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The Best Gifts to Buy for Couples

We’ve handpicked 25 unique and super special gifts for couples. You’re sure to find a present perfect for your favorite pair.

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Picking a gift for a dear friend can be quite a task. When it comes to choosing gifts for couples, things can get even more complicated. Finding something that both partners will love can be tricky, but we’ve got some unique gift ideas we hope will work for a variety of ages, budgets, and occasions.

These 25 suggestions include experiences, keepsakes, and more. Keep this guide bookmarked for reference whenever you need shower gifts, anniversary gifts, or Christmas gifts, or any other time you have to purchase presents suitable for a pair.

25 Gift Ideas for Couples

1. Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition

sepIf you’re looking for a gift that’s more than a gift, Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition is an incredible scratch-off adventure book that has more than 50 amazing date ideas for couples. Each page has an exciting adventure, just waiting to be scratched open. Couples will be able to pick from categories like ‘Discover,’ ‘Create,’ and ‘Get silly’ as they pick from a range of indoor and outdoor activities. If they’re in the mood for some deep heart-to-hearts, ‘Cascading Conversations’ has an engaging list of prompts and leading questions. The special on-the-go adventure cards can be used while on a road trip, a camping vacation, or even a hike at the park. Gift your fav couple an adventure of a lifetime with this amazing book – they’ll thank you for ages!

2. Personalized Couples Caricature

Perfect for couples that love art and humor, a personalized caricature would make a lovely addition to any art wall. You can pick your favorite artist online or visit a caricature studio in person to pick an artist of your choice. Then, give them a photo of the couple and let them work their magic. In fact, you can also choose scenes and stylized drawings. What would the couple look like if they were in The Simpsons? The Flintstones? Pokémon characters? Whatever be your fancy, these artists will whip them right to life!

3. Scrapbooking Kit

Gift your favorite couple the joy of memories with a couples scrapbooking kit from Etsy. They’ll be able to create and cherish a lovely relationship memoir. This is a wonderful present for a new couple, as they can begin filling it up right away with photographs and memories, but it’s perfectly suitable at any stage in a relationship. If you’d like to make it part of a gift set, it pairs well with some stemless wine glasses and a bottle of their favorite vintage. They can share it by the fireplace as they reminisce and enjoy each other’s company.

4. Engraved Photo Frame

A stunning photo frame is always a classy choice, whether you’re gifting for a wedding anniversary, housewarming, or any other couples occasion. Or consider this ‘Story of Us’ photo wall art collage set. Made of wood, twine, and wooden photo holders, each set can hold 25-35 photos, so they’ll never run out of space. They’ll be able to pick some milestone photos from their relationship to make a gorgeous collage. It’s sure to be the showstopper wherever it is placed!

5. Laser-Engraved Photo

If a picture frame or collage just doesn’t cut it, how about a custom laser-engraved 3D photo? This stunning art installation will get everyone’s attention, wherever it is placed in the home. It also makes a wonderful wedding gift. Painstakingly and precisely engraved with a photo of your choice, this option is a fantastic way to turn a photo into a work of art.

6. Cocktail Kit

A cocktail-making kit would make a terrific housewarming gift for newlyweds or any couple who loves to entertain at home. This 11-piece bar tool set comes with a rustic wooden stand that will steal the show on any bar cart near a classic decanter and tumblers. The cocktail shaker and mixing kit have a polished copper finish and a stainless steel base. While you’re at it, why not gift them specially selected cocktail ingredients or an introductory mixology session so they can get the party started?

7. Painting Kit

For artistic couples that love some creativity and calm, a painting kit is the way to go. This kit is the best bet for couples that want to enjoy some peaceful quality time. Since it’s is portable, they can take it with them wherever they go, be it on a picnic or a day out at the beach. There, they’ll be able to paint and have a heart-to-heart as they give colors to their imagination. There’s something magical about painting in the outdoors. Every couple is sure to love this romantic date-inspiring couples gift; just set up the easel on a rock, paint the blue sky, and watch some sparks fly!

8. At-Home Projector

If the couple has a spacious backyard (or a free wall that can be turned into a movie screen), gift them a projector so they can turn their home into a drive-in theater. They’ll be able to enjoy their favorite flicks as they cuddle and cozy up in their backyard, munching on popcorn and wine. This is a great way to switch up date night and makes a thoughtful, practical gift for couples that value time together.

9. Nostalgic Popcorn Cart

If this couple likes to Netflix and chill often, it’s only fair they get some fresh popcorn whenever they want. A nostalgic popcorn cart is a perfect decorative and functional enhancement for a movie room, game room, or just about any room in the house. If your loved ones love binging movies and TV shows all weekend, you don’t have to think twice. This popcorn make will take their movie night to the next level. It is a great conversation starter too. The retro design of this cart adds to the décor (did we mention it’s got cute measuring scoops?) They’ll never want to go to the movies again!

10. Hand Casting Kit

Are you gifting a couple that you know will last forever? This plaster hand casting kit is not only a fun DIY crafting idea but an absolutely lovely gift. The procedure is simple. The couple must mix the casting powder in the provided tub, hold hands, and lower them into the mix for approximately 2 minutes to create the cast. Once they carefully wiggle their hands out, it’s time to pour in the plaster mixture. The statue will harden in 2-3 hours, leaving behind a permanent reminder of love, commitment, and loyalty. We’ve got starry eyes just thinking about it!  

11. Star Map

Speaking of starry eyes, why not get a couple some actual stars? Well, not actual stars, but the closest possible thing. With a personalized star map, the couple will be able to see exactly how the stars were aligned when they met for the first time, went on their first date, said “I love you,” got engaged, or tied the knot– take your pick of a significant day. If you’d prefer to let the happy couple choose, The Night Sky offers gift cards! They’ll love hanging this stunning piece, in the bedroom or living room, as a reminder of their love.

12. The Date Night Cookbook

If a couple loves binging The Try Guys on YouTube, you’ll love this recipe book. Authored by happy couple Ned and Ariel Fulmer, this Date Night Cookbook contains not just easy recipes, but also some charming anecdotes and stories about their much-adored romance. This book promises to open up not just your kitchen, but also your heart. From pizza and pasta to chili and soufflé, this book has just about anything a couple will need to turn a night in into something truly magical.

13. Matching Tees

Matching t-shirts are a favorite gift because they’re super cute. This ‘I stole her heart-I stole his last name’ gift set is charming! A ‘King-Queen’ set is also a staple and makes a great gift for a bride and groom to be. Couples that have a hilarious sense of humor will enjoy the ‘Boss-Real Boss’ set! If you want to add your own design to a t-shirt, have personalized t-shirts made.

14. Chunky Knit Quilt

In case you’re looking for gifts for couples that add a chic home decor element, a chunky quilt is an ideal option. It comes in muted colors that will add a pop of elegant hue to a neutral bedroom. It is soft, fluffy, and warm so they’re sure to love curling up under it. The handmade quote is crafted with care, making it a wonderful investment. It is large enough to accommodate two people, making sure there won’t be any quilt tugging in the middle of the night.

15. Personalized Robes

Bathrobes are seriously underrated. A plush robe will change showers from something quick to something luxurious. This is why a matching set of couples’ robes is a great idea. There are so many options, from monograms to adorable monikers! Regardless of the personalization, any couple would be glad to add these comfy, cozy additions to their lounging wardrobe.

16. Couples Phone Cases

Coordinated phone cases make smart gifts for couples because they’re both useful and sweet. Our top picks include this gamer couple set with a gaming console. Compatible across a range of phones, this one is our favorite for couples that love to play together. For couples that lean on the romantic side, this pinky-holding phone case will make hearts melt. This kawaii avocado phone case is ideal for couples who have a quirky sense of humor.

17. Couples’ Mugs

A couple that enjoys their cuppa should enjoy their cups too. These his ‘n hers coffee mugs are great for a collection or daily use. For example, this magnetic attraction set is quirky and cute. Cat parents will enjoy this kissing cat mug set or you can choose this kissing mugs set for romantics—it comes with matching spoons! Any of these options would make a thoughtful gift for a couple.

18. Matching Aprons

A pair of hilarious aprons will add some color and spice to the kitchen. For instance, this ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ kit would make a great shower gift. Or, once it’s official, this ‘Husband and Wife’ set will set the tone for a collaborative kitchen. If you’re looking for something with a little more panache, we love this ‘Queen-King of the Kitchen’ set. Couples that cook together, stay together!

19. His and Hers Watches

What’s better than one watch? Two of them! This high-quality analog watch gift box has one for him, and one for her. Here’s what we love about this watch set. Each watch has one-half of a heart set in crystals. When the two watches are brought together, they form a perfect heart and spell the word ‘Love.’ The dials are stark black with a crystal inlay, making it perfect for a black-tie night. The steel straps add to the elegance. We can’t think of anything dreamier than this!

20. Candle and Bath Bomb Set

If you’d like to gift a couple a magical spa night as an engagement gift, you don’t need to find gift cards for an expensive getaway. This artisanal spa collection gift basket will do. It comes with an apothecary candle, a shea butter soap, and a bath bomb. In addition, a mineral salt bath soak is also included in the kit. This means the couple will be able to have a relaxing night in, soaking in the luxurious scent of bergamot cedar as they get some quality time together. Send them a choice bottle of wine along with the set, and they’ll be thanking you while they relax!

21. Personalized Decorative Pillow Cover

We’ve got two options for couples who love it all. The first type is a minimalistic, lowkey pillowcase that comes printed with the couple’s last name and year of marriage. This cushion cover is made of natural cotton and has a lightly hued color that goes with both warm and cool tones.

For couples that love some sparkle and joy, this customized flip pillowcase comes with a reversible sequin overlay. One side of the pillowcase is a solid block of bright color. Once you run your palm over it, it transforms into a photo of choice. This is a spectacular gift for a couple that loves a pop of color!

22. Coffee Maker

For a couple that loves coffee as much as they love each other, a coffee maker is a perfect gift. This 10-cup drip coffee maker, available from Amazon, is a fully automatic machine that comes with a built-in bean grinder. With a programmable timer mode and a warming plate, this will ensure a fresh brew every time. The glass coffee pot and the scoop will add to the effect, making you feel like they’re in a café. While you’re at it, you can also order a selection of artisanal coffee beans from around the world.

23. Pushpin World Map

A personalized gift is always something special. This anniversary pushpin world map from Uncommon Goods is an example. Imagine gifting this to traveling friends so they can see all of the places they’ve checked off their bucket list! It can be personalized to note any special day, be it an anniversary any milestone. It comes with pushpins that can be placed anywhere. With a total of 100 pushpins, the couple can denote favorite locations for birthday celebrations, honeymoons, vacation destinations, and much more. This foamboard map can be easily mounted on the wall, and the vintage finish adds to its appeal. Framed and lightweight, this map is a must-have on any couple’s wall.

24. Matching Personalized Passport Covers

If a couple has been bitten by the wanderlust bug, this gift is a must-have. A matching set of personalized passport covers will take a prime spot in their vacation essentials. This couples’ passport set would be a great going away gift for your favorite jet-setting couple. It has rave reviews and can be customized with “Mr. and Mrs.” details. There are many options to choose from and this present will certainly be appreciated for years to come!

25. Indoor Couples’ Scavenger Hunt

If you know a couple who loves a night in, an indoor couples scavenger hunt is a wonderful way to bring romance and love back into any relationship. Once you gift a couple a scavenger hunt, they can redeem it whenever they want. All they need to do is enter a voucher code, and their app-led adventure will begin. Photo ops and video challenges will make them fall in love with each other all over again. The best part is that they will be able to conquer the challenges from the comfort of their home.

Have you ever gifted any of these items? Which of these gifts for couples did you like the most? Share your vote in the comments section!

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of Adventures from Scratch: Date Edition. While you’re at it, grab one for yourself too! We’ve even got an edition featuring scratch-off adventures for families.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some gifts for couples who have everything?

The best gifts for couples offer new adventures! Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition has more than 50 scratch-off challenges and date night ideas that any couple would love.

What are some experience gifts for couples?

From couple scavenger hunts to scratch-off adventure books, there are a host of options to choose from. These gifts are sure to be more memorable, as they can be enjoyed over time.

What are some inexpensive gifts for couples?

Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition offers incredible bang for your buck. This interactive scratch-off book has 50+ adventures that every couple will enjoy.

What are gifts couples can enjoy together?

Some of the best gifts for couples include experience dates. Consider a scavenger hunts gift card or a scratch-off book full of unique date ideas.

Where can I find a gift guide for couples? not only offers the best scratch-off adventure books but Let’s Roam also maintains a blog full of date ideas and holiday ideas like this couples gift guide.

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