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21 Incredible Ideas for Your Best Friend Bucket List

Friends are the finest part of life, right? So why not create a best friend bucket list to honor this special connection? This list of ideas will get you started.

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Friends are the best part of life. They make us laugh, help us through hard times, and even remind us to take a break from our busy lives and enjoy life. No matter how long you’ve known each other, best friends share an unbreakable bond that’s made up of countless shared memories, adventures, and inside jokes. So why not create a best friend bucket list to honor this special connection? A best friend bucket list is a collection of activities and experiences that you can do together to make even more amazing memories and have fun together. These ideas are meant to be completed throughout your lifetime, so you can continue to look back on all the amazing things you’ve done together.

From getting matching tattoos to taking a road trip across your state, best friend bucket lists can be as creative and adventurous as you make them. Use this list to get inspired and create one of your own.

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Your Best Friend Bucket List

This is the ultimate guide for creating a best friend bucket list that’s tailored to you and your BFF. From outdoor activities and cultural experiences to traveling abroad, here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Go wine tasting in Napa Valley.

Put on your finest sundress and head over to one of Napa Valley’s many renowned vineyards for an unforgettable day of wine tasting. From the historic Inglenook Estate to the contemporary Cliff Lede Vineyards, a winery experience awaits you in every corner of this picturesque region.

At each stop, you’ll be able to sample world-class wines and learn about the secrets behind each bottle. If you’re lucky, you may even have the chance to meet one of Napa Valley’s celebrated winemakers.

 After a day out in the vineyards, head back into town for dinner at any one of the area’s acclaimed restaurants. Enjoy a leisurely meal while sipping on a glass of your favorite Napa Valley wine, and enjoy the evening with friends.

No matter what you choose to sample or experience, a day spent touring and tasting in Napa Valley is surely a best friend bucket list item. So grab your wine glass and go explore all that this region has to offer. Cheers!

2. Attend an international music festival.

Tomorrowland, Glastonbury, or Donauinselfest—whatever music festival you choose, it’s sure to be an unforgettable bff bucket list experience. Book a flight, gather your best friends, and prepare for an unforgettable music and fun weekend.

Dance the night away with people from all over the world to the best artists in the industry. Take part in exclusive VIP experiences and make memories that you’ll cherish forever.

Music festivals are more than just concerts—they’re an opportunity to bond with best friends through shared experiences and make lifelong memories. And best of all, you’ll have a million wild stories to tell when you come home!

No matter what genre of music you prefer, attending an international music festival is a best friend’s bucket list item that should not be missed. Round up your besties and prepare your festival outfits.

3. Go on an African Safari.

Look no further than Africa’s great safaris for the ultimate best friend bucket list experience. Embark on an unforgettable journey through the wilds of African countries like Tanzania and Zambia, spotting elephants, giraffes, lions, and more.

Stay in luxury safari lodges while exploring the region’s best national parks. Learn about local conservation efforts and participate in guided tours led by experienced guides. Take a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti, or embark on a dawn game drive—the choice is yours!

No matter what you choose to do, an African safari will be an incredible best friend bucket list item. It’s sure to be an adventure you could never forget.

4. Ride every ride and roller coaster at Disney World.

For best friends in search of unlocking their inner child, there’s nothing quite like spending the day at Disney World. Ride every roller coaster and enjoy the never-ending lineup of entertainment.

From the soaring heights of Space Mountain to the epic cruise through Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s sure to be a great day.

Take some time to explore the parks and enjoy classic Disney attractions like It’s A Small World and Cinderella’s Castle. Don’t forget to get a picture with Mickey Mouse or any other of your favorite characters!

No best friend travel bucket list is complete without a trip to the happiest place on earth – so make sure you take some time out for an unforgettable day at Disney World.

5. Go Hiking in Yellowstone National Park.

Experience the best of nature and bond with your best friends on a hiking trip through Yellowstone National Park. Home to canyons, geysers, hot springs, and dramatic landscapes—there’s something for everyone in this sprawling national park.

From beautiful waterfalls to vast meadows and lush forests—you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to breathtaking scenery. Take a day or two to explore the stunning landscape and see for yourself why this is one of America’s greatest outdoor gems.

Pack your hiking backpacks, throw on some sturdy boots, and get ready for unforgettable memories in Yellowstone National Park.

6. Take a class to learn a new language.

Daydreaming of ordering pain au chocolat in Paris? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn how to order a meal in Tokyo? Learning a new language with friends is an incredibly rewarding way to spend time together.

Choose your language and sign up for classes together—from French, Spanish, or Mandarin—the choice is yours! A few hours of weekly practice will soon turn into conversations in no time—and best of all, the skills you learn will stay with you for a lifetime.

Learning a new language has lots of benefits, from improved brain function to reducing stress levels. So why not give it a try with your pals?

7. Fly to New York City and see a Broadway show.

New York is calling, and you need to answer. Whether you’re a fan of musicals, stand-up comedy, or plays—there’s something for everyone in the Big Apple.

Fly to New York City and get ready for an unforgettable best friend bucket list moment—seeing a show on Broadway! Catch your favorite production and laugh until your stomach hurts. Then, go take photos in Times Square and explore the best of New York City.

From the iconic Empire State Building to Central Park, this vibrant city has no shortage of sights and fun activities. Grab your besties and get ready to order some NY-style pizza and book a karaoke room!

8. Go bungee jumping in New Zealand.

Adrenaline junkies unite – it’s time to go bungee jumping! This iconic activity began in New Zealand, so it is the best place in the world to experience this thrilling adventure for the first time.

Jump off a bridge or platform suspended hundreds of feet above the ground. The rush of free-falling will make you feel alive, and best of all—you can share this experience with your besties!

Some operators, like the Shotover Canyon Swing, offer creative solutions to get off the platform. For example, daredevils can choose to ride off the edge of a child’s tricycle or even be pushed backward off a patio chair. The choice is yours!

9. Hire a photographer for a bestie photo shoot.

Who says professional photos are just for couples? Make memories that will last a lifetime with a bestie photo shoot! Hire a professional photographer to capture all your best moments together—from silly poses to beautiful portraits.

A best friend photoshoot is the perfect way to document your friendship and create cherished mementos for years to come. You can even choose an outdoor location like the beach or a park to best capture the environment and mood of your best friend session.f

10. Take an epic road trip across the U.S.

Nothing beats an unforgettable road trip across the United States with pals. Pack your bags, turn up the playlist, and hit the open road—from coast to coast, there’s plenty to see and do in this vast nation.

Choose a destination like the Grand Canyon or Los Angeles as your final destination and map out stops along the way! Stop for souvenirs, take photos at iconic landmarks, or just enjoy the change of scenery.

Consider taking the iconic Route 66 to enjoy some retro roadside attractions and classic American scenery. A road trip is truly one of the best summer bucket list ideas out there.

11. Celebrate New Year’s Eve in London.

Welcome in the New Year with style—from views of Big Ben to the London Eye, celebrate New Year’s Eve in one of the most iconic cities in the world. Watch as thousands of fireworks light up the sky and usher in a brand new year surrounded by your best friends.

Put on your best dress and makeup, because London is full of incredible parties that you can attend for the special occasion. Take in a show at the West End or grab dinner and drinks with your pals before making your way to the city’s impressive fireworks displays.

Enjoy an unforgettable New Year’s celebration by the river Thames!

12. Go skydiving in Hawaii.

Feel the wind beneath your feet as you take on a brand new adventure—skydiving in Hawaii! This exhilarating experience will make your heart race and give you a rush like no other.

Jump from an airplane high above Oahu and soar overviews of this beautiful island. You can even get a GoPro to record every moment for later viewing. Then, float through the air and take in the stunning landscape below.

After you land, reward yourself with some tropical food or drinks and reminisce about the incredible experience.

13. Dance all night in Las Vegas.

Forget your average local clubs—take your best friends to Sin City for a night of dancing they’ll never forget. Las Vegas is home to some of the world’s most iconic venues, with live music and DJs playing all night long.

Whether you’re looking for an EDM festival or just a place to shake it on the dance floor, there’s something for everyone. Plus, you can take in the stunning neon lights of The Strip while you’re at it!

Popular spots like XS or OMNIA offer an unbeatable nightlife experience with top-tier DJs and drinks aplenty. Gather up your people and hit the dance floor – Las Vegas is calling your name!

14. Build a time capsule to open when you’re both 50 years old.

Nothing says “old friends” like a time capsule! Create a meaningful memento of your friendship by writing letters and gathering items to share when you turn 50 years old.

Write notes, take photos from scrapbooks, or even record videos for the future. You can fill your time capsule with all sorts of memories—from concert tickets and DIY crafts to favorite snacks—anything that captures the essence of your friendship.

Bury the capsule in a safe spot and mark it with a GPS tracker or landmark—that way, you’ll be able to find it easily when the time comes. Opening up this capsule in 50 years will bring you both back to all those cherished moments shared throughout your years together.

15. Enjoy a spa day at the Széchenyi Baths.

Enjoy the bucket list spa day with your friends. Located in Budapest, Hungary, Széchenyi Baths is one of Europe’s largest natural hot springs – perfect for soaking up some R&R with your best pals. Plus, its 20th-century architecture makes a great spot for some selfies.

Enjoy therapeutic waters that range from warm to hot as you unwind and let go of all your worries. You can also get a massage or enjoy some of the other spa treatments available here. While they don’t offer manicures, you can get a pedicure. Afterward, grab some drinks in Budapest’s famous ruin bars and let loose!

You’ll be sure to leave this experience feeling refreshed and even closer than ever.

16. Have a glamping sleepover in Moab, Utah.

Experience the great outdoors without having to sacrifice comfort. Pack your bags and head to Moab, Utah, for a glamping trip of a lifetime with your best friends!

Spend the night under the stars while still enjoying all the amenities you could ask for—from hot showers to cozy beds. Spend your days exploring nearby canyons and mountains, kayaking down the Colorado River, and even taking a hot air balloon ride.

At the end of each day, come back to your glamping retreat for some s’mores by the fire, music, and stories with your friends. With no phones or internet to distract you, this is the perfect opportunity for making new memories in a stunning natural setting.

17. Go on a shopping spree in Tokyo.

Make your way to Tokyo with your friends for an unforgettable shopping experience. This bustling metropolis has fun things for everyone, from designer stores to vintage markets and discount outlets. Get lost in the exciting atmosphere of Shinjuku’s electric streets while browsing the latest trends.

Stop by Harajuku for fashion-forward street styles, and then explore Akihabara for all sorts of geeky gadgets. Don’t forget to grab some treats at one of Tokyo’s many delicious restaurants!

Be sure to check out TikTok for hidden gems to explore. So go on, get your wallets out, and let the shopping spree begin!

18. Get matching tattoos.

If you and your best friend want a permanent reminder of your bestie bond, then why not get matching tattoos? Whether it’s an inside joke, a meaningful quote, or two mismatched pieces that fit together to form one complete design—whatever you choose to ink on your skin will be a statement of your friendship.

Getting tattooed can be a nerve-wracking experience, but having your best friend there to support you will make it even more special. Plus, it’ll give you something to laugh about in the years to come!

If you feel like taking the plunge and getting some ink, why not make it a best friend bucket list item? Get creative, and find a design that best expresses your bestie bond. After all, best friends forever are worth celebrating!

Not ready to commit to some ink? You can order some fake tattoos on Amazon for laughs!

19. Take a sightseeing tour of Scotland’s stunning Highlands.

Take in the majestic beauty of Scotland with a sightseeing trip with your pals! From lochs to mountains, this is the perfect destination for exploring some of Europe’s most breathtaking landscapes.

Start your journey in Edinburgh and make your way to the Highlands, where you can marvel at the rolling hills and glacial lakes. Visit charming villages like Thurso or Fort William before heading to famous castles like Eilean Donan Castle.

End your trip with a hike up Ben Nevis, The United Kingdom’s highest peak—it’s sure to be an experience you’ll never forget! Capture the stunning views along the way and take lots of new pictures to flood your social media with.

20. Take a culinary trip through Italy.

If you’ve just had to binge-watch Finding Italy, it’s time to treat your taste buds to an unforgettable adventure in Italy with your oldest and best high school friends by your side! From creamy gelato in Rome to fresh seafood in Sicily, this country will not disappoint. Get ready for some of the best cuisine you’ve ever had!

Start your journey in Rome, where you can sample dishes like carbonara and cacio e pepe and savor a scoop or two (or three!) of gelato. Then make your way to Bologna to try traditional mortadella sandwiches and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

Head south to Sicily for some of the freshest seafood dishes, followed by Naples for delicious pizza and pasta. Follow travel influencers’ youtube channels like The Blonde Abroad to find even more inspiration Eat your way through this beautiful country with your best friends!

21. Go on a Colorado Ski Trip.

If you’re looking for an adventure with your pals, a ski trip to Colorado is a perfect choice! With miles of slopes and tons of resorts to choose from, you’ll be sure to have fun on the slopes. Explore the many ski villages in the state, like Steamboat Springs or Aspen, and make lifetime memories along the way. Never been skiing before? It’s time to pick up a new hobby on the bunny hill!

Stop at one of the many hot springs to relax after a long day on the slopes or explore Colorado’s great outdoors with hikes, biking trails, and camping spots. And don’t forget to grab some après-ski drinks with your friends—cheers!

Closing Thoughts

No matter what you and your friends are looking for, there’s something for everyone when traveling together. From exploring the canyons of Colorado to the markets of Tokyo, these best friend bucket list ideas will no doubt create lasting memories with your closest buddies. Get packing and start planning your next adventure!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a best friend bucket list?

A best friend bucket list is a collection of activities and experiences that you can do together to make even more amazing memories and have fun together.

What are some best friend bucket list ideas?

Some best friend bucket list ideas include getting matching tattoos, taking a sightseeing tour of Scotland’s Highlands, going on a culinary trip through Italy, and going adventuring in Colorado.

How can I make my best friend bucket list special?

Making your best friend bucket list special is all about getting creative and finding activities that express your bestie bond. Try things like making a time capsule or going on a special trip.

What are some best friend bucket list activities?

Some best friend bucket list activities include taking a cooking class together, going on a road trip to a destination of your choice, and attending a music festival or sporting event.

What kind of best friend bucket list should I create?

Best friend bucket lists depend on what activities are meaningful to you both. Do you love the outdoors? Try a camping trip or overnight hike. If culture is more your style, go to a music festival.

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