can find puzzles with 100 pieces or thousands of pieces. It’s a great way to gather everyone around the table together to work towards one goal. If you want to personalize the puzzle, many different websites will print photos on a puzzle. Gift your favorite family a puzzle with their faces on it. You can also find tons of different themes like different movies, travel destinations, or colorful scenes that could make for some cool wall art once completed.

Hilarious Party Games

Another fun genre of games that you can gift a family is hilarious party games. Some games target adults, for example, Cards Against Humanity, which will have everyone laughing hysterically. If you have younger children, try Apples to Apples which is similar. There are also games like Watch Ya Mouth which requires participants to wear a mouthguard that keeps their mouth open while they try and get you to guess what they are saying. Throw, Throw Burrito is an updated version of Spoons that uses stuffed burritos as dueling weapons and will have everyone in the family laughing. If you’re lucky, you’ll be invited over for a game night once they receive the game.

Video Game and Online Gifts

There are some great multiplayer video games available that are fun for the entire family. If the family has a gaming console already, you can gift them a game that allows everyone to play. WIthout any gaming system, you can still find games that they can enjoy together from their couch. Online games have increased in popularity during the pandemic and you can gift them an online trivia game or game shows that only require an internet connection and a screen to watch. Tech-savvy families might appreciate having something everyone can enjoy together.

A Bingo Game

Who doesn’t love bingo? There are some great small bingo sets that include the wheel, the cards, and all the numbered balls. Families can play for candy, coins, or just for fun. It’s an easy game for everyone to play, plus it’s interactive without being too involved.

Everything Needed for Karaoke

Technology has made it super easy to gift a karaoke set to a family without having to purchase a giant speaker and computer system. Now, you can order a microphone that has speakers built into it. It’s perfect for a karaoke night for the whole family. If you want to make it extra fun, include some blow-up instruments and other props to help entertainers take their performances to the next level.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Families That Love the Outdoors (Or the Backyard)

A Tent for Camping

Camping is a great activity for the whole family. A tent allows the family to plan their next adventure whether it’s at a national park or just in the backyard. You can find tents of all sizes, so there’s something that will work for every family. By owning a tent, it might inspire a new family tradition.

Put Together a Picnic Set

Picnics are another fun way to get outside. You can put together a picnic basket complete with some classic picnic snacks for a great, unique gift. By including some reusable plates, silverware, and a blanket, you could gift a full set that the family could use over and over again. It’s an inexpensive activity and can be customized to work for any location. 

Sledding Gear

If you are shopping for someone that lives somewhere with snow, sledding gear makes a great holiday gift for the whole family. There are a variety of different types of sleds like saucers, toboggans, and more. Add some hats and mittens or a pack of hot cocoa to put together everything they need to enjoy a day of outdoor fun in the snow. Race down the hills at a local park and wear everyone out with the uphill treks. It’s a great way to be active even when the winter weather is at its prime.

Classic Yard Games

There are so many different backyard games available and it is fun for the whole family. From bean bags to ladder ball, there are options even for the family who seems to have everything. Spike ball is a new game that has been popular with families. YOu can also pick up a classic like croquet, bocce ball, or badminton. It lets everyone take their competitive spirit outdoors and do something all together as a family. 

Family Gift Ideas That Encourage Creativity

Scrapbook Kits

Many families have a collection of photos and travel memorabilia with no one to display it. By gifting a scrapbook kit, the family can work together to save those memories somewhere special. Scrapbook kits come in all sizes and you can buy pre-packaged kits or put your own together. Typically, there is a hardcovered book with different pages that can be decorated with stickers, artwork, and glued-down photos, and ticket stubs. 

DIY Birdhouse Kit

For families that like to build things or work on small projects, you can gift them a build-your-own birdhouse kit. These come with all the supplies you need to build a birdhouse for the yard. This is fun for kids to get involved and then watch the birds utilize their creation in the spring. You could include some birdseed with it or a bird-watching book to help identify the birds.

STEM Experiments for Home 

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. You can find a range of different subscription boxes for families and children as well as single purchase boxes. Each box has a different selection of experiments that the entire family can do together at home and learn something fun. Experiments range from building a volcano that erupts to mixing different elements to see the reactions. It’s fun for people of all ages and encourages some great learning moments at home.

Garden Supplies for Indoor or Outdoor Gardens

Putting together a gift of seeds or plants is a fun way to help a family start their garden. There are options for smaller indoor gardens where herbs can grow in a window. You can also pick out some fruits, vegetables, and flowers for an outdoor garden that can be planted when the weather cooperates. A gift set could include potting soil, gardening tools or just the seeds to get started. 

Build-Your-Own Robot Kits

Artificial intelligence is becoming more accessible as technology gets better. Why not give the gift of a robot? Robot building kits are available and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Choose from a selection of kits that range from simple to extremely complicated depending on how much time you think people will want to invest in this activity. The fun isn’t over once the robot has been built, it will become a fun toy for everyone to enjoy.

DIY Dog Treats 

Are you shopping around for a dog-loving family? You can purchase a gift that includes the family’s four-legged members as well. DIY dog treat kits some with everything needed to make dog treats including molds to make them into bone shapes. People love being able to include their animals in family activities, so this allows that to happen easily.

Supplies to Build a Time Capsule

Another fun way to pull together memories, including photos and small souvenirs, is by building a time capsule. Put together the necessary supplies to put together their own time capsule along with instructions on when to reopen it. If you want something smaller, there are Christmas ornaments available that allow families to add pieces of their year and enjoy those memories each year after that when decorating.

Rock Tumbling Set

Another fun and educational gift for the family to enjoy is a rock tumbling kit. It comes with all the information you need to polish up different rocks that,t you find on hikes or walks around the neighborhood. It will help provide context to things learned in science classes at school about geology and rocks. Plus, it makes some beautiful stones that can be displayed afterward as decorations.

Art Projects

Just walking through a craft store, like Michael’s, you will find a huge variety of different art projects that the whole family can participate in. There are holiday-themed activities as well as creative art projects for any time of year. Help families bring out their creative sides by purchasing a project that they can complete together. Whether it’s painting, chalk, crayons, or tie-dye, there is something that fits with any age range. 

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Foodie Family

Indoor S’mores Kit

Winter can put a damper on a lot of the favorite outdoor activities. So why not bring some outdoor fun inside with a s’mores kit that allows you to make them indoors without braving the cold? Marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers come together to make a classic dessert sandwich, and the process to make them is just as fun as enjoying the final product.

Supplies to Make Homemade Pizzas

Pizza is another crowd-pleaser. Some great gifts can be pulled together for a family to be able to make pizzas at home. You just need some dough, some toppings, and a pan. You can get creative with the toppings or add in a fun pizza cutter to make it special. Even with food allergies, most people can enjoy some type of pizza, so it makes a great gift. 

Treats Delivered to the Front Door

There are some incredible desserts that you can order for families that will deliver to them in fun packaging. You can sign up for a subscription service that will spread this out over time or just send one package for everyone to enjoy. Options include ice cream, candies, cake, and more. These treats can also be homemade by you if you love to bake. 

A Waffle Maker

Waffles are a fun breakfast treat and something the entire family can enjoy. By purchasing a waffle maker as a gift, you’ll be giving them a useful tool that they can take advantage of every weekend. Waffles can be different depending on the toppings and seasonal flavors, so it’s a great present.

Baking Set for Homemade Donuts

Donuts aren’t often thought of as something you bake at home. But, it’s not as hard as you would think. There are some great sets of equipment that include everything needed to make these tasty treats in any kitchen. This makes a great gift because it’s an activity that everyone can participate in and enjoy the outcome. It’s fun for foodies to experiment with different flavors as well.

Restaurant or Food Delivery Gift Cards

Treat the family to a meal that someone else prepares with a simple gift card. You can choose a restaurant you know they like if you think they would like a night out to eat. There is also the option of a food delivery service where they can select what type of food and have it delivered to their door. Everyone appreciates a night where they don’t need to prepare something and clean up afterward.

Ice Cream Maker

Another dessert, but another surefire gift idea for families. Making your own ice cream is a whole process that everyone can join in on. You can add different flavors and change up the recipes each time. Families can take advantage of this gift over and over again for ice cream nights at their house. Plus, it’s definitely a winner with kids. Look for Mochi kits as well if ice cream isn’t the frozen dessert of choice.

Eat2Explore Box

Help the family you’re shopping for travel around the world without leaving home. The Eat2Explore box is just one subscription gift box that sends recipes and treats from different countries and different cultures each month. It gives the family new meals to try and information to learn more about the background of the food. The box includes educational activity sheets, sauce and spice mixes, a shopping list, and recipe cards along with some fun cooking tools to help with the meal prep. With a new country each month, it stays fun and interesting.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Any Family

Personalized Mugs

Ever hear people fighting over favorite coffee mugs? Get a special personalized mug for each member of the family and avoid any conflict over it in the future. It’s perfect for tea, hot chocolate, cider, or coffee. They can even be used to make mug cakes. It’s a thoughtful and simple gift.

Adopt an Animal

We aren’t talking about a pet for the family, don’t worry. You can select an animal on the World Wildlife Fund’s website and adopt them for a year. The money goes to helping conservation efforts and you’ll receive a gift that you can pass along. The family can spend time learning more about the animal and feel good knowing that this donation was made in their honor. Many other organizations allow you to adopt an animal and will send pictures of the animals, stuffed animals, and other thank you gifts. 

Books For Everyone

One of the best gifts to give anyone of any age is a book. The Guinness Book of World Records is a great gift that the whole family can page through and chat about. Travel planning books are fun as well, especially if you know the family is planning some upcoming adventures. There are some new illustrated Harry Potter books available, as well as countless classics that are fun for all ages. The options are endless and you’re sure to find something everyone can enjoy together.

Socks with Faces

Custom socks are all the rage right now and you can order them with any pictures you want printed on. Find a great picture of the family and order them all silly socks with their faces on them. It will make for some great pictures and some good laughs when they receive them. Socks are a gift that everyone can use more of, so have some fun with them. You could also choose a picture of the four-legged member of the family for guaranteed success.

Bluetooth Speakers or Smart Home Devices

Everyone loves music, so why not give them an update to the sound system at home? Bluetooth speakers can easily be shared by every member of the household to pair with their phones and tablets and play music and other audio. Some of the smart home devices, like Alexa, have games and trivia available as well which is fun for the family to play when together. It’s a great tech-friendly option.

Scratch Off Bucket List Posters sells a few different bucket list posters that have scratch-off squares when you’ve completed the task. One of the most popular is the 100 Movies poster and as you watch them, you can scratch off under the title. These are fun ideas for family gifts because it gives them tasks to do together as a family. If you don’t like the movie poster, there are iconic US landmarks, things to do after quarantine, kid’s books, and more. 

Chargers and a Charging Station

One of the biggest arguments in a household is about chargers for electronics and gadgets. Someone always seems to be taking someone else’s charger. By giving a gift of chargers, you’re providing something useful for the whole family and hopefully helping to avoid some conflict in the future. It’s practical and will most definitely be appreciated.

Custom Portraits from Etsy

Consider ordering a custom portrait or keepsake from a creator on for the family. There are watercolors of houses, drawings of the family, or different wall hangings with their names on them. Etsy has incredibly talented and creative artists who have thought of all kinds of unique, personalized gifts, so if you’re shopping for thoughtful gifts, this is a great option. It’s also a great housewarming gift.

Matching Pajamas

Is it even Christmas morning if the whole family isn’t wearing matching pajamas? It’s a tradition for many families, but even for those that don’t typically participate, pajamas are a great gift. Everyone loves comfortable items to lounge and sleep in. You can find matching, or just coordinating, pajamas or you can just find pajamas you think everyone would love. Whatever you decide, it’s sure not to disappoint.

Adopt a Family in Their Honor

During the holiday season, many families aren’t able to purchase gifts and holiday decorations. Consider adopting a family in need and help them get the things needed for a holiday celebration. You can do it in someone else’s name as a way to pass on the good holiday spirit. It might even help spread the idea to more people during the holiday season.

Purchase a Magazine or Newspaper Subscription

We all consume so much information on our phones, tablets, and computers, so why not give someone the gift of a physical newspaper or magazine delivered to their door? Everyone in the family might enjoy different sections of the paper. There are also some great family magazines that everyone can read and appreciate. It’s a unique gift idea these days and might be a wonderful surprise.

Amazon Prime Account

With the pandemic, we’ve all spent a lot more time at home, and being able to have things delivered can be extremely convenient. Consider gifting someone an Amazon Prime membership which is good for one year. It will save them tons of money for deliveries plus give them access to new TV and movies on their streaming platforms and some free e-books as well. It’s something that almost everyone can use, so if they don’t already have it, it will be the perfect gift this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you buy families for Christmas?

There are so many different family holiday gift ideas, from themed gift baskets or game nights to activities they can do together like sledding or scratch-off adventures.

What should you get a family that has everything?

For the family who has everything, try a holiday gift that will allow them to bond and expose them to new experiences! Adventures From Scratch is a book full of 50+ unique family activities.

What are some Christmas gifts ideas for adventurous families?

The best family holiday gifts are the ones that bring them together. Consider a scratch-off adventure book, a gift card for scavenger hunt tours, or an Explorer Pass from Let’s Roam!

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