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The 23 Best Christmas Games for Kids

The holiday season is almost here! Bring the cheerful spirit, and keep the little one entertained with the 23 best Christmas games for kids.

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The holiday season is just around the corner! While you’re busy planning a big Christmas dinner and decorating the house for your party guests, it’s important to come up with cool ways to keep your little ones entertained. Luckily for you, we’ve gathered all the best Christmas games for kids so that you don’t have to! These games are designed to entertain and drum up intense holiday cheer. Who knows? One of these games may even become a new family Christmas tradition.

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The 23 Best Christmas Games for Kids

Holiday gatherings can be awkward and, dare we say it, boring. That’s especially true for kids! These festive Christmas party games are sure to be a hit. They’ll keep the joy flowing long after the gifts are unwrapped. Take a look at the list, choose two to three Christmas games suitable for your family, and watch your holiday party thrive. Now, put on your Santa hat, make a hot cocoa, and get in the spirit—it’s time to start planning!

1. Saran Wrap Ball Game

The basic idea of this game is that you wrap up a bunch of gifts and prizes in a huge saran wrap ball, and then people take turns unwrapping it. Anything they unwrap, they keep. That’s the general idea, but it gets a little more complicated when you add in some dice and challenge cards—“lump of coal cards.” Challenge cards make it a bit tougher to unwrap the saran wrap ball, like unwrapping the ball behind your back, naming four of Santa’s reindeer before you keep unwrapping, etc. Bury them in the saran wrap ball, just like the prizes.

The game begins with the first player rolling a dice. If they roll doubles, they start unwrapping the ball, continuing until another player rolls doubles and takes over. Rolling a 7 or 11 reverses the direction of dice passing, while any other roll prompts passing the ball to the next player. Throughout the game, players encountering coal cards must read them aloud and adhere to the instructions provided—actions, questions that need answers, or immediate tasks.

Gameplay persists as players take turns rolling dice, unwrapping, and following coal card challenges until the ball is fully unwrapped. At the game’s conclusion, everyone keeps the gifts they’ve unwrapped, with the option to trade. It’s advisable to keep extra items on hand for those who might have received fewer or no gifts. This is a fun kid-friendly holiday game that brings laughter and a little healthy competition to your holiday event.

2. Minute To Win It Games

This series of simple games is great for large groups. The premise is to accomplish the task at hand in less than one minute.

Candy Cane Catch

Set up a ribbon or twine between two posts or chairs. Players stand in chairs along the ribbon, armed with a bag of candy canes. They will hold the candy cane at eye level and drop it, trying to hook it on the ribbon below. The game continues until a player accomplishes the candy cane catch, or alternatively, you can time the rounds and determine the winner based on who achieves the most successful catches within a minute. This game can be hard for little kids. You can always adjust the height and let them sit on their knees in the chair instead of standing.

Toy Touchdown

In this fun Christmas party game, you snap (football style) small toys or ornaments beneath your legs while your teammate stands ready with a basket behind their back, trying to catch the tossed items. The excitement escalates as teams compete to be the first to successfully catch five items or secure the highest count within a minute.

Elf Toss

Players have one minute to fling mini plastic elves into a series of buckets at increasing distances: one at a close range of 1 foot, another at 3 feet, and a third at a more challenging distance of 10 feet. To win, the player must successfully land an elf into each of the designated buckets within the allocated time. This game can be played by kids of all ages, and you can make it harder by making the distance longer or adding more buckets.

Snowman Shake

First, create a snowman face by decorating white ping-pong balls. Give them a wintry charm! Then, place these snowman ping-pong balls inside an empty tissue box. Attach the tissue box securely to an individual’s backside, either using tape or affixing it with a velcro belt that’s glued to the box. The objective of the game is for the player to vigorously shake and shimmy in an attempt to free all the snowmen ping-pong balls from the tissue box before the allotted time elapses. This game promises laughter as participants try to rid the box of its snowy inhabitants.

Candy Cane Hook ‘Em

Candy Cane Hook ‘Em is an extremely easy game to set up. You just need candy canes and a bowl to get started. When you’re ready, the player puts a candy cane in their mouth and uses the hook end to get the other candy canes out of the bowl without using their hands. Whoever hooks the most candy canes wins the prize (or bragging rights). Everyone from kids to grandparents (teeth optional) will have fun playing this Christmas game.

3. Snowball Fight

In the Snowball Fight, your goal is to bounce (or toss) white ping-pong balls across the table and land them in an empty bowl at the other end. The other player’s job is to stop you by throwing cotton balls at the ping-pong ball, blocking your attempt. You’ll be armed with a set of five ping-pong balls, and the objective is to bounce at least one ball into the bowl to claim victory.

4. Hula-Hoop Roll

Give each player a Hula-Hoop, and arrange gift bags, one per player, on the opposite side of the room. The objective is for players to roll their hoops to the bags, aiming to accurately encircle the gift bag (ensure the bags have some weight). The first player to effectively secure their Hula-Hoop around the gift bag wins. Should a player miss the target, they must retrieve their hoop by running down to it and returning to the start. To increase the challenge, you could have them hula their way back with the hoop.

5. Fill the Stocking

Suspend large stockings (one per player) from a ribbon or rope secured between two posts or chairs. Distribute a bucket filled with assorted ping-pong balls of various colors to each participant. Then, position them on the opposite side of the room from the stockings. The challenge is for players to be the first to bounce the ping-pong balls into their designated stockings from a distance.

6. Rudolph Nose Dash

Rudolph’s Nose Dash presents an entertaining Christmas party game that the whole family will love. Equip each person with a red pom pom and a spoonful of Vaseline. The objective is to be the first to place the red pom pom onto Rudolph’s nose, located on the opposite side of the room. Players must dip their noses into the vaseline using the spoonful provided and then secure the red pom pom to their noses without using their hands. Rudolph’s nose should also have a dab of Vaseline to help the pom pom stick. The first player to successfully reach Rudolph and secure his ruby red nose wins!

7. Ornament Roll

Distribute a Christmas ornament and a flat gift box to each player. Have the players stand behind a marked line on the floor. Place another line across the room, preferably in a spacious room. The players use their boxes to fan the ornament and roll them across the room to the finish line. The rules are simple: Players must not make direct contact between the ornament and the box. Instead, they must wave the box and guide the ornament to the finish line. If you don’t have a big room, the driveway works just as well.

8. Mistle-toes

Suspend a Christmas ribbon between two chairs or posts. It should be positioned at a height that all players can reach while sitting on the ground. Provide every player with plastic mistletoe: two for kids and a slightly more challenging count of three to five for teenagers and adults. Players compete in a race to place the mistletoe onto the ribbon as fast as they can, using only their feet.

9. Christmas Bingo

Elevate the holiday spirit with rounds of Christmas-themed bingo, a classic family game. Christmas bingo cards are available in printable templates from The Incremental Mama. You can also create your own by placing removable Christmas stickers over regular bingo cards and making matching stickered ping-pong balls for the dealer. Use mini marshmallows to mark your cards instead of chips for a fun holiday twist. The winner of each round gets to pick a small gift from the gift table!

10. Christmas Movie Trivia

Test your family’s holiday film knowledge with a game of Christmas movie trivia, and see who can claim the title of the ultimate movie buff. Feel free to select questions tailored to your family’s cherished Christmas movies, making the game all the more personalized. As they share laughs, memories, and impressive movie insights, this activity is sure to stir up nostalgia. This one obviously works better for teens and older children.

11. Christmas Mad Libs

Mad Libs, a timeless source of laughter, take on a festive twist with this Christmas edition. Print out a Christmas Mad Lib story page from Pinterest. One person will be the writer. Only they will be able to see the story and the directives. The writer will call out a directive (adjective, noun, funny word, person, animal, etc.). The other players will take turns answering with the first word that pops into their heads. The writer will fill in the blank and move on to the next directive and player. Upon completion, the writer will stand and read your family-created silly story for the enjoyment of all.

12. Reindeer Antler Ring Toss

Antler Ring Toss, easily found on Amazon, is a fun kids game that can entertain the little ones during cocktail hour. For more of a challenge, give a one-minute time limit. It’s a simple competition that they can conduct all on their own!

13. Snowman Slam Game

Snowman Slam is an easy DIY game that combines classic carnival vibes with the joys of an indoor holiday play. To set things up, make your DIY snowman. Grab white cups and black and orange construction paper. Then, cut out the snowman’s eyes and nose, and glue them on the cups. Next, make your snowballs by tightly balling up white socks. Stack the snowmen cups in a pyramid, decide on a distance, and let the games begin as the players try to knock down the cups by throwing or rolling their sock snowballs.

14. Christmas Tree Bowling Game

To prepare for this activity, you need to save at least ten green plastic bottles (Sprite or Canada Dry work great). Decorate them with ornament foam stickers and a star foam sticker to create your Christmas tree. You’ll need a small ball, too! Set up this activity in an open space with a smooth, level floor. A long hallway is perfect! Arrange the Christmas tree bottles standing in a triangle. Then, invite the children to have fun bowling.

15. Christmas Trivia for Kids

Holiday brain teasers are perfect for kids—you can sneak a sprinkle of extra knowledge on their favorite festive season! Create teams with fun Christmas team names, pass out Post-it notes and pencils, and create a fun Christmas song playlist. Play three rounds of 5–10 questions, and assign points per round, two points per question in round one, four points per question in round two, and six points per question in round three. Choose a harder question to finish with, and let the teams wager an amount. If they get it correct, they get those points, but if they get it wrong, then you have to deduct those points. At the end, crown the ultimate trivia team!

16. Poke-A-Tree Game

The Poke-A-Tree game is a fun way to entertain littles with small gifts or prizes. This setup takes a few minutes, but it’s worth it. Take red plastic cups, a poster board, and wrapping paper. Glue the cups on the poster board in the shape of a Christmas tree, place small gifts or prizes in the cups, and cover the ends with wrapping paper or green tissue paper. Then, have your kids take turns poking a hole in the paper with their pointer finger. They should try to guess what the prize is by touch only. You can get creative with your prizes—candy, small toys, gift cards, and even money—but for a fun twist, maybe have some cups filled with shaving cream or something slimy.

17. Bean Bag Toss

Get a poster board, and draw a Christmas tree design, dividing it into distinct “point” segments. Gather bean bags, or buy holiday-themed bags, and place your tree on the floor at an appropriate tossing distance. The player tosses their bean bag and tries to collect the most points possible. For a more competitive take, add prizes for the high score.

18. Jingle Bell Toss

The Jingle Bell Toss, a.k.a. the festive version of the well-known Beer Pong, is a playful holiday twist to the classic party game. Grab your regular Solo cups and jingle bells! Arrange 6–10 cups in that familiar bowling pin formation, and stand at opposite ends of your table. Two players, one on each end of the table, are armed with jingle bells. It’s a toss-off as each player tries to toss the bells into the cup formation on the opposite side. If you make it in the cups, that cup is eliminated. The winner is the first to eliminate all the cups.

19. Reindeer Antler Game

Holiday games are the most fun when the whole family gets involved! In this game, you race to fill a pair of pantyhose with small balloons. Once full, you place it on your head, mimicking a pair of antlers. You then run to a designated spot for a silly selfie. The first player to complete the challenge gets a small prize.

20. Candy Cane Hunt

The Candy Cane Hunt captures the essence of an Easter egg hunt but with a Christmas twist. Hide wrapped candy canes throughout the house, and then release the hunters to find as many candy canes as they can. Play Christmas music as they search, and watch as the little ones eagerly find their prizes. For a fun twist, attach money to some of the candy canes.

21. Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Discover a world of adventure in your house on our scavenger hunt. All you’ll need is your phone, your team, and your home. The interactive Let’s Roam app will present you with a series of challenges and questions ranging in difficulty and point value. These in-home scavenger hunts will turn your home into a world of adventure. They’re the perfect at-home activity for bored kids during holiday break! Check out our full list of in-home hunts!

22. Christmas Charades

This is a Christmas-themed rendition of the timeless guessing game. Round up the kids, and test their acting chops. There are multiple variations to this classic party game, so you can change it up with each session. White Elephant Rules details multiple options and has free printables to get you organized!

23. The Christmas Present Game

This gift swap game has many names, like White Elephant and Dirty Santa, and usually gets pretty spirited. The first player chooses a Christmas gift from the central pile, and the game begins. The next player has the opportunity to “steal” the first person’s gift or draw one from the pile. If your gift gets stolen, you either steal someone else’s or pick a new one. To make it more fun for kids, fill the gift bags with ridiculous items, like used deodorant, half-eaten candy, or whoopee cushions.

Closing Thoughts

As the holiday season wraps us in its joyful embrace, there’s no better way to create cherished memories and spread happiness than to incorporate some fun Christmas games for kids into your holiday routine. From the excitement of Candy Cane Hunts to the laughter-filled antics of Snowman Shake, these games infuse every moment with the season’s magic. A blend of creativity, competition, and enjoyment makes these games the perfect addition to any holiday gathering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are fun Minute to Win It Christmas games?

Candy Cane Hook ‘Em, Toy Touchdown, Elf Toss, and Snowman Shake are fun Minute to Win It Christmas games that your whole family will love! They’re quick and fun and can keep little ones busy.

What are the best games for kids at a Christmas party?

Christmas Charades, Snowman Shake, and Rudolph Nose Dash are great Christmas party games that can be tailored to any age. For more Christmas fun, check out these memory-making activities!

What are kids Christmas games to play in a limited space?

Saran Wrap Ball, Christmas Bingo, Candy Cane Hook ‘Em, Christmas Movie Trivia, Christmas Mad Libs, and Mistle-toes are games perfect for houses with limited space to play.

What are some mentally challenging kids games for Christmas break?

Christmas Movie Trivia, Christmas Mad Libs, and Christmas Charades are mentally challenging games for kids. An interactive scavenger hunt is another fun way to challenge your kids!

What are fun and active Christmas games?

Hula-Hoop Roll, Snowman Shake, Rudolph Nose Game, Ornament Roll, and Candy Cane Hunt are fun and active Christmas games to get your kids moving this holiday season!

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