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55 Refreshingly Unique Family Reunion Activities

Looking for fun things to do at the next clan gathering? We’ve got you covered. These family reunion activities will keep everyone happy and keen!

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It’s time to dust off the picnic blankets and break out the board games; it’s family reunion season! Whether you’re organizing your annual get-together or looking for fresh ideas to keep everyone entertained, these family reunion activities will ensure your gathering is one for the books.

From outdoor activities like kickball tournaments and scavenger hunts to indoor activities like making memory boards and family talent shows, there’s something for everyone.

In-Person Fun Family Reunion Ideas

Whether it’s a casual get-together or a formal event, these family reunion games are sure to make your family reunion a success!

1. Grab a copy of Adventures From Scratch!

A favorite family reunion activity is jumping into the instantly addictive Adventures From Scratch: Family Edition. Designed by travel and puzzle experts with fun in mind, this gem of a book is choc-a-block with games and creative challenges that will keep you chortling for hours with your loved ones. Perfect for an in-person gathering with family members of all ages. Grab the book today and start making memories!

2. Make a time capsule.

Creating a time capsule with the whole family is a great way to create memories and give something unique to the next generation. Ask each person to bring an item or two that they would like to be included in the time capsule, and make sure everyone gets a chance to explain why they chose it.

Then, find a safe place to store the items until the next family reunion, or even keep it closed for the next ten years. This is a meaningful way to preserve some family history for the next generations.

3. Play ‘Minute to Win It games.

What family doesn’t love a little friendly competition? Create a list of family-friendly games for all age groups that people can play in small groups of teams. Set aside an area for the game station, and be sure to have prizes on hand.

4. Compete in an obstacle course.

Set up an obstacle course with a range of easy-to-hard activities that the entire family can take part in. Have everyone compete against each other or divide into teams and see who can complete the course first.

Have prizes, like gift certificates or family reunion swag like frisbees and koozies, at the finish line.

5. Watch a slide show of family memories.

Take it back old-school, and set up a projector. Pull together photos, videos, and music from the past year or even old pictures from family archives. Pull out those pics of Dad from his fraternity days and Grandma with the beach lifeguards!

Then, have everyone gather around to watch it all together.

6. Have a water balloon fight.

Nothing says “family reunion” like a water balloon fight. Have everyone split into teams, and let the war begin!

For the little kids, partner them up with their parents and try out a water balloon toss.

7. Host a potluck dinner.

Tell Aunt Jane to bring her world-famous casserole (of course, she’ll never share the secret family recipe) and Uncle Bob to whip up his iconic ribs. Hosting a potluck dinner is a great way to bring the family together over some good food.

Have everyone sign up for a dish and enjoy the best meal ever created by the whole family. If you have a mix of ethnicities in your family, encourage folks to prepare a dish from an authentic dish from their heritage.

8. Create lasting memories with a photoshoot.

One of our favorite family reunion ideas is getting everyone dressed up for a photoshoot. Families change and grow every year, so capturing those special moments together is important. Choose a theme or color palette, and have everyone dress accordingly. You can even hire a professional photographer to capture all the memories from the reunion.

9. Hold a family talent show.

Little Emily wants to show off her new flute solo, and ‘Gramps has been pulling out that harmonica since before you were born. Give family members a chance to show off their talents in a talent show. Have everyone sign up for an act, or just let people get up and perform whenever they feel inspired. Gather around and watch the amazing show!

10. Decorate matching T-shirts.

Design and print a special family reunion T-shirt. Then, set up an area with fabric markers and other decorations so everyone can make their shirt unique. You’ll have fun creating your own style and it’s also a great way to remember the reunion for years to come.

11. Create a family tree mural.

This is a great way for everyone to learn more about their shared heritage. Have each person bring something that symbolizes their branch of the family and hang it on a large poster or wall display in a prominent location at the family gathering.

12. Have a karaoke night.

Put together a list of everyone’s favorite songs and have everyone take turns singing them. Even better, create some new family anthems you can sing whenever you come together. A few drinks may be required to get things started.

13. Set up a family photo booth.

Create some DIY props, like funny hats and glasses, and let the fun begin! Print out the pictures instantly or post them online for everyone to share with family who couldn’t make it. These photos will the perfect keepsake for everyone to remember the family reunion by.

14. Play a game of Capture the Flag.

This classic outdoor game always brings out the inner competitor in everyone, and playing it with family makes it even more special. Split up into two teams and battle until one team captures the flag.

15. Have a bonfire.

Gather around the fire, grab some s’mores supplies, and tell stories before ending the night with everyone singing their favorite campfire songs. Of course, watching the stars and looking for shooting stars also make it extra magical!

16. Let loose with a dance-off.

Turn up the playlist of some classic family tunes and organize a dance-off for everyone to show off their moves. We know your brother-in-law has been looking for the perfect moment to embarrass his kids for a while now.

Make sure there’s a fabulous prize in store for the family member with the best moves.

17. Play laser tag.

Playing some good ‘ol laser tag is a great way for your family to bond! With so many different varieties of laser tag, such as zombie laser tag or paintball laser tag, you can tailor the game to fit your family’s interests.

18. Put together a puzzle.

Assemble a large jigsaw puzzle that requires everyone’s help to complete it. Puzzles are a great activity for all ages and make for a great conversation piece!

You could even pre-make a custom puzzle using the family photo from last year’s family union. Then, next year, repeat with the updated family photo.

19. Set up a movie night.

Watch some classic family movies that everyone will enjoy, like The Lion King or The Incredibles. Pop some popcorn, and make sure you have plenty of snacks for everyone to munch on as you watch your favorite films together.

Bonus points if you set up an outside projection and have a movie night under the stars.

20. Have a family cook-off.

Have everyone bring their favorite dish, or challenge them to make something special just for the reunion. Let everyone vote on who made the best plate, and enjoy all the delicious food that your family members have lovingly prepared. This is sure to be a hit at every family reunion.

21. Stargazing

Pick a perfect summer night and gather the family in someone’s backyard to gaze at the stars. Everyone will love searching for constellations and identifying planets in the night sky. You can even download astronomy apps to make it extra fun for the kids.

22. Host a trivia night.

A great way to test your family’s knowledge and have some friendly competition. Divide everyone up into teams and have each team answer questions about anything from pop culture to geography.

23. Play family Olympics.

Organize family-themed Olympic games and have everyone compete in some silly events such as a water balloon toss, three-legged race, or egg-on-a-spoon relay. Make sure to award the winner with a gold medal. Have every group represent a different country and march around the “opening ceremony” together.

24. Have a pool party.

If you can access a pool, host a family reunion pool party and make it extra special with floating decorations and fun pool games. From diving contests to water polo, there are so many possibilities that will keep everyone entertained. Don’t forget the Piña coladas and popsicles for the kids.

25. Plant a tree together.

Planting a tree is an especially meaningful way to bond with your family and leave a lasting impression. Plant a tree in the backyard, or if you don’t have a yard, find out if there are any local parks or community gardens where you can plant the tree. This is a great opportunity to dedicate the tree to a loved one who has passed away.

Everyone can take turns digging and watering the soil, then pose for a photo with their newly planted tree!

26. Take a family hike.

Hit the trails and explore nature together. Pack a picnic lunch, wear comfortable shoes, and spend some quality time in the great outdoors. Bring your binoculars so you can spot birds and other wildlife along the way. Make sure to take lots of pictures!

27. Have a flag-raising ceremony.

Have each family member make their own flag to represent their family. Then, have a ceremony where everyone raises the flags together and pledges their allegiance to the family. It’s a great way to honor your loved ones and create lasting memories.

28. Go camping.

Whether you pitch a tent on Grandpa and Grandma’s farm or claim a spot at your local KOA, a camping trip is a great way to get the whole family together for some quality time. Have a sack race, tell spooky stories, and explore nature together. It’s sure to be an unforgettable adventure.

29. Have a classic board game night.

Gather around the table and challenge each other to some classic board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Pictionary, or Clue. It’s a great way to bring everyone together and have some friendly competition.

30. Go on an urban adventure.

Explore your city like never before and take part in an urban adventure. Make a list of your family’s favorite places and visit them one by one. You can go to the zoo, take a boat or kayak ride on the river, go shopping, or visit a museum. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be an exciting day out for the whole family.

31. Visit a trampoline park.

Bounce around and have some family fun at the trampoline park. From dodgeball tournaments to foam pits, there are plenty of things to do that everyone will enjoy. Plus, it’s a great way to stay active together!

32. Get an adrenaline rush at an amusement park.

Spend the day riding roller coasters and playing carnival games. You can also enjoy some tasty treats like funnel cakes and cotton candy.

33. Make an epic family music video.

Remember all those YouTube trends of the early 2000s? It’s time to bring them back with an old-school homemade music video. Put someone in charge of videotaping and assign everyone a special moment to be featured in the music video. Trust us; this will be an awesome memory to look back at for years to come.

Put on your craziest costumes and break out those dance moves.

34. Volunteer together.

Volunteering at a local animal shelter or soup kitchen is a great way to bond as a family and give back to your community. It’s an important lesson for children, and you can all feel good knowing that you made a difference in someone else’s life.

Afterward, you can celebrate your hard work at a local restaurant, just be sure to call ahead for reservations.

35. Host a picnic.

Grab your favorite checkered tablecloth, basket, and blanket, and head to the nearest park. Enjoy a day outside with a picnic lunch of homemade sandwiches, fruits, and snacks. Be sure to save room for some delicious ice cream floats.

Don’t forget to have everyone line up from oldest to youngest for an epic family photo.

36. Play classic yard games.

We’re talking tug of war, cornhole, and horseshoes. Gather the family and have some friendly competition with these classic yard games.

It’s perfect for a summer day spent outside in the backyard.

37. Play flag football.

Test your family’s athleticism and strategy with a game of flag football. Create two teams, choose captains, and let the competition begin. Make custom T-shirts for the game to amp up your team spirit. This will truly be brother against brother!

Those not interested in sports can still have a lot of fun making creative signs and serving as cheerleaders.

38. Re-connect with your extended family with a round of “Get to Know You” Bingo.

Pre-make custom Bingo cards with different and interesting attributes. Then, play a round of Bingo where players must find their family member who fits the category box, such as:

  • Find someone who played volleyball in high school.
  • Find a family member whose favorite food is pineapple pizza.
  • Find a relative with at least two pets.

39. Give out goofy awards.

If you’ve ever seen The Office, then you may be familiar with ridiculous awards ceremonies. Create hilarious awards for everyone in your family, and print out gift certificates or purchase dollar-store trophies. Choose a lively family member to be the host, and create a whole award ceremony.

Great examples of funny awards include:

  • Most Likely to Fall Asleep at the Family Reunion.
  • Best karaoke song.
  • Loudest family talker.

40. Make a custom ice cream bar.

This is not your average cream bar. Pick up gummy worms, Oreos, sprinkles, and other unique toppings, then let the family go wild, creating their own ice cream flavors. For the grown-ups, some tasty limoncello adds some flavorful fun to your ice cream syrup, or consider boozy rootbeer floats.

Virtual Family Reunion Activities

With advances in technology, it’s now easier than ever to get the whole family together on video chat or group calls. Here are some fun activities that can be done virtually for your next family reunion.

Have a virtual game night.

Organizing a virtual game night with Let’s Roam is the perfect way to bring your family together, no matter where they are! With a huge selection of games, puzzles, and activities specifically designed for virtual get-togethers, you can create an unforgettable experience. It’s an easy way to keep the whole family entertained from the comfort of their own homes.

Take a family-friendly virtual cooking class.

Learn to make something delicious together with a virtual cooking class. With a variety of courses to choose from, you can pick something that suits everyone’s tastes and skill levels. Plus, you get to enjoy the food afterward!

Baby photo guessing game.

Choose one person to be in charge of the game, and send your best baby photo to them. Then, it will be time to test how well your parents and grandparents actually remember what their kids looked like as infants. The person with the most correct guesses wins a prize!

Host a virtual movie night.

Invite your family to watch the same movie at their homes while gathering online via a Zoom conference call or other virtual platforms like Netflix Teleparty. Watching movies together has never been so easy.

Put together a family scrapbook.

Gather photos of your family through the years and create an online scrapbook. No matter where everyone is located, they can easily add their own memories and stories to make it extra special.

You can even have each person write a letter expressing what family means to them or share something memorable about the year. At the end of the night, you can send the draft to your local print shop to ship hard copies of the photo album to everyone.

Have a virtual fashion show.

Time to rage mom’s closet! Get retro, and let each family member pick an outfit from way back when and participate in an online fashion show. Have everyone share photos or short videos of their chosen look, and then have everyone vote for the best dressed! It’s a fun way to get creative and bond over something silly.

Share stories and funny memories.

Take some time to remember all the funny moments that you’ve shared as a family. Ask each person attending the reunion to share a funny memory or story about themselves or another family member. This is sure to bring lots of laughter and smiles and create lasting memories for years to come.

Make a family music video.

Get groovy and make your own family music video! Have everyone pick their favorite tune and then collaborate on creating an epic lip-sync performance or dance routine together. Then, nominate your tech-savvy nephew to edit all the clips together for an epic (and hilarious) lasting memory.

Go on a virtual tour.

Take your family around the world with a virtual tour of famous landmarks. Use Google Maps Street View to explore places like the Vatican, the Eiffel Tower, or the Taj Mahal from the comfort of your own home over Zoom. You can even go to the beach or take a trip to space! It’s a great way to explore “together” and have some fun.

Send care packages.

Send each family member a care package filled with snacks, cards, and other fun items to open during the virtual reunion. It’s a nice way to show your loved ones that you’re thinking of them even when you can’t be together in person. Plus, everyone loves getting mail.

Play a game of charades.

Divide your family into teams and play a game of charades. With everyone playing over Zoom, it’ll be like you’re all in the same room together. It’s a good way to get creative while having some laughs along the way!

Interview family numbers.

It’s easy to take the time we have with our parents and grandparents for granted. Set aside some time during the virtual family union to ask questions and record interviews with the elders in your family. This is a great way to learn more about their life experiences and preserve precious memories for future generations.

Have some conversation starters on hand to avoid any awkward moments and serve as an icebreaker in case they’re feeling nervous. Mix up the questionnaire with both serious and light-hearted topics.

Host a video game tournament.

Depending on the nerd level of your family, an all-night video game tournament could be a blast. Pick a game that everyone can play, like Mario Kart or SmashBrothers, and have some fun! You could even make it more interesting by creating teams and awarding the winner with a special prize.

Create a family recipe book.

Gather all the family recipes in one place by creating a digital cookbook. Ask each person attending to submit their favorite recipe, complete with photos and stories of why it’s special to them. Then, at the end of the reunion, everyone can have a copy of the book to keep forever.

Make a family map.

If you have family spread out across the world, making a family map is a cool way to show how far your family’s influence extends. Start by marking each family member’s location on the map. Then, have everyone submit photos or videos of themselves with a quick hello to mark their spot on the map!

At the end of the reunion, you’ll have an amazing memento full of memories. Perhaps gift it to the patriarch or matriarch of the family, and have them pass it down with each generation.

Closing Thoughts

No matter where your family is located, you can still have a memorable and fun reunion. With these family reunion activities and ideas, you’re sure to make lasting memories with your loved ones that will stay with you forever. And, of course, they will remind you of the importance of spending quality time together and enjoying each other’s company.

We hope this article has helped you to plan your next family reunion, whether it’s virtual or in-person. Don’t forget to leave us a comment and let us know how it went. We would love to hear about the fun activities and moments that made your reunion special!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best family reunion activities?

The best family reunion activities include virtual game nights, family trivia, photoshoots, sending care packages, charades, and sharing stories.

What are the best virtual family reunion activities?

The best virtual family reunion activities include virtual game nights, taking a family-friendly class, and interviewing older family members.

How do you plan a successful family reunion? 

Make sure to involve the whole family in the planning process. Choose activities that are fun and interactive for all ages, like virtual game nights, scrapbooking, and sharing family stories.

What are some fun games for large family reunions? 

Some of the best family reunion activities for a large group include scavenger hunts, karaoke nights, trivia questions or simply enjoying a potluck meal and conversation.

What are some outdoor family reunion activities? 

Outdoor family reunion activities can include a friendly softball or flag football game, lawn games like horseshoes and cornhole, scavenger hunts, nature walks, swimming in the pool, and even a picnic.

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