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Creative Family Photo Ideas to Capture Memorable Moments

Needing new family photo ideas? We’ve come up with creative ideas to help you create snapshots that tell your family’s story.

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Looking for new, innovative family photo ideas? Whether you’re fancy with a camera, you’ve hired a professional photographer to take your shots, or you’re just using your phone, these fun ideas can help you capture great pictures of your loved ones this year!

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14 Creative Family Photo Ideas to Capture Memorable Moments

Turn your family photos into a gallery of cherished memories with these creative ideas! From silly poses to heartwarming scenes, this guide is packed with inspiration to help you create snapshots that tell your family’s story.

1. A Family Picnic

A photography session capturing the love of a family naturally is the best, especially when you’re outdoors. Take your family out, lay down a comfy blanket, and bring along some favorite snacks. Remember to grab fun stuff like bubbles and cute cups. This idea works great any time of year, especially for summer or fall family pictures. Have the phone or the photographer snap shots while you enjoy your meal together. This one is great for snatching candid shots!

If you need more picnic ideas, read “49 Ideas for a Perfect Family Picnic,” and get the perfect natural family pic.

2. Goofy Style

You don’t need to be serious in family photos. You can get great pics by having fun! The best family photo sessions are the ones where you let loose and show off your family’s sense of humor. Stick your tongue out, make the silliest faces, dance, or go all out with fun costumes. Don’t hold back—the more fun you have, the better the photos will be! So, laugh, be goofy, and capture those candid moments that truly reflect your family’s unique and playful spirit.

3. A Family Game Session

Skip the planned poses for family photos, and catch those moments of bonding and excitement when the whole family is playing board games, shooting hoops, or throwing the football around in the backyard.

4. With the Family Pet

Having pets in family photo shoots is essential because they’re part of the family too! Dressing them up in cute and matching outfits can be fun. Think adorable bandanas or even funny costumes. Let the animals be themselves and show off their unique personalities. Whether it’s playing fetch or letting the cat casually photobomb the family photo, there are lots of ways to capture sweet memories with your furry family members.

5. Family Portraits Session in a Studio

Some families love those natural, everyday pictures, but others prefer classic family portraits. This is especially a good idea for large families. A controlled space with professional lighting and simple backgrounds helps contain the chaos so all the attention is on the family.

A studio session isn’t just about sitting and smiling. Most portrait studios have fantastic photographers on staff who can help you design a picture portfolio you’re proud of. Just be vocal about the vibe you want, and they’ll help you get there!

6. A Family Dress-Up Day

Calling all fashion lovers and fantasy fans! If you want to flaunt your style and have some creative fun, try a dress-up day for a family picture idea. Think of cool themes, like rocking ugly Christmas sweaters, dawning apparel from your favorite sports team, or dressing up as beloved Disney characters. For young children, being a superhero or a princess is a top pick. Dressing up is bound to get them excited about the day, exactly the mood you want for awesome photos.

Encourage everyone to be creative and pick outfits that shout out their individuality. Maybe even set up scenes inspired by their favorite movies or cartoons! Your family is much more likely to cooperate and smile if they have an awesome backdrop they helped create and are decked out in their favorite costume!

7. A Movie Session

If your family isn’t the outdoor type but loves being couch potatoes, why not capture that cozy vibe with a movie session family photo shoot? Get everyone comfy, make some popcorn, and have a good laugh watching a funny movie together. It’s a great way to get small children to sit down and snuggle with their parents and create adorable photo memories.

8. A Family Bake-Off

If your family loves sweets or enjoys kitchen time together, try a family bake-off for some fun and tasty family photoshoot ideas! Have everyone join in, mixing ingredients and savoring the batter bowl. Capture the chaos and laughter as the family bakes up a storm! Don’t forget to snap pics of the delicious treats when they’re done. Then, catch the family members sharing these yummy goodies, especially when the kids still have flour on their cheeks (adorable!). It’s a sweet and joy-filled way to capture your family’s kitchen adventures.

9. Nature Walks

If your family enjoys being outdoors, going on a nature walk or hike can be a fantastic way to capture candid outdoor family photos. Nature is full of joy and wonder, and it’s easy to snap beautiful photos when you’re in a naturally gorgeous environment. Plus, being able to wander freely keeps the kiddos happier.

10. Beach Photos

Walking or playing on a beach is perfect for that summer family photoshoot. Whether it’s a playful session in the waves, building sandcastles, or simply strolling along the shoreline, the beach provides a natural and vibrant backdrop for family photos. Sunset beach photos with the sky painted in hues of orange and pink add a touch of magic to your collection. Seashells, beach blankets, and maybe even a family beach picnic can add charming details to your shots.

A photography tip for the outdoors is choosing the golden hour, which is right before the sun sets. It’s one of the best times for a photo shoot as it allows you to use the soft play of natural light to your advantage.

11. Porch Family Photoshoot

Another cool spot for a great family photo is the porch. It’s a chill and comfy place that’s great for capturing real, spontaneous moments. You can try having everyone sit on the porch swing or gather around the porch table. Snap some pics of your beautiful family just relaxing on the steps after a busy day. Having the entire family sitting around a fire pit drinking hot chocolate or roasting smores on the back patio is great too! It’s a laid-back setting that makes for casual and cute fall family photos.

12. Riding Bikes

If your family loves riding bikes, a biking photo session is an awesome way to showcase your family’s hobbies. Get everyone in a line on their bikes, then take a side-view photo. Snap some shots from the front and the rear. Then, have each family member perform their favorite trick for the camera for amazing single shots!

13. Christmas Card Photos

Get into the festive spirit by creating memorable Christmas card photos for your family. Dress up in cozy holiday outfits or matching pajamas, and head to a spot with twinkling lights or a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Capturing candid moments of laughter and joy while decorating the Christmas tree will make a perfect holiday card.

Another great idea is building a snowman together while your family photographer catches those natural smiles. Whether you’re gathered around the fireplace, sipping hot cocoa, or sharing festive treats, these holiday photos will not only spread cheer but also become cherished memories for years to come.

14. Family Hug

Family photos are awesome because they catch the love your family shares. To really show this love, go for a big group hug. Have everyone stand in a circle and hug. Then, snap the moment. If you feel like it, take the whole family down into a big dog pile. You’re sure to get some fantastically funny shots!

Family Photo Outfit Ideas

You’re all set for a fun family photo shoot, but what should you wear? You want to look yourselves but just a more polished version, where nobody’s socks have holes and you sort of coordinate. No worries! We’ve got some simple tips for dressing up for family photos that make it easy to look fabulous.

Pick a basic color scheme like cool blues and greens or warm earthy tones, and choose clothes based on the color palette. You don’t need to wear the exact same outfits—a color palette is key. If you like matching, go for it! That’s fine too, but as long as your colors “go together,” they don’t need to be exactly the same. Choose 2-3 colors that are close together on the color wheel or opposite for a bold, popping picture, and work from there, adding in the same neutral to bring it all together.

Just be yourselves. That’s the most important thing. Your family should be the stars of the photos, not the clothes. So, limit busy patterns. Certain colors work great in specific places. If it’s a beach day, think about light and breezy. Bright colors might pop in a city setting, while earthy tones blend well in nature spots. The main thing is to feel comfortable and let your family’s personality shine through in the pictures.

Closing Thoughts

In the realm of family photo ideas, the possibilities are as diverse as the unique bonds within each family. Whether you choose the coziness of a home setting, the adventure of an outdoor excursion, or a portrait photography studio, the magic lies in capturing the genuine moments that define your family. From joyous laughter to quiet shared moments, these snapshots will become favorites that you will want to share on social media and deck the halls with!

A great time to do family photos is on a family weekend getaway. If you don’t know where to start planning, read “Tips for Planning the Perfect Family Getaway Weekend” for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What looks good in family photos?

For outfit ideas that look good in family photos, pick a basic color scheme, like cool blues and greens or warm earthy tones. Mix 2-3 coordinating colors with a foundational neutral.

What are some family photo ideas?

There are lots of family photo ideas to choose from, like having a family dress-up day or a beach walk. Or you can capture candid shots while your family engages in a fun, interactive activity!

Should you have your pets in family photos?

It’s a good idea to include your pets in family photos, especially if they’re an important part of your family. Pets also help bring out a more natural interaction with your family and the camera.

What are good indoor family photo ideas?

Some good indoor photo ideas are having a movie session, a family bake-off, a Christmas card photo, a family hug, a traditional family portrait session, or photos of family adventure night!

What are great outdoor family photo ideas?

Great outdoor family photo ideas are nature walks, bike riding, beach walks, porch photoshoots, candids from a scavenger hunt, and a family picnic. Try to capture happy moments!

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