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30 Unforgettable Outdoor Date Ideas

If you’re trying to plan a romantic rendezvous, these outdoor date ideas are sure to impress your mate and help you create lasting memories together.

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Are you planning a date with someone who loves being outside as much as you do? Perhaps you just want to enjoy some seasonal sports or a breath of fresh air for a change of pace. Whatever brought you here, you’ve certainly come to the right place! We’ve got 30 of the best outdoor date ideas, and they’re all super sweet and sure to help you create lasting memories.

Scratch-Off an Outdoor Date Idea

If you’ve never tried a scratch-off adventure book, there’s no time like the present. The Adventures from Scratch books allow you and yours to discover, explore, and bond with each other, both indoors and out. The “Date Edition” was created just for couples by couples who have stood the test of time. With the help of adventure experts, they’ve put together a collection of over 50 clever ways to spend a day or date night with your significant other. There’s a fresh idea on each page, just waiting to be uncovered.

1. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a wonderful way to explore any city, outdoors, on a date! See local landmarks, answer trivia questions, snap sweet selfies, and compete to top the local leaderboard. They’re fun for all ages and a creative way to spend a day with a new love interest or someone you’ve been with for years.

2. Nature Walk

If following a path in the park or hiking in the wilderness sounds appealing, set out on a nature walk. Collect fallen leaves and gather gorgeous stones. You might even be able to plant a tree together and visit it regularly throughout your relationship. If an overnight date is in the cards, hike in a state park, find a scenic spot and set up a tent so you can sleep under the stars.

3. Go-Karts

Have an exhilarating date at a go-kart park! Race each other or be the fastest dynamic duo and blow away the competition. When you’ve had your fill of driving, grab a bite and share how it felt to be speed demons for a day.

4. Backyard Game Day

This outdoor date idea takes some preparation, but it’s well worth it—your partner will surely appreciate the effort. Surprise your date with games you’ve set up in your backyard. You can play badminton, cornhole, backyard bowling, horseshoes, and more.

5. Goat Yoga

Goat yoga is an interesting and often unpredictable outdoor date idea for animal lovers who are also wellness enthusiasts. Find a farm or yoga studio nearby that offers it and experience the feeling of having goats crawl and jump on you as you progress through the poses.

6. Outdoor Play or Musical

Many universities and community theater organizations offer outdoor performances, like Shakespeare in the Park. See if there’s anything being offered in your city or find a nearby town where it’s available. Pack a blanket or lawn seats and snacks and take in a show!

7. Berry Picking

Often, farms allow locals and tourists to come and pick their own produce. Among the most popular activities is berry picking. Typically, patrons pay by the bucket, but the experience is priceless. There are sometimes animals to pet, as well as photo opportunities and delicious treats to be had.

8. Dog Park

If either or both of you have dogs, why not head to a dog park together? If you don’t have a dog, see if you can walk shelter dogs. Get to know each other or, if you’re an established couple, take advantage of quality time while you make some furry friends really happy!

9. Festival or Fair

Search community postings for a festival or fair within walking or driving distance. Even in areas with rough winters, outdoor festivals make fantastic spring, summer, and fall date ideas. The events vary, from church bazaars and county fairs to Food Truck Fridays and Oktoberfests. No matter what the celebration is about, you can almost always find incredible food, entertaining games, and live music.

10. Vineyard

This date idea may require a designated driver! Head to a winery and take a tour. Most are picturesque areas, surrounded by some of nature’s finest sights and sounds. Of course, your eyes might be focused on your date, as you take in the romantic experience together.

11. Farmer’s Market

A farmer’s market might be an everyday experience, but it’s easy to make it a special date. Sample sweet and savory foods and admire goods made by local artisans as you wander down the outdoor aisles. It’s a great opportunity to discover unique likes and dislikes and make conversation about what’s important to both of you.

12. Picnic in the Park

This date idea can go hand-in-hand with a farmer’s market date. Pack up some provisions and hit the park. Set out a blanket in the grass or use a pavilion table to serve a feast. We’re sure you’ll do fine with the food, but the highlight of picnics is always the conversation. After you’ve eaten, lie back and talk about what you see in the clouds.

13. Beach Day

A beach date is a great summer date idea! If you and your date like to stay active, pack a frisbee or play beach volleyball. If you’re explorers, take a walk through some tide pools and see what you can find. Refresh with a dip in the ocean and enjoy an alfresco meal on the boardwalk. To cap off the day, watch the sun set.

14. Snow Day

When a winter date idea is more appropriate, set out for a day of skiing and snowboarding. If it’s a last-minute arrangement, just grab a sled or toboggan and find a suitable hill. Nothing encourages snuggling like a day out on the slopes. When you’ve had your fill of the snow, settle in for some hot cocoa and s’mores by a warm fire.

15. Animal Sanctuary

Animal sanctuaries across the globe welcome volunteers and visitors. Typically, you need to make an appointment, so make sure you plan ahead. Visit with the critters or see if tours are offered. Many sanctuaries host amazing events, such as animal communication seminars, pig pampering, sheep snuggling, and outdoor Thanksliving dinners. Check to see what’s in store near you.

Couple Posing Outdoors on an Art Walk Date

16. Art Walk

Find an available art walk and explore the street art in the city of your choice. Check out traditional graffiti, sky-high murals, architecture, and outdoor sculptures. While you roam, you’ll learn about each piece. There are always awesome photo opportunities, so you’ll have plenty of pics to back on!

17. Amusement Park

Go to an amusement park and spend a day feeling like kids again. Get an all-day pass and go on as many roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, and other rides as you’d like. Indulge in treats like cotton candy and funnel cake, and test your skills with park games. This classic and fun outdoor date idea is always a winner!

18. A Day on the Water

When the sun is shining and there’s a light breeze, head out on the water. Go kayaking, boating, or floating, and let a river or lake be your guide. If you’d prefer to let someone else set the course, try a ferry boat ride. You can get close and chat on the deck as you make your way from one shore to another. Have a meal and stop in some shops before heading back to your starting point.

19. Bike Ride

When you want a low-key date, consider a bike ride. Even if you don’t own a bicycle, rentals are frequently available. Take a leisurely ride through a local park or race each other and let those endorphins kick in. For a twist, try a tandem bike and really share the experience.

20. Sporting Event

Choose a sport you both like, travel to a stadium or arena, and be a spectator at a sporting event! Bond over a baseball game or get cozy in the stands at a football field. Eat, drink, and feel the energy of the crowd as you cheer for your team!

21. Outdoor Movie

Seeing a movie outdoors is a fun way to switch it up from a typical night of Netflix. If you can’t find a drive-in movie theater, create one. You could project a film onto an exterior wall or garage door. If you don’t want to watch from the car, set out a blanket. All that matters is that you’re together.

22. Skating

Roller or ice skating as an adult is always amusing, even if the funny part is seeing how long you can stay upright! See how well you do on blades or go old school on wheels. Skate in a park or on a frozen pond. Whether you end up clinging to your date or doing your best impression of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, it’s almost guaranteed to be a good time.

23. Rock Climbing

Nothing tests compatibility quite like rock climbing, but it also has the power to bring people closer than ever. Pick a mountain or outdoor climbing wall and see how well you can do. Just remember to keep it safe! We don’t want any dating casualties!

24. Skydiving

This isn’t just one of our most daring outdoor date ideas, it’s one of those experiences you can check off your bucket list! This isn’t one of those things you want to spring on someone, so see what your date thinks about skydiving. If they’re up for it, you can bet that jumping out of a plane together is something you’ll never forget.

25. Mini Golf

This classic outing is perfect for a first date or a double date—miniature golf. It’s a timeless activity that everyone seems to love. Set a friendly (or flirty) wager and see who has better form, or offer a kiss for every hole in one.

26. Road Trip

Prep a playlist, hop in the car, and take a day trip. You can plan an itinerary or go wherever the road leads you. Stop whenever you see something interesting and spend hours exploring. If you’re feeling playful, try some travel games. The best part about this date is appreciating the company of your copilot.

27. Rooftop Sunset

Never underestimate the power of a sunset. Research the most intimate rooftop bars in your area and treat your date to a meal and drinks. As long as you time it right, you can watch the sun go down. You might even be able to share a dance!

28. Outdoor Concert

Live music is always a thrill but you can’t beat the energy of an outdoor concert! See a local orchestra or snag tickets to a performance from your favorite band. Get classical, rock out together, or vibe to some groovy tunes. It doesn’t matter which genre you choose, as long as it’s something you both love.

29. Stargazing

Stargazing is one of the most romantic date night ideas. Sitting under a starlit sky is beautiful, captivating, and offers the perfect opportunity to cuddle. Set the mood with some music, point out constellations, and search for shooting stars. What a perfect way to spend an evening!

30. Ghost Tour

Our final suggestion is the spookiest. Take your “boo” on a ghost hunt! Prepare yourselves for spine-tingling terror as you tour haunted places. Earn points by completing challenges and share scary stories. Even if you don’t witness any eery occurrences, it will be a night to remember!

Closing Thoughts

These outdoor date ideas should keep you busy, but if you need more suggestions, don’t forget to pick up your copy of Adventures from Scratch: Date Edition. There’s an exciting new challenge waiting for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some daytime date ideas?

If the weather is supposed to be nice, consider outdoor date ideas like visiting a farmer’s market, going on a ferry boat ride, heading to an amusement park, or setting up a backyard game day!

What are the best date ideas for people who love animals?

If you and your mate are both animal lovers, try some outdoor dates like dog walking, goat yoga, or visiting an animal sanctuary together.

Where can I find unique ideas for adventurous dates?

These outdoor date ideas might help, or try a scratch-off book! Adventures from Scratch: Date Edition contains over 50 challenges for couples, as well as shareable date cards and conversation prompts.

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