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The Ultimate Adventure Book: Adventures From Scratch

When adventure calls, you have to pick up! We can’t deny that going on an adventure is super fun and exciting. But is that all there is to it? Certainly not! Psychologists agree that there’s so much more to adventure than just having some fun. A spirit of adventure is an important creative tool that releases happy hormones in your brain. This, in turn, keeps you in high spirits. This means that the more you go on adventures, the happier you’re likely to be. A break from routine keeps the brain fresh and healthy. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to go mountain climbing in search of adventure. You can find something new and exciting to do even without leaving your couch with our special adventure book – Adventures From Scratch!

1O Reasons Why Adventures From Scratch Is The Perfect Book For You

1. It’s inexpensive

Finding the adventure that is perfect for you whenever and wherever you want can be quite a hassle. While there are resources available online, nothing comes close to the comfort of a book. Besides, what if you get the urge to go on an adventure but don’t want to keep looking at your phone? This is where Adventures From Scratch comes in. Adventure doesn’t always have to come at a cost. Our books start at $39.99 and have 50 activities to choose from. This means you only need to pay less than a dollar per event – if that’s not a good bargain, we don’t know what is!

2. You can do the challenges at home

With the pandemic keeping everyone at home through most of 2020, it may be easy to get tired of staying indoors. After you’ve re-watched The Office for the fiftieth time and played your hundredth board game with your family, things can get boring and predictable. A book like Adventures From Scratch can keep things fun and interesting! Each page of the book contains a scratch-off adventure, so you’ll never know what to expect. Each adventure also has a code – you can pick activities to do from the comfort of your home. You don’t need too much prep either – the page will list every household item that you will need for each activity!

3. It involves everybody

Whether you’re looking to spark some romance in your relationship or bond with your children in innovative ways, Adventures From Scratch is the perfect book for you. There are activities for pretty much every loved one and for every occasion. Be it a cozy night at home with your significant other, a fun day at the park with your kids, a relaxing hike with your parents, or a day out with the entire family, there’s always an adventure ready for you. Find the section most suited for the occasion and get scratching!

4. You can carry it along

When you’re outdoors with your loved ones and looking for something interesting to do, look no further than Adventures From Scratch. Next time you’re at a park, garden, road trip, or even a ride to the grocery store, you don’t need to look for ways to keep yourself entertained. Simply turn a page of this book and scratch your way into some fun times. The special outdoor section has several activities you can do with your kids or your partner. Psst – you don’t need any supplies for these activities. Just the spirit of adventure will do!

5. It’s creative

Finding new ways to keep yourself and your loved ones entertained can get quite daunting. This is why Adventures From Scratch is the best bet to get your creative juices flowing. The book has a special section called ‘Create,’ where you can find exciting new activities for the whole family. Meanwhile, find artistic ways to show your partner how much you love them with a list of hilariously fun activities. Gone are the days where you’re stuck at home, glued to devices all day. The special prompts and instructions will have you moving, grooving, bonding, and laughing all at once!

6. It helps you bond with loved ones

A spirit of adventure is the perfect way to get to know your loved ones in whole new ways. Be it your first date or your fiftieth, there are always new ways to fall in love with your significant other. As your children learn and grow every day, spending quality time with the whole family is a great way to build lasting bonds. A book like Adventures From Scratch is the easiest way to find new, fun things to do. As you and your loved ones embark on an adventure together, you will be given creative tasks and activities. From cooking exciting new recipes at home to trying a new outdoor hobby together, there’s so much to choose from here!

7. There are 50 to choose from!

Adventure Book

With Adventures From Scratch, you’ll never run out of fun things to do. With 50+ adventures to choose from, there’s a new adventure almost every week. Be it for family game night, a date night idea, or a lazy Wednesday at home, you can enjoy the gift of adventure whenever you want. Besides, you can take this with you wherever you go, making it the perfect carry-on for your next road trip. This makes it a great gift idea too – your loved ones are sure to remember you as they go on their next fun adventure!

8. It’s easy to set up

We’ve gone the extra mile to create the perfect adventure book to suit all your needs. Our books have been organized and planned in a super convenient way – the first page of the book contains a key to each type of adventure and what supplies you need for each activity. This helps you stay organized so that you can conveniently plan your day. However, don’t worry – this won’t ruin the element of surprise. As you scratch off each new adventure, prepare to be met with something super creative!

9. You can pay it forward

Adventure is a gift that should be shared with everyone. This is why we’ve created a special section of pay-it-forward adventure cards. With these cards, you can share the spirit of adventure with whoever you see. Simply tear the pay-it-forward card from the book and carry it along wherever you go. When you come across someone you to spread joy to, give them the card. Here’s the best part – you can completely customize this adventure and make it whatever you want. Get super creative and challenge them to a fun activity that they’ll never forget!

10. It’s super fun!

This is the bottom line – Adventures From Scratch is sure to be unlike anything you’ve seen before. Created and crafted with love, this book is designed only for one thing – to make you fall in love with adventure, and with each other. This book will have you giggling and making memories all at once. From making some custom cocktails, writing heartfelt love-notes, making up songs, finding special leaves on a hike, and giving a stranger the gift of adventure, this book has it all. Adventure is always only a turn of a page away!

Types of Adventures

Not every adventure is built the same. We’ve put together a range of adventures spanning different categories so you can take your pick, every time. The book is divided into sections – for example, there are sections titled ‘Discover,’ ‘Get Silly,’ ‘Explore,’ ‘Cook,’ ‘Create,’ and many more. Each section has a host of adventures you can choose from. Further, our on-the-go cards can be carried with you wherever you go.

In addition, we love our book so much, we came up with two versions! There are two special editions of Adventures From Scratch – one for couples, and one for families. This helps us curate special adventures and activities for all your loved ones. Add a dash of romance to your relationship and make date night super fun with our couple-themed activities. Play new games with your kids with our Family Edition!

Fun For Families

Adventure Book

Family fun time has never been this good – get ready for a day of joy and laughter as you explore the world with Adventures From Scratch! Created by people who love adventure, this book has more than 50 activities that you can enjoy with the whole family. The book has ideas for kids of all age groups – between 3 and 16! This means that everyone in your family is sure to feel involved. This interactive book is the perfect way to get your children to fall in love with reading. They are sure to love discovering a new activity on every page.

Engage the entire family in a host of indoor and outdoor activities. Each challenge can be customized to suit your budget and comfort. Meanwhile, the on-the-go cards are ideal for adventures on the move. Show your children that sharing is caring as you use the pay-it-forward cards to spread the gift of adventure.

The book has a number of categories to suit your every mood – bake cupcakes and cookies, create new art, discover something new, and learn about each other with these adventures. Here’s a peek at what you can expect!

Conduct five rounds of the Family Olympics in your backyard – be it tug-of-war, egg toss, bucker relay, and other games! Invite your family and friends to take part in this hilarious series of games and crown a winner in the end!

If you want something indoors, transform your home into a staycation! Model each room into a fun destination, wear your vacation clothes, listen to holiday tunes, and let your imagination run wild!

Fun For Couples

Adventure Book

What sort of couple are you? The cheesy and romantic kind or the adventurous, passionate kind? Whatever kind of relationship you’re in, we’ve got something for you with Adventures From Scratch. Fall in love with your partner all over again with this unique book. Here, you can learn new things about each other in exciting new ways. Write sweet notes to each other, play games, have fun outdoors, and change date night into a day of adventure with these special activities. While you’re at it, share the love with mailed adventures – challenge other couples to hilarious date night activities with the special tear-out postcards.

Our hunts have been put together by relationship experts – you can rest assured that each adventure has been made with love and care. In addition, each challenge has a hint and a key that gives you a gist of what to do – this means that you can prepare a budget and time limit for each activity.

For example, one of our at-home activities have you pretending that the power is out in your entire house. Turn off all your devices, unplug from the world, and enjoy a night with your partner. Connect with each other, talk about everything under the stars, and wake up to the sunrise together – how absolutely romantic!

Here’s another one – you get to make up your own holiday! Celebrate your crazy, stupid love as you create a holiday for yourself and your partner. You get to choose what it’s called, what to wear, what to eat, and how to celebrate it. Dress up in fancy (or outrageously silly) clothes, eat themed food, dance, sing, and celebrate everything that you love about your partner in your special holiday!

Heed the call of adventure and pick up your copy of this epic adventure book – we’re sure that you won’t regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is special about Adventures From Scratch?

This scratch-off adventure book has more than 50 interactive adventures, gifts, and goodies for the entire family. If you’re not convinced, check out the 10 most unique features of the book!

2. Where can I use Adventures From Scratch?

You can use this book practically anywhere you want – there are special in-home and outdoor adventures. Besides, you can use it with family, friends, a partner, and even a stranger!

3. What types of adventures can I find on Adventures From Scratch?

There are categories like ‘Create,’ ‘Discover,’ ‘Cook,’ ‘Get Silly,’ and many more. Meanwhile, you can take on-the-go adventure cards for the road and pay-it-forward cards to share with strangers!

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