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The 30 Best Apps for Couples is all about connections, and this list of apps for couples can help you communicate, have fun, bond, and plan for your future together!

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These days, we have apps for just about everything, and that includes our love lives. While Match, eHarmony, Bumble, and Tinder have the dating world covered, where do you turn after you’ve found “the one”? Are we just expected to figure this whole serious relationship thing out on our own? Thankfully, that’s not necessary. There’s an app for that!

If you’ve found someone who makes you happy, give your relationship everything it needs to succeed by downloading a few great couple apps. Thanks to the app store, solid relationship advice, couples therapy, date night ideas, sexual health tips, and financial advisors are all at our fingertips. There are thousands of apps out there for couples, some of them exceptional, others just a complete waste of time. To save you lots of scrolling time and tons of frustration, we have gathered the absolute best apps for couples that tackle the common areas of conflict, provide expert advice, and keep your relationship on track.

Date better!

Looking for new and interesting date night ideas? Check out Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition! This unique book for couples was created by adventure experts in collaboration with couples who have been going strong for decades! It contains over 50 scratch-off challenges, great ideas for home dates, tear-out love notes, and conversation starters to put some excitement into your date nights. If your normal dates have gotten old, it’s time to try something new!

Best Dating Apps for Couples

Since this article focuses on couples, the “dating apps” in this section aren’t based on finding a new partner through Tinder, or some other traditional dating app. We are speaking of apps that help established couples find interesting and adventurous date night ideas to keep the flame burning and deepen their connection. Marriage experts, the world over, stress the importance of continuing to date your spouse or long-term partner for the entirety of your relationship, and no, watching TV together, like you do every night, doesn’t count! If you find that your date nights are a bit boring, or non-existent, these apps are filled with fun ways to spice them up!

1. Let’s Roam Scavenger Hunt App

Let’s Roam and our sister site, Adventure Book, is your one-stop shop for unique dating ideas. Not only does our blog have tons of information on keeping your love alive, but we also provide Adventures from Scratch: Date Edition, which is filled with dates and adventures, crafted by relationship experts, to deepen your relationship. Our app features unique Date Night Scavenger Hunts, ghost hunts, art walks, bar crawls, and even stay-at-home, indoor scavenger hunts for couples. Whether you’re looking for an epic road trip, a romantic night at home, or a new way to explore your own city, Let’s Roam has you covered!

2. Cobble

Cobble seeks to help couples find and agree on the perfect date night. How often have you and your partner been through the conversation:

“What do you want to do tonight”

“I don’t know. What do you want to do?”

After thirty more minutes, the conversation repeats itself, and you spend the evening with takeout on the couch. Cobble helps battle this lack of imagination and motivation to truly date. It provides inventive and unique ideas that each person can swipe through. Collect the ones you like, and then share a poll with your partner. Once you agree on one, make it happen! There is even a search option where you can put in your parameters, and it will generate a date for you!

3. DateNight

DateNight is an easy-to-use app that provides hundreds of date ideas broken down by price and duration. There are also categories for the time of day, location, special occasions, and more. Users can create their own wishlists, browse the lists of other users, and even submit their own ideas. The ideas in this app are reviewed by users and removed if they are unsuccessful, so you only get the best.

4. LetsGo

LetsGo is a date night app that offers unique solutions for couples of all ages. The app has a couple of games to test your interests and knowledge of each other. You can also find the best date spots in your city, and participate in tons of curated at-home dates. If you have no idea what you want to do, you can use their innovative “Date Night Generator” to custom-create a date fitting your wants and needs. You can share ideas, available time slots, and locations with each other through the app. The basic service is free, but the app also has several amazing in-app purchases to help keep the spark alive. It’s a comprehensive app with good reviews on both Apple and Android.

5. Dollar Date

Dollar Date is a great option for busy couples who just want a no-muss, no-fuss date app. You pay $1, and it will curate a fully planned date night and send it to your email, month after month. For couples who do not enjoy technology and won’t spend time inputting information into a detailed app, or don’t have time to play flirty games, Dollar Date is for you! They curate everything from a cute invite to send your sweetie to specially curated activities to rekindle your connection. It’s super easy and user-friendly!

Best Finance Apps for Couples

Money is one of the primary sources of contention for couples. It’s important to be on the same page when it comes to serious relationships. When your money is shared, or your bills are, these apps can help to make sure you and your partner know what is going on with your finances and stay in the agreement.

6. Every Dollar

Every Dollar is the official app for the Dave Ramsey finance program. It’s a free app that allows you to keep track of “Every dollar” you spend. You create a budget, pick your categories of spending, set your limits, goals, and due dates, and track your spending. It’s an all-inclusive finance app that allows you and your significant other to work together towards your financial goals.

7. Honeydue

Honeydue is a free mobile app that keeps couples and their finances working together smoothly. The app tracks spending from all your accounts in one place. Honeydue connects to over 20,000 institutions in five countries. The app sends bill-reminder notifications and allows couples to question each other on suspicious spending, or send an approval thumbs up. You can customize your budget, set your savings goals, and keep on track… together!

8. Mvelopes

Back in the day, financial advisors used to suggest keeping envelopes with cash, allotted to spending categories. At the beginning of the week, or month, you would place cash in that time in each category envelope, and that was your spending allotment for the time period. Once the cash was gone, you were done spending in that category. Mvelopes is a 21st-century update of this simple system. It links to your bank accounts and helps you track your spending, staying within your category goals. Most people are blown away when they actually see how much they spend on eating out!

Best Communication Apps for Couples

“Communication is key.” There is no doubt about it, honest and open communication is a skill that you must possess to maintain a serious, healthy relationship. These apps help couples stay in contact, whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or just need a bit of help with quality conversation. The purpose of these apps is not just to convey the to-do list or send information. You can do that by text. These relationship apps provide conversation starters, couple games, and tips for deepening your emotional connection.

9. Anatomy of Marriage

Anatomy of Marriage is an easy and fun app that covers lots of aspects of your relationship, and ways to improve it. It was created by the highly popular website Get Your Marriage On, and with the app, you get access to their huge database. The app has activities that highlight communication, sex and intimacy, and even therapy and counseling. It also has a huge array of fun and unique date night ideas to help you keep it spicy. After taking the intro quiz, you and your partner will have personalized tools like conversation starters, marriage meetings, and games that coincide with your relationship needs.

10. Couple Game: Relationship Quiz

Couple Game is a combination of communication and a flirty game app. The app asks questions and provides quizzes for you to take together in real time. Answers are compared, and you quickly find out how well you really know your partner. It’s like a virtual version of the old Newlywed Game. We guarantee deeper conversations will spark from these quizzes. With the free app, you get three free quizzes, followed by in-app purchases for each subsequent test.

11. Between

Between is one of the best apps for couples and one of the most used. With downloads available on all iOS and Android products, as well as Windows, everybody can get their hands on this one. Between allows couples to chat, share photos and videos, make video calls, create a shared calendar, and track important dates all in one platform. Forget scrolling your text feeds or gallery looking for a specific moment. The app has cataloged it. It saves all your memories in an organized fashion and keeps up with birthdays and anniversaries. Plus, the chat is more fun than a traditional text. It has funny stickers and emojis and allows you to send GIF selfies. It’s a great option for long-distance couples as well, keeping you together virtually when you can’t be together physically.

12. Gottman Card Decks

Gottman Institute is famous for its conversation starters and its research-based relationship advice. Card Decks is an app based on weekend workshops that offer questions, tips, and dating ideas. Like their conversation starters, these decks are specially designed to spark new ideas and get you talking on a whole new level! There are 14 downloadable decks, with over 1,000 flashcards to keep the game going. You also get access to Gottman’s relationship advisor and assessments.

13. KOYA

KOYA is a messaging app, but it works well for couples! Similar to Marco Polo, KOYA allows you to send encrypted video messages, with the added benefit of sending monetary gifts attached to your message. Surprise your loved one with a gift certificate to Amazon, Uber, or Airbnb to plan your next in-person meetup. It’s a great way for long-distance couples to send gifts to one another while also seeing each other’s faces.

Best Education and Connection Apps for Couples

This section focuses on apps that either have couples therapy options or revolve around relationship building. Every happy couple has hard moments. Every successful relationship has bumps, and most relationships that are flowing smoothly are ones that work at it! Even if your relationship is on cloud 9, you and your partner can benefit from the awesome info in these apps.

14. Lasting

Lasting is the #1 marriage counseling app for married couples and long-term committed relationships. It provides information to build a healthier relationship in just a few minutes a day. It has been rewarded Apple’s “App of the Day” and boasts over 500,000 downloads on Google Play. Each partner downloads the app, and you’re able to take sessions together, unpacking your thoughts in an organized way. The Foundation Series is available in the free app, which contains five sessions to get you started. The premium subscription unlocks the entire repertoire of information for two users and has hundreds of sessions. The sessions focus on important topics like conflict resolution, financials, family culture, healthy sex life, and communication.

15. Love Nudge

The 5 Love Languages is a staple in pre-marital counseling. Have you ever been in a relationship where you spent so much time and effort telling your loved one how wonderful they were, going out of your way to offer them affirmation, and you got nothing out of them? Frustrating, huh? Perhaps, all your partner wanted, the whole time, was for you to take out the trash. The premise is that each person feels love differently and that partners should attempt to give love in the way that their partner appreciates, instead of the way that comes naturally to them.

The five languages are physical touch, acts of service, quality time, words of affirmation, and receiving gifts. Love Nudge is the official app for this program, and it focuses on helping you discern your partner’s love language and your own. It then gives lets you set goals, and gives tips and nudges on how to deposit into your partner’s “love tank.”

16. Couple Diary

Couple Diary is a simple concept that sends you and your partner one question per day. You both answer and the app stores your answers. The object is to spark deeper conversation in a quick and efficient manner.

17. Couply

Couply is a free app with the simple goal of helping couples communicate better and get to know one another more deeply. It is a well-rounded app that compiles conversation starters, quizzes, and relationship advice that is catered to your particular situation by professional marriage, sex, and relationship experts. Couply is highly rated in the app store, but you do need to download the premium version to get all the benefits.

Best Organization Apps for Couples

Cut down on the silly fights by keeping each other on the same page about important dates, household chores, and to-do lists. We all live busy lives, and when kids come along, it gets even busier. These apps offer an organized way to collect all your logistics into one place and keep your life running smoothly, from the convenience of your iPhone.

18. Cozi

Cozi is a family organization app that allows you to track all your activities in one place and check in for your responsibilities of the day. A color coding system keeps everything organized, and each partner receives notifications on important to-dos. You can share shopping lists, recipes you’d like to try, dentist appointments, and much more. This award-winning app has been featured by TODAY, The New York Times, and Martha Stewart Living, among many, many more.

19. Cupla

Cupla is a shared calendar app specifically for couples. What we love about this app is that it analyzes your schedules and makes suggestions for when you should spend time together. Instead of having to sit down and compare schedules and get overwhelmed, you will get a notification telling you that both have 3 hours to spend together on Tuesday evening, for example…handy! Apple users rate this app very highly, but Google Play has terrible reviews. We aren’t sure if this is a buggy android issue, but just something to note.

20. Merge

Merge is another organizational app that helps couples accomplish tasks together. To-dos can be assigned to specific partners or marked as shared tasks. You can vote on preferences, set reminders for bills, and easily search your list categories. Sure, you could do this all by phone call or text, but that takes time and effort that you may not have, and isn’t nearly as organized. With this method, you can look at your tasks in your own time and not have to worry about bothering your partner during an important work meeting to remind them to get bread. Merge helps take the nagging out of responsibilities and keeps your tasks and goals in front of both of you. Merge is only available for Apple products.

Best Intimacy Apps for Couples

Outside of money and raising children, the next major area of contention in most long-term relationships is sex. Unfulfilled desires and the inability to properly express needs to your partner in this area can breed frustration and a sense of distance between you. Then, there’s the time and energy issue in certain seasons of life, but experts agree that a healthy sex life is an integral part of most successful relationships. These apps attempt to make talking about sex a little less awkward and keep intimacy at the center of your relationship in a fun and interactive ways.

21. Kindu

Kindu is another app on the list that has been featured in every major marriage, parenting, and even men’s and women’s publication out there. It was actually produced by a collection of doctors who were studying human relationships and intimacy. The app allows couples to explore intimate desires through several different modes. There are date night ideas, an encrypted messaging system, and a double-blind match system that allows partners to see ideas that they both agree on. You can bookmark your favorite ideas, and propose new endeavors via the Wild Card system. Some content is free, but to get immediate access to all their fantasy suggestions, you will need to pay for tailored endorsements.

22. Coral

Coral is an intimacy app that focuses much more on scientific study and information. It is great for couples, but it also has aspects that focus on body confidence and performance anxiety. Coral has unique features like a “fact or fiction” quiz and a “would you rather” section. It allows you to participate in exercises on your own and with your partner which will increase your level of intimacy. You will also have the ability to talk with experts about your questions. It comes with a daily poll and a tip for self-improvement. The app even provides several sexy playlists to choose from. The integrated messaging system within the app provides sexy conversation starters to get the communication rolling, and you can also post questions anonymously and have them answered by the expert panel.

23. Intimately Us

Intimately Us tackles the sex situation in a fun and flirty way. You can play Battlestrip and several other bedroom games through the app. Intimately Us is pretty tame, in that you don’t have to worry about nudity on the app or any pornographic material. So, if you’re really nervous in this department or don’t want any crass language, this app is great for you. You’ll get personal challenges sent to you daily, be able to create intimacy bucket lists, and share them all with your spouse. The app is beautifully designed with an easy-to-use interface. It has raving reviews on both the Apple and Google Play stores.

A Few More Couples’ Apps You Need!

Here are a few stand-out apps focusing on specific niches within a relationship. We have listed these separately as they will only apply to certain relationships or stages of a relationship.

24. Rave – Best for Long-distance Communication

Rave is a fabulous app for long-distance relationships. It allows you to video stream Netflix and enjoy a live chat as the video is playing, giving the feeling of watching the movie together. Rave is compatible with Reddit, Viki, Prime, YouTube, and many more services, or you can upload videos to watch together via Dropbox or Google Drive.

25. Eve – Best for Period Tracking

Eve is a wonderful app for females that transcends into your relationship. It is essentially a period tracker, but so much more! Ever helps you track and understand your moods and symptoms, and learn how to express them. It also provides daily sex quizzes, increasing your knowledge on the subject, which your spouse will surely appreciate. It has an easy-to-use symptom log, beautiful charts and graphs, and a supportive community where you can literally ask anything.

26. Fertility Friend – Best for Family Planning

Fertility Friend helps couples find success in the baby-making process. Through this handy app, you can find your most fertile days of the month by providing basic information about your bodily observations. The system is scientifically based and very accurate. You can utilize the ovulation calculator, read the information on fertility, keep track of your personal symptoms, and have access to an extended community of experts and other couples who are walking the same path. Whether you’re seeking to produce a child, prevent it, or simply learn more about your body (or your partner’s), Fertility Friend is a great asset to have in your pocket.

27. Bark – Best for Parenting

If you have children together, keeping your children safe and healthy is an essential part of most of your conversations and thoughts throughout the day. Parents can get some reassurance that their children are as safe as possible from cyberbullying, online sex predators, and identity scams with Bark. Bark is a comprehensive parental control app that features location tracking, website filtering, parental limits for bedtime and screen time, monitors for suspicious texts or emails, and app download approval.

28. Recently – Best for Preserving Memories

Recently is unfortunately only available for iOS, but if you’re an Apple user, you’re gonna love this one. The app takes all your photos from your phone gallery and arranges them into a pre-designed and gorgeous magazine. Most scrapbooks take tons of work on your part. You have to upload photos to an album-making website, design it, and pay huge amounts to get it. Recently will take all the work out of the process. All t+hose selfies you take together will automatically be pulled into a finished product every month. You will have an opportunity to approve it, or make edits. You pay $12.99 for the service, and there are no printing fees. It’s a wonderful way to document your life together and save your memories without tons of work.

29. ICE – In Case of Emergency – Best for Personal Information

ICE is great for that partner who can’t seem to remember your health insurance information and doesn’t know their own health history, much less yours. It stores your pertinent medical information in a safe place, including physician contact info, allergies, medications, etc. ICE has a notification system that if an emergency occurs, the app will pop up a notification on your locked phone for EMS personnel. It also uses GPS to alert contacts of your whereabouts.

30. TripIt – Best for Couple’s Trips

Planning your honeymoon, or just love a weekend away together? Download TripIt! It takes all your confirmation emails from your hotel, restaurants, flights, etc, and organizes them into a beautiful master itinerary. It keeps you both on the same page about all your plans and keeps the stress down with informative links, maps, and contact information. The app sends reminders and alerts for any travel changes or deadlines. The app also gives local recommendations! It’s been featured by Forbes, Travel+Leisure, and the Wall Street Journal, among others.

Closing Thoughts on the Best Apps for Couples

Relationships are tough. Even the healthiest of them go through seasons of difficulty and ruts. Instead of just accepting failure or getting frustrated in your low spots, download a few of these apps and find one that addresses your areas of need. Even if you’re on high ground in your relationship at the moment, ensure that your date night and time together are built around quality conversation and healthy intimacy.

Did we miss your favorite couples app? Drop it in the comments!

If things are getting serious in your relationship and you’re considering taking your first trip together, our article on “Making the Most of Your First Vacation Together” can help you ensure you enjoy yourselves to the fullest! As you make your way around the world, you’ll never catch yourself at a loss for words with “52 Conversation Starters for Couples” at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What app is best for couples?

There are tons of great apps for couples out there, like Honeydue for finances, Between for general relationship information, and the Let’s Roam scavenger hunt app for date night and travel adventures.

What are the best finance apps for couples?

The best finance apps for couples include Every Dollar, Mvelopes, and Honeydue. Find more apps to share with your partner and additional relationship advice at

What games can couples play on phones?

Several great apps for couples include flirty and fun games you can play together. Check out Anatomy of Marriage, Couple Game, or Gottman Card Decks. You can also explore your home or city with the Let’s Roam scavenger hunt app.

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