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35 Extraordinary Earth Day Activities for Kids

Are you seeing green? So are we! Because it’s Earth Day! Here are some fun and educational Earth Day activities for kids to get everyone involved!

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Are you seeing green? We know we are! April 22nd is Earth Day—a day when we come together to celebrate our planet and make a commitment to environmental protection. If you’re looking for ways to get your kids involved, there are plenty of fun and educational earth day activities for kids that will help them learn about the importance of conservation and taking care of our planet. From easy crafts to outdoor activities, these Earth Day ideas are a great way to show kids how their actions can help protect the environment.

Whether you’re celebrating as a family, class, or community group, these activities will get everyone thinking green and excited about making changes that benefit our planet.

Celebrate the Planet with Quality Family Time

Adventures from Scratch: Family Edition is the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day with your family. This interactive book contains 50+ scratch-off mystery challenges, shareable and tearable surprises, journal spaces, and other engaging activities. With this book, families can embark on unique adventures while chatting about environmental conservation and protection along the way. Each challenge encourages kids to use their imagination, making it an excellent way for families to bond while having fun. Let Earth Day be a day of adventure with Adventures from Scratch: Family Edition.

Outdoor Earth Day Activities

Whether it’s your first Earth Day celebration or your 50th, it’s important to remember the importance of taking care of our planet. One way to demonstrate your commitment is to participate in outdoor activities on this special day.

Whether you want to go for a nature walk or create a craft project, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy the environment and show your appreciation for Earth Day.

Here are some outdoor Earth Day ideas that you can do this year:

1. Take a family trip to your nearest national park.

Show your kids the beauty of nature straight from the source and explain why it’s crucial to protect. Visiting national parks help your children learn about conservation, ecology, and biodiversity without having to open a single book.

2. Plant a tree together.

Planting a tree is one of the most meaningful and classic Earth Day activities kids can do in their backyard or at a local park (with permission). It’s also educational, as it teaches children about caring for our planet and how trees help to clean the air.

3. Try a “Recycle “scavenger hunt.

Organize an outdoor scavenger hunt for your kids, but instead of looking for items they can collect, have them search and find objects that would be eligible for recycling. Give the kids a bag or basket to put their recyclable finds in, and take them to your local recycling center when you’re finished.

4. Organize a neighborhood cleanup.

Get your kids involved in Earth Day by organizing a neighborhood cleanup together! Invite family, neighbors, and friends to join you as you collect trash around the block. This will not only help keep your community clean and safe but also give your kids a chance to do something meaningful and learn leadership skills while having fun.

5. Start a composting project.

Composting is a great way to teach kids about the benefits of recycling and reusing organics. Pick up a compost bin from your local hardware store, put it in the backyard, and let them help you with collecting kitchen scraps for it. Explain to your children that things like eggshells and banana peels have value—they can be turned into soil for plants!

6. Help spread pollen with a seed bomb.

Seed bombs are a fun way to help spread plants around your neighborhood. Show your kids how to make seed bombs by mixing wildflower seeds with clay, compost, and soil. Then have them throw the seed bombs in spots that need some extra love! This is an excellent way for kids to get excited about gardening and learn about pollinators.

Plus, it’s a project they can start and come back to every spring and see the results of their hard work.

7. Plant a garden.

Gardening provides hands-on education to children about the environment and how important it’s to care for our resources. Plant flowers, vegetables, or herbs in your backyard or even in window boxes. Your kids will love watching them grow, and they’ll learn more about nature in the process.

Plus, you’ll eventually be able to reap the benefits of your labor in a delicious salad.

8. Celebrate Earth Day with a nature scavenger hunt.

Plan an outdoor adventure for your kids and give them a list of natural items to find, like a certain type of rock, leaves in different shapes, or small creatures like salamanders or ants. This will get them exploring the outdoors while their little hands search for each item on their list.

9. Join a beach cleanup.

If you’re one of those lucky folks who reside by golden sands, join a beach cleanup on Earth Day. You’ll spend quality time with your kids picking up litter, and you’ll be teaching them an invaluable lesson about lessening their carbon footprint.

10. Go on a nature walk.

April 22nd is the ultimate day to explore your local park or even just the woods near your home with a nature walk. Encourage your children to look for signs of wildlife, like animal tracks or nests; teach them how to identify different species of trees and plants; and prompt them to listen carefully for any birdcalls they may hear.

11. Visit a farmers market.

Take your kids to a local farmers market to shop for earth-friendly produce and goods, and teach your little ones about the importance of eating locally-produced food. By shopping at a farmers market instead of the grocery store, you support local agricultural businesses, reduce emissions from transporting food over long distances, and helping to conserve natural resources.

12. Visit a local wildlife center.

Take a trip to your local wildlife center or animal sanctuary and let your kids experience the beauty of nature up close. Together, you can learn about the importance of preserving and protecting endangered species through interactive activities, environmental education, and volunteering opportunities.

13. Go bird watching.

Go bird-watching on Earth Day! Take your family out to a nearby park, or even just at your backyard bird feeder, and see what kind of feathered friends you can spot.

You’ll appreciate nature as a family and learn about the different birds that live near you.

Earth Day Arts & Crafts

Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to get creative with your kids and make some fun recycled crafts. Your own recycling bins are a great source of materials for art activities, so enlist your children to help you create something special out of things that would otherwise have ended up in the trash.

From building bird feeders out of old yogurt containers to making a necklace from bottle caps, there are plenty of enjoyable earth-friendly crafts to choose from.

14. Make an Earth Day scrapbook.

Gather up some old newspapers, magazines, papers, glue, markers, and scissors, and let your kids make an Earth Day scrapbook. Have them cut out pictures of the Earth, animals, trash, and other Earth-related images and write captions to accompany them.

15. Create a terrarium together.

Terrariums are a fun and interactive science activity to teach kids how plants grow, and they’re fun to make. Gather some small rocks, soil, moss, and small plants or seeds from your local nursery. Place the terrarium in an area with natural light and water it every few days.

Kids will love this responsibility and will be amazed when their plants start to grow.

16. Host a DIY Earth Day party.

Invite your kids’ friends over for a fun-filled Earth Day celebration! Use recycled materials and eco-friendly decorations, like paper streamers made from old newspapers or plantable centerpieces. 

You can even create DIY party favors from items like wildflower seeds or homemade bird feeders. Everyone will have a blast while learning how to be eco-friendly.

17. Create your own Planet Earth with a coffee filter.

You can create your own version of the planet using coffee filters, markers, and some watercolors or spray bottles with diluted food coloring. Have the kids start by drawing continents on their filters with markers. Then they can use spray bottles to add color to the oceans and landmasses.

This is a fun and creative way for children to learn about the Earth while also taking part in an art project. And when they’re finished, they’ll have their very own mini-planet to hang up and show off!

18. Decorate tissue paper sun catchers together. 

Gather some wooden frames, clear contact paper, various colors of tissue paper, craft supplies like wiggle eyes or sequins, and scissors. Cut the contact paper into circles, cut out pieces of tissue paper in various shapes and sizes, and glue them to the contact paper. When it’s dry, hang it up in a spot with plenty of sun and enjoy the colorful view!

19. Decorate your own water bottles.

Kids of all ages will love the opportunity to put stickers on, draw on, or, if you’re feeling really crafty, even decoupage their own water bottles. Order some reusable bottles on Amazon, or upcycle some old ones lying around the house.

This will make them more mindful of how much waste they use with plastic bottles, and they’ll be excited to bring their usable art project with them everywhere they go.

Plus, decorating water bottles allows preschoolers to practice their fine motor skills.

20. Make an Earth Day poster. 

Help your kids make a poster that shares their ideas about how to help the planet or an inspirational message on why taking care of our environment is important. 

They can even decorate it with pictures of what they love about this world and add slogans and sayings that are meaningful to them.

21. Create a recycled craft.

Encourage your children to get creative and make something out of recyclables like bottles, paper plates, egg cartons, cardboard, or other items you have lying around the house. They’ll not only be proud of their creation but also be more conscientious about recycling.

22. Hold the world in your hands with salt dough ornaments.

Gather some salt, flour, and water to make a batch of salt dough. Have your kids form the dough into a ball and flatten it with their hands. Be sure to poke a small hole for yarn to thread through so you can hang it up.

Next, use acrylic paint or watercolors to brush on the continents and oceans. Let them create whatever world they choose—have them make rainforests, deserts, islands—whatever their imaginations come up with! When dry, hang it up in a window or from a special tree outside for all to admire.

23. Make an Earth Day mural.

Gather supplies like paper and paints to make a large canvas that celebrates the beauty of the earth. Have your kids collaborate on the design, painting landscapes, waterfalls, rainbows, animals, plants—whatever they think represents our planet in all its glory.

Then, hang it up as a reminder of the importance of caring for our environment. As an added bonus, make this a tradition that you add to every year. After a few years, you’ll have a whole storyboard of Earth Day art!

24. Print out coloring pages.

Download free printable Earth Day coloring pages and set your kids free with crayons! If you’re not hanging up their masterpieces, be sure to recycle them. There are plenty of free resources online with Earth Day-themed coloring pages, from trees and rainbows to endangered animals.

For older kids, challenge them to draw their own scenes showing how they would create a healthier planet.

25. Welcome insets with a bug hotel.

Construct a bug inn in your backyard with things like sticks, pinecones, and rocks. This will attract insects to your garden and give them a safe place to live. Plus, kids will take pleasure in watching the little creatures that move in!

You can even build butterfly habitats to help pollinators or create bird feeders for feathered friends. 

26. Bring Christmas to your backyard with bird ornaments.

Making birdseed “ornaments” for an Earth Day craft will help our feathery friends. All you need are some supplies from your kitchen, like straw, twine, corn syrup, cookie cutters, and gelatin packets. 

Simply mix together the ingredients and shape them into festive decorations–perfect for hanging up outside! The birdseed will give birds a snack and delight kids as they watch the birds come to visit.

Fun Indoor Earth Day Kids Activities

If the weather chooses not to corporate on April 22, we have a list of great indoor Earth Day activities ready to go. From preschoolers through pre-K and elementary school, your kids will love these fun activities that help them learn while helping protect the planet. Grab a few supplies, put on some music, and get ready to celebrate Earth Day!

27. Read an Earth Day storybook.

There are lots of great Earth Day books out there that can teach kids about taking care of their environment and why it’s important. Check out your local library or bookstore for stories that are perfect for Earth Day reading! You can also find plenty of educational short stories online.

28. Cook a meal using sustainable ingredients.

Having your kids make a meal is the perfect way to introduce them to cooking with sustainably-sourced items, like organic produce and humanely-raised meats. This will show them how their food choices can help protect the planet when done thoughtfully.

29. Create an Earth Day time capsule. 

An Earth Day time capsule will help your kids remember their Earth Day activities for many years to come! Have them collect items that represent this special Day, like pictures of themselves doing Earth Day activities, painted rocks, or sketches of nature they drew with crayons. Then, put together a box or jar and bury it in the backyard or store it away until next year.

30. Go on an eco-friendly shopping spree.

Show your kids how easy it’s to be mindful while shopping by taking them on a mission to find sustainable products, like wooden toys, instead of plastic or reusable bags for groceries. 

Explain why it’s important to choose these items over more wasteful ones, and they will start making better decisions on their own. 

31. Start a water conservation challenge. 

Challenge your kids to reduce their water usage for a week and track their progress. This can be done by taking shorter showers, turning off the faucet while brushing teeth, or only running the washing machine when it’s full. After a week, talk about how much water was saved!

32. Bake Mother Earth cupcakes.

Did somebody say chocolate? The tykes are sure to be pleased with a craft they can eat! 

Choose natural ingredients, such as little peanuts for the eyes or friendly faces made out of fruit slices. This activity will not only teach them how to be creative in the kitchen but also gives them an opportunity to learn more about food waste and why it’s important to compost properly so items don’t end up in a landfill unnecessarily.

Plus, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll even get a few laughs out of the hilarious decorations that your kids come up with!

33. Play a game of “Earth Day Trivia.” 

To test your kids’ knowledge on Earth Day, come up with some fun trivia questions about the environment and have them try to answer them. 

This is an entertaining opportunity for them to learn more about why it’s crucial to protect our planet while still having fun with their family.

34. Start an Earth Day journal.

Encourage your kids to record their Earth Day activities, thoughts, and reflections in a special notebook or journal. Writing down their experiences is a great way for them to reflect on what they’ve done and think about how they can continue protecting the planet throughout the year.

35. Take a recycling pledge. 

Encourage your kids to take a pledge to be more conscious of their environmental impact by reducing waste, reusing items whenever possible, and recycling what they can’t use. Having them write down the pledge will help them remember it in the future. You can make it even more fun by printing out certificates for their efforts.

Closing Thoughts

Earth Day is a fantastic opportunity to have family fun while teaching kids why taking care of our environment is essential. Whether you’re doing outdoor or indoor activities, make sure to explain the significance behind each activity and how it can help protect the planet. With these easy Earth Day activities for kids, your little ones will learn about conservation in no time

If you or your kids are curious to learn more about ways you can help the environment, such as volunteer vacations and eco-friendly travel ideas, check out the Let’s Roam Explorer blog where you can find hundreds of destination guides, travel blogs, and useful info for Earth-loving globe trotters. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Earth Day activities for kids?

Earth Day activities for kids include reading Earth Day books, creating a time capsule, going on an eco-friendly shopping spree, a water conservation challenge, and baking Mother Earth cupcakes.

What is the importance of Earth Day?

Earth Day is dedicated to raising awareness about environmental protection and sustainability. Books like Adventures from Scratch: Family Edition are perfect for teaching kids new ideas as they focus on imagination and fun.

What are some outdoor Earth Day activities for families?

Outdoor Earth Day activities for kids and families include planting a tree, picking up litter in your neighborhood, visiting a local nature center or park, and creating an outdoor art project.

What are indoor Earth Day activities for kids?

Indoor Earth Day activities for kids include playing a game of “Earth Day Trivia,” or bonding over a copy of Adventures from Scratch: Family Edition as eat home-baked Mother Earth cupcakes. 

What are some Earth Day-themed arts and crafts for kids?

Earth Day-themed arts and crafts for kids include coffee filter earth, coloring pages, making salt dough ornaments, and building an insect hotel.

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