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35 Cute, Clever, and Creative Couples’ Halloween Costumes

Are you attending a Halloween party this year with your significant other? Maybe you want to dress up to take your kids trick-or-treating? Make this the best Halloween yet by trying one of the best couples’ Halloween costumes. We’ve pulled a list together of some of the most creative couples’ costumes and even some simple DIY costumes if you’re planning last-minute, so you can choose the best option for you and your partner for Halloween.

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Classic Couples’ Halloween Costume Ideas

Let’s start with some classic costumes and ensembles that aren’t too difficult to source materials for. You’re sure to get some compliments with these.

1. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

The potato head toys have been popular for decades and they make a great couples’ costume. You can DIY the costume if you’re crafty. If not, you can order a pair of inflatable costumes on Amazon that are sure to be comfortable and fun. If you love the toy idea, but want something a little easier to pull together, try the famous red-headed dolls, Raggedy Ann and Andy.

2. Uncle Sam and Statue of Liberty

This patriotic duo is a perfect couples’ costume that can always be recycled for the 4th of July. Lady Liberty just needs a green outfit, a crown, and a torch (which can easily be made out of paper). Uncle Sam should include as much red, white, and blue as possible. The most important part of his costume is the hat, so find a tall hat covered in stars and stripes. Bonus points if you make people sing the National Anthem with you.

3. Barbie and Ken

This famous couple has lived in many homes throughout the country as one of the most popular dolls. You can choose any one of the famous outfits Barbie and Ken wore or even DIY a box that goes around your body so you look like an opened toy. Hot pink is the perfect color if you aren’t sure where to start.

4. Colonel Sanders and Chicken

Colonel Sanders is a fun costume to find with the dark-rimmed glasses and bright white hair. The perfect partner to this costume is a chicken because that’s what made him famous. Plus, a chicken suit is great for cooler nights. This funny couples’ costume usually includes a bucket of chicken, so it would be more unique to be the actual chicken. 

5. Popeye and Olive Oyl

Grab a few cans of spinach and red and black outfits for the cartoon couple, Popeye and Olive Oyl. Popeye wears blue pants, a red and black shirt, and a white captain’s hat while puffing on a pipe. Don’t forget the classic tattoos on his arms that you can draw on with a marker or face paint. For Olive Oyl, a black, short wig would be perfect if you can’t get your hair to style like hers. Her outfit is made up of a red and black dress with a white collar and brown shoes. 

6. Astronaut and Alien

Try some out-of-this-world costumes with an astronaut and an alien paired together. You can find great NASA suits and astronaut costumes for one-half of the couple. The other person can rock an alien costume. Aliens can be in glitter and sparkles or a green suit with funny ears and an extra eyeball on the forehead. It doesn’t matter who abducted who in your pair, the costume will be a hit.

7. Your Favorite Emojis

Take a scroll through your emoji keyboard on your phone and pick out any of the great options with two people. There are the two dancers that stand next to each other in matching black outfits. You can also choose one of the yellow default couples by choosing the correct shirt colors to match. Everyone has become accustomed to communicating with these tiny little figures, so it’s a great costume that people are sure to recognize.

Couples’ Halloween Costumes Inspired By Pop Culture

Hollywood has long been an inspiration for some of the best adult costumes. We’ve pulled together a list of some amazing couple costumes inspired by different TV shows and movie characters.

8. Moira and Johnny Rose from Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek has become one of the most popular shows on television and even swept the
Emmy Awards recently in every comedy category. Moira and Johnny Rose would make a great costume couple. You could even expand your group and include a few more to dress up as the children, David and Alexis. Moira has some crazy outfits, so putting that costume together will be the time-consuming part. Johnny’s costume is usually just a suit. Add his glasses and your hair and you’ll be ready to go.

9. Zack and Kelly from Saved by the Bell

Saved by the Bell is back on the small screen this year with a reboot on Peacock, so why not step back in time and dress up as Bayside High’s famous couple? With a side ponytail, denim shorts, and a bayside cropped shirt, Kelly Kapowski is simple. For Zack’s costume, a giant cell phone, slicked-up hairstyle, and flannel button-ups are good options. Just take a look at some of their outfits throughout the show and see if you can recreate any. Thrift shops have some great 80s and 90s throwback outfits.

10. Cruella DeVil and One of Her Pups

Disney has some great costumes. The classic villains are having a moment right now, so it’s a great time to dress up as one for Halloween. They each have sidekicks to make it a couple’s costume. Cruella Devil is fun because she wears a long coat, hair that is half white and half black, and has the cigarette in a stick. The dalmatian part is simple. Wear an all-white outfit and add some black spots and some ears and maybe a little face paint and you’ve got it.

If you want other Disney costume pairing options, you can always go with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Jasmine and Aladdin, Mary Poppins and Bert, Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter, or even one of the many Star Wars characters.

11. Ross Gellar and Rachel Greene

Were they on a break? Debate it with each other while dressed up as that famous couple from friends. There are so many classic scenes from different episodes that you could choose from. The episode where they get drunk and get married is a great one because they both have memorable markers on their faces. Ross is usually wearing a button-up shirt with a brighter color. Add some dinosaur figurines or a stuffed monkey if you want. For Rachel, wear a mini skirt with black tights and an apron from Central Perk. People love this show and this costume will is timeless.

12. Anything From Harry Potter

Harry Potter characters will always be a popular costume choice. You can choose two of the main characters like Harry and Hermione, but it might be more fun to pick some unique characters. You can dress up as Professor Dumbledore and Fawkes, the Phoenix. Dress up as some of the supporting characters and you can get more creative with the costumes. Luna Lovegood has a much more colorful look than Ron Weasley. You’ll be able to find all kinds of great costumes that are ready to wear or you can easily DIY any accessories you may need. Most people already have broomsticks.

13. Mario and Luigi

Nintendo’s Super Mario is one of the most popular video games of all time. Dress up as the two main characters, Mario and Luigi, with overalls and one red shirt and one green shirt. Carry some plumbing tools since that is their occupation (when they aren’t saving the princess at the castle.) Princess Peach is another great option for a costume to go along with either Mario or Luigi. And if you want to represent the tough guys, Wario and Waluigi are great choices. 

14. Bob Ross and a Painting

Known for his calming demonstrations of painting happy trees and beautiful landscapes, Bob Ross is a great Halloween costume. You need a curly wig and a paintbrush and tray for his costume. For the other half of the couple, construct a frame out of cardboard or something light enough to wear around your top half. Using face paint, have Bob Ross work on his masterpiece on the blank canvas of his partner’s face. If you need a bigger canvas, use a white t-shirt and paint the bottom part of the art on that. This one will require a little creativity and skill, but you can watch one of the Bob Ross videos for inspiration and instruction.

15. The Flintstones

Fred and Wilma Flintstone are classic Halloween costumes and you can find them at almost any costume store. Fred has a bright orange outfit with black spots and a turquoise tie around his neck. He’s usually carrying a club around, but you could also substitute that for a bowling ball. Wilma has a simple white dress with a white rock necklace and a unique bright orange hairdo. Many stores will carry the wig if you want to go that route, or you can attempt to temporarily dye your hair and put it in an updo. Pair up with another couple that can go as the Barney and Betty Rubble. 

16. Toy Story Characters

As one of the most popular of the Pixar movies, Toy Story characters are iconic. You can go as best friends, Woody and Buzz Lightyear, which are sold as full costumes at many different places. You can choose other characters like Bo Peep, Jessie, Forky, and more. This is a great group costume too if you have a larger group of friends going out together. The colorful outfits make these characters easily recognizable. 

17. Marty McFly and Doc Brown

The Back to the Future trilogy is classic and the two main characters are timeless couples’ Halloween costume ideas. To be Marty McFly, grab your most 80s looking white sneakers, a red vest, aviators, and jeans. For Doc Brown, it’s all about the wild, crazy, white hair. Once you lock in a wig or a plan to make your hair stand on end, track down a white coat and some yellow rubber gloves and you’ll have everything you need. Great Scott! You’ll have great costumes.

Celebrity Couples’ Halloween Costumes

There are a few celebrity couples that make great costumes because they have such specific looks like you can replicate and have fun with it. 

18. J Lo and Ben Affleck

They were together years ago and now they are back together, so you can even choose which version of their celebrity couple you are. Dressing up as Jennifer Lopez can take a little extra work because she is full glamour most of the time. Ben Affleck is a little easier because he’s usually pretty casual, but you’ll want to find something that helps people identify that you’re in costume and not just wearing normal day-to-day clothes. He’s frequently photographed with Dunkin Donuts and cigarettes, so definitely start with those items.

19. John Lennon and Yoko Ono

This classic couple costume is fun to put together and much of it will already be in your closet. The most famous look for them is wearing all white. Both rock longer hair and glasses—John had small circular frames and Yoko wore large dark sunglasses. Throwing up peace signs is important for any photo opportunities and an anti-war sign that you can carry around will be the cherry on top.

20. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

This couple might be newer, but it will be a long time before anyone forgets about them. They continue to shock the world with their strange public displays of affection and interviews. Choose any of their top outfits from the last year and have some fun putting your own look together. Match the hair and tattoos to complete the look. Over-the-top PDA is optional but will help people identify exactly who you have dressed up as.

21. Any Kardashian Couple

Kardashians are such a constant in our celebrity news, so join the family with your Halloween costumes this year. Each sister has their various relationships—past and present, so decide which pair you want to be. You could each just dress up as one of the sisters as well. Some combination options include Kim and Kanye West, Kourtney and Scott Disick, Kourtney and her new fiance, Travis Barker, Kendall and Kylie, Kris and Caitlyn Jenner, and more. Have some fun with it and make sure you document everything on social media to stay in character.

22. Beyonce and Jay-Z

Arguably the most iconic couple in music history, Beyonce and Jay-Z are a great choice for a Halloween costume. They have had so many memorable moments throughout the last decade that you can emulate. For inspiration, you can use the costumes that Russell Wilson and Ciara used when they dressed up as the Carters.

Another popular pop couple that hasn’t been together in years, but is still a popular costume choice thanks to an all denim outfit is Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

Spooky Halloween Costumes for Couples

Halloween is a holiday all about the scary creatures, so you can always go that route. There are all the classic spooky characters like clowns, ghosts, vampires, and zombies.

23. The Joker and Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn has shot up to the top of the list of most popular Halloween costumes over the last two years. There are a few different variations from the Suicide Squad movie. Paired with the Joker, this spooky couples’ costume is great. Mix and match with any Batman characters if you want to stay within the same theme, but want to swap one of these villains. 

24. Witch Doctor and a VooDoo Doll

If you’re looking for something spooky, but more unique than the traditional scary characters, check out the witch doctor costume which works perfectly with a life-size voodoo doll. It’s a spooky New Orleans vibe and you can have so much fun with the makeup and accessories. The voodoo doll costume can be as simple as covering up with a burlap sack and putting two simple x’s as eyes and some fun push pins attached. 

25. Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Monster

The Bride of Frankenstein is a movie from the 1930s. The creepy bride has a wild head of hair that is black with a white stripe that runs through it. She wears a simple white wedding dress, so the main event would be the hair. Frankenstein’s Monster has the green face of makeup and crazy metal coming out of the neck. You can find this standard Halloween costume at most costume stores and many come with the mask so you don’t have to wear makeup.

26. Chucky and the Bride of Chucky

Nothing says love and terror like Chucky and his bride. These killer dolls have terrorized viewers in eight different movies in the Child’s Play series. The story is about a serial killer that performs a voodoo ritual that transfers his soul into a doll. With overalls and a creepy mask and knife, the Chucky costume is easy to find. The bride of Chucky requires a white wedding dress, bleach blond hair with black roots, and black lipstick. She also wears a black leather jacket, so it’s perfect if you’re located in a colder location.

27. Beetlejuice and Lydia

Beetlejuice might not always qualify as creepy, but it’s a great couples’ Halloween costume no matter how you categorize it. The red dress that Winona Ryder wears as Lydia in the movie Beetlejuice is a great costume especially if you can figure out how to get your hair to match her crazy updo. Beetlejuice wears the funky white and black striped suit, a face full of paint, and a wild head of hair.

28. Gomez and Morticia Addams

The Addams Family is the quintessential spooky family, so dressing up as the matriarch and patriarch is a perfect costume for couples. Morticia has long, dark hair and wears long, dark gowns. Her makeup is dramatic and she always rocks a blood-red lip. For Gomez, a classic tuxedo would be perfect for the outfit. A thin mustache and slicked hairstyle are crucial. To add something extra, you can find a rubber hand to represent Thing.

29. Bonnie and Clyde

The famous bank robbers, Bonnie and Clyde, have been popular costumes for decades, but you can make them spooky by making them zombie or ghost characters. They were famously gunned down together while running from the law. Use makeup to create gunshot wounds and add some white makeup to your faces to put off a ghastly vibe. 

Funny Costumes

Sometimes, the funniest costumes are the simplest things. We pulled together a few options that are incredibly easy to make yourselves and will get some laughs while you’re out showing them off.

30. Double Dose of Vaccines

Doesn’t it seem like all we hear about are vaccines? Why not embrace it and dress up as the two-dose COVID vaccines? Dress in metallic tones and make a hat that looks like a syringe needle. Have some fun with this one by carrying some hand sanitizer with you or some extra rolls of toilet paper. 

31. #Filter and #Nofilter

This is a costume that you can have so much fun with as a couple. The basic concept is that one half of you (usually the woman) gets dolled up with hair and makeup. They wear a sign that says #filter. The other person wears an identical outfit but goes the opposite direction with hair and makeup. Some people smudge the makeup or just go without. They wear the sign that says #nofilter. The matching outfit is the most important. You’ll be able to poke a little fun at the crazy filters that are used on different social media accounts.

32. Plug and Socket

There any many different innuendo/pun style costumes like this one. One thing that goes into the other. One person (usually the female) wears a cardboard box that is painted like an outlet. The other partner just needs some cardboard cutouts or something similar to make a plug that can fit in the outlet. It’s silly and simple, but people love it.

33. Wine and Cheese

Not much pairs better together than wine and cheese. Dressing up as cheese is usually just orange or yellow clothes with a homemade label telling everyone what kind of cheese you are. The other person can either make themselves into a bottle of wine, or they can utilize a cardboard box and become boxed wine. If you’re feeling generous, you can each give out some samples—it’s perfect if you need votes in a costume contest.

34. Netflix and Chill

In need of a simple costume? Have one person dress up in red and add the word Netflix to their shirt. The other person just needs to wear some winter clothes and they can represent “chill.” The phrase is still used all the time, so it’s a great pun that can be easily identified.

35. Cards Against Humanity

This costume is incredibly easy and you can have some fun making it your own. You need a plain black shirt and a plain white shirt. On the black shirt, recreate your favorite Cards Against Humanity topic with white letters. Then, on the white shirt, put down a hilarious answer to that topic. If you’ve never played the game, drop everything and try it out, you will not be able to stop laughing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should a couple dress up as for Halloween?

There are so many different couples’ Halloween costumes to choose from. Any pairs from movies, television shows, or even pop culture are fun to recreate!

What will the most popular costume be for Halloween?

When it comes to couples’ Halloween costumes, Fred and Wilma Flintstone have been near the top of the list every year. Popular TV and movie characters are also popular, as well as cute pop-culture duos.

What’s the best Halloween date?

Even if you aren’t going to a party, why not dress up in a couples’ Halloween costume? Hit the town, try some Adventures From Scratch, or try a ghost tour scavenger hunt in a town near you!

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