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The 52 Best Housewarming Gift Ideas for Couples

If you want to help friends feel right at home in their new digs, consider any one of these carefully-selected housewarming gift ideas for couples.

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Looking for a great housewarming gift for your favorite couple? The internet is filled with monogrammed goodies, but how do you choose? Every couple is unique and will need (and like) different things. We’ve gathered some of the best housewarming gift ideas for couples and tried to include a little bit of everything! On the list, the best gifts for practical couples, sentimental couples, couples with kids, and gifts for that couple that’s a little weird. We even have a few things for the eco-friendly crowd! Let’s go.

Give Your Favorite Couple a Book of Adventures

If you’re struggling to come up with housewarming gift ideas for a couple, consider gifting them with over 50 activities they can do in or around their new abode. Adventures from Scratch: Date Edition will help them make the most of their new digs and get them out and exploring the neighborhood. The bonus is that these challenges will improve their bond and share experiences they might never have thought of!

What Do They Even Need?

As previously stated, every couple is a bit different on this front. In the olden days, couples likely married young and bought their actual first home together. So, they needed all the basics. It was easy to fill up the cabinets because they had nothing.

Nowadays, we tend to marry later. Most of us have already been to university or just lived out on our own, and we likely have a Tupperware drawer full of modestly stained plastic. We are often combining two houses, and the couple is covered on the basics. So, what the heck do you get them? Many couples will make a registry, but if they don’t, a good housewarming gift should tick a few boxes.

What Makes A Good Housewarming Gift?

Even if they have the basics, a new house is a good excuse to get an upgrade on your stuff! Not my things or your things, but our things. The perfect housewarming gift should be, first… practical. Make it something they can use!

It should be thoughtful. Don’t just grab something off the endcap. You are here reading this, so likely you’ve already nailed this one. Good job.

Try to take both parties into account and pick something they can both use. If a family is involved, the best housewarming presents take all family members into account and enhance the household for everybody!

Practical Housewarming Gifts

1. Spruce up their entryway.

Every new abode needs a proper entry. It’s their castle, and it needs a good gate! Help them welcome all their new friends and family with this “Welcome-Ish” doormat. It’s available on Etsy, (which many of this guide’s gifts are), and it’s funny.

Other entry-related gifts include a monogrammed door plaque, a nameplate for their mail slot, or one of these personalized garden rocks.

2. Warm up the living room.

You can never have enough throw blankets. Trust us. You can’t. It’s home decor 101. Depending on the style of your homeowner, you could grab a vintage ladder, a rustic bucket, or an uber-modern wall storage system, and fill it with plush throws. If you aren’t sure of their style, stick to a neutral color throw like a light gray or soft white. It will go with most people’s decor and probably won’t be offensive in any situation. For a personalized gift, grab a monogrammed blanket.

3. Keep it cozy!

Like throw blankets, you also can’t have enough throw pillows. They warm up the place, give some style, and of course, a place to lay your head. They also look cozy as a pile on the floor! Grab a couple of these personalized throw pillows with an establishment date to document the date of their purchase!

4. Help them keep the joint clean…

New homeowners are rightly proud of their place, and they are going to want to keep it spotless. Easier said than done. Good luck people! Give them a hand with a handy robot vacuum. Sure, there is the original Roomba, and they are amazing. If you don’t quite have that in the budget, Amazon is filled with trust alternatives they will love. Who doesn’t love a clean floor, especially when you didn’t have to sweep it yourself?

5. And dry.

There are certain things that you can never have enough of. Bath towels and dish towels fall on that list! They get stained and used to wax the car or clean up paint spills. They disappear. You really can’t have too many!

Grab a gift box or basket and fill it will sets of neutral-colored hand towels for the bathrooms and kitchen. You could even throw in some garage ones! It’s practical, budget-friendly, and something everyone can use. Plus, if you present it well, it’s a beautiful gift too!

6. Save the furniture!

They just bought a new coffee table and we are fairly for certain they don’t want everyone at the housewarming party leaving water rings on it. Be the savior of the furniture and help them out with this adorable, set of engraved coasters! 

7. Wood is a good look.

We absolutely love this acacia wood serving set! Not only will it last forever, but it looks good with any decor and is so stinking functional! It comes complete with a salad bowl, four smaller serving bowls, and salad dispensing utensils. If your friends are the ultimate hosts, then they will love having this set in their collection.

8. Give something that pairs well with a new home.

Real winos know a good pairing when they see it… or taste it. This set of wine glasses and bottle gift bag “pairs well with a new home.” If you are looking for the perfect gift for a wine-loving couple, this is it! It’s budget-friendly, and it’s clever! Just add your favorite bottle of wine and celebrate together!

9. Assist them with their to-do lists.

Our lives are all busy—seriously, everyone is so stinkin’ busy! Now that your favorite couple is moving in together, their schedules are going to need to align. Hook them up with this functional and customizable chalkboard calendar. It’s perfect for the kitchen and helps everyone in the family see what’s on the schedule for the week! 

10. Offer handy tools for those DIY moments.

Duct tape? Check! Hammer? Check! Glue? Check! There are certain things you need to maintain a household, so what could be a better gift than these gift baskets, or buckets really, filled with practical tools for the household? Sure, you could buy a regular toolset too. That’s a decent option, but we love these buckets filled with all the little things that everyone needs but no one really wants to buy for themselves. These gifts are particularly good for young newlyweds who haven’t had time to collect all these goodies.

11. Ensure the neighbors approve.

This may be their first time managing a yard with grass. Make sure they don’t become the trashy new neighbors with the bad yard. A push lawnmower is super practical. Wheelbarrows are good. They are going to need a weedeater, and those new flowerbeds are not going to plant themselves. We love this gardening toolkit with an organized tote bag! Though a bit less personal, you could always just go with a Lowes gift card too, so they can pick out their own yard tools.

12. Get them organized.

One of the most frustrating things on the planet for an organized person is when their partner comes in and throws down the keys, wallet, and the rest of their pocket contents onto the corner of your perfectly cleaned kitchen counter! Insert cuss words here ______. Save your favorite couple from a pointless fight by getting their entryway organized. 

Think buckets for all those pocket gems, hooks or magnetic strips as key holders, and a shoe spot for each family member. Entryway organizers vary from small wall organizers to giant furniture pieces complete with coat hangers and shoe storage. How big you go depends on your budget and how well you know the couple, but whatever you go with, they will appreciate the help in the organization department.

13. Who doesn’t need a drink after a big move?

A good cocktail kit is a must for a couple’s first year in a new house together. They are gonna need it at least once. This cocktail kit is not only really beautiful, but it’s functional too, with a multi-tool bottle opener and 11 different pieces in a beautifully organized and versatile kit. 

14. Don’t neglect the garage!

The couple is likely to get some new tools as wedding gifts or as housewarming presents. Make sure they have a practical and good-looking way to store them. Garages are notoriously messy and when you are first starting out, buying shelving or organization systems gets put on the back burner. It might not be a particularly pretty gift, but these handy storage shelves will be a big hit!

15. Protect those countertops.

A personalized cutting board is a pretty standard housewarming present, but it’s a good one! They make eye-catching kitchen decorations. They are practical as we all have things to cut up, and they can also serve as charcuterie boards (cheese boards). Perfect!

16. Cut the cheese.

Is anyone else’s knife drawer just sad? Like, if there ever was a good knife, it’s long gone. It seems like every house can use a new set of decent knives! This knife set is beautiful, and we love that it comes with everything from a peeler, to a cheese knife, and even a pizza knife. It’s perfect. 

Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts for Sentimental Couples

17. Help them remember the moment.

The couple is probably really proud of their new purchase, but likely they will end up making lots of changes over the years. Memorialize their home, just as it is today, with a personalized watercolor house portrait. Not only do they serve as a piece of home decor, but in the years to come, the couple can also look back and remember their home the way it once was. If your couple is the sentimental type, they will love it!

18. Commemorate the event!

Home sweet home is where all their most special memories are made. Help them remember their first year in their new home forever with this customized family scrapbook. You don’t need to be a scrapbooker to love this idea. It’s a simple idea to keep track of important moments and family photos. Plus, this little keepsake looks great on the coffee table!

19. Go totally sappy.

For a truly thoughtful gift, help the couple “plant new roots” with a sapling from Little Saps! We love this idea. As the tree grows from a sweet little window plant to a giant yard ornament, the family gets to enjoy it for as long as they are in their home. It’s something they can plant together as a couple, and each time they see it, they will think of you. It’s just so sappy and mushy, and we love it!

20. Mark the first holiday.

The first holiday in a new home is a special one. You get to decorate the way you want and have your own Christmas tree or whatever cultural norm your family enjoys at the holidays. These “First Christmas In Our First Home” ornaments are precious. It’s another one they can keep forever and is a budget-friendly gift too!

21. Track their trails.

If your couple loves to travel, grab one of these awesome scratch-off travel maps. They can start with their honeymoon destination and scratch off their bucket-list destinations in the years to come. They are also an impressive piece of wall art!

22. Make it personal.

Everybody needs cups, but not just any mug will do for your favorite couple, so have some personalized mason jars made for them. They look good on the open shelves that have become so trendy. They don’t stain, and they hold tons of sweet tea! It doesn’t get better than that!

23. Give them the house

If your friends have built their new abode, consider snagging the blueprints from them. You can have digital artwork of their home made. These thoughtful, framed mementos look fantastic on a fireplace mantle or in an entryway. We love them!

Housewarming Gift Ideas for Quirky Couples

24. Give them a laugh!

Scented candles, aromatherapy, and essential oil diffusers are always a welcome gift. A new home should smell good! However, if you want a unique smell good, hit them with this “I can’t wait to poop in your new toilet” scented candle. If you are going to poop in their new toilet, you can at least bring the air freshener!

25. Make dinner prep personal.

Cooking is not everyone’s favorite thing, but occasionally it must be done. Wooden spoons are practical kitchen utensils. However, not all wooden spoons are created equal! These have your friends’ faces engraved on them, and that’s just funny! You can also get them engraved with Nicholas Cage’s face instead. You do you. 

26. Every unconventional couple needs a statement piece.

All hail A Christmas Story—and the infamous leg lamp! If you are somehow not familiar with this movie, like you hid under a rock for all the 24-hour marathons for the last 20 years, the Christmas Story leg lamp features a fishnet-covered leg with a lampshade on top. In the movie, the father wins the ridiculous lamp in a trivia competition, and much to the dismay of his family, he decides to prominently display it in the picture window of their family home. This lamp is iconic, and every weird home needs one!

27. Keep it fresh.

Nobody likes a bruised or black banana unless you are a weirdo. Seriously, black bananas are mushy and have a disturbing texture. Did you know that you can save your perfect bananas with a knit cap? Yep, they make little monkey and unicorn hats that will keep your bundle of bananas the perfect shade of yellow! You’re welcome.

28. Keep refreshments on tap.

If your couple loves a good bourbon, grab this piece of wall art that doubles as a bourbon tap! It’s practical, and hello… it’s bourbon on tap!

29. Do they only answer for tacos?

These door signs are hilarious! They discourage soliciting in the funniest possible way, so if the couple refuses to open the door for anyone without tacos or girl scout cookies in hand, this is the perfect present. If you have a friend with the right personality to pull it off, it’s your duty to make sure one of these signs is on their front door.

30. We’re never too old.

No one is ever too old for dinosaurs! If your friends agree, get them these dinosaur planters. Not everyone will love them, but if your friends are a Jurassic kind of weird, these will be right up their alley. They are made of renewable coconut fibers, are ridiculously cute, and grow some greenery too! They might be a little quirky, but we’ve never seen a more captivating house plant.

Clever Housewarming Gifts for Couples With Kids

31. Mark their mugs.

These personalized mugs are useful for the whole family on those cinema and hot cocoa nights! Fill them with hot chocolate packets and present them in a gift basket. They’re really stylish on the shelves… and everyone likes a mug with their name on it!

32. Personalize their popcorn

Movie nights are a family fave in lots of homes. With their personalized mugs, you can really up the anty by giving these monogrammed popcorn bowls! These are vintage and so useful!

33. Spark up a celebration!

For an attractive way to keep track of everyone’s special day, grab one of these personalized wooden birthday calendars! It looks wonderful on the wall, and it helps them keep track of the most important days in their family! 

34. Take a seat.

If your family are the outdoorsy types, go for these engraved Adirondack chairs for the porch or patio! We love this gift because it’s practical, but it’s also something that most people won’t think of, so you can bet that no one else will bring the same gift as you!

35. Make their next family portrait fun.

Family portraits sound so formal and old-fashioned, but not these. These watercolor prints can go almost anywhere in the home and document the whole family, including the pets. They can be framed and engraved with the family establishment date, and they go with almost any decor! We love them!

36. Don’t forget the pooch!

For some couples, their pooches are their children! If your new homeowners are pet people, grab some of these pet-personalized wall hooks. They work for pet clothing or leashes, keeping them organized and easily accessible in the entryway! 

37. Every yard needs a swing.

There is just something nostalgic about a tree swing. We love this swing from Uncommongoods for a housewarming gift because it’s engraved with the family name and the name of each butt that will sit on it! It’s completely charming! 

38. Bring some magic beans!

There is nothing more fun than a giant bean bag! Sure, mom might not want bean bags strewn all over the house, but these are pretty nice ones, and there is always the game room right? We guarantee you after the kids go to bed, parents will be sneaking onto these babies. 

39. Give them s’more.

What’s homier than hanging out on the patio and making some s’mores. Not all homes are going to have the perfect fire pit or even a yard to put it in, but that doesn’t mean your favorite family can’t enjoy a night making s’mores. Hook them up with this electric marshmallow cooker and storage unit for all your graham crackers and chocolate bars! It’s the best housewarming gift for a family with kids!

40. Frame their family tree.

A family tree is a pretty old-fashioned idea, but they are so sentimental and a beautiful piece of wall art they can keep forever. A sentimental new homeowner will love it. These are especially good for newly-blended families! This family tree is super cute!

41. Add some excitement to their yard!

Another gift idea for an outdoor family is something to do on a warm day. We love these monogrammed corn hole sets. They are beautifully done and provide hours of fun! It’s an easy game to play for children of all ages or adults with a beer. Break in the new backyard and bust them out early at the housewarming party!

42. Encourage friendly competition.

Winter nights can get long and boring, but if your family are gamers, hook them up with this beautifully-crafted family game board. It contains 9 different games and looks fabulous too! The game boards are monogrammed and look stunning on a shelf when not in use. Plus, when the 6-year-old becomes a chess prodigy, they will have you to thank!

43. Send them on a scavenger hunt!

Turn their new home into a playground with the Let’s Roam Adventure App and a gift certificate for a scavenger hunt! The hunts can be done in their new home with absolutely no planning on their part. The whole family can play, even children as young as three! They will get to know the new place inside and out and have a little friendly competition along the way. These hunts are a blast and are sure to give your favorite family some much-appreciated memories in their new place!

Eco-Conscious Housewarming Gift Ideas for Couples

44. Give them worms.

Okay, this is weird, but it’s also so cool! This modern composter is perfectly at home on the kitchen counter. You basically put your orange peels or whatever compost in there. The special worms inside compost it, and then you take it out the other side to feed your plants or fertilize your garden. It’s gross, but also awesome!

45. Put the kibosh on plastics.

For the family looking to move away from plastics, getting a new home is the perfect time to rid themselves of the Tupperware and gather some more eco-friendly kitchen products. This zero-waste starter kit is a perfect gift for that couple! It contains metal forks, bamboo toothbrushes, mesh produce bags, and eco sponges. It will get them off to a good start on their no-plastic journey! 

46. Clear the air!

Indoor plants are proven to clean the air of a home and can even help with allergies and mental health! Even better if they can eat the plants they grow! We love this beautiful window garden kit, which will allow their family to grow their own herbs in a beautiful window box that looks good with almost all decor.

47. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

For all those paper towel lovers out there, here’s a reusable roll! It cuts down on paper waste, so if your couple is committed to saving the earth but still can’t shake their love of tear-off wipes, help them out with this eco-friendly addition to their new place!

48. Bamboo’zle them!

Get your earthy buds a full gift set of 100 bamboo cutlery pieces! Bamboo is a favorite in the eco world as it grows rapidly, is easily replenishable, and is budget-friendly! Make sure they have plenty of forks to spare, as we all know they tend to disappear frequently. 

49. Save sealife with reusable straws.

Another staple in the eco world is a reusable straw. If you’ve seen that awful video online of biologists pulling a plastic straw out of a sea turtle’s nose, then you’ve been traumatized by throw-away straws, and you can appreciate these stainless ones that will last a lifetime. This reusable straw kit comes with eight stainless steel straws and a cleaning kit!

50. Pick up the groceries.

All eco lovers have reusable grocery bags. Plastic bags are the bain of existence for environmentalists. There is no shortage of personalized, monogrammed bags producers out there. You can find thousands on Etsy. Pick one that you love and gift your eco-conscious friends with something they will truly love and use. 

51. Toss the tubs.

Moving into a new place and stocking the perfectly clean cabinets with fresh dishes is an awesome feeling. No one wants to put their old, stained Tupperware in their pristine new drawers. Plus, if you are going eco-friendly here, then replace their yucky tubs with this amazing zero-waste kit. We love that it contains a lunch caddy and a stainless steel thermos. Grab a few because they are going to love them!

52. Filter the funk.

Make sure your buds have the healthiest and cleanest drinking water imaginable! These systems are a bit of an investment, but if you have it in the budget and want to really bless your besties, then hook them up with one of these gravity filtering hydration stations. It’s a new home gift they can use for years to come.

Closing Thoughts

That’s it, guys! Those are our favorite gift suggestions for your next housewarming party. Remember, every couple and family is different, and the best gifts are personal ones. We hope you found something here that your couple will love!

What’s the best housewarming gift that you’ve ever received? Let us know in the comments!

And don’t forget to pick up a copy of Adventures From Scratch for your favorite couple, and one for yourself, while you’re at it! With both a couple’s version and a family edition, it makes the perfect gift to help a couple thrive in and around their comfy new dwelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you get a couple as a housewarming gift?

The perfect housewarming gift for a couple can vary according to personality, but popular items included monogrammed home decor, custom wall art, eco-conscious additions, and cocktail kits.

What is the perfect housewarming gift for an adventurous couple?

A wonderful housewarming gift for an adventurous couple is a book of activities they can enjoy in and around their new home. Another option is a gift certificate for a scavenger hunt in their new city!

What is a good housewarming gift for a couple with kids?

Housewarming gifts for couples with kids include personalized mugs, a fun family portrait, board games, a yard or porch swing, or a book of adventures they can do at or near their new address.

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