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The Ultimate List of Double Date Ideas

A double date is a chance to hang out with your partner and your bestie at the same time. Sound fun? Then these double-date ideas are for you.

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A double date is a chance to hang out with your life partner and your besties all at the same time. It’s a win-win! More people equals more input into the conversation, making it more interesting and varied. Going out with different people exposes you to new ideas and different ways of doing things. Plus, we tend to break out of our comfort zone easier when we are in a trusted group of friends. Experiencing how other people show their love and what they do on their date nights can spark a whole new dating experience for you and your partner. From at-home, cute date ideas, to all-out luxury weekenders, we have gathered the best double date ideas for you and your crew!

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If your dating life is looking a little dull, snag Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition to help put a little oomph back into your Friday night. Our adventure experts hooked up with successful couples, some with over forty years of successful dating lives, and designed a book for adventurous couples! It comes complete with hilarious conversation starters, an adventure journal, “Why I love you” cards, and an organizational key to help you choose your perfect date. With a little creativity, all our challenges can be adapted to a group and adjusted for any budget. This adventure book makes a great gift for your favorite teenage couple or newlyweds too!

What makes a great double date?

When planning a double date, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First of all, try to choose a couple that you and your partner both enjoy spending time with, if possible. Secondly, choose a date that has a combination of conversation time and a fun activity, in case the conversation gets a little dull or controversial. Thirdly, consider the budget of both couples and make sure that your date stays within reason. Lastly, push the envelope a little bit. While you want to choose something that you all will enjoy, you also want to get out of your comfort zone with new ideas and unique options to ensure that you and your besties will have years of fun double-date memories to look back on. Here are a few great suggestions to get your creative juices flowing!

The Best Double Date Ideas

1. Try a roam-from-home scavenger hunt.

The couple’s indoor scavenger hunt from Let’s Roam is a cheap date idea for two or more couples that turns your home into an adventure zone. You’ll compete in a little friendly competition with challenges specifically designed to deepen bonds, encourage intimate conversation, and make you laugh until you cry. It’s easy to do. Just buy tickets for a hunt or get our yearly Explorer Pass and fill your date night calendar with goodies!

2. Go on a local bar crawl.

Spend the night with good friends and good drinks at the best bars in your home city. Let’s Roam Bar Crawls escort you through the best dives in your area on a fun-filled journey of photo and video challenges. Compete against other couples to earn points and become the bar crawl champion! It’s a barhopping experience like you’ve never had before, and we have crawls in cities all over the United States!

3. Get spooky.

Halloween is upon us! Take your double date to a whole new level with a creepy ghost hunt. Learn the paranormal past of your town and explore all its reportedly haunted places. Answer trivia questions and compete in bold challenges along the way to see which couple is the bravest! Just download the Scavenger Hunt App and get started tonight!

Love the idea of a spooky date? Here’s “24 Spooky Date Ideas That Will Have You Cuddled Close.”

4. Play a virtual game night.

Game nights are a timeless date night idea, but you don’t have to go buy a bunch of board games anymore. You don’t have to cook dinner for anyone, get dressed up, or even wear pants if you don’t want to. Just log onto your laptop and join a Virtual Game Night. You’ll connect with friends through an innovative video chat platform and compete in a wide variety of trivia and unique games that will keep you laughing all night long. It’s a cheap and easy date night that is way more memorable than Netflix and chill.

5. Go on an urban art walk.

We are willing to bet that your city has some incredible street art! Get out with friends and see what beauty your city has to boast on a Let’s Roam Urban Art Walk. Answer trivia questions and compete in photo challenges at each stop, and compete with your friends and others groups around the city. Collect points along the way and see where you land on the city leaderboard! Art walks make an awesome weekend afternoon date, and there are dozens of cities to choose from.

6. See your city in a whole new way.

Hop on an exciting tour of your city or a nearby getaway. A city-wide scavenger hunt is a perfect way to explore the architecture, history, and green spaces in your town while getting plenty of quality conversation time with your significant other and friends. Complete the hunt as a group, or challenge the other couple to a friendly competition. Losers buy brunch!

7. Try a murder at the red bear lounge.

Bust out your sleuth skills and spice up your date night with a little murder mystery. Let the team at Let’s Roam transport you back to the days of Prohibition. While you enjoy the jazz and illegal booze, a murder takes place. You and your crew are responsible for finding the killer… or are you the killer? Let’s Roam has several amazing murder mysteries to try, and we know you’re going to fall in love with this fun date activity!

8. Share a heart-pounding escape.

After dinner, challenge your crew to an escape room. This is one of those date ideas that are way more fun with a group than with just your spouse. The more brains, the better! Every city has its own version of an escape room, and they change themes often, so it’s a fun thing you can do multiple times together. A good escape room will test your problem-solving skills and maybe your friendship as well!

9. Try a frisbee golf date.

For a fun double date idea to burn a few calories and get some fresh air, take your crew to the frisbee park. If you have never played frisbee golf, it’s kind of like mini-golf, but with baskets and frisbees instead of holes and balls. Most towns have at least a small course in one of the city parks.

10. Take on the ale trail.

Grab your brewery passport and hit an ale trail near you. As you get more and more tipsy, the date gets less awkward and more hilarious. Just make sure you have a DD, or better yet, choose an ail trail that is walkable or done by bike.

11. Take a surfing lesson.

Learning a new skill is best done with friends! If you live near the ocean, take a surfing class together and see which of you excels at riding the waves, and which of you’ll likely be the group photographer on your next date. You’ll crash. You’ll laugh. You might cry, and you’ll expend tons of energy, making you ready for a big meal and a nice cold beer together.

12. Join a cooking class.

Cooking classes are another fun way to spend time with a group, that isn’t that fun without friends. With the right mix of personalities, a good cooking class with fill your belly with tasty food and your heart with happiness.

13. Go on a wine-tasting tour.

If the ale trail is a bit too much action for your group, take a road trip to your nearest winery and do a professional wine-tasting tour. You usually get a tour of the distillery, a good explanation of the wine-making process, a vineyard walk, and plenty of tasty wine samples. Pick your favorite wine. Purchase a bottle, and continue your evening with a dinner party at home.

14. Have an ice skating night.

Ice skating is a fun activity to pass a cold winter night. With rinks popping up all over the country, in the winter season, you can glide along, hand in hand, and then enjoy delicious hot cocoa and warm conversation. It beats a boring dinner and movie night anytime!

15. Enjoy a sporting event.

Steer away from romance, and plan a double date day revolving around a sports game. If you have a major league baseball or basketball team, and it’s within the budget, snag a few tickets. Other options would be to catch a minor league game, or even go nostalgic and spend your evening under the Friday night lights at a local high school football game.

16. Fly through the skies.

Take your double date to the skies and find the closest ziplining park! If your friends will strap on a crotch-killing harness, climb to the top of the tree line, and go barreling off into open space with you, then those friends are keepers!

17. Have a whitewater rafting adventure.

One of the best ways to spend a day out as a group is by hitting the river! Go kayaking or whitewater rafting in your nearest national park. It’s an activity that takes lots of teamwork, but hopefully, you’ll still be friends when you reach the end of the river. Make it an adventurous day trip, or spend the weekend camping, stargazing, and sharing stories around the campfire.

18. Go vintage.

If shopping sounds more up your alley than death-defying adventures, then take your crew on a day trip to nearby flea markets. Not only will you come home with new furniture pieces, but you’ll also likely try on several hilarious outfits, make up uses for ancient tools that you haven’t the faintest idea what their real use was, and eat some tasty homemade treats too!

19. Have a romantic day date.

Spend your Saturday morning wandering your local botanical garden for good conversation in a lovely environment. Follow up your walk with an ice cream date, or if allowed, get your ice cream before entering. It’s an easy way to spend some quality time together with your besties, and it’s usually a cheap date idea too.

20. Plan a lake day.

Spending the day on the lake gives you to option of doing nothing but sunbathing or filling your itinerary with action. Find a shady spot for a picnic. Rent a paddleboat. Go snorkeling or rent a jet ski. Try your hand at water skiing, or spend your day putting around the waters on a pontoon boat. There are so many options!

21. Relive your childhood at the county fair.

Take your double date to the county fair. Challenge your bestie to the balloon-popping game or the ring toss. Join the open mic, or dance the two-step. Pet the farmyard animals. Ride the carousel. Veg out on funnel cake and cotton candy, and enjoy the crisp fall air and special ambiance that you only find at the carnival.

22. Visit a wax museum.

Wax museums are weird, and with the right group of people, they are hilarious. They provide plenty of joke fodder and amusing photo backdrops. You might even meet a few of your icons.

23. Relax in a hot spring.

If you’re lucky enough to have natural hot springs in your area, then pack your hiking boots and get to exploring. If not, enjoy the next best thing in your local spa. Sign up for couples’ massages or enjoy group saunas or hot tubs. This is the perfect double date idea for those with busy or stressful jobs who just want to unwind on the weekend.

24. Try your hand at rock climbing.

Rock climbing and bouldering have taken the sports world by storm in recent decades. It’s becoming more and more popular, and artificial climbing walls are now a dime a dozen. If you can convince your friends to take on the challenge, start at one of the climbing walls. If you all love it, then schedule your next date with a rock climbing instructor for a class in the wild!

25. Play a DIY trivia night.

Create your game night with a personalized trivia game. It’s easy to do, and you’ll have the added benefit of getting to know each other much better by the end of the night. Come up with a list of ten or twelve questions. Each person will answer the questions about themselves and turn in their sheet. You’ll then take turns, as a group, answering the same questions about each person in the group. Whoever gets the most answers correct wins the night!

26. Pull out the old gaming systems.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, then there is no better double date night than a friendly competition of an old-school video game. Do you think your know your friends? Nah, you don’t know anybody until you play Mario Kart with them.

27. Visit an amusement park.

Amusement parks are fun for any age! Get up your nerve and take on the tallest roller coasters, the fastest spinning rides, and the tallest drops. Once you have exhausted all your adrenaline, spend the evening visiting the food booths and gorging on friend treats.

28. Explore the outdoors.

Get a breath of fresh air in your nearest national or state park. Trekking or hiking is a great opportunity for conversation. You’ll burn lots of calories, and you get a chance to clear your mind in a beautiful setting. You’ll have a blast with friends, get in better shape, and knock down your stress levels a few notches.

29. Sneak in some culture.

It pays to get dressed up now and then and do something a little fancy. Visit the opera or a symphony. Take in a ballet, or visit the playhouse. These activities don’t offer much in the way of conversation, so you might consider drinks or a coffee date afterward to discuss the show.

30. Nerd out in your local museum.

Some cities have fabulous world-class museums. Others… not so much. Whether you’ll be perusing Van Gogh’s and Picasso’s, or local arts and crafts, spending a morning exploring a nearby museum can be really fun. Plus, you’ll probably learn something, and you’ll have new cocktail trivia to impress your other friends.

31. Catch a cabaret.

Cabaret shows are a fun thing to do as a group. While some couples may consider it a bit risque, others will find it amusing and maybe even pick up some new moves!

32. Get in a good laugh.

Skip the movie theater and head for your local comedy show instead. Comedy clubs have a fun and relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy a few drinks and more than a few belly laughs. You might do some research on the club and the artist though, and make sure their type of show is something you’ll actually find funny.

33. Cook a cultural meal.

Branch out in the food department by hosting a dinner party revolving around food from another culture. Think of cultures that are famed for family-style eating like Ethiopia, Italy, or India. Make a menu, and have everyone bring a dish, or get together early and cook your meal as a group.

34. Visit a wellness retreat.

Invite your crew to a weekend getaway at a wellness center or spa resort. Spend your weekend doing some yoga, getting a few healthy meals, and taking some much-needed rest!

35. Go on a camping adventure.

Vanlife is the trending way of life at this point. Try your hand at it by renting a couple of vans or a large RV for the weekend. Find a beautiful spot, and spend your weekend hiking, swimming, and enjoying nights around the campfire.

36. Engage in a cook-off.

Pair up and challenge each other to a cook-off. It’s the perfect date for foodie couples. You could compete to make the best chili or the best chocolate cake, or you could each make your go-to specialty and have friends vote on the winning dish.

37. Take a food tour.

If your city has guided tours, then hop on a weekend food tour. It will give you the chance to try out several new restaurants and tasty treats while exploring your city on foot with your friends.

38. Get a few swings in.

If you love golf, then book a tee time and challenge your besties to a little competition on the greens.

39. Couples tennis match.

Several games are best played with four or more people. Tennis, badminton, beach volleyball, table tennis, or racquetball can all be adjusted for couple-versus-couple matches!

40. Pamper the pouches.

Nothing brings on the bonding like a cute puppy! Invite your friends and their furry besties to spend the afternoon in the dog park. If it goes well, then extend your date for drinks at a pet-friendly brewery.

41. Show off your favorites.

Spend the evening visiting your favorites. Each person picks their favorite place. One person chooses the place for appetizers, one for dinner, one for drinks, and one for dessert.

42. Explore the pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin patches, farmer’s markets, and orchards are great places to spend a fall afternoon with friends. Pick fresh fruit, stock up on fresh jams, and splurge on lots of tasty treats, while enjoying the fresh autumn air.

43. Enjoy some alcohol and art.

Put your artistic skills to the test with a wine and painting class, or a ceramics class. These combination businesses are available in most larger cities and offer a creative alternative to a normal date night.

44. Show off your photography skills.

Fall is the perfect time for new couple photos! Skip the expensive session this year and take a chance on photographing each other. Set up a cute backdrop, or even better, set out to find a beautiful natural setting and take turns photographing each other. You’ll get a few duds, but maybe you’ll each come out with at least one good one!

45. Take a bike tour.

Biking is a great outdoor activity to do as a group of couples. You could even rent tandem bikes! Tour a winery route, your city, or a local mountain biking trail.

46. Volunteer together.

More hands can get more good work done! Take your double date to a local non-profit and spend your day giving back. For a few ideas on how to serve your community, check out “65 Community Service Ideas For Every Type of Volunteer.”

47. Visit the aquariums.

Aquariums or zoos often have evening sessions for adults, and they are a fun way to spend the evening with friends!

48. Take a dance class.

Learning to dance is a fun way to bond with your besties! Plus, a night that starts with the tango often ends well for everyone involved, if you know what we mean.

49. Build something together.

Whether it’s a birdhouse or an improvement to one of your homes, working with your hands is rewarding. You’ll have something of value at the end of the day, and you’ll get to know a new side of your friends too.

50. Mix it up.

Spend your evening together learning to make fancy cocktails with a virtual mixology class. You’ll tune in via video chat with a professional mixologist who will teach you the secrets of the trade!

Text Your Besties

Now that you have a year full of double date ideas, text your best buds and get your first date in motion. If you have a favorite group date that we missed, drop it in the comments! We are always looking for new and exciting adventures.

And remember relationships can be hard. Sometimes the hardest thing is simple, healthy communication. If that’s a problem for you, perhaps take a few tips from our “52 Conversation Starters for Couples.” Or if you’re in an early relationship and you’re planning to mix things up with a vacation you could check out this article about “Making the Most of Your First Vacation Together.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Are double dates a good idea?

A double date can be a great idea for your first date or to spice up a dull dating life! Just choose an adventurous activity and a couple that you both enjoy spending time with.

Is a double date romantic?

Double dates are not typically romantic outings, but they can lead to deeper connections by encouraging couples to branch out with new date ideas they wouldn’t have come up with on their own.

What are the best double-date ideas?

For a fun double date, compete in a scavenger hunt challenge of your city, book a dance class, or visit a fall carnival.

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