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38 Signs of a True Friendship

Life is for friends, and friends are for life, right? But how do you know if a friendship is sincere and can last? Review these signs of true friendship!

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Friendship is a special bond that unites two or more people in a unique relationship. It often develops over time through shared experiences, laughter, and mutual trust. But how do you know if the friendship is true? This article will explore all the signs of a sincere, potentially lasting friendship and uncover how they can help you strengthen your bonds.

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Why We Need True Friends

We’ve been social creatures since the beginning of time. People have relied on one another for support and connection for thousands of years.

Whether we’re in high school bonding over the cutest boys in our class or we’re helping our best friend pick out her wedding dress, we need friends at every step of our life.

Friendships can give us a much-needed sense of belonging, affirmation, and acceptance. They provide us with an outlet to express our feelings and to receive advice from those we trust most.

38 Signs of a True Friend

A true friend is one of the most valuable assets we can have throughout our lives. They are someone who stands by us during difficult times and provides unconditional love and support, making us feel valued.

A true friend is always there for us when we need them, no matter what. Here are some signs you may be fortunate enough to have a best friend for life:

1. They make time for you.

Our calendars are busier than ever. Yet, a real friend will always find a way to carve out time for you. True friendship means making you a priority, whether spending time together over dinner or flying out for your wedding.

2. Friends don’t judge you.

No matter the situation, true friends never judge you or your decisions. Instead, they offer their support and understanding as you navigate life’s challenges together. They may tell you your decision wasn’t smart, but they will never judge you for it.

3. Real friendship is listening intently when you speak. 

A great friend will never interrupt or look away when you’re speaking. Instead, they’re a good listener who turns their phone on silent when you’re having a serious conversation and listens intently to offer thoughtful feedback or advice if you request it.

4. Genuine friends are honest with you. 

Honesty is the foundation of any lasting friendship. A true friend will always tell you the truth—even if it’s hard to hear—to help you grow and stay on the right path.

5. They always have your back.

No matter what, your BFF will always have your back. Whether you’re facing a difficult situation or making an important decision, they are there to support you and provide their honest input.

6. Close friends make sure you’re taken care of.

They will always look out for you and make sure you have everything you need. They can be your cheerleader or shoulder to cry on when times get tough. If you’re struggling with your mental health, they are among the first people you think to call.

7. A healthy friendship brings out the best in you.

Good friends bring out the best in us and make it easy to stay positive even in the most challenging of situations. They encourage us to reach for the stars and help us realize our full potential.

8. They are reliable.

A fake friend is flakey. A real one will always be there when you need them, even if it means going out of their way for you or making personal sacrifices to do so.

9. They laugh with you. 

Laughter is the best medicine, and a real friend will always be ready to make you laugh, even in the darkest of times. If they’re sending you the latest memes or cute cat videos while you’re going through a difficult time, they likely are one of your best pals.

10. They love you unconditionally.

At the end of the day, a true friend loves you unconditionally, flaws and all, and always has your best interests at heart.

11. They try to help, even when they don’t know how.

Friends will try their best to help in any way they can, even if they don’t know how. They are willing to step out of their comfort zone and go the extra mile for you, even when it’s uncomfortable.

12. Friends accept you for your quirks

A true friend will never try to change who you are as a person. Instead, they will accept you for who you are right now and encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

13. They are loyal.

Your best friend is always loyal, no matter how much time or distance separates you two. They stick by your side through thick and thin and never abandon you in times of need. Even if distance separates you for months, you both find ways to be involved in each other’s life.

14. They surprise you.

A true friend will always make a conscious effort to surprise and delight you, whether it’s with a thoughtful gift or an unexpected visit.

15. Best friends are your biggest cheerleaders.

Your best pals will always cheer you on and be your biggest supporter, no matter what goals or dreams you’re striving for. There are a lot of people in this world, and they choose to be excited about your accomplishments.

16. They don’t give up on you.

We all make mistakes, and sometimes we struggle. A true friend won’t give up on you during these tough times and will be there to offer comfort and support.

17. Genuine friends appreciate each other’s differences.

No two people or types of friends are alike, but a healthy friendship is built on the appreciation of differences. Your best friend will appreciate your unique quirks, personality traits, and perspectives, even if they don’t always agree with them!

18. You can trust each other.

A strong friendship means you both have each other’s back and can trust each other implicitly. This sense of security and comfort is invaluable, as it enables you to be vulnerable and honest without fear of judgment or rejection.

19. You don’t need a social battery to spend time with them.

When you’re with your best friend, you can just enjoy the moment and relax without worrying about the pressures of being “on.” It’s a special feeling where you can truly relax into yourself.

20. You can co-exist.

You’re both comfortable together in silence. You don’t need to constantly fill the air with small talk, and you can easily just exist in each other’s presence without feeling awkward or uncomfortable. That’s a sign of true friendship!

21. They check in on you, even when they have big things going on.

Just because they’re getting married doesn’t mean they never ask about your life. A real friend will check in on you, even when they have life-altering events going on around them. They may not be able to give you as much of themselves as usual, but they give you what they can.

22. You can stay away from each other and pick up right where you left off.

Even if it’s been several months since you’ve last spoken, when you connect again, it feels like no time has passed. A true friend is like a safety net – they help pull you out of life’s low moments and make your highs even higher.

23. They tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

A true friend will be there when you need them, but they won’t always tell you what you want to hear. Instead, they’ll be honest with you and help guide you toward the right path or decision, even if it’s something tough for both of you. That’s the mark of a true, loyal friend.

24. You both can be silly together.

Sometimes you just need to let your inner child out and have some fun with your friends! Your true friends won’t judge you for being goofy and will encourage you to laugh at yourself. It’s an important part of any healthy friendship and brings you closer together.

25. They’re the first person you call when something amazing happens.

When you have something exciting to share or an achievement to celebrate, your best friend is usually the first person on your mind. That’s because they genuinely care about your successes and want to help you revel in the glory! They’re also someone who can understand how much it means to you and how hard you’ve worked for it.

26. They give you a hug when you need it.

Physical contact can be incredibly healing and comforting, and your best friend is usually the one who’s there to offer a hug when you need it. They understand how powerful physical touch can be, whether a high-five, fist bump, or something bigger like a bear hug.

27. You can tell them anything without fear of judgment.

You know that you can trust your best friend with any secret or embarrassing story, and they won’t judge you for it.

28. They’ll hold your hair back when you’re throwing up.

Whether you had too much to drink last night or got the flu, your real friends will be by your side, offering support and doing whatever they can to make you feel better. They’re the first to hold your hair back and deliver you chicken noodle soup.

29. You can count on them for a good time.

When you’re having a bad day, your best friend is the one who knows exactly how to turn it around. They have an uncanny ability to make you laugh and forget about all of life’s little annoyances, even if just for a few minutes. A bad friend wouldn’t stand a chance of making you turn your frown upside down.

30. They’re the first to comment on your Instagram post.

Okay, social media isn’t necessarily the true determiner of a great friend. But, in general, your bestie will be the first one commenting a fire emoji under your latest pics.

31. They’ll always pick up the phone when you call.

You don’t text; you call one another. In this day and age, how special is that? No matter what time of day or night, your best friend will answer the phone and be available to hear your gripes and complaints. They don’t expect to give a solution, they want you to get whatever is bothering you off your chest.

32. Your birthday is saved in their calendar.

One of those Facebook birthday reminders is unnecessary; your bestie has had your birthday saved on repeat in their phone for years.

33. They’re the first to apologize when they mess up.

Bickering and disagreements happen, but your best friend is humble enough to admit when they’ve made a mistake and be the first one to say sorry. That’s the sign of a better friend who values your relationship and wants to make things right.

33. Your fights are forgotten by the next day.

There’s no such thing as holding grudges with close friends. No matter how heated things get in the moment, you both understand that it’s nothing personal and can move past it quickly. That’s the sign of a true friendship – being able to get over disagreements and makeup by the next day.

34. They’re the best person to have a deep conversation with.

When life gets complicated, and you need someone to think things through with, your best friend is always there. They’ll listen attentively while you voice your concerns or worries and provide invaluable insight that only they can give.

Or, maybe it’s just a late night looking at the stars, and your “deep” conversations have switched to the great questions of eternity. Whatever it is, no matter how serious, they’re your go-to buddy.

35. Your parents feel like they’re part of the family.

A true Kimmy Gibbler, if you will, your bestie gets along with your parents so well that they almost consider them part of the family. You’ve probably brought them on family vacations, or they serve as your date at awkward family reunions.

36. You can give each other a side-eye without it being weird.

Sometimes words don’t even need to be said. Just a quick head tilt and raised eyebrow are enough to communicate your thoughts or feelings in any given situation. It’s a sign of being so close that no words are necessary.

37. You have inside jokes galore.

Inside jokes are the best kind; it’s like your own personal language. Whether it be quotes from movies, funny moments, or weird nicknames, you and your friend have a bond that no one else understands but you two. That’s always something to treasure.

38. They’re the ones you always want to make proud.

At the end of the day, your best friend is the person you truly want to impress and make proud of everything you do. Whatever accomplishment you achieve in life, no matter how small or big, they are right there with you and cheering you on. That’s an invaluable feeling to have in a friend.

Final Thoughts on True Friendship

True friendship is one of life’s greatest gifts, and it’s something that we should all strive to have. Finding the right balance of companionship and trust in a friendship can take time, but when you do, cherish that bond and nurture it every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of true friendship?

The signs of true friendship include loyalty, acceptance, understanding, and an appreciation for each other’s differences. They are there for you in times of need and offer support and encouragement.

What does a healthy friendship look like?

Some signs of true friendship are honesty with each other, sharing openly, and supporting each other’s dreams and goals. Friends also tend to have fun together,

Why is true friendship important?

The benefits of true friendship include a much-needed sense of belonging, affirmation, and acceptance. Friends provide us with an outlet to express our feelings and offer trustworthy advice.

What can I do to strengthen my friendships?

To keep your true friendships strong, make an effort to reach out to each other regularly, even if it’s just a quick text or call. When you can get together, engage in memorable experiences.

What should I do with my true friends?

To maintain your true friendships, spend quality time together, share life experiences, and show your appreciation for each other. Try sharing adventures with friends, like exciting scavenger hunts.

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