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27 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Are you stumped on what to get the man in your life this February 14th? We’ve come up with a list of the best Valentine’s day gift ideas for him!

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Finding the best Valentine’s Day gifts for your significant other can sometimes be a little tricky. While you may not want to get your husband, son, boyfriend, etc something too cliche, it may be a little hard to think of a thoughtful gift that shows how much you care about them that is unique and personal. Trust us … we have all been there so to help you get started on your Valentine’s Day shopping, we have put together a great list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are sure to make your man’s day memorable. 

You can find many of the gifts below on websites like Amazon but here at Let’s Roam, we are big fans of supporting local businesses and always recommend checking your local shops first to find a great gift. If you aren’t sure what to get, you can always get a gift certificate from a local business. 

Below you will find a list of the best Valentine’s day gifts for all the important men in your life. 

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Adventurous Men

1. Scratch-Off Adventure Book

A scratch-off adventure book lets your partner know that you are looking forward to a future full of adventures with him. Specifically designed for couples, Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition contains over 50 on-the-go challenges, tear-out elements, in-home discoveries, and other surprises that are sure to get your creative juices flowing and your adrenaline pumping. It’s a great way to fill every day with a sense of excitement and find inspiration on how to make every day with your loved one count.

If you want to get kids involved and make it a family activity, don’t worry—we have a family scratch-off adventure book too!

2. The Perfect Date Night

Everywhere you look, you are bombarded with images of the perfect gift to give your partner. However, we sometimes forget what the day is all about – honoring the love that we have for the special man in our life. Setting up the perfect date night can be a great way to emphasize just how much he means to you and what you do completely depends on you and your relationship with one another. You can spend the night knocking back your favorite beers at your local bar, go for a long hike up to a secluded waterfall, revisit the place where you went on your first date, or even cuddle on the grass in your neighborhood park with a picnic.

If you are struggling to come up with date night ideas, think about the things that you have done together in the past as well as things that you have talked about doing in the future. Start jotting these down and you should feel more and more ideas start coming into your mind. Write down everything that you think of no matter how impractical it may seem because this list of date night ideas can easily be incorporated into the next gift on this list!

3. Couple’s Bucket List

If you and your significant other both adore adventure, why not put together your own couples bucket list? Think of all the fun, crazy, adventurous things that you have talked about and write them all down. It is a great way to show that you are committed to the longevity of your relationship and it can also be used as a great planning tool for your future adventures. 

There are a few ways that you can create your bucket list. One option is to buy a ready-made bucket list book which provides plenty of space for you to jot down ideas. If you are creative, another fun thing to do is buy an empty scrapbook and start filling the pages with bucket list ideas. Save plenty of space on each page that you can fill in later on with memories, keepsakes, and photos of the adventure. This truly is a gift that keeps on giving and is an ideal way to have one thing that you can look through to see both the wonderful things that you have done together as well as all of the things that you have to look forward to. Make sure to leave many blank pages where you can add new ideas as they pop up. 

4. Duffel Bag

Packing for a vacation can be a mysterious beast. Sometimes, you are so excited that you want to throw everything in your bag weeks in advance (including the kitchen sink) yet other times, you just can’t seem to get motivated to pack until the very last moment (trust us, we’ve all been there). Regardless of what type of packing mood your partner is in, a well-designed duffel bag is sure to make the process easier.

When picking out the perfect bag, make sure to think of your partner’s needs and lifestyle. Are they frequently rushing off for last-minute work trips or weekend getaways where they just need a few articles of clothing or are they planning an epic road trip where they will need a ton of different types of clothes with them? It is also a good idea to check the quality of the zippers and straps on the bags as the last thing you want is for your guy to be heading out for a trip and having his bag break along the way. 

5. Go-Pro

About two decades ago, Go-Pro burst onto the scene as THE camera to have for outdoor adventurers. Extremely durable with wide-angle lenses, these handy little cameras have a slew of accessories including wrist and helmet mounts that you can buy to make it even more convenient to record any adventure that life throws at you. They are great for people who love to go off the beaten track a bit and are always up for exploring!

6. Bamboo Clothing

Bamboo has to be one of nature’s greatest gifts. This incredibly useful plant can be used for everything from food to furniture and it grows amazingly quickly which makes it very sustainable. One bamboo-based product that we just can’t get enough of is bamboo fabric. Not only is it super soft but it is also sweat-wicking and it dries quickly. While you can buy t-shirts, pajamas, pants, and boxer briefs made from bamboo that are well-suited for outdoor adventures and lounging around the house!

7. IOU Adventure Book

Life is all about getting out of our comfort zones and most of us have a list of things that our partners really want to do but that we aren’t too keen on. Whether it is white water rafting or going to see another action movie, creating an IOU adventure book full of “coupons” that can be used throughout the year to “claim” an experience is a great way to show your partner that you are attentive to his needs and are willing to try new things for them. If you can, try to include a little love message on the coupons to serve as a reminder of just how much he means to you. 

8. National Parks Pass

If he is a big nature lover and you want to give a gift that he can use all year round, check out the National Parks and Recreational Lands Pass. It costs around $80 and can be used to access more than 2,000 national parks and recreation sites across the United States including big-name sites, like the Grand Canyon, Olympic National Park, and historical spots like Alcatraz. To find out more about the fantastic national parks located across the country, make sure to visit this list of the 20 Best National Parks in the United States

9. Reusable Water Bottle

Our planet is currently drowning in plastic and every one of us must do our part to reduce our use of plastic. One easy (and healthy!) way to do this is by swapping single-use water bottles for reusable water bottles. There’s a surprisingly huge array to choose from so make sure that you get one that suits his lifestyle. 

If he’s a health-nut who exercises frequently, a bottle that you can easily open with one hand and that has a wide mouth for refilling could be a great option. Otherwise, if he is more of a sedentary type of guy, a stainless steel bottle may be perfect to carry back and forth to work. 

10. Scavenger Hunt

If your man loves to discover new places, surprise him with a scavenger hunt! With more than 400 options around the world, there’s sure to be one near you. With art walks, bar crawls, ghost tours, and sightseeing expeditions, there’s a little something for everyone—even someone who’s difficult to buy for!

Once you’ve settled on your destination, it could be cute to give your significant other a city-themed key chain or magnet to serve as a little hint as to what lies ahead and reveal your plans at the starting line. Have fun with it!

For those who want or need to stay close to home, consider an in-home scavenger hunt. Convert any space into a virtual playground, and share some laughs as you answer questions, complete challenges, and make lasting memories.

11. An International Adventure

We all need a vacation at some point and the past two years have been pretty rough on pretty much everyone. Why not celebrate your love (and the fact that you managed to get through the past two years together!) with a wonderful trip abroad? Flights to the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America can whisk you away to a new country in just a few hours giving you great options for a long weekend getaway. If you have a bit more time, the gorgeous architecture and cobblestone streets of Europe beckon! 

If you still aren’t sure where to go, you can always leave your travel planning in the hands of a professional. Surprise travel agencies can put together a wonderful vacation for you and are a great way to go somewhere awesome that you may not have even considered before. 

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Techies

We all have someone in our lives that is on top of the latest gadgets that hit the market (and they generally are the ones that teach us how to use them!) and are always longing for something tech-related. These gadgets prove to be great gifts for all the tech-loving men in your life as you know that they are likely to be used (and that maybe you will inherit them yourself one day when the newer model comes out. Sorry, not sorry.)

12. Docking Station

Between phone chargers, Bluetooth speakers, and plenty of other odds and ends, bedside tables can begin looking pretty disorganized and it can be a pain to find what you need without knocking everything over. A well-designed docking station can be the perfect solution (and the perfect V-day gift!) that can keep everything neat and tidy and since many of them have speakers built-in, it means that your exterior speakers can be 

13. Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones have become extremely popular over the past few years. They are extremely convenient (no messy cords to constantly untangle), and have become increasingly more affordable as more and more different companies have started selling their own version of them.

While Apple’s Airpods have been one of the best-selling brands, there are now more and more options for Android users. You find entry-level earbuds as low as $20 and while the sound quality may not be as great as more expensive models, they are perfect for anyone who is just venturing into the world of wireless headphones or has a tendency to lose things pretty quickly!

14. Wireless Charger

In a time when the internet and cell phones have made us more and more connected, all these wires can sometimes begin to feel a little claustrophobic. Luckily, wireless chargers have come on the scene and have helped clean up some of those cords allowing us to charge a handful of devices at the same time without getting tied up in knots. They are a great gift for anyone who loves their gadgets and wants to keep them close by. 

15. Home Projectors 

Thanks to the advent of home projectors, any phone or computer can now become a movie screen and this is a great gift for movie buffs, sports fans, or gamers who want to feel like they are deep within the action. When picking a projector, keep in mind what you will be using it for. Large, mounted projectors may produce a better quality picture but they are much less portable while smaller projectors may produce a slightly fuzzier picture but you may get much more use out of them, especially if you normally spend a lot of time outdoors during the summer and plan on creating your own outdoor cinema.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Around the Home

If your man loves to have everything just so, then a DIY-related gift or some grooming products would make great gifts! Grooming products can help him feel his best from his head to his toes while useful tools to use around the house can help him feel like he is ready to tackle any situation that life throws at him!

16. Multitool

Multitools are effectively the big brother of Swiss Army knives and manage to pack in a lot of useful tools in one while still being small enough to stash in your glove compartment. Most good multitools will include a pair of pliers, small scissors, a knife, and so forth and can be surprisingly useful if your man spends a lot of time outdoors or does a lot of DIY projects. 

17. Body Care Subscription

If your man loves nothing more than a styled beard, deliciously smelling cologne, or soft, supple skin (and honestly, isn’t that a win-win for both of you?), then why not give him a gift that will keep on giving for months? There’s a slew of great gift sets available that will combine everything that a man needs to feel his best in one handy package. You can even get subscription boxes that will show up every month full of grooming goodies such as shaving accessories, lotion, hair care products, and face serums.

Depending on the company you order the subscription from, you may get products from manufacturers like Kiehl’’s, Hanz de Fuko, and Malin + Goetz. 

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Foodies

As the old saying goes “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and, although women are no longer trapped in the kitchen all day (thank god!), guys who love to eat still tend to be some of the easiest to shop for and honestly, sometimes nothing says I love you more than showing up with your partner’s favorite box of chocolates, craft beer, or BBQ sauce.

 If your man is excited by all things food-related, then we have some great gift ideas for you! With so many different cooking techniques and types of cuisine, the world truly is your oyster with this one. If they also happen to love craft beer (and who doesn’t?), your options just got even wider! The great thing about giving consumable products is that there is a strong likelihood that your gift will actually be used rather than going into a cupboard somewhere. Plus, if you live together, there is an even greater likelihood that you will be able to join in on the fun!

18. Beer Subscriptions

Craft beer has swept across the United States leaving large parts of the country drenched in hoppy-ness. As more and more breweries are opening across the country, it is virtually impossible for any beer lover to keep up with all the new great beers available. What better way to make this process easier than a beer subscription which delivers freshly-brewed craft beer direct to your doorstep?

19. Cooking Classes

If the man in your life adores all things related to food, cooking classes are a great way to help him pursue this passion. You can either join him in the class for a fun couple’s activity or stay on the sidelines and reap the benefits of his newly learned skills. If you want to make the experience really personalized, you can even hire a private chef who will teach him how to cook in his very own home using his own kitchen equipment. Pair the class with a tasty bottle of wine and be prepared for a night full of romance and laughter. 

20. Coffee Mug

While a coffee mug may not seem like a romantic gift at first glance, hear us out. There are many different mugs that you can buy including funny ones that are sure to bring a smile to his face each time he pours himself a cuppa, and high-tech ones that promise to keep your coffee warm all day long. While it may seem like a small thing, it shows your loved one that you want to make sure that he is happy all day long. 

21. Waffle Iron

Waffles are one of those foods that really seem to hit the spot. Slightly sweet, light & fluffy, they can be accompanied by a variety of toppings to suit any craving. And there is nothing, nothing better than a freshly-made waffle straight off of the waffle iron. Although these can be a special treat at any time of the day, they are an especially fun way to start off a Sunday morning (especially if you have kids!) when you have a day full of fun ahead of you. Another great thing about waffle irons is that they are incredibly easy to master and can be packed away pretty easily when they aren’t in use. 

22. Customized Coasters

Coasters are a wonderful gift for pretty much everyone who drinks liquids out of a glass and has a table. They don’t take up much space, are very useful, and are generally inexpensive. For a personal touch, you can have them customized with his last name, a picture of the two of you traveling the world, or even printed with his favorite obscure beer brand. Personalized coasters are a fun way to spruce up any man cave and you can find a wide range of options on sites like Etsy if you need some inspiration. 

23. Indoor Gardening Kit

Growing your own food can be extremely rewarding both mentally and physically and this important skill doesn’t need to be limited to people living on large swaths of land. Indoor gardening kits make it easy to try out your green thumb and give you everything you need to start your own garden in your very own kitchen including growing lights, timers, and self-watering containers. You can grow many different plants, fruits, and vegetables inside your house and it is a great way to feel like you are doing something meaningful. 

24. Grill Set 

While summer and warm weather may seem very far away, a grill set may be the perfect gift to get everyone through the winter blues. Grill sets usually come with a barbecue fork, tongs, and a spatula that help make cooking on a grill slightly easier. Grill sets can range from inexpensive, entry-level sets to top-of-the-line stainless steel beauties so make sure that you strike a good balance between how much you invest and how often you think they will be used in the future. 

25. BBQ Gift Basket

If your man is already well-stocked when it comes to BBQ utensils, you can give him a BBQ gift basket full of his favorite BBQ sauces, samplers, rubs, and an inspirational cookbook that is sure to get his taste buds popping. There are a ton of ready-made BBQ gift baskets available on the internet but if you are more of a fan of personalized gifts, you can head over to your favorite BBQ joint and create your own gift box. 

26. Air Fryer

If you are trying to cut down on the calories this year but aren’t quite ready to give up on fried foods, an air fryer could be the perfect tool to bridge the gap between health and taste. Air fryers are designed to simulate frying foods in oil giving them a crunchy exterior and a soft interior. According to some sources, air fryers can reduce calories by 70 to 80% and greatly reduce fat content. If that isn’t already enough to make you want to throw out your deep fryer, air fryers are also relatively easy to clean and take up much less space on your countertop than other kitchen appliances. 

27. Gourmet Food Subscription Box

Another great gift that keeps on giving all year, gourmet food subscription boxes provide a fantastic way for your man to try new gourmet foods even when V-day is long gone. Depending on where you live, many local businesses may offer subscription boxes consisting of good-quality locally sourced products, or you can order from large national brands like Goldbelly which feature food from around the country. You can also find boxes specializing in alcohol, cheese, meats, and international foods. 

Still Stumped?

If none of the above Valentine’s Day gift ideas feels right for him, you may want to think about personalized or customized gifts like a monogrammed mug in a basket full of his favorite craft brews, or a box of all of his most loved treats

Online shops like Uncommon Goods, Amazon, and Esty have fantastic options to choose from, so you’re bound to find something he’ll love. These sites are also a good option if you’re in a long-distance relationship and won’t be able to be with your loved one on Valentine’s Day but still want to send him something special to let him know you’re thinking of him. Remember to order gifts well in advance to make sure that they arrive on time!

We hope that this list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas has gotten you pumped for the big day! As always, we love to hear your feedback and we want to wish everyone out there a fantastic and romantic Valentine’s Day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men who are homebodies?

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men who love to stay around the house include cooking classes, a multi-use tool, a home projector, or a perfect date night topped off with an in-home scavenger hunt!

What should I get my adventurous partner for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day gifts for adventurous guys might include a surprise scavenger hunt, a national parks pass, or an interactive scratch-off book full of date challenges designed just for couples!

What can I get my foodie guy for Valentine’s Day?

There are so many great Valentine’s Day gifts for foodie guys! Consider getting him a gourmet food subscription box, a grill set, a grill set, an indoor gardening kit, or a BBQ gift basket.

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