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33 Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

It’s hard to decide on an anniversary gift for you man. Relax, we’ve found a handful of anniversary gift ideas for him to make things easier.

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Your anniversary is coming up, and you want to make your special man feel extra loved. No worries, we’ve got your back! We’ve compiled a list of awesome anniversary gift ideas for him that will make him feel like a king. Whether he’s into fancy barware, music, or outdoor adventures, you’ll find it here. If you’re feeling sentimental, we’ve got some meaningful keepsakes to celebrate your relationship, too. Make his day with one of these amazing gifts he’ll totally obsess over!

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33 Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Trying to figure out what to get your man for your anniversary can be a real head-scratcher! What do guys even want, right? Most guys just go out and get it if they want something, so gift-buying gets difficult. Luckily, we’ve put together a variable list to help you celebrate your time spent together, whether you’re married, engaged, or just deeply committed. Like all gift guides, some of these ideas won’t fit your fella, but others will be right up his alley. We’ve got a little something for every kind of guy!

1. Personalized Anniversary Knife

This personalized knife is a real stunner with its unique pattern and sleek design. It’s sure to catch your man’s eye. The best part is that you can personalize it with your guy’s name or a special message. It’s the perfect way to show him how much you care and to give him something he’ll actually use and love. Whether he’s a hunter, outdoorsman, or just a guy who appreciates a good pocket knife, this is a great choice for an anniversary gift. Go ahead, make his day, and give him a gift he’ll be proud to show off to all his buddies!

2. Personalized Watch

A personalized watch is not just a timepiece, it’s a reminder of all the fun moments you’ve shared over the years. The style is easily interchangeable between work and play, and they will engrave pretty much anything you want on the back. This one works for both a sentimental and a practical guy!

3. Custom Decanter and Box.

This custom decanter with whiskey glasses, stones, and a special whiskey gift box is the perfect gift for your man. He’ll get right to work showing off his mixology skills with guests. Plus, with your own personalized messages on the front, he’ll be reminded of your love every time he pours himself a drink. Nothing says “I love you” like a tall glass of golden liquid!

4. Personalized Leather Bracelet

Check out this personalized leather bracelet! It’s not just a stylish accessory, it’s a daily reminder of your love for your man. Plus, you can add a special message on the inside, so he can keep it close to his heart (or wrist, at least). It’s perfect for any occasion—whether it’s his birthday or your anniversary.

5. Custom Key Chain and Bottle Opener

A custom keychain and bottle opener is the perfect two-in-one gift that he’ll use all the time. Plus, with your personalized message on the key ring, he’ll think of you every time he uses it. Whether he’s cracking open a cold one with the boys or just enjoying a drink at home, this handy little tool will come in clutch. Not to mention, this gift is totally customizable. You can choose the font, the message, and even the color to make it perfectly fit your fella.

6. Personalized Leather Belt

A customized belt with a side-splitting message! Whether you want to include a sassy private joke or a silly reference to a shared memory, this present is both useful and amusing. Trust us, your partner will be strutting their stuff with a smile on their face thanks to your thoughtful and playful gift!

Are you on the hunt for a dashing and debonair anniversary gift for your special someone? Why not go for something classy like a set of cufflinks? These custom set of cuff links are made of high-quality, black-colored, stainless steel, the perfect accessory to add that extra oomph to a fancy night out! Your partner will look sharp and put together at any formal event. It’s a timeless and thoughtful gesture that will surely impress.

8. Trophy Husband Tumbler

This quirky and cool tumbler blasts your fondness for your hubby! The “Trophy Husband Personalized Tumbler” is a premium tumbler that is not only super stylish, but it’ll also keep your drinks cold (or hot!) for hours on end. Plus, the graphics are sublimated—they’ll never peel or fade—so he can keep showing off his “trophy husband” status for years to come! Trust us, this tumbler design is sure to turn heads and get some laughs from your friends and family.

9. Custom Engraved Stainless Steel Travel Flask

For a totally unique and personalized anniversary gift, look no further than a custom-engraved stainless steel 7 oz travel flask! This stylish and sleek flask comes with a handy funnel and two shot cups—perfect for any impromptu drinking sesh. They’ll engrave anything you want on it, too! That’s right, you can get your name, an inside joke, or even a hilarious meme etched right onto the flask. Cheers to a one-of-a-kind gift!

10. Personalized Leather Coasters

Horween full-grain personalized leather coasters are a great way to add some class and style to your significant other’s home bar or coffee table. These babies are made to last—they can handle moisture like a champ, thanks to the top-quality leather they use. These come in a set of four thick coasters in five gorgeous colors. You get to personalize them just however you like as well. Whether it’s a monogram, a favorite quote, or a funny saying, they’ll make sure it’s engraved with perfection. So don’t settle for boring, flimsy coasters—upgrade to our full-grain leather coasters for a touch of luxury and personalization.

11. Personalized Toiletry Bag

The Laser Engraved Toiletry bag is both a practical and personalized gift. Not only are these bags stylish and trendy, but they’re also as durable as a tank! Whether they’re jet-setting around the world or simply hitting the gym, these bags will be their trusty sidekick, carrying all their essentials with grace. With laser engraving technology, you can add that extra touch of personalization that will make it a special keepsake. These bags are more than just a gift, they’re a tangible reminder of your love and thoughtfulness.

12. Hand Written Engraved Leather Wallet

We’ve found the ultimate wallet upgrade that will have the man in your life jumping for joy. Introducing the Handwriting Wallet, the swanky leather accessory that combines style, sentimentality, and a touch of magic! Not only is this wallet a suave addition to any gentleman’s collection, but it also comes with a personalized twist. They’ll engrave it with a special message of your choice! This bad boy arrives in a specially crafted gift box, ready to dazzle and impress. It’s like a surprise party for their pocket essentials!

13. Coffee/Beer Mug

Be prepared to be amazed by the magnificent Oak Wood Mug, a truly unique anniversary gift! It’s not your ordinary coffee mug. Oh no! This best-seller on Etsy is the epitome of style and versatility. With a stunning oak wood exterior and a sleek stainless steel insert, it turns sipping into a sensational experience. Each and every one of these mugs is personalized to perfection with top-notch engraving. We’re talking high-quality craftsmanship here!

14. Engraved Personalized Docking Station

Attention, organizational enthusiasts and lovers of tidy spaces, feast your eyes on the incredible Engraved Personalized Docking Station! It’s the perfect anniversary gift for a messy guy, here to rescue your scattered items and bring harmony to your daily life. Designed with meticulous precision, this docking station is like a mini metropolis for your belongings. It’s got space for your smartphone, tablet, keys, watch, glasses, wallet, and more! Each compartment is tailored to hold your essentials, ensuring they’re always within reach and never lost in the chaos. You can engrave it with your very own personalized text too.

15. Personalized License Plate Sign

We’ve got an anniversary gift idea that’s as cute as a button and as creative as can be. Get ready to impress your special someone with the ultimate wall art masterpiece! A custom piece where both your names come to life, crafted from old pieces of license plates. It’s a quirky and charming way to celebrate your love. And to top it off, there’s a heart-shaped symbol smack dab in the middle, radiating those warm fuzzy feelings. This fantastic artwork comes beautifully framed with wood, giving it that rustic touch. Plus, there are four different stain options to match your home decor flawlessly.

16. Personalized Vinyl Record with Wooden Stand

If your man is a music lover and nostalgia enthusiast, rock your loved one’s world with the incredible Personalized Vinyl Record with Wooden Stand! It’s a groovy gift that hits all the right notes. Choose their favorite song, a meaningful tune, or even a cheesy guilty pleasure, and the crafters will include it on the record. It’s like capturing their musical soul in a timeless keepsake. They have three QR code options for you to choose from. If you go for the QR or Spotify code, they’ll add it to the product. That way, whenever you feel the urge to groove to your chosen song, just whip out your phone, scan the code, and voila! The music link you provided will come alive, right at your fingertips.

17. Custom Socks

Attention, pet-loving partners! We’ve got the best anniversary gift that will make your fur-loving fella jump for joy. Introducing the incredible Custom Socks with your very own dog’s face! It’s a hilarious and heartwarming way to celebrate your special day, a cozy reminder of the love you both share for your four-legged family member. Whether he’s lounging on the couch or strutting his stuff, he’ll have his furry friend cheering him on with every step.

18. Personalized Chess Set

This chess set is not just any ordinary game, but a masterpiece of high-quality cast-iron chess pieces and a chess table adorned with a mesmerizing marble pattern on wood. Oh, the aesthetic delight it brings to the game! You have the power to customize this chess board with laser-etched text of your choice. You’ll enjoy kicking his butt at chess even more when playing on this gorgeous gameboard.

19. Custom Face Boxers with Name

Looking for a funny gift to show your love? Look no further! Custom photo boxer shorts are here to add a hilarious twist to any sweet moment. Pick a style, slap your face on those shorts, and get ready to witness a mix of surprise and laughter. It’s a unique and special gift that’ll leave your special someone in stitches!

20. Beer History Pint Glasses

If your man is a beer lover, he’ll be really excited by these pint glasses. Each glass features facts about IPAs, pale ales, pilsners, and lagers. You can get him a pint about his favorite beer or—our advice—a set of all four. Not only are they practical, but they also look awesome on the shelf of the home bar. We do love a multipurpose gift!

21. Personalized Metal Wallet

We’ve got the ultimate anniversary gift for a practical guy on the go. He will love this sleek, slim, metal wallet. Upgrade him to a stylish, minimalist wallet that screams sophistication. This wallet isn’t just any wallet—it’s personalized with his initials on the front. You can even add a special message that will keep reminding him of your love long after your anniversary has passed.

22. Custom Song Lyrics Art

Every couple has that one song that represents their love for each other or a fond memory of times past. Memorialize your special tune by having it made into a custom foil metallic song lyric art piece. We tend to hold on to “our song” throughout the length of the relationship, so whether this works well whether it’s a first-anniversary gift, five-year anniversary gift, or 50th-anniversary gift! Each art piece is a handmade one-of-a-kind piece with a Spotify code added for easy access to your song. This romantic gift will be cherished for years to come.

23. Custom Watercolor Portrait

Looking for the ultimate wedding anniversary gift for a stylish guy who appreciates a well-decorated aesthetic? Look no further, because this Custom Watercolor Portrait looks great in just about any space. It’s the perfect way to celebrate your love in style. Not only does it look great, but it’s a constant reminder of your favorite photo or memory together, and it’s guaranteed to be a hit.

24. Adventure Scrapbook

Anniversaries are the ideal time to reflect on the places you’ve been, special occasions, and those precious moments you’ve shared. There’s no better way to remind him of all those special memories than by collecting them in a high-quality scrapbook. This one is made of genuine leather, high-clarity polypropylene pocket pages, and acid-free paper. The book contains 50 sheets/100 pages, and each page has room for note-taking. Fashionable and tasteful, personalize it for him, and feel free to design, store, and present your photos just the way you want them.

25. Personalized Constellation Chart Lamp

Remember that magical moment when the stars aligned, coming together on that historic day and time that changed your life forever. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could memorialize that moment somehow? That’s the essence of this star map design, crafted with love and care to commemorate your most special occasions. Whether it’s your wedding day, anniversary, or first date, the star map goes back to that date, snaps a freeze frame of the stars at that very moment, and immortalizes your love story in the constellations. These delicate night lights are not just sentimental keepsakes but works of art that bring elegance and charm to your space.

26. Date Night Box

Reignite the spark and have the most epic date night ever with this incredible Date Night Box for Couples! Say goodbye to boring old anniversary gifts and hello to an adventure-filled experience. This box is packed with everything you need for a creative and fun anniversary date night. Let your imagination run wild as you create unforgettable memories together. The Lovebox has a steamy adult board game, blindfold, love card, and feather for some teasing and tickling. Unwind and let the game be your guide. Who knows where it might lead?

27. Viking Axe with Custom Personalized Wooden Box

Looking for something truly extraordinary… and kind of out there? Why not hook your warrior up with a special, hand-forged Viking axe masterpiece that can be customized just for him? This remarkable creation is not limited to one occasion—it’s perfect as an anniversary present, a Father’s Day gift, or a birthday gift. Does any man really need an engraved Viking axe? Well… no, but pretty much every man secretly wants one! It will instantly upgrade the aesthetic of his man cave, and he’s gonna love it!

28. Personalized Wooden Controller Stand

A great gift for gamers who want to keep their controllers organized and within reach is this personalized wooden controller stand. The stand is compatible with all controllers. Crafted from high-quality, natural birch plywood, this stand is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship. Whether you want to add your custom logo, a meaningful quote, or even your own handwriting, they’ve got you covered. Just reach out to them through Etsy Messages after your purchase to discuss your custom design. This is the perfect way to level up your guy’s gaming setup, and if you’re lucky, it might encourage him to actually clean up his gaming equipment.

29. ‘The Story of Us’ Collage Photo Frame

The Story of Us’ Collage Photo Frame is a heartfelt gift that will keep your special someone reminiscing about the greatest thing that ever happened to them: you and your beautiful love story! This exquisite picture frame is designed to celebrate every moment of your journey together. With its crisp white design, it exudes elegance and charm. At the top, a delicate gold script captures the essence of your unique bond, while white lettering against a black background at the bottom adds a touch of sophistication. This collage frame is a visual documentation of your extraordinary love story, capturing precious moments from your courtship and proposal, all the way to your magical wedding day and honeymoon adventures.

30. Personalized Grill Set

If your man loves to grill, then say “happy anniversary” with this Personalized BBQ grill. Every man who grills knows the importance of having high-quality grilling tools and these have the added bonus of being personalized. The next time he has the guys over he will break out these bad boys and be the envy of all. At least with these amazing babies, his kit will almost match his overblown grillmaster ego (well-deserved, of course, we’re sure his steak rub is far superior to all other steak rubs ever made)!

31. Playful Together Since Shirts

Thinking of taking some cute anniversary photos? This Together Since Shirts comes in several designs, but each one comes with the message “together since” and then the year of your wedding. No matter which style you choose, the shirts are custom-designed and made with love. They are extremely soft to the touch, so he’ll be very comfortable wearing them, and you’ll look adorable on the beach for that second honeymoon we are sure he is secretly planning! 

32. Personalized Gift Set

Personalized Gift Boxes are affordable man crates that are sure to impress. Each solid wood box is meticulously crafted to order and comes with kraft gift filler on the interior, adding a touch of elegance. You can choose any monogram from a set of options, making each box truly personalized and special. Your man will love taking home a memorable gift tailored just for him. These versatile boxes can be filled with whatever you like to create the ultimate gift. From flasks and shots to a handy knife, bottle opener, lighter, or even a cigar cutter—the possibilities are endless. Let your creativity run wild as you curate a gift that perfectly suits your man’s taste and preferences.

33. Surround Sound Speakers

Bobtot Home Theater Systems Surround Sound Speakers on Amazon is a great gift for men addicted to their gadgets. On second thought, who wouldn’t love to have the experience of the cinema at home? With an incredible 800 watts of power and a 6.5-inch subwoofer, he will feel like he’s in the theatre, but from the comfort (and cleanliness) of your living room. When you’re not watching movies, he can utilize Bluetooth on his smart devices for music or podcasts.

Closing Thoughts

Anniversaries are special occasions that deserve to be commemorated. In fact, it’s one of the only days we celebrate as a personal accomplishment. Even your birthday isn’t really a personal achievement. Your parents did that, but your anniversary is all you and your life partner, and as anyone who has been in a long-term relationship knows, sometimes keeping that flame burning is a true achievement! Hopefully, you found something in this gift guide of anniversary gift ideas for him. Save this list in your files, as Valentine’s Day and Christmas are always just around the corner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I gift my husband on an anniversary?

Gift your husband the experience of an adventurous and unique anniversary date! You can find fun ideas in Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition.

What is a good anniversary gift for music lovers?

A personalized vinyl record or stylish song lyric wall art piece with your special song are great gifts for music lovers on your anniversary.

What is the perfect anniversary gift for an outdoorsman?

If you have an outdoorsy man, a personalized knife or custom Viking axe, or a year’s worth of adventurous date ideas are the perfect anniversary gifts for your manly fella.

What is a good gadget to get him for an anniversary?

A practical gadget gift for him is a surround sound system to make movie or game night more special, a personalized gaming control station, or a personalized docking station.

What is a stylish anniversary gift I can get for him?

If you’re looking for a stylish anniversary gift, custom cufflinks, a personalized watch, and a personalized leather bracelet will fit the bill.

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